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THE LATE REV. J. E. HILL. A QUIET FUNERAL. Yesterday week, amidst universal expressions of regret, the remains of the Rev John Edward Hill, Vicar of Motitford and Rector of Shrawardine, were laid to rest in a peaceful corner of St Mary's Churchyard, Welshpool. In harmony with the life of the deceased clergyman, and in accordance with the wishes of the relatives, the funeral was conducted as quietly as possible. Amidst muffled peals from the old church bells the coffin was carried fin a b;er from Park Lane to the church, in which a large congregation had assembled. The service, which was throughout impressive, was conducted by the Vicar, the Rev D G Davis, assisted by the Rev Edward Taylor and the Rev E Cnstance, curates in charge of Montford and Shrawardine. The coffin which was surmounted by a iarge white cross and wreaths, was deposited in the chancel. The ehuïch was brilliantly ligh ted and the altar was decorated with choice white flowers. Brief life is our liortiorl was sung by the choir, and as the procession left the church the Dead March was piaved on Lile organ by Mr T Maidwyn Price. Amongst the congregation were Canon Wynne Jones, Revs J A Nares, R W Roberts, Parry Morgan, J Sawer, E W Brown, F H Hawkins, D Jenkins, M T Davies, and D E James. The memoers of the general public present included Mr J Bowen Jones, Captain Westby, Messrs WRogers, A Smith, T Simpson Jones, Matthew Powell, Robert Oweu, W Farmer, J Lane, II Powell, Edward Johns, S Copnall, and F Roper. At the grave side the solemn service for the dead was read hv- the Rev E Custance. Now the labourer's task is 11 and "Oh sweet and blessed cuiiritry having been sung by the choir, the Yicar pronounced the Blessing, and the mourners and sympathisers slowly dis- persed. The coffin, supplied by Mr Lewis, New street, was of polished oak with a carved Latin cross on the lid, and was adorned with beautiful A brass plate l-ore the following inscrip- tion :—"John Edward Hill, priest, died January 23, 1900. Bequiescat in pace." The relatives pre- sent were the widow, Sister Ellen (daughter), Dr and Mrs Hawkswortn (son in-law and daughter), Mrs Peppe (daughter) and her children Evadueand Tosco, Dr Cawthorne, Mr and Mrs Noel Turner, and Mr Raymond Godfrey. Wreaths were sent by His children," His grandchildren," Mr and Mrs Noel Turner, Mrs Naylor, With love and sym- pathy flom Lady Stuart aud Miss Stuart, South- lands, Exmouth," With great sympathy and kind remembrance from the Rev Grirnaldi and Mrs David," With Captain and Mrs Westby's sincere sympathy," With kinu sympilthy from Captain and Mrs Mytton," "From Captain and Mrs 11 M Graham with every sympathy," In memoriam, Miss B A Mytton," In grateful and affectionate remembrance from Mrs John Bridgemau," With deep sympathy from the Rev E Tavior and the Rev C E S ami Mrs Cnstance," the Hon Mrs T 11 0 Bridgemaa (Torquay), "A mark of affection and respect and ill remembrance of a life-long friend- ship from ad at Khiewport," "From Mr and Mrs W F Addie in affectionate remembrauce," W-ith kind sympathy from the Rev It J and IIIrr; Roberts, With Mrs Wilton's, of Torquay, loving sympathy," From Mrs Vaughau (Severn street) in remem- brance and deep regard," With loving sympattlY from Mrs Lewis R Price and Miss Price, Nordau Hall, Leominster," Mrs W J Twyfora, Bronwylfa, In kiud remembrance of long friendship, from Mrs Curling, Brooklands Hall," Rev Mollesly and Airs Lewis (Malvern), Rev F W and Mrs Parker (Cheltenham), With sincere sympathy from the servants at Park Lane," With loving sympathy aud condolence from Wiiliams and Watts, gar- deners," and "In affectionate remembrance of our old vicar, from Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Roper, Miss Humphreys the Misses Newell, Alizis M N Owen, Mr Raymond and Mr Arthur Godfrey, Mrs Willis, Miss Corrie, Miss Giovannetti, Mrs Twentyman (Castlecroft), Mrs and Miss Salter.—The funeral arrangements were ably supervised by Mr W Morris, Broad street.






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