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BISHOP'S CASTLE. NEW YEAR'S TREAT AT THE WORKHOUSE.—The New Year's treat, which is provided by donations from the Guardians, gentry of the district, and tradespeople of the town, was held on Friday w-ek, and was a grand success. A numerous company attended to assist in the festivities. Prior to the supper, a most pleasing concert was given in the dining room, which was prettily decorated, and in one corner of the room was a nicely-decorated Christmas tree. Amongst the items on the pro- gramme was The Absent-Minded Beggar," given by the Botfield family, which was well rendered. After the disposal of the articles on the tree to the inmates, an adjournment was made to the kitchen, where supper was served. At the close, mince pies, sweets, nuts, and oranges were given to the women and children and tobacco to the men. The whole of the arrangements were admirabiy carried out by Mr and Mrs A G Spire, the master and matron, and Miss Bethell, their assistant. After- wards a dance was held for the visiting friends and helpers. Light refreshments were provided, and a most enjoyable time spent. COUNTY PETTY SESSIONS—FRIDAY WEEK. Before Messrs R Jasper More, M.P., W E Garnett- Botfield, W F Plowden, A E Barratt and A H Sykes. MATRIMONIAL TROUBLES.—Thomas Coles, a shoe- maker, residing at Gunridge, Clunbury, was charged with assaulting his wife, Annie Coles, on Sunday and Monday, November 19th and 20th.— Mr C S Pryce, Montgomery, appeared in support of the summons, and Mr E L Wallis, Hereford, for the defence.-ilir Pryce, having briefly opened the case, called the complainant who said that she had been married to the defendant about 16 years. The greater portion of that, time be had refused to find her and her three children proper food and she had when they lived at Brockton, to frequently apply to her parents and other relatives and friends for food for herself and children. Last Lady-day they re- moved to a cottage of her husband's, near the vil- lage of Clunton, where she frequently had to apply to her neighbours for food. On the Sunday in question, 19th Nov., she and her childreu wen: to church, leaving the defendant in bed. On her return she found the door locked against them, and waited about the roads for 1 and 2 hours, when a neighbour, Mrs Canty, asked them to go in and have.eom.e tea arid they did so. After tea they found that the door was unfastened, went upstairs and asked him for the key of the back door to get some fuel for a fire, and he refused to give it to her and beat her about the head and shoulders with his jacket. She had to leave the room and he followed her to the door. She went to Mrs Canty's and asked to be allowed to stay that night. She kindly provided them with a bed. On the Monday morning Mrs Coles went into the house and found the defendant sitting by an empty fire place. She again asked for the key and he refused. She tried to lift the door off its hinges but failed, and defendant rushed at her, struck her above the eye inflicting a scar. He also banged her head against the wall, causing a lump to form on her ear, her arm also was bruised. She afterwards went to Brockton with her children, and showed the marks to her mother.— Iu cross-examination by Mr Wallis nothing material was elicited. Mr v'vallis asked the complainant if she would not go home with her husband that day, as there was the house for her. — Her reply was that she would not. The house was there but nothing to eat.—Corroborative evi- dence of the assault was given by Mary Coles (daughte"), an intelligent girl of 11 years, and of the bruises by complainant's mother, Mrs C Woos- nam, of tirt)ckton.-The defendant went into the box and gave a denial to his wife's statement, stating that she was the aggressor. He denied not having provided sufficient food.— After a short consultation the Bench considered the charges proved, and fined the defendant 25s, including oosts, or distress to issue. A CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR.— Mr T Powell- Davies, Folly Farns, Lydbury North, applied for, and was granted, an exemption under the Vaccina- tion Act. ———— CASTLE CAEREINION. TESTIMONIAL'—It is intended to give a testi- monial to Mr and Mrs Tole, in the shape of a purse of gold, on the occasion of their leaving Castle for Welshpool. The presentation will take place on January 26th, when a tea will be held for the children, old scholars, and subscribers of half-a- crown and upwards. Mr and Mrs Tole have, during their residence at Castle, earned the respect of the people of the neighbourhood and the school has been raised to a high standard.






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