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CARDIGANSHIRE CONSERVATIVE ASSOCIATION. ANNUAL MEETING AT ABERAYRON. The annual meeting of the members of the Car- diganshire Conservative Association took place at the Assembly Rooms, Aberayron, on Tuesday. There was n. large attr:mc1ance which included, among others, Mr Charles 1.1oyd, Bristol, chairman of the Association; Mr J C Harford, FaIconda.le; Col Davies-Evans, Highmead (Lord Lieutenant, of the County), Co! Howell, Major Pryse-Lewis, Capt Evans, Rev J M Griffiths" Dr T P Beddoes, Aber- ystwyth; Rev T C Edmunds, Tretilan Messrs Hugh Hughes (solicitor), G Fossett Roberts and Councillor H. J Jones, Aberystwyth; Messrs G B Bowen, Card iga,r¡ ThomHg Jones, N ()\Vea8tle; Evan Ha,mer, Cardigan 1) Jones, Trefilan John Jones, Maeefylun John Rees, Cross; W S Davies, Car- digan; Joseph Price, D Jones, Clunmawr; D Jones, Brvri Th.os D1\'ieB, Penlan, Newcastle T!iOmas Jones, Castle Green J Richards. B Lhyd, Car- digan; J Francis, Cardigan; D P Rees-Evans, Capt T Davies, B C Jones, Jonathan Walker, John Owen, Cardigan; Evan Davies, Lampeter; Thos Jenkins, Aberayron; John Thomas, Cilrhug; E Davies, Wen- ant; S M Jones, John Jones, Gartheli S W Davies, Sam Jones, Timothy Davies, Aberayron J C Markes, David Richards, Cefnlyncoed W T Jones, Llanon Rev D W Davies, Rev D M Williams, Owen Evans, Thoma8 Joues, Mason's Row; D W Evans, Seymour Davies, — Griffiths, Alltlwyd; D Watkins, solicitor; Lewis Jones, Lianon; W Davies, College 8treet; W Doran, John Hughes, College stnwt; Jenkiu Howell, Hafod D Jones, Blaenporth D R Evans, Bowls; John Davies, Ynys House, Aber- ayron; 0 WiHianw, J Jones, College street; John Jones, Gostard; D Jones, Blink; Roderick Evans, Evan Jones, Tretelan; D P James, Aberayron; Munro Hughes, John Joue Albert street, Aber- ayron; John Un Vjt1S, London Houso; J lsaaeE<, and E H Davies, County Agent. ELECTION OF PRKSIDKNT. The Chairman ;-aid their tirst duty was to electa president. He could not help bringing before, them the loss the Association had suffered in the death of the late Lord Lisburue, who for some years had held the post of presideut. Lord Lisburne's help anù influence was very great and his perHOnal kiud- ness when he had work to do in connection with the Association was most hearty. He hoped that they would allow him at that, the first meeting of the Association since his lordship's death, to move a vote of condolence with her ladyship.—Major Prysp.Ll,wis sec()lIded.-he motion was carried.— The Chairman said that the Executive Committee had thought over the of appointing a new president, and they had much pleasure in recom- mending to them that day the election of Mr Wad- dingham, of Hafod (hear, hear). He was one of those who did a good deal of work for the party and was the largest subscriber by a long way to the Associatiou, and was always keen on work. He hoped that Mr Waddingham would remain their president fur many ye:cB.-Collucillor n J Jones (Aberystwyth) said that he had much pleasure in secouding the proposition. He had reason for believing that Mr Waddmgham would make a good president. He had been a good friend of their in- stitution at Aberystwyth (cheers).—The Chairman 1 took the precaution to find out if Mr Waduing- ham would take the post if elected, and I have great pleasure iu saying that he will (applause).— The propositi was carried unanimously. AGENT'S REPORT. The Chairman said that Mr E H Davies, their agent, reported that the Conservative gains on the register were in advance of the Liberals—(hear, (tear)—and the agent bore testimony to the great help received from district committees and secretaries. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN. Mr Charles Lloyd explained the reasons for his giving up the post of chairman of the Association, and he now had great pleasure in proposing that Mr G B Bowen, of Stradmore, should take the chair for the ensuing 12 months.—Major Pryse-Lewis seconded the proposal with pleasure, because be felt the selection was an excellent one (cheers).— The proposal was agreed to.—Mr Bowen then took I the chair. He said he felt some diffidence in accepting that office for more reasons than one. The county was very difficult to work because he lived at the extreme end, close to Cardigan. At the same time he felt that it was the duty of every- one in these days to do what work he could (hear, hear). He was almost a stranger amongst them but he hoped to remedy that (hear, hear). He could not possibly follow in the footsteps of Mr Lloyd but if they would have patience he would do his best for the Conservative cause (cheers). They had a gentleman who was distinctly worthy of their support. Mr Harford was a personal friend of his and that had influenced him a great deal in taking the post because he really thought that he would like to give a. hand to help towards his election for that county (applause). — Before proceeding with the rest of the business, Mr Harford rose to propose a vote of thanks to Mr Charles Lloyd for his past services to the party. For four years Mr Lloyd had occupied that position, and he had done a lot of work. Anyone who had anything to do with writ- ing letters in Cardiganshire, would understand the amount of work needed to be done. He was told of a person who wrote ninety letters, and received thirty answers (laughter). But that he was assured was the finest average ever known iu Cardiganshire (much laughter).—In seconding the proposal the Rev J M Griffiths said that they were all extremely sorry to lose Mr Lloyd from amongst them.— The proposal was carried.—In reply Mr Lloyd said he could assure them that the work which he had done was done with all his heart. He only hoped that the time would come when he should be informed that Mr Harford had been returned for the county (cheers). VICE-CHAIRMEN. The following were appointed vice-chairmen of the Association :-Aberayroll, Mr B C Jones; Aber- ystwyth, Councillor R J Jones; Cardigan, Mr J Powell; and Lampeter, Mr Ingiis Jones, Derry Ormond. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. The following were appointed on the Executive Committee :—Aberayron Messrs Thomas Lewis and D P Rees, Capt T Davis, Major Pryse-Lewis, Rev J M Griffiths, and D Richards. Aberystwyth: Mr Hugh Hughes, solicitor; Col Fielden, Borth; Rev M Morgan, Cape] Bangor; Ali- E Eyazis, Mr Geo Fossett Roberts, and Rev D Evans, Llanti- hangel. Cardigan Messrs T Jones, 0 Williams, John James, J Jones, W Saunders Davies, and Charles, Trecefin. Lampeter Messrs Jones, Jonathan, S E Jone", S A Davies, E Jones, and T Jenkin Jones, Pantmoch. ELECTION AGENT. Upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee the meeting approved of the appoint- ment of Mr D Watkins, solicitor, Lampeter, as election agent in place of Mr H H Davies (Aberyst- wyth) resigned, after over twenty years' service.— Mr Harford said that he could hardly help pro- posing a vote of thanks to Mr Davies as one who had worked very hard for the Conservative cause. No man had a better knowledge of registration work than had Mr Davies, and he had great plea- sure in proposing that a hearty vote of thanks be passed to Mr Davies for work done for the last twenty years (cheers).—The proposal was seconded by Mr Hugh Hughes (Aberystwyth) and carried. OTHER APPOINTMENTS. On the motion of the Rev J M Griffiths seconded by Councillor R J Jones, Mr J C Harford was nominated for election to the Council of the National Union. Mr diaries idoyd ami Mr ILr- ford were elected representatives to the Council of the National Union (South Wales Division), and Mr G B Bowen the newly elected chairman was on the proposition of Mr Lloyd, seconded by Mr G Fossett Roberts nominated for election to the Excuiive Committee of the National Union (South Wales Division). THK PRESENT CRISIS. Mr J W Nicholas of Llandilo, then addressed the meeting in Welsh, and dealt nt some length with the war in Africa, and the duties of Welshmen to the country.—Mr Harford moved a vote of thanks to Mr Nicholas, which was seconded by Mi-Charles Lioyd and carried.—Mr Nicholas in reply said that the present year would see a great demand made on political work as it was one of great consequence aud importance. In all probability before the end of the year there would be an election, at any rate if not this year it would be next year. If there was a time when supporters for the principles they embraced now was the time. The domestic policy of the country had uow to give way to the more urgent question of the supremacy of England in Africa. Whether she was to continue to hold a high position in the deliberations of nations, or whether she was to continue to protect those who sought from her protection in South Africa (cheers). The course for the Conservatives of Wales was a clear one, and that was to vote for the men who were representatives of Imperial ideas (cheers.) Per- haps before he came there again an election would be fought and he could assure them that no news would give him greater satisfaction than to hear that Mr Harford had been returned as their re- presentative (hear hear.)-Rev J M Griffiths pro- poped a, vote of confidence in the Government with the hope that they would prosecute the war which was a righteous war to the end (hear hear. Mr Bowen Williams, Cardigan, seconded, and it was carried amidst applause. On the motion of Col Davies-Evaus a hearty vote of thanks was passed to the Chairman, and the proceedings were brought to a close. --+-