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t BERRIEW. Mr* p0UNciL-—A meeting was held onSatur- IteSwp.r.11- 0wen (vice-chairman) presiding. ai'so Present Messrs William Pritchard, ) tL^rci p ^V^es! -Jonathan flushes, William Evans, (SdL,,tchard- J arnes Prvce, Edward Gethin, Yio V' W. T. Owen, with Mr Lloyd (clerk).— I ^pta^6 la,rman ;ul(^ ^fr E. Gethin signed I i?Vethe"Ce committee on footpaths »NllewJiep0rt-, The-y 1,ad viewed the path near and 'uu' been closed for some | (|^ter receiving the report the Council the f noticu be served on the owners to i lecp ^Path.—The accounts were passed and | ()rders made. The Vice-Chairman 1 '^Pectjf. committee had commenced their Sa^i0^- 'le en^losure award with reference to i^fepo^ a,|d qnarries, and a very interest- 's c Would he forthcoming when the matter 's c would he forthcoming when the matter t^tla P te|i-—The following matters on the i "fkho ^ei'e a,ljourned to the next meeting:— Cojj, Se anialgamatiou and Light Railways. G~OF-AGE.— A meeting of the general com- 1% *nake further arrangements in connection T0^ett'e(!COm"J"'o^"a"e rejoicings °f Willie t?11 on '>•? aynor Park, took place at the Talbot \y J^r&day week. There were present :— IS*,] Martin (chairman), Messrs King and he^Ur(#lS\Cre^:lr'es)' R-^weuand Morris (Dollas, b^ce »'»Itev John Roberts, Messrs W. Pritchard. h ^tft i U''oc'<:) B- Bennett (Xewtown), W. II. b -^vails (Stingwern), E. Pritchard, S,U8 ''• H. Owen, Gregory, J. Hughes, 5. iKeel), Edward Gethin, Evan Getliin, I ^3 (n&Vr' Davies, R. Lloyd, D. Proctor, ?'he y Garthmyl), &c. The collectors f i ?r,°is districts paid over to the treasurers I ^c°tn^ Considering that the collectors have ^Ctprf*6''0^ their work, a much larger sum is !i SeHt '• being discussed as to what form the a dation should take, Mr E. R. Owen proposed t?"8Ulfc e^uta':ion wait upon Mr Willie Corbett to '°cic^'it'1 ^rn- This was seconded by Mr P. and carried.- The following were the li 1sSro appointed — Presentation—- *ell ,°rr's (Dollas), E. Pritchard, Lewis (Trwst- %)> Thomas Watkin (Luggy), J. IIoil I ycrewth), Evans (Stingwern), Ed. Gethin V j^-AIr William Pritchard, Rev J.Williams, Mock ^avies> Messrs H. II. Owen, Pryce Ll°yd. and L'oyd tea — Messrs I''oclf' '^e'bin. R- Lloyd, R. Davics, Pryce Ipefjj Jones (Cross lane), D. Proctor, Andrew ^-awr) ground, tent, and decoration—• [VcV, Hughes, H. H. Owen (saddler), Davies Andrew, E. Lloyd, Rev J. Roberts 6ssrs Morris (Dollas), Evans, Keel, Evans Wilson (Finnant), E. Pritchard, J. Watkin (Luggy). The Major intimated eution of defraying the cost of the fireworks. £ ef PETTY SESSIONS.—SATURDAY. VJ* Captain H. O. Johnes. and Messrs T. 1. Da8tlel<I and J. Davies. AXD DISORDERLY.—Alfred Yapp, Pigeon was fined Is and costs. ?f G: SHEEP SCAB ORDERS.—Eugenia C. Bayard, iqfe "elllydd was charged with allowing five sheep he^toC scab to stray. Mr T. M. Taylor, of \harjrn' defended. Evidence was given by SZuAad rew, of Cefn, who said he had corri- police of the sheep trespassing on his d f Tay'or pleaded ignorance of the order, 4]> endant was ordered to pay the costs. U^PlieGEL> UNLAWFUL FISRIXG. — Charles ^illere^' Abermule Inn, and Samuel and Charles .J Court, were charged by George Middle- 4bailiff, Garthntyl, with unlawfuHy fixing In or across the river Severn. Mr. E. ^V01168 Pr0S(3Cuted on behalf of the Severn ^eHf) Conservators, and Mr. Martin Woosnam I'rosecutor said on June 4 he saw the Ss 5ef«ndants paddling in the river a hundred below the mouth of the Rhievv. He also jje a net fixed across the Severn above ey ?l0tl*;k Rhiew. Cross-examined: Mtjj acl a proper licence. It was illegal to fish I no^> but he did not complain to the that the net was fixed. He could not V-,lhat net was fixed on the side of the river him. Mr Woosnam called Thomas Thread- said he was on the banks of the Severn defendants were fishing. They had diq ^ed Mr Humphreys- Owen's permission. He ^ot believe the net was fastened. Francis 'lijf°rd gave similar evidence. The case was e V/^ed, and a second charge of using e. bush net ^ifu aT1 13in. in mesh to take fresh-water fist was Kvn!


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