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ABERDOVEY. BUILDING.—The Rev W M Roberts, M.A., is building a new residential villa on the hit! side overlooking the bay and the Cardiganshire hills. The contract has been let to Messrs Jones, Hugbes, and Edwards, contractors, Towyn. FORMATION OF A VOLUNTEER COMPANY On Thursday evening a public meeting was held to promote the formation of a Volunteer Company of the 5th Batt. South Wales Borderers in the town. The Rev W M Roberts, M.A., who is tho leading spirit in the matter, and is an old Volunteer himself, was voted to the chair. He was supported by Captain Edward Kirkby, Llanfendigaid, com- manding the Towyn Company, and Mr J M Howell, Craigydon. Other prominent townsmen who take keen interest in tho movement are Dr Irvine Bonner, Captain Enoch Lewis, Mr E L Rowlands, Mr J Morris, Mr John Evans, Mr Z Jones, and Mr Pestin Williams. The two latter gentlemen acted as secretaries of the meeting and received the names of those who enrolled themselves as members.—The Chairman having delivered a brief address, he called upon Capt Kirkby to explain the regulations and the duties, which he did in a very lucid manner. Afterwards the names were taken, and 35 persons expressed themselves willing to join. Since then nine more names have been added, so that the total number now enrolled is44. Tho appearance, physique, and character of the tutsii is all that could be desired, a largo proportion of them being total abstainers. rrhere is a healthy public opinion in the town in regard to volunteering. Aberdovey is one of the most patriotic little towns in the kingdom, and it may not be not out of place to say that the town is exceedingly well posted up in war news. A large number of boys have also given in their names with the object of establishing a Drum and Fife Band in connection with the com- pany. It is now hoped the movement will be succesfully carried through. It is probable that the company will be atliliated with the Towyn com- pany. Mr J M Howell has been offered by Col. Pryco-Jones, M.P., a commision, but he has not yet decided whether he will accept it. It is hoped, however, that Mr Howell will see his way to com- maud the company. LITERARY INSTITUTE ANNUAL MEETING. The above was held on Friday evening when Mr John Edwards, Ivy House, occupied the chair. Tho Treasurer (Mr W Jones Hughes) road the annual balance sheet which showed that the receipts for tho year were £75 8s 6d, an increase on the previous year of .Ell 16s 3d. The total expendi- ture was £83 13s 6d (including £16 6s 4d the adverse balance of the previous year). "leaving a balance of £8 5s duo to the bank at the close of 1399.—On the motion of Capt Edwards, seconded by Mr D Hughes, the balance sheet was adopted and ordered to be printed in the annual report. On the motion of Mr W J Eves, seconded by Mr Gwilym Williams, a vote of thanks was passed to the two auditors. Mr Eves assured the meeting that the auditors had been most careful in going through the recounts and they as officials specially thanked them for the great trouble they had taken. —Captain Edwards, librarian, then read the follow- ing repor t :—Books added to the library during 1899: Scott and Dickens' novels, 44; other novels, 43; books cf travel, &c, 20; books presented by Miss Norgate on leaving Aberdovey, 41 books presented by Miss Marsh, 2; presented by Mr Hughes Jones, 1; total, 156. Monthly issues of books to members January 93, February 78, March 87, April 53. May 53, June 42, Juiy 89, August 303, September 206, October 187, November 62, Decem- ber 79; total 1,333; being an increase of.519 on the previous year. The comparatively large number of books issued in August and September shows bow the library is appreciated by visitors. Money spent during the year on the library :—New books, £10 2s binding old books, £2 Os lOd new book total, £17 3s lOd.—Mr John Owen, Celtic House, proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the president, vice-presidents, officials, and com- mittee, which was seconded by Mr Z Jones aud carried with acclamation. The meeting then elected the following officers for 1900: President, Mr J Corbett, Ynysymaengwyn; vice-presidents, Messrs J M Howell, M L Lewis. J.P., J Hughes Jones, J.P., W Jones, C.C., Peter Gotto, J 3 Rawson, J L Evans, Arnold Evans, C H Brampton, C H Allcock, M.A., the Rev J Rowlands, M.A., and Dr Irvine Bonner. Committee: Messrs G Williams, W J he. W J Hughes, J Edwards, Capt Edwards, W D Evans, E L Rowlands, II Griffith, R Davies, Capt J Evans, J D Hughes, and P C Price. The committee were elected by ballot, Mr F Williams, Board School, and Mr Z Jones, National School, acting as tellers.—On the motion of Mr W J Hughes seconded by Mr W Jones, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the following for services rendered during the year in connection with the institute:— Capt Edwards, Capt Nicholas, Capt Lewis, Mrs Green, caretaker, and to donors of books, magazines, and newspapers.—Mr J Owen called attention to the taxes paid last year, and thought that a reading room ought to be exempt, like churches and chapels, —On the motion of Mr W J Hughes, it was resolved to petition the Assessment Committee on the matter through Mr W Jones, the Aberdovey Gnardian. The amount of rates paid last year was £2 8 5d.-On the motion of Mr W Jones, it was decided to alter the time of opening the Institute from 10'to 8 a.m. The offer of trees for the yard and Church Times were referred to the new com- mittee. On the motion of Mr W D Evansa vote of thanks was passed to the'Chairman and the meeting terminated.—At a committee- meeting held after- wards, Mr J Edwards was re-elected chairman, Mr W J Hughes treasurer; Capt Edwards and Mr J S Rawson librarians, Mr G Williams and Mr W J Eves secretaries.—All the papers were passed, and it was decided to accept the Church Times.











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