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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

12 erthygl ar y dudalen hon








CASTLE CAEREINION. A Parish Council meeting was held on Wednes- day. Present Messrs J Hollowav (chairman), T W Davies, E E Jones, E Evans and T Owen, with II J Gittins, clerk. It was agreed that a Public Parish Meetiug should be called on Friday the 16th inst., to consider the best means to be taken in support of the Montgomeryshire South African War Fund. A letter was read from Mr J Evans in con- nection with the styles on Hydan Fawr. It was decided that a Deputation from the Council meet the Agent on the farm oil a date suitable to Mr Evans, also that Mr E E Jones, together with the Clerk should endeavour to obtain all available in- formation of the footpaths in that neighbourhood The County Rate Basis was found to correspond with Valuation List for the parish. PRESENTATION TO MR AND MRS TOLE. Yesterday evening week the inhabitants of the village of Castle Caereinion met in the new Schoo'- room to present Mr and Mrs H A Tole, who are shortly leaving for Welshpool, with a token of their esteem and regard. The chair was occupied by Mr John Hollowav, J.P., and there were also present amongst others the Rector (Rev Walter Erans), Mrs and Miss Evans, Miss Willis (Sylfaen), Mr and Mrs David Gitrins (Sylfaen), Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Master Jones (Penllsvyn), lrs Davies (Cefuey- Air and Mrs Hiirgins (Ivy Cottage), Mr and ln; Joseph Thomas, Mr and Irs Benbow, lrb and Mr T H Adams, Mr and Mrs Embertou (Gelli), the Misses tloiloway (Hnngwyn), Miss M Richards (Cyfronydd), Mr and Mrs Orion, Mr aId Mrs Richard Price (Dryball), Mr and Mrs Bebb (Gaer), Mrs Jones (Post Office), MrB and Miss Gittins (Golfa), Mr and Mrs Jones (Dolarddyn), Mr Ernest and Mr Arthur Willis (Sylfa"n), and Mr Sibley j (Llanfair).—The Rector, in handing to Mr Tule a purse of gold, collected amongst the paiishiouers, said he came there that evening with very unx-d feelings. On the one hand lie, with allthos«ii. the room, felt soriow at the loss they were about to sustain iu the departure of Mr and Mrs Toie. On the i other hand, they were g:ad that. they had receive such weli-inorite promotion. Speaking personally he had never had the slightest difference with Mr 1 ole, who had always carried out the wishes of the School Managers in the most loyal manner. One of Her Majestv's Inspectors of Schools had assured him (the hector) nor. long ago that Castle Caereinion School Wi-s the very best school in the whole of his district, which covered a considerable area includ- ing Newtown Board School (applause). He thought such high commendation from an Inspector spoke volumes for Mr Tole's ability as a schoolmaster (hear, hear). He wished Mr and Mrs T<>le ma' long years of uninterrupted happiness in their new j sphere (cheers). — The Chairman then read the address, which was beautifully printed aud framed. it was as follows :—" We, the undersigned, on behalf of the parishioners of Castle Caereinion, are desirous of expressing env great regret, that you are about to sever your con- nection wjth this parish. During the tine you have res hied iu this district, the manner in which the school has been conducted, and the interest tak811 in the welfare of Lb children committed u> your care, call for our warmest, gratitude and thanks. We are also deeply indebted to you for the errdial manner in which you have always bf-er. r, (1 v to assist in matters outside your school \,+, ,1"k. We earnest ly hope you may long be spared to enjoy the promotion so well deserved, and that happin health, and prosperity may attend you in your aew sphere of work.—JOHN HOLLWAY, J.P., Chairman. E Hon Sec., DAVID GIT TINS, Hon. Trc->is." — Mr Tole, in said he did not know whet In-r to feel jolly miserable or miserably jo: (iaughier). He thanked them most cordially fur the hearty way in which they had responded to the subscriptions for the purse which he arid 1r" Tole were that evening the proud possess .rs cf. Thoy bad spent 6 pleasant years ill Castle Cae- reinion and he could assure them that they wouh be well content if the ti-ne they spent in Welsh- pool proved as happy. After all they were no- going very far awav it. was only four ruihs to Pool (hear. bear).— Two of the girl scholars, Nellie Gittins and Amy Thomas, on behalf of their felbov purdli- h)'tided to Mrs Tole a v- rv nice laino • and a similar compliment was conveyed t" :h T.], iu the shape of au Ink Stand, cue presentation being made by Thomas L Jones and Richard Gittins—i.a Toie having suitably responded, a miscellaneous Toie having suitably responded, a miscellaneous programme was proceeded with, the roligs being accompanied on the piano by Miss Evans. (The Rectory). Those taking part, were Miss Jones, Mr Sibley, the Misses G and 0 Ho' way, Miss, Evans, the Chairman, Mr Richard Eva, md Mr James Prvce, (both of Welshpool). A special word of praise is due to the latter gentleman for his capital rendering of those first class songs For .<i liuies sake," au.1 "The bneeny MHM." Mr Prvce j »as a spVadid v.v-<> a- <, if. neT^.v.-r, a g »od j amateur actor; indeed, many a professional corned- i.m Would, if it came to use teM., have to admit his superiority. We can only hope that it will not- be iong before he has a wider fie-ei in which to his talents.—A vi-rv- evening terminated with ibe singing of the National Anthem.

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