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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

14 erthygl ar y dudalen hon






C A-E RS WS. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYMBN'S DINNER.—The annual Cambrian Railwaymen's dinner for the Moat Lane and Caersws district was held at the Union hotel on Saturday evening, and again proved a great success. Mr T E Kinsey, Maesmawr, presided, with Mr Francis, station master, in the vice-ohair. Between 70 and 80 partook of a capital spread, and after the removal of the cloth all had a jolly good time, as the energetic secretary of the dinner com- mittee, Mr G Chidlow, station master, Moat Lane, had prepared a most attractive toast list with an interesting programme of songs.—The Chairman in proposing the loyal toasts, referred to the continued deep interest taken by Her Majesty in the present crisis.—The toasts were drunk with enthusiasm. —Mr Savage, Penyborfu, proposed, "The Army, Navy, and Auxiliary Forces," and said that he need not commend that toast, as our thoughts were now constantly with the gallant fellows fight- ing so well in the Transvaal. He coupled with the toast the name of Mr W G Cleeton, a member of the 5th S.W.B., who in responding, said that proud as he had been in the past of wearing the uniform, he must be doubly so in the future, after witness- ing the noble manner his comrades were responding to the call to arms.—Mr F G Jones, Maesmawr, in submitting "The Cambrian Railways Staff," said he was pleased to have the opportunity to acknowledge the conscientious manner in which they all dis- charged their various duties, from Mr Dennies down to even the youngest boy on the line. They in Caersws were particularly indebted to the Cambrian Railways, and as an agriculturist he could not see how they could get on without them. He asked them to drink hearty good health to the whole staff from manager down, and would ask Mr Francis and Mr Scanbury to respond.—Mr Francis briefly responded in his own inimitable style. He said he was like the Frenchman writing a billet down who at the commencement did not know what to say and at the finish did not know what he had said. He sincerely thanked them, however, on behalf of his fellow employes for the kind remarks made. Mr Stanbury in a humorous speech also thanked Mr F G Jones for his flattering remarks, and pointed out that whilst all the staff tried to do their duty it must be remembered that there were some fidgety members amongst the public. The Town and Trade of Caersws came next on the list, and was proposed by Mr Evan Davies, Red House, and responded to by Mr Davies, Dolhalfren, and Mr A Bennett, Caersws.—The Chairman in asking them to drink to Mr Chidlow's health, referred to him in eulogistic terms, not only as the originator and pioneer of the movement which established that annual Caersws Railway dinner, but as one of the best fellows in the five parishes round. The health was drank with T^r"T> fVir"^ ir.d For f ['1 fellow."—Mr Chidlow warmly acknowledged the compliment, and assured them that what he had done had been rendered easy by the liberality of the subscribers, and without being invidious he may perhaps bo allowed to mention particu- larly the names of two gentlemen as they bad not been in the neighbourhood long, viz., Mr A W Pryce-Jones, Fronfelin, and Captain Kent, Maesmawr Hall, both of whom were unfor- tunately unable to be present.— Mr J Evans and Mr J Phillips suitably responded on behalf of the subscribers. The latter cordially invited all present to the district ploughing match which would take place on his grounds during the next week.—" The health of Dr Snow" was proposed by Mr E Hum- phreys, and drank with musical honours. The Chairman" was ably proposed by Mr Chidlow. "Mrs and Miss Ford, the hostess" was proposed by Mr W Jones for their admirable catering and for the care and trouble taken in providing: such well-stocked and beautifully-decorato 1 tables, and the meeting, which bad been most enthusiastic and harmonious throughout, concluded with the singing of the National Anthem. The speeches were inter- spersed with songs kindly rendered by the follow- iiig:Ilr E Cleeton, Mr J Spoouley, Mr J Morgan and Mr Rees Jones. Amongst the invited guests were Dr Snow, Messrs R Savage, Penyboifa; C Davies, Dolhalfren D R Thomas, Buck Hotel J Francis, Tymawr; E Watkins, Heufryn J and R Phillips, Llwyrbraiti E Davies, Rod House E R Jones; W Jones, Clatter.