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MONTGOMERY. THE LATE MRS STATHAM.—We regret to record the death of Mrs Jane Statham, wife of Mr Thos Statham, Arthnr street, which occurred on Thurs- day morning after a protracted illness. The deceased lady, who was in her 51st year, was the daughter of the late Mr David Evans of W' therton Hali, Chirbury. Her first husband was the late Mr John Burjner of Edderton. Forden, and Their son is Mr R H Bunner, ironmonger, Montgomery. Mr Statham and two sons, Messrs Rowland and Charles Statham also survive, and the greatest sympathy is felt with the bereaved family in their anaietion by the large circle of friends to whom Mrs Stratham's kinri and gentle disposition had made her endeared. The funeral takes place at Forden on Monday. AVAK FUND. A meeting of the subscribers to the Montgomery Borough War Fund, was held in the Town Hali on Thursday evening. The Mavor, Councillor E R James, presided, and there were also present Aldermen Fairles-Hnmphreys and Wm Jones, Councillors T H George, C P Davies, and A Vaughan, the Rector (Rev E W Brown). Rev C P Thomas, Messrs C S Pryce (town clerk), J M Jones, T Jones (Rhydyware), F R Kelly, J Berwick, R Turnbull, F Langford, A Eaton, J Eaton, A Beedle, M Davies, Dr Kirk, L Griffiths, T H Evans, J Weaver, J Powell, T Bnnner, etc. Letters were read from Col Pryce-Jones, M.P., the Rev J G Oats, and Mr J M Lloyd. A discussion took place as to the disposal of the amount collected, which the Town Clerk reported to be £1,)9, of which E127 had been paid to the Treasurer. It was decided to vote P,8 to Colonel Pryce-Jones'i Fund for the insurance and equipment of the the oth Volunteer Battalion South Wales Borderers who are going on active service. A Committee was appointed to consider the disposition of the fund amongst the various channels, aud to report to another meeting of the subscribers. The follow- ing is the committee The Mayor (Mr E R James), the ex-Mayor (Mr Fairies-Humphreys), the Rector (Rev E W Brown), the Rev J G Oats, Wesleyau Minister, Rev C P Thomas, Baptist Minister, Col Pryce-Jones. M.P., Messrs T H George. A Vaughan, C P Davies, F Langford, J Powell, J Berwick, and Thos Evans. TOWN COUNCIL.—THURSDAY. Present The Mayor (Mr E R James), Aldermen Fairies-Humphreys and W Jones, Councillors T H George, A Graham, C Davies, and A Vaughan, with the town clerk (Mr C S Pryce), and the assistant clerk (Mr J E Tomley). THE FORTHCOMING LECTURRS. A letter was received trom the C.C. of North Wales, Bangor, asking the Council to arrange for the first lecture of the series on Agriculture for Wednes- day, Feb. 14th, and the remaining three lectures to be given on the following Wednesdays.—The Council approved of these dates and appointed the Mayor to preside over the first lecture, Mr Shaker, Church- stoke, over the second, and Mr Fairies-Humphreys and Mr T H George over the remaining two. CLAIM FROM THE CAMBRIAN. A letter was received from Mr R Brayne, secre- tary to the Cambrian' Railways Company, with reference to the second instalment of the Mont- gomery general district rate for payment of which the Council were now applying. Although the assessment of the station and the wharves for the poor rate was now S160, the Council did not appear to have given effect to the division of this assess- ment for purposes of the general district rate into X90 (in full) for the station, and £70 (at one- fonrth) for the wharves and sidings in accordance with the rating of the valuer for the Assessment Committee. It appeared that owing to a clerical error the first instalment of the rate now in ques- tion was passed for payment on the full poor rate value of L60, the result being an over-payment of il 19s 4d, which they now claimed to deduct from the second instalment now passed for payment at £ 7 5s 6d.—On the motion of the Mayor, the matter was referred to the Town Clerk to look up the legal position of the Council in regard to the claim. TWO CENTURIES OLD. John Parnell, founder of the Empire Anti- quarian Society, Shepherd's Bush Green, London, wrote offering the Corporation for a nominal sum a map of the old London coach road to Montgomery. The map was now in his collection and was dated 1719. It began at the four shire stone in Glou- cestershire and thence went through Worcester and Ludlow to Montgomery.—It was decided to ask Mr Parnell to forward the map on approval. A COMPASSIONATE COUNCILLOR. Conncillor Graham brought before the Council the case of a paper boy in the employ of Messrs "Smith &- Sons. The lad, he said, came every day from Welshpool to Montgomery with a heavy load of papers which it was his duty to distribute amongst his customers. In his opinion and in the opinion of many others the boy was very much overworked, and he wished to know whether the Council could not do something to lighten his labours. He had spoken at Welshpool to Messrs Smith and Sons' representative who seemed very high and mighty" about it. Mr Vaughan said he had seen the boy come up with a very small load, but no doubt in war times there was a much greater demand for the papers. He thought it would be difficult for them as a Council to interfere in the matter. Their best plan if they wished to do anything would be to send particulars of the case to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.—The Mayor thought they should write privately to Messrs Smith and Sons asking them to take some action to put a stop to the boy being overworked.—Mr George understood that two boys had been coming up with the papers during the past week.—In the end Councillor Graham undertook to bring the matter to the notice of Messrs Smith and Sons, London. COUNTY POLICE COURT.—THURSDAY. Before Alderman Fairles-Humphrevs, the Mayor (Mr E R James), and Mr A G Montford. SCHOOL CASES.—At the instance of the School Attendance Officer the following persons, rone of whom appeared in Court, were charged with neglecting to send their children regularly to school Edward Williams, labourer, near Church- stoke, in respect of three children, Richard, Margaret, and George; fined 2s 6d in the case of Richard, which had been adjourned from a former sessions, and the other two charges adjourned for one month. George Matthews, Llandyssil, in re- spect of two chi.dren, Mary Jane (9) and George Henry (5) fined for the first named child 2s 6d, and the other case adjourned. klAI.NTE.NANCF.-William Thomas Jones, Reliev- ing Officer for the Worthen district of the Forden Union, appeared on behalf of the Guardians to ask for an order of 6d per week 'o be made on Samuel Johnson, employed in t I- Minsterley Lead Mines, towards the support of his father chargeable to the common fund to the extent of 2s 6d per week.—The Officer said Jobnson earned from 14s to 16s a week and in addition rented a small holding. He was married and had two children to support.—Order made for the amount asked for.