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5 YEOMANRY AND VOLUNTEER NOTES. The failure of the Transport Department to supply the necessary transports is having anything but a pleasant effect upon the Yeomanry. The troopers are now thoroughly fit, they are well officered, and no troop could have made greater progress in the time than the Montgomeryshire. They are in every way efficient, are well equipped, and by the time they would arrive at the Cape they would be fit for a great deal of work. The men are anxious to go to the front, and almost fear that news of success in South Africa would prevent their embarkation. They are thoroughly impatient to be off. It is unfortunate too that there is not available barracks accommodation, or they might be removed to barracks with the chance of better training conditions than in Welshpool. It can easily be understood that the delay is the source of an additional expense to the regiment, and we have no doubt that the labours of Capt Dugdale would be less harassing if he should receive a few cheques of a substantial order during the coming week. The sum originally asked for was £2,500, and the contributions still fall short by X400 of that sum. As the expenses are higher than was anticipated, probably C2,500 will hardly be sufficient. The amount received during the wefek has been less than £ 100. The following sums have been given since the commencement of the month :—Mr W Rogers, Trelydan, £ 2 Rev R M White, R5; Mr Howell, JE5; Mr Tiios Watkin, X2 2s; Major D W Evans, £ 5; Mr J M Bulkeley Owen, 95; Sir J G Frost, £ 20; Mr Thos Evans. Maesgwyn, £ 1 Is; Mr C Lloyd Jones, XIO; Mrs D Howell, £ 10 10s; Mr John Evans, 28 6d Mr A Chamberlain, £10 10s Mr Evan Jones, Cl Is; Mr D Jones, 5s; Mr E V Jones, 5s; Mr D Lloyd, £ 1 Is; Mr J C Rowlands, £ 1 Is; Mr W H Lewis, S2 2s Mr G G Fisher, £ 1 Is; Mr John Williams, £ 2 Mr W Openshaw, £ 25 Major General II S Gough, JE5; Mr J Danily, zC2 2s; Mr D Edwards, X2 2s; Mr A G Mounftord and sister £3 3s; Mr R R Hughes, X2 2s; Mr E Hughes, Machynlletb, Ll Is; Mr Evan Powell, JElO; Mr R Lewis, z63. The transport difficulty has brought about a change in the arrangements. On Monday the Welshpool section will march to Wynnstay, while the Newtown men will come to Welshpool and stay the night, going to Wynnstay on the following morning. Sir Watkin has made arrangements to house the whole of the 232 men and 126 horses, and the life they will lead at Wynnstay will be a fitting preparation for active service. One of the good results from this transference will be that the Welshpool and Newtown men will be together and drill together. The expense attending this change will have to be borne by the regiment. As Welsh- pool will probably see no more of the men, we hope that their departure will be acoompanied by re- freshing scenes and patriotic wishes. On Thursday afternoon Sergt-Major Tupper quitted the Yeomanry. He informed some Press- men whom he met on the railway station that he had been ordered back to his regiment and would leave Southampton for South Africa to-day. We wish him well in South Africa-if he goes. *#* Major Beck of Frongoch Hall, Llanllugan, is stationed at Tipperary with the Cheshire Militia, who expect to be called to the front. Mrs Williams-Wynn of Coed-y-maen has col- lected in the county, with some assistance from outside, zElOO for the equipment of two bed in the Imperial Yeomanry Hospital, to be called the "Montgomeryshire" bed and the "Welsh Bat- talion bed. The committee of the hospital have agreed to establish the beds under these titles. # # Privates W E Griffiths, R Morris. T Garuett and J E Jones, of th* 5th Y.B.S.W.B., who are sailing from Southampton on Wednesday for South Africa, have been made the recipients of handsome kharki coloured tobacco pouches with a silver plate attached with the words South Africa, 1900," their initials, and the initials of the distinctive departments in which they were engaged at the Royal Welsh Warehouse. These have been sub- scribed for by the employes in the departments, and were accompanied by a box of tobacco for each man, also suitably inscribed. These gifts are in addition to the silver flasks subscribed for by the whole of the employes. # We hear that Captain Lewis-Lloyd, the genial and popular officer of the the 1st Herefordshire R.V.C. (K Company) is now in London endeavour- ing to get an appointment to enable him to proceed to the front. Captain Lloyd is well known at Llanidloes as a dashing voung officer, and he feels confident of being successful. The Oswestry Volunteers who have volunteered for service in South Africa will be entertained by the Mayor (Mr R H Mason) at a public dinner at the Queen's hotel, on Tuesday evening at 6-30. The men will be permitted to appear in khaki. Early application for tickets is requested.