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ELfjESMERE. LITERARY SOCIETY.-The weekly meeting was held in the Town Hall on Wednesday, Mr Jobb, The Lyth, in the chair, when there was a large ittendanoe to hear papars on Holland by Miss Jebb, Lee Hall, and Miss Jebb, The Lyth. They gave a full description of their travels in that country, describing the habits aid customs of the Dutch. Miss Jebb described them as exceptionally industrious, clean and contented. The average wages of tho Dutch labourer Wore Is 8d a day. The lecture was illustrated by lantern views of scenes in Holland of the Dutch people, farms, and stock, by Mr W B ignall. At the close a vote of thanks was given to the Misses Jebb. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—TUESDAY. Present: Mr Brownlow, R C Tower (chairman) presiding, the Revs W C E Kynaston, H Mcodv and S T Wilson Barker, Messrs J 1) Owen, H D Chaoman, John Hood, A J P Child, J Woodville, with Mr R E Lloyd. STATISTICS. Ontrelief administered in Hanmer district per Mr W Williams in the first week of the fortnight £ 4 Is 9d to 32 recipients; against L2 10s 6d to 25; second week £2 19s 6d to 31 against £ 2 10s 6d to 25. Ellesitieve district per Mr W H Rutter, first week £ 9 15s to 107 recipients, agai'ist £ 10 8s IQd to 113; second week X-6 18a 63 to 106 recipients; against e9 9s 6d to 113. Number in the house, first week, 67, against 67 in the corresponding week of last year; second week 69, against 66. Tramps relieved 1C6, against 129, being a. decrease of 22. REMEMBERING THE INMATES. The Master (Mr J Davies) reported that on the 25th, through the kindness of Mrs Brownlow Tower, the inmates were supplied with a substantia' meat tea, and cake, jam, and other good things, in the dining hall, and the sick and infirm in the wards. After tea Mr and Mrs Tower and family and friends delighted the inmates with songs, recitations, and readings, and distributed packets of tobacco to the men, tea and sugar to the women, and oranges, nuts, &c., to the children. Before leaving Mr Tower addressed them, and hearty oheerc were given for the Earl and Countess Brownlow, Mr and Mrs Tower, and family. An enjoyable time was spent, the generosity being much appreciated.—A vote of thanks was accorded to the donors. MISCELLANEOUS. Dr Roe, on the proposition of Mr Hood, was re- appointed medical officer for Welshainpton district. —A communication was received from the Local Government Board accepting the resignation of Sir Wyndham Hanmer for the reasons assigned by him.—The Chairman said he bad received a circular from Miss Frances Power Cobbe iu favour of the abolition of vivi-section and agitating against in- oculatiou.-No action was taken.