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WELSHPOOL VICTORIA NURSIXG INSTITUTE. ANNUAL MEETING. There was a fair attendance at the annual general meeting of the subscribers to the Nursing Institute on Saturday. The meeting was held in the Art, Room of the Museum, and was presided over by Mr W Forrester Addie. There were also presen' t the Rev D Gritnaldi Davis (vicar), the Rev D B Evant, Mrs Addie, Miss Corrie, Mrs Manford, Mrs Hiles Mrs Roper, Miss Salter, Miss Owen, Mrs Thomas, Mrs T R Morris, Mrs Shuker, Miss Jones and Miss Clara Jones (Gnngrog), the Mayor of Welshpool (Mr D Jones), Mr C Shuker, Mr R | Thompson, with Mr T Simpson Jones, hon see, and Mr Manford, treasurer. The Committee, in submitting their annual re- rz, s,ii(i they had much pleasure in reporting that the usefulness of the Institute had during the year been increased and more than fully maintained. Twelve cases had been treated in the Institute, and eighty-nine cap-.s-fortv- five of which were recommended by doctors—nursed outside, the total number of visits paid to these cases being 2.889. Trie income during the past year has reached the sum of X143 13s 3d, an increase of zC30 4s 2d on the previous year, and the committee had been able, by careful administration, to meet all the liabilities, and leave a balance in hand of zC17 14s 6d. Miss Pauline Peter, general superintendent of the Queen Victoria Institute for ulses, had written letters stating that the result of the assis- tant inspector's visit oo Feb. 21 and Aug. 4 was very satisfactory as regarded the district nursing, The Institute hoped a nurse for the indoor patients would be appointed, so as to allow Nurse Crabbe to do the district full justice. In view of the necessity laid down bv the rules of the Institute for Nurses, of employing a nurse entirely for outside nursing, the committee had had under consideration the important object of employing an additional nurse to deal with cases inside the Institute. As the cost of this would amount to about R100 per annum, the Committee felt, with the present income at their command, unable to decide upon this important step, and were therefore anxious by doing so that the matter should be fully considered and discussed bv the subscribers. The Committee gratefully acknow- ledged the generosity of Mr Charles E Howell, who, with a view to commemorating the Queen's eightieth birthday, made a contribution of X21 to the funds of the Institute, and this amount had been added to the fund on deposit at Lloyd's Bank. The Committee thanked all subscribers and helpers for their liberality and aid during the past year, and recorded their great appreciation of the inestimable services rendered by Nurse Crabbe, which she had carried out with mach efficiency and unremitting attention and success. The Treasurer reported that, they began the year with a credit balance of £ 27 3s 6d the subscrip- tions came to CI06 18s 7d, and the donations to £ 36 145 8d after allowing for payments amounting to £ 153 2s 3d, there remained a credit balance of £17 14s 6d. The Chairman, in moving the adoption of the report and the financial statement which they had just heard read, said he need not apologise for having altered the date of the meeting, which was due to the desire of many who were now present to attend the funeral of the Rev J E Hi!], formerly Vicar of Welshpool. His first duty was to apologise for the absence of the Rev T C Jones, from whom he had a letter of regret. La ly Powis was at Walcot and unable to be present, and they would all regret that Miss Howell, the vice-president, was so unwell that she could not attend. He hoped she would soon recover. In regard to the report they had just heard read he need not say much. He mig-ht be permitted to say a word in regard to that portion which states that the number of visits which Nurse Crabbe had paid during the vear amounted to 2,889 as against 1.6S6 in the previous year. Tbat shewed t.he immense amount of work which had been done by Nurse Crabbe, and, at the same time, the usefulness of the Association. He imagined that the principal part of the discussion would turu upon the question of whether they Ehould have another nurse and they would also have to consider whether they were disposed to go to the expense of anot her nurse. Mr Addie reminded the meeting that much money was required in other directions at the present time, and he therefore did not think it wise to em bark on another expenditure just yet. He felt sure, however, that the sooner they were able to provide an assistant nurse, the better it would be for the working of the Institute. It would be his duty later on to move an amend- ment to Rule 1, with a view to increasing the present number of the Committee froTi thirteen to fifteen, and so admit of two representatives from the Forden Board of Guardians, who had under- taken to subscribe £5 per annum, if allowed to nominate two members on the Committee. He thought it should be understood that all the members of the Committee siiould be subscribers to the Institute. The Vicar who seconded, said that from what- ever point of view the report was regarded it was very satisfactory. There was a considerable in- Cl ease in the work which showed that the Institute was gaining in popular confidence and favour. Another very satisfactory matter was the great interest which t!,ev found the doctors in the Institute. It was also satisfactory to note that there was a balance in hand amounting tc: E17, due largly no doubt to the careful management of the Committee. IVith regart to the work done by Nurse Crabbe, he had oa previous occasions had the pleasure of expressing his opinion as to the good work she had done and was doing in the parish. He had opportunities, which others had not, of gauging her work, and he thought it wolld be impossibie to over-estimate her valuable services. As to the question of appointing an additional nurse, be thought the suggestion a desirable or*, at the same time, he was rather inclined to .think with the Chairman that the present was not the most opportune time to make the appointment. At the present time we had many exceptional calls and it was quite possible we might have mure in the near tut ure. It would therefore, he thought, tie better to postpone the consideration of the pro- posal to a more favourable time. Referring to the work of the Rev T C Jones, who is shortly to leave the. town, and had, therefore, resigned his place on the Committee, the Vicar said he had rendered valuable assistance to the Committee, and done good work in other ways, and his departure from Welshpool would, he was sure, be a distinct loss. Mr Simpson Jones having mentioned that he had received a letter from Miss Howell, in which she stated that she thought an additional nurse could be obtained for the small sam of £ 50 per year, The Mayor, who supported the adoption of the report, said there could be no two opinions as to the usefulness of the Institute, and the good work it had accomplished from the time of its establish- ment two years ago, and he rejoiced to think that it was increasing in popularity with the general public. He complimented Nurse Crabb on the result cf her labours, and hoped she would be spared for many years to continue her work among the poor of the district. Mr Shuker, who also supported, expressed the pleasure he felt at the gratifying work which was done by the nurse in Welshpool, and not only in the town itself but also in the neighbourhood. He noticed that the receipts last year were larger than the previous year owing to the donations which had been received. The decision on the proposal to appoint, an extra nurse would depend in a large measure on whether they could obtain greater help from the churches and chapels, or whether they could follow the methods of collection which had been adopted in Newtown. Although the receipts were larger than the previous year he wished to point out that the expenses for the year were zElO more than the receipts. the motion was then put to the meeting and carried. On the motion of the Chairman, seconded by the Mayor, the meeting amended Rule 1 with a view to increasing the membership of the committee from thirteen to fifteen. The Chairman remarked that he hoped the Fürden Guardians would before long increase their subscription of JE5 when they became acquainted wilk, the nature and extent of the work. Miss Grace Jones was re-elected a member of the committee, and Mr Thomson was elected to fill the pLtCe vacated uy the Rev T C Jones. The meeting "nded with a vote of thanks to Mr Addie for presiding.