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-h jj < w ~*i 1J ? *■ i ?* '■ ~'i P. .3^ »* „•■ i'.i l" JtTK. v ■< Y —1 .t' "it Rutin.t :■ u >. mum flo-Jt'e. W* f-« £ st VV'iUiJJi, Ij/'j'l-n, iiO. R!|.UA??OS & f>fiQATEt^LS. Jt tv T U..V-3 1VX-, rilakew, it'v .f »'-lord St.. r^on, \V,C. tfc.' alldr^ of regmart*. p,Ust3 and saTE-pion too. Sst. Iog j: ESTABLISHED 1861. IT Btuktsecx BANK 3fi Buildings, Chancery Lane, London. Two-and-a-half Por CENT, INTEREST allowed on rvn&vahle on demni'i* IIA70 per CENT. or. CURRENT ACCOUNTS. on the mini- fcftiii .Ot.thly V.alatM-ps, when not drawn oelow ilOO. ST' i.-i .V,-1 SIIAUI-^ rtirehawd and sold. B1KKHECK ALMANACK, Jfla. Fl'A N 'IS HA VENSOROFT, Jkauagtr. fcdf^r—: -~1 .». perfectly, «aA, C<>-t. u boa- t ? w V. Rulleri, dri'd; of cum f \v ins sn 1 Kj,i I*I] yoiv f J > ,1". Follow A,k Ad- l ,A it'ir^nn. »nd droos HiBh thoy ««fP !«} JTolb(;V«. Lou- > bps'itiiui so,, or '3 wl nr. rh*J irp'e, >i »■- 9 Ifc-t iU years or <• a t or & ■••' -.4 U*«* •«h'>u- street, ir.vis a.-V UI U8«. LivFupwa. I *7 ( > pur<dl;i i lOI 5 ,v,. j,, iAi,il-ii»tUWaii.L"iwtatt. 5 ,v,. j,, iAi,il-ii»tUWaii.L"iwtatt. FINEST BLOOD-FORMING TONIC. 1{ A SCIENTIFIC ORGANIC SPECIFIC. ighl, Apl, 6,V t),, Ile,iic.i ^Rivalled for: — AneBmia. Chioroais_ Poo,'Coss ^*V»Bnw of Blood. General Itebility (eitoe, coa- I -ntutlonal or the effect of severe ili-.ess), I ^MJ Lo a c>f Appetite.^ Nerv^?_^sorderB, &c. (V"ail" i'9 .50 I'llfcl, 2.} ib» i; f i):r.'<tio .h w th ovory buttle. Maiiuruetur.-c. I. ? 'I■■■. n. T. ;:0 I'Mitrmm'tsticalOhewist-. T.. tilt- Crit- I: '•'if iv,'MI3.. >■ .1 L.> ^li.C.) t;or r,?' T"' ]?VF1Y WCT-^AN l, sb'T-i-.f „prlvto;:UB3H G £ .XT33Ii for Ii.lust;;ATED 0^ T^-rlo^e two penny staiups ANG'.X'1-^ A Lit [AJJ 5a. K^ CV'TCN S RV1' jS i tx *4:1$pods notw.-fovsd(>iwil 'sen "TRFWITTAMFLY MEOtcmE. 'Î '¡Y:W1:i" j "'L4Q;$'k.ø' VEGETABLE C o ^ilS 0 HPASS^j" FUR ALL LXVEB. AND BlLIOU.:i QCTICKSST EEMEDT POii FSVSS Si Sa £ °MA.1'I3M. E:JSURB SiSEP. ABSOLUTELY NO ^Qlsa OF COLD SO COMMON WITH ME3CUB.Y *ifD OTttBE MINSB.AL DJTOS. SAFE AND EFFICACIOUS IN ALL CLIMATES. ONE TRUL SUFFICES TO COHVIIICE, Cherai-t-*aad Medicine Vendors in Boxes, l3i<J. »ad 3/9. K^Kl^oj^g po\V DEBS, 13^d. per Box; OINTMENT, 13id. and Of Wholesale Housea, or from Messrs. MORISuN A CO., Of Wholesale Housea, or from Messrs. MORISuN A CO., *• BRITISH COLLEGE >F HEALTH, S3, Euston Rd., London. piiu mrt aUo prep«red with a Peari Coating vthich render$j but duen not interfere with their prsmpt_cc^ion^ J|HEUMATISM (JURED. Sfc^, Bninswich > >. London ,W.C, has been thoroi^MT Riie-jrr.afeb-m ui'tr ma-h suffering, will gladly^send V» pa,lfocula;s to any ij-qtiaicr on receipt of appUcationjg_g^ -L^DIl3' EAST F^IEND.-Mde. LILLTS Wpa^^derful, hamiie.^ FEEC ALB MIXTUBE. ?r aJi of the female system. elope. Blw re* 5 ->,i« well-fepown remedy for ■y^asip iari-hcea, Dysentery.Fever.&c. >ars on 8 ALL 'E A 10 4A j ^fet&consulutinnUrt: y.T'simmonaJM.Rathbone Pl.,l,or„l.,n,W. THE PERFECTION v QYSTEM OF INVESTMENT i h tv fhZisUred and detected) only method by which an income m regularly an« 1 esrv^r made without nsk of tailure. Capital secures a Weekly Profit of £ 2 to £ 3, ^Capital secures a Weekly Profit of £ 20 to £ 30, SNhiB rata, the rules beirse so founded upon caution and I W«8r°n ai te3S that ^Coels l.» This system is tha //■ostible approve}] to infulliluUC; been no Io>s. Hi? ti< every MowUv. Cauital withdrawable at ten Particular will be sent FEEE OB" OHAEOH of address. Sen d at or.ow to HENRY KILLSR, 14, Holborn, LOKDOMrB.C. LOKDOMrB.C. JOHN'S COLLEGE, GRIMSARGH, | near PRESTON, LATJCASHIES i t'ttacipah-EEV. T. ABBOTT PETERS, M.A. Vi e:-R. CillHSTIE. M.A. ,yasta of Master, (OrgAuate-s). ût4.¡;¡<h DEPARTMENTS. ] ()AL SELTIO. The Clsics, Mathematios. foi^Tr-wr lence, and Advanced fcTi^Jisn. fnr Students lp ¡'Ildnnan, Spanish.J.. Mathematics Chemistry- (Expen- T* Awl^h°rouffh Krounding ui English subjects generally, KS^ti= Al^bra^ Euclid, &, French, German, &c. > k?Sfiola^on in Music (Organ, Piano, and Violin). terms, half yearly; Vacations. vmi»wg»o- only. Religious Instruction, Church of Bngtann. ^«SS^8^0n8OeSriS', is about H ^Sd^avl Railway Station; is charmingly situated. Bar «Kl?i £ F0und ™/wc £ dlanIls, and^ is J^Wnrt ^oressio n to be one of the healthiest dwmorai m srisjs'^ffiaraas ^reports of examinations, list of SSSaiJ^ J}ew of the College buildings, reference V,'?4 Pv'ient students in all parts, ofh( £ £ i &^ploni"arwe and Spain, the United S.ates,. Brazil, ina», I ^rwarded on application to the ^cwU. WS applying for Prospeotus, state age of C0LLE«E K^OP^S lO^Se^gnber^^ I & ?JHP0RT -PALACE HOTEL, Birkdale fe,"sa taj- &&&&& fe,"sa taj- &&&&& I Tenni« and 1 — ^^TTTfl I W«Y BRFAK YOUR NAILS ? IjSWg 'OJ'ENEARY" LEVER POCKET KNIFE ..aml>er" LollÙon. E.C. AGENTS INVITED, 'CINDERELLA' I BOOTS & SHOES f^CSj°i »«* LARIK9' & CHILDKBN'S WSAB, | ^Ppf»S|^ Of all leading: retailers. AU Cm'sf l N&me of nesmt Agent sent on receip6 •h IMPORTANT to LADIES WIDOW of th* celebrated Dr. Foster or &0tian to 18 hour. I Te °^can h^°2.aP^tAddw2t »ta«.^nt »''St free ankr oowr at 4«. 9H. I J lffev«=^ £ ?y comfortable house. •- I ^T^OlBALD. IJse I^Lv»ll€<i TTa, ^CLARKSON'S tTVO. M bottte. <|KyiV Producer. Price 28. and P1^, of w ^Igir^and, LoiidonV i £ ^f.HUNGEErORBj&WILHAKS. sKSE^k^S, V., £ lO; Juiyl, £ 9; Aug.l, 'or ij? Kov. l. £ 7 Dec. 2, £ j- nearly » i^onth«. £ 92 per Per Cent. PSR MONTH. SS:? II|tPAI?1Pu^INCT £ 6 per oe»t. Per cent. Apr. 1 •• „ •• '•• la l^nVi niLUSTRATMJ^MAiraAL, ^n^^lT^S^requejit, showiiis how these P1011^ nZ,flts 6, HCNGEM'OED, & WILLIAMS, -w ^^pthall Ayenue, London, E.C.. and t r 11. pi.^ j. i_ v<,Wb B VST FRIEND.—Mde. LILLY'S to7^\ FEMALE MIXTURE, pomtiveand ,„ etulantios of the female system. Never fall 6. i%rerT,e<iy known. Testimonials, stamped envelopa. Uitll longest, lO'seal'd. AddresR 1!. G. LnJ^r, P K| '•' '■'ton 6t.. Biistol. 60 yean' oontinuod success. I ^rJS'El-LE D OT^UB LETTERS. LrAT^lKQ, Nice B«ach & Fine Sands. PARAMf. ST. KALO, Franca -Lf.! i -W'" BooIu, Tenntt. tq" i A "Ot; red merchant makes ADVANCES j;' • rtr,,T'!as carnal to any responsible person, in J' o £ ^lu Quicker, & at less than K> •• Xotoes, I^tt^rs*only. AddreBS >V- ,"4, iVey »>xtorfl ^t. Londony_\y nilv pTi«: £ 1 Shares in oW Ifv^ cay in" 15 p or cent. Price 32 6 oitcli, 4 PT B. Ki^DCOT, LynimlCJ!^hir. TYPEWRITER, £ 2 5s. A eimple at a price within tlie reach 'of the ai> kh'c''S-H^tere. Sf>Riir!ple inTnanipulatn»n that, A A1>fi May be neen a nd tried at 28, Pall ^iail Trtr^^giPMlars Free by Post. Mention Poy^r._ A GRANITE MONUMENTS, if '■ ,HK** paid. liiHcnntione accurate a.i t- ••»* iri. en from J. W. HMUE. Sculptor, A ^^dggn. 8 IRA on 5 "1 ;t m$' '-■ ■■ w O .< PS si? (• "J its r— '•'• »! .v-A P iyi3alrw><wW^.wi-.«' 'j Thomo.L :-c." ,• g & Q?30hiii^v.i,-o ■•• .• -inali Q •SB Forever; ;■(:. V7Q '3 it '-3 K aiid ail g in li0^' M M r!i.'t'.Cut.>ri-G3 & MinOo* @ | IKSTAT'B BUT NOT EQUALLED. Agents Watted. (Q OaeW boMc maV.s 3 (rollous. Of all CUcmistaana toros. SAMPLE BOTTLE FREE S STATS. 2 FOP. 15 STAMPS. «? |g .BBWBiLii & MASON, SOTTIHGHr^i. H it. a «V';ao &m £ si$k3& w& PuiSPEHSABLE TO LADIES! £ £ .J, Xsafc and reliable renw.lyforai! obstructions and 'rregu larUies, a medicine which cures (usually in o if* u'u" cases which have baffled the skill of the best medical men. «a lady need despair as the most obstinate A /'Ojie.l'WH c?- a been immediately relie*ed by this re.e.,Iy. Honor Oak Park. Forest Hill, says: "Your iB.'Alaa-W romedy tookimmediataeffect? In was all right, after 14 weeks of misery an« .ic^ i>s- nass." A nroperlr certified guarantee isencu.sfHlw.thAi It.x-il fciouiaia and Oue P»«fe*Sa ftt inii^iiSropvi en'- saffieieutforary c^ne Ladies send at once Tei<>T>e for particulars and proofs. I wih for.cit^lOOO f "^7 tuMi-iior.ial that is not -er.uine. Thou«a^ s o tcauu^mU hnv been revived. KstaWiflhei over i(rf) je<us. U- mis,ed by shc^y adverUsement^nd^o-c^d m,«» nrterly *.» ".Wess. J> at °-c- 1 — i\ 11AM S3 V,r>p r» .firr^O OTCLRSvl™iSr. J 7 JLiz. ^<xa> >*r RACIKG, TOLTIJI.ku, t v .« A <■ LABESS', YUUIHS' P 7' J> *• x V J 5 5, I .1 I S illLlTAKV, ANH Mi^ju « OTHM SAttn;-3. ,,k;^ EASY TF.RF.S F:'tOM f. ft ,74. f 10'- Mui;TKL v fc lab OK DISCO ;>rT. Al! I CAKE.IAGE PAID. V- ('• ^17 ■fJ-J? U Send at once for New W'-o'' ^'■S>i' I Season's Large Uuth-ar r.v//POST | ted JUNO List o^Jfa- S"?d ;¡' .JV;I }: 1'CJ.1J:;od, "I'F-Tr,OPOLITA,N' !,NAC"INISTS' CC., L1'D. »«•■•! TTAN Scvr ATaci'.uitE. 5- Aljutliiv. Lie'. r:.l 70-i5hop4aM Street U^ioM, Lonaoil. M j^on^a TH ,f.!EST FOR SALADS, ;f5>!>J' ;P"" ,i j¡ fliT) £ .¡.:r ti tD wf'Mt. i F.. J. '>f: "jiilTY AND DUALITY G UAKAAli.Ji.L. ASK YOUR (iKOClilt FOR IT. OVER 2"0 Y^AES. SOJTHWAEX, LOUDON. THE ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY'S GARDENS, Ree-ent's-pe.rk, are OPEN daily (except Sundays' from 9a.m. till siuiset. Admission, Is.; on Si ondays, 6d. (tmdreji alvaj s td. FKEDIUG TIMES OF THE Pelicans 2.30 p.m. LIONS AND Twkiis 4.0 p.m. OTTF-RS 8.0_.p.m. SKA-LIONS 4.30 p.m. oasis'. young MKJN; IUfferlng from Nervous ]ixhan.«tion, General Debility, &c., duo to youthful ignorv.'e, slioTiW send for new Treatment, (ISO. ST LOUIS MEDICINE CO., 12. Gray's Inn Road, Loruioii. K F TVSPAPBBS, may he addressed here, and be forwarded apm inthe Wgrld for thf ottrgveil<;rs. TfJOURNEMOUTH—SUMMER KQLU)^Y| S-9 Ttrp TIOXEL METROPOIjE offers special attractions to Visitors at a specially reduced tariff. CKICKKT, Ikknis, Crou. Sc. Close to Ker, Gardens, Si»ami>oatSii.Stc. luxurious and best appomtsd Hotel in tiEi foVm. I ems nom A^i'y mcjlqra appliance. Commercial or classical trainfng. Preparatory department. Teims very moderate. See Cambridge Examiner's report. Boys prepared for any exam. Entire charge of children from oolonios. Next Teiiu Hept. 14,1896. Apply Dr. ^rugesmith or iter. E.J. Hockly.M.A. Branch for yoiwg ladies. Sucenoraavantager. SCOTT'S STANDARD TYRES. SCOTT'S ™ TYRES. Ho Holes ia Kim. Won't Punctnre. NO HOOK8. §L,U^^1| WONT SLIP- ,'v'o LOQSS Screws. %fi^tbp(5fw Fully Guaranteed. IfiSISTOH i TSEM PATENTS -THEY ARE THE VERY BEST ,,('\ r Q, thlsweU St.1 Lopdon, B.C. MONY LBNT FROM J610 TO ^2>00 ON 1*1 Note of Hand, life Polloies, Reversions, &o. Uo fees. "Atrolv M. RIOH.ES, 181. Qneea Victoria Shvea^. I.ondoa. LA U RI E LONDON BUILT CARRIAGES. | 1 „ „ j Best Styles. New and Second Hand. Sale ailCl or Hire. ixl- (WD.). 811. OxTOKP SlBMT, LONDOjr. W. i .■>) i*» (xft irreguiarmeB,Ubstructioilfc i U removed by an ABSOLUTKLl Oii .TA; .Method WITHOUT MEDICINE.^ No 'j -e* er Hseleef Injections, (greatest Discovery at Moaern MeaMM Srlf 8fid stam;n.'d en vel ope for y, HHS. AJt'H-BKNgrow, 328, High Holbom, London, w.u. "TE YM0UTH; — EO^AL MARINE Facing Alexandra^rtcms f^i^tiwrSoS ■itaated. Apply for Tar-flV, j roprietoTjJ^'j -^sr.;r.»ir bighasco °»w» T»" HOTEL DU GLACIER.. 00TOB4m.- Fropr-i-q!!2& Open from 3LAY #i BAIJA,- THE TEATff E j L4 to 2,4 per lb. i 17YOm TZA CO-, | Wholesale: — IiINI>yv ^vnoN B.C. 7*8. Idol Lano- LOSDUW.fl | I' TO LADIES. IITACKENZIE'S a S3-: twelve hours. Guarant«^ the like magic in the m earth. Failure is inipn(.cafe abstractions. Ladies will toost long standing and intn^te^ to an ex- gave time, trouble, aa P post free> under cover, perienced specialist 1a directions and advice SSSSA', WITH WEJT1UN OnG 4s/ 6d. ^e^lhad^rie'd no less flva Biixie.ty of mind, and M sister recommended me diiferetit so-called reu^^ enthusiastic. Several ladies MA&vrJW. t— ■» *"■" oilier firms failed. Particulars and Send at once for "Jg before Her Testimonials, which oaths to be true and genuine. Maietty's Commission £ 1000 given to any charity All open to »>, '^e ulna Advice willingly freo.- if one is l'r,Y?' v/i i-" 'iVttford Hon e, 83, Pawts Koad, MKS. B. >KACKK>n-lArvl"a linitatloM> Worthless and Fulh:vni, London, S>. >» • Injurious. I'lease mention this P'H)e^— PRVATF, RAPITALIST, miember of a ts-11-known weaithn- firm, having a sum .A« ^^tTa^Wt^rfow^ wiU-.o^P- loan soeiet y, i«is i ,1' 'prtrso:-aUy or by letter vo leader. olv.-For t ull^a; ticuUn- a; |,■■ Bl0(!TO;5bul7, London.W^ W'. WiLHf, Est)..60, fat. ENGLAND'S MARRIAGE ASFCCIftTION. Founded by a nobleman, ^f^^R^CTLY GENUINE which stated the great necessi^ of a STKi. welfare by INSTITUTION that would study their «leeltlierefore beg to brinpriS a^ut advanta^.us Marria| some months, to state this Association ha> been esw ,ha.t numerous meet this great and highly pleased with the past and present wealthy chente are nign j i work of tie Association, as letwre fiaiiy rt t d to send All wishing to join the AfS'CiaUon are ^^lted number P.O. 10s.; this amount entitles them to^a chnyge/lt no %!SS!$rMaSK;rai asssfc. J ames Street. London, W.L. MONEY. MONEY. M < • ESTABLISHED 1869. CASH IMMEDIATELY ADVANCEI). I1U X,5 to £ 1,000. T Farmers, Gard.-ncis Curriers, Cowkep>er8, Bbopkeepe«;Dairy«..en Clt'r!v- melJ, Lodging-hous. • PrivatI' 11olJ.;ph(1lrJpr" I and others, without BOTKISITH n, "Ss thbu OWN SI<JCU¡¡ITY. /> xr to nf TI-jucI alone, repayable by ni .i or arran^fl to Mlit f>om-»fi"s .mil «!<•«- sir a,, u. SS ssa NO ENQtJllty FEF,, Intended Borrowers are invited, before ;, elsewhere, to app'v to ,J RRNNLK, 25, CHESTER S JMj «^KSTRY ^O^-Town"tr ^'i1 'T ««-tanc« »« «»>j^ Letters immediately atrended to. tjj jjy Mr. R. can be seen any day at Abery y 7 appointment E33"€X2Li2Sr3:- El, 7: X H I jprahil I 3 Gtuarantcca for Accuracy, Durability,> em-1 Value. I Thonsan-is of Testimonials rui. "\rc. been rajveo.. B-v^Ti C? f' "WIT 5 IP5 Y^v c* iPh TST Jib .A O £ 3 £ 3 kj Bl £ 2 ttje?'- v £ sSa Kejlesi Xusagfllsl-s. l\ s ?%->* V'Vi h Mrr7 "w Lh*\ widufL ^.e. t^c- C-IaCak,1 In r^Efv, A '2 s wU7C1 ° I (.,1 Silror 0.13-S V '4 ^ais n 4^^ /■' c-" '■ ■>. £ M /y?\ w.S:^3 '•V/Ch.^ 37.x ■■ y^f^ih-% W$-■ V\ t\ AXI.) /'• •■>■: .7 ,.r A\ 5\ 55 '< JEWEL- /•• V .Y Selections >x2f Y §\ LERv i I ,-str-' 'I of htf I I 51 TA1CEMM '•• ■•'• f i| Vfatehos or feltt X'.ffi V EX- J«-weUory f2f M CHANGE, v ? eentfreeoa T P fM All' Goocl.s v | KlfeJ^1 Pl o £ 1*4 4 t L Mi fr'i Kot A fcr ^V, f reference. ft Approved V V J- C- v' 1 (/ [ '5 1 will be Ex- %{>. xf Ah 6 w h-*c^aE&&i ~to"2 v ^jS0^ r: and most. Duixtbie London <, A pood li.iioc&.abo'ai "Watch for rough wear at a ']V.rrvf:! ■i-Ci' PLATE ever fold. low pnee. best, made, 3-i ? English Lev.?r.J.^v7c''«l wifu 13 Rubies. Chreno- EngluU Lever, Lanje.jbronometer Balance, Jewelled r-<-ii»r Patent L-arffe B trr el, and Damp and in Rubie. S^ronfe Aetioa. D;^t Proof Ilmar Band. Price £ 5 5s An Exaet Timeteobr. and tetter value than any 7.;«/>pS better time thun. ar.d is double tlie S'rencth Keyless W atch sola f<3 £ 10. jmYValue of. any £ 0 5s. Watch made. I11 Sterling Price £ 5. ia Extra %an^h SfP-l-tr Silver, Crystal Sil ver Cases, with Strong Crysurt Glas. Glass Case?. e.i.4°- Gentlemen Youths No. 2. Woricin"' Men; *No. 3.1 |jENS0N S ENxJife-gSIEKT RINGS, in Half- Eailwav Men and Miners <ns i]!t!.?tra.tcd); No. 4. Ladies. Hoop, Marquise/Jinsev and all e 'er designs, In massive 18-et. Gol-l C ises. with Crystal Glass set with Brilliants, Ivuies, Emeralds, Pearls. bap- Gentlemen's size. £ 12 12s Lauv"s size. £ 10 10s. | phires, Opals, Turquofe, &c., &cs0r ia plain gold. ALL WATCHES AND JEWELLERY sent post, fire, and at my ristto all r»arts of the World on receipt of Draft. Cash, or l\O.C.. pavahle at G.P O. QEND FOR BENSON S BOOK of WATCHES from £ 12 23. to £ {30. CLOCK?- CHAINS, 0 ENGACTE}IEKT rn:G; r:noo( lJES. PLATE. %c.. &c. Serd r,ost, free o:application to E -N C, A. C, -Ito J\M7 WATCHMAKER aud jey/ELLER TO • ^8ujL JLki JL5« that* xjesP JsJv .j n,M. THE 0I<EE?i and RGYfii FAMILY. Steam Factory: 62 .8r. 64, £ .Xy33G25-T13 iBLI:LL And 28, ROY AL EXHANG-E, E.C.. and 25, OLD D STREET, W., LONDON. WATCH, &c., CLUBS.-Applications for agencies invited. Eay system, no risk.




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