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LLANFYLLIN. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—THURSDAY. Present: Mr Wm Roberts (chairman), Captain D H Mytton, Messrs David Evans (vice-chairman), John Jones, \Vm Jones, J Lloyd Jones, R H Jones, G Kempster, John Edwards, J Payne Owen, David Jones (Llanwddyn), David Jones (Guilsfield), Thomas Roberts, John Rees, Wm Moreton, Ellis Williams, II II Charles, J W Lloyd, E Humphreys, E Edwards, it Richards, Edward Davies, Charles Jones, Wm Yangban, John Asriford, W A Jehu, and Thomas Jones; with Mr W A Pughe (clerk). MASTER'S REPORT. The Master (Mr T Aubrey Jones) reported that the number of inmates in the House during the past week was 65, as compared with 71 for the corresponding- week of last year. Tho number of vagrants relieved during the week was 14 men. • He regretted that he had omitted from his report- last Board that Mrs Lee, Llanfyllin, had sent some sweets f ir the inmates at Christmas. He reported that the bakehouse wanted repairing. He also re- ported that the burial ground wall was in a bad state. This was referred to the Visiting Com- mittee with power to get the work done. HE BOLTED. The Master also reported that a tramp, who was not able to break stones, bolted while tho norter was fetching some oakum for him to pick. He was caught by the porter and brought back, and was afterwards brought before the magistrates and sentenced to 14 days hard labour. A WRONG IMPRESSION. When the case of relief to David Evans, River Watcher, Lianrhaiadr came np for ¡u!ariug-, mr J Lloyd Jones said therfi was an impression abroad at Llaurhaiadr and possibly amongst some of the Guardians also, that tl11' man was receiving relief at Llanrhaiadr and also at Guilsfield. This was not so. He was relieved in kind at Guilsfield for a short time, his wife and family were receiving 381 at Llanrhaiadr, when he got better he was removed to Llanrhaiadr and they were relieved at Llan- rhaiadr only. Mr Charles Jones said this man bad been a River "Watcher and there ehoaid be a fund for such a case so that it should not come on tho ratepayer. ELECTION' OR RELIEVING OFFICII. Mr George Ksmpster Raid that before they pro- ceeded to the election of relieving officer bo should like to know whether it was the principle ot the Board that old people who had struggled to exist witfeout falling on the rates should in their old age be refused medical relief. He knew of an old lady, 83 years of age, who had been refused medical relief, although she had never t"oublpd the rate- payers. She had done all she could to save the ratepayers' pockets. It was observed that the case had never been before tho Board and the Clerk stated that if she only made application there was no doubt that medical relief would readily be granted.—A letter was read from Mr J W Davies, acting relieving officer, stating that he had re- ceived aa offer from his late employers, Messrs Peter Robinson & Co, London, offering him a post more remunerative than the relieving officership, and that he had accepted it. He wished to thank the Board for their sympathy with them in his bereavement, through the death of his father.—The Clerk having read the advertisement invitinir ap- plications for the office of relieving officer, the Board proceeded to the election. There were 25 applications received. The candidates were balloted for until only two were left in, viz, Robt Watkins, Penybryn, Llansautffraid, and Dd Davies, Bridge street, Llanfyllin. In the final ballot Watkins re- ceived 15 and Davios 12 votes. The Board after- wards voted openly in favour of Watkins, who was declared elected unanimously. TOBACCO. TheM v'ical Officer's recommendation that an ounce of tobacco per week be allowed to Thomas Williams, r.n inmate, was agreed to, .RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL.—THURSDAY. Mr John Jones, presiding.—-On the motion of Mr George Kempster, seconded by Mr John Rees, it was decided that the Surveyor (Mr Storey) ascer- tain the miiage of the roads in his district. Mr Kempster also asked that the cost spent in each parish on the roads b3 supplied to tho next Board. The Clerk of the Llansantffraid (Pool) Parish Council wrote drawing attention to the footpath leading from Liansantffraid to Waenfach which required repairing.—Referred to tha Surveyor.—A letter from Llangyniew was road drawing attention to an injurious watercourse oposite Llangyniew School. The Surveyor said this waterconrse, which was undermining the wall, did not belong to the District Council. It was decided to reply that it was not the duty of the District Council to attend to it. Llangadfan Parish Council wrote asking the Council to repair the road leading from Wern-y- Bwlch by Lluast. The Surveyor said the Council had never repaired further than Wern-y-B wlcli, it was decided to reply that the Council was not responsible for repairing any further than was done at present. Llanrhaiadr Parish Council wrote drawing attention to the footbridge near the Waterfall, Llanrhaiadr, at Pantycommins. It appeared the Llar.silin District Council had been considering the same matter at their last meeting, and tbey were of opinion that it was the dnty of the Parish Council to attend to it, as it was not for the general use of the public. It was decided that a reply be sent to the same effect from this Coun- cil.— Meifod Parish Council wrote in reference to a cart bridge reql1;rcd at Bwlchycibau, and he Sur- veyor was instructed to meet Mr Wm Roberts, Ystymcolwyn, and one or iwo others, at the place. — Mr Wm Roberts proposed, providing the cart- ing were done free, that the lower part of the read at Brynmawr turning be widened. This was seconded by Mr Thos Roberts, and agreed to.—The Surveyor reported having inspected the spot where the Meifod Parish Council required a new foot- bridge on the footpath leading from Forge Farm towards Coedcowrhyd. In his opinion the bridge should be erected by the Parish Council, as there appeared to be very little travelling that way. It was decided to refer it to the Parish Counci1.-The necessary length of pipes had been laid at Bw!chy- cibau, the carting having been done free of charge hy Mr Wm Roberts, Ystymcolwyn. Llanerfyl—Since the last Board the >urveyor stated that he had noticed another stone bridge at Deosg which had been damaged by someone. Both bridges were in the parish of Llanerfyl, and should the Council agree to havo this one repaired they could both be done at the same time, this one and Por.trhydyrefel.—It was agreed to havo them repaired.—The Abernaint culvert at Llanrhaiadr had been completed at a cost of JE3 10s. He wished to inform tL, Council tb¡¡,i, there i:3 it slang nf land ou one side of the district road at Pennant leading from Liangynog to Rhydyfolin opposite Tynycood on which are 14 aider trees which had been marked for felling, and whicti he considered belonged to tho District Council.—It was decided that inquiries be made as to by whose authority they had been marked.—The expenditure for the past. month was —Manual 12s lid team labour, 15s materials, £10 00 od total, ac-lrl H, ";L