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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

14 erthygl ar y dudalen hon









RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. Mr J Richards presided over a meeting of the Council on Monday afternoon.—A resolution was received from the Whittington Parish Council calling attention to the bad state of the road leading from Daywell railway gates to the Top Hengoed.—The Surveyor said he had been informed that water had been diverted at this place, and he believed there was truth in the statement, for the road was never flooded before last year. He bad put in a larger drain, and would inquire further into the matter before the next meeting.—Mr W Humphreys said the road was in a bad state, and Mr Holland added that the drain would not take the water.—A committee was appointed to visit and report.—In accordance with notice given Mr Fox Davies moved that the Council take over the road leading from the Post Office to the Railway Station at Pant. If the Council repaired this road it would be of great benefit to a large number of people.—A committee was appointed to visit the place last year, and in their report they recom- mended that the road should be taken over if the locality contributed two-thirds of the cost of repair. -Mr Fox Davies said it was a poor neighbourhood and tho money would not be forthcoming.—The Chairman pointed out that unless that resolution were rescinded the Council could take no action.— The Surveyor said it would cost ten guineas to put it in a passable state of repair.-Ultimately Mr Fox Davies moved that £4 10s be spent on the road, and he undertook to find £ 3 towards the expendi- ture, but eventually the matter was deferred.-A motion by Mr Fox Davies that the Council should repair a short length of road at the High was not seconded, and consequently fell through.—Pursu- ant to notice, Mr T W Green moved that the Coun- cil repair Sandy lane and raise it to the status of a second class road.—The Surveyor stated that he usually put two boat loads of stones every year on this road, and it was agreed that he ahoutd continue to do so.—Mr W Humphreys called the Council's attention to the state of a road and a canal bridge at Frankton, and theJSurveyor said he would visit the place.— A communication having been I eceived from Mr Griffiths, Lord Bradford's agent, as to the pur- chase of the right of ponnd of water at Llwyntidman Mill, the Clerk was directed to reply stating that the Council had the power to purchase the right of pound, and to ask what sum would be required for it.—The Clerk was also directed to Write to Mr Forrester Addie, Welshpool, Lord Powis's agent, with reference to the purchase of Pant Waterworks. —Relative to the estimate for the construction of waterwork for Sweeney, the Chairman said the amount was higher than had at first been an- ticipated. The amount was £ 410. It was agreed to apply to the Local Government Board for sanction to borrow 2500 to carry out the work.— The Surveyor reported that the new steam roller had commenced work on the roads.—Owing to the continued illness of the Sanitary Inspector (Mr Smith) Mr R H Richards was re-appointed deputy for another month.—The Deputy Sanitary Inspec- tor reported that a case of diphtheria at Haughton had been reported to him. He visited the place twice, aid ww glad to rr>rort that tl", bnv wr-a I nearly convalescent and there had been no further spread of the outbreak. There had been one death from diphtheria in Ruytcn district, but the other eases were convalescent, as were also three patients in the Llanymynech district, who suffered from scarlet fever. There were no other infectious cases in the district. He had received plans of a house which was being built at Chirk Bank for Mr Edwards, If ton Heath, but they did not comply with the by-laws. The Deputy Inspector was directed to see that the drainage was properly carried out and the ceilings put at a proper height.