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gALTER AND ROWLANDS, GENERAL PRINTERS, "COUNTY TIMES" PRINTING WORKS, WELSHPOOL. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. CHEAP WEEK-END EXCURSION TICKETS Are now issued on EVERY FRIDAY AIvD SATURDAY TO *Birmingham, *WOJ veriiarnptou, *V»V.j-alL Peterboioueh, Leicester, Derby, Burton -on T rent, *.St afford. ""Coventry, Manchester, Preston, Blackburn, Bolton, Leeds, Dewsbury, Huddersfiekl, Liver- pool, Birkenhead, W ig-an, and Warring- ton, from Oswestry, Llaiivmynech, Llanfvllin, Montgomery Welshpool, Newtown, Llanidloes, Machynlleth, Borth, Aberystwyth, Ahersiovey. Towyn, mouth, I'olgellej', Harlech. Portmadoc, Penrhvn- deudraeth, Criccieth. and Pwllheli. SIMILAR TICKETS ARE ALSO ISSUED From Aberystwyth, Borth, Aberdnvtv, To"vn Barmouth, Dolgelley, Harlech, Penrhyndeudraeth Portmadoc, Criccieth, and Pwllheli, SHREWSBURY. Tickets to hese stations are not issued from Welsl P OO i. EXTENDED AS RANGEMENTS FOR THE ISSUE OF TOURIST TICKETS FROM CAMBRIAN STATIONS TO THE VARIOUS HEALTH RESORTS IN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, AND IRELAND. ARE NOW IX OPERATION. For full particulars see Tourist Programmes, which may be had at all stations. | EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, CHEAP WEEK-END & 10 DAYS, TICKETS Will be issued from Liverpool, Manchester Stock- port, Chester, Crewe, Stafford, Shrewsbury, Brad- ford, Leeds, Oldham, Hnddersfield, Halifar, Roch- dale, Wakefield, Blackburn, Chorley, Accringrton, Burnley, Bolton, Wigan, Warrington. Preston Leicester, Derby, Burton, Stoke, Burslem, Hanlev Birkenhead, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Wed. nesbury, Walsall, Peterborough, Northampton, Hull, Sheffield, Barnslev, &c., &c., to Oswestry, Llanymynecti, LlaiJyliin, Welshpool, Montgomery, Newtown, Llanid- loes, Machynlleth, Borth, Abervstwyth, Aberdovey, Towyn, Barmouth, Dolgelley, Harlech, Portmadoc, Criccieth, £ Pwllheli. CHEAP WEEK END TICKETS (Friday and Saturday to Monday'or Tuesday) will be issued on EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Also 14 DAYS' EXCURSION TICKETS From nearly all Cambrian Inland Stations, to Machynlleth, Borth, Aberystwyth. Aber- dovey, Towyn, Barmouth, Dolgelley, Harlech, Portmadoc, Criccieth, and Pwllheli, also to Rhayader, Builth Wells, & Brecon. » ON EVERY THURSDAY and SATURDAY in JANUARY, FULL-DAY k HALF-DAY EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued to LIVER- POOL (Lime Street, Edge Hili, Spellow, or Walton), via Whitchurch and Crewe, and to SEACOMBE, via Ellesmere, Wrexham, and HawaHei: Bridge; and to MANCHESTER (Lon- don Road), as under :—From Oswestry, ull day at 8 40 a.m. and half-day at 11 50a.m. and 1 55 p.m. (via W hitcharcli ana Crewe); from Ellesmere at 9 0 for fml day, and 12 5 and 2 15 p.m. for half-day; to Seaeombe only (via Wresham) 9 5 a.m. for full day, and 12 10 p.m. for half-day. Third-cisss fares for full day To Seacombe and Liverpool, 3s 6d To Manchester, 4s. Half-day To Sea combe, Liverpool and Manchester, 2s 6d. Passengers return the same day from Liverpool (Lime Street) at 6 50 p.m., or 11 55 p.m., Edge Hill at 12 0 midnight, Seaeombe 7 5 p.m.; and from Manchester (London Road) at 7 0 p.m., or 12 0 midnight. RAMS Are now conveyed between Stations on the Cambrian Railways, at a charge as for Two Dogs, with a MINIMUM OF TWO SHILLINGS EACH RAM EVERY THURSDAY AND SATURDAY IN JANUARY, 1900, CHEAP EXCURSIONS WILL BE RUN TO LIVERPOOL AND MANCHESTER From Llanidloes 6 40 a.m., Newtown 7 12. Mont- gomery 7 28, Welshpool 7 50, Llanymvneeh 8 15, Llanfyllin 7 35, Oswestry 8 40. Ellesmere 9 0, and Fenn's Bank 9 21. For times of trains at intermediate stations a handbills. ON EVERY THURSDAY and SATURDAY in JANUARY and until further notice. Cheap Day and Half-Day EXCURSION TICKETS wil be issued to SEACOMBE, and HA WARDEN (for Harwarden Castle), from Oswestry. Ellesmere, Overton-on-Dee, Bangor-on-Dee. and Marchwiel. For full particulars of train times and fares, see handbills. THE Special Attention of the Public is drawn to the FURTHER REDUCE u RATES fo tiie conveyance of FRESH MEAT, Including Welsh Mutton; also for outver, Cheese, Fish, Fruit, &c., Station to Station at Owners Risk. Also to the Reduced Scale of Rates for Parcels by Passenger Train. For full -particulars appiy at the Stations. MINIMUM CHARGE, SIXPENCE. SECOND CLASS TICKETS are now issued be weeu Cambrian Stations and stations on the London and North Western and Great Western and other Companies' Lines. Th JS" Fares are based on a very small addition ro the Third Class fares. GREATLY EXTENT- E T) A R B A N G E Ivl E N T S FCK TRF ISSUE OF WEEK END TICKETS (Friday or Saturday to Monday or Ice-Jay), to CAMBRIAN COAST STATIONS AND V.LLS FROM STATIONS IN ENGLAND, Are now being put into operation They include Bookings from Batli, Bristol, Can • bridge, Darlington, Durham, Gloucester, Lin coin Cheltenham, Harrogate, Middlesborougii, New castle-on-Tyne, Noihingham, Norwich Scarborough Sunderland, T) uemou:;h, Worcester, &c- PIC-NIC PLfASUIiR PARTIES' Tickets, at reuuoeo. fares, are issui.. ywith certain limitations) at all Cumbrian Stations to Part-s ■ not less Six Firsv-ciass or • hird-dase passengers desirous of Pleasure Excursions to places on or adjacent to this railvv;.y. Single fares for doubie iourney wiil be charged for parties of 30 Firsi-class or ,5.J iinra-class pas- sengers. To obtain tliese tickets application must be made to Mr. W. H., huperintenarnj. of tv>e Lire Oswestry; or at any of the Stations ma less than three days before the date of the -Exc, Further information regarding Traiiu and Tourist Arrangements on the Oan-orian Rail, ways can be obtained or. application Cir W E. Gough, bupenluendent. of the Line, wesnry. 0 S. S. DENNISS, Oswestry, Oct., 1899 „ i rJ v7eucrai iuauager of every descriotuvc executsd with d'spatcr at the COCYTY TIMES OfEce, Welsh. of every descriotuvc executsd svifch d'spatcr at the COUXTY TIMES OfEce, Welsh- P°°L r irsi -class Commercial Work a speciality j Estimates given.