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Town Council Committees.


Town Council Committees. GENERAL PURPOSES. COMMITTEE. The ordinary meeting of the General Purposes Committee of the Tow-n. Council took place at the -offices of the Corporation on Thursday, when there were present Alderman, Palmer. Councillors E. P. Wynne (chairman), C, M. IVilliams, R. J. Jones, and J. Hopkins, with Inspector Morgan,—Applications for bathing machine licenses were read and granted.-A letter was read from a journalist offer- ing to come down to Aberystwyth and write an article on it, which would be produced in forty-five papers. He would charge nothing for the writing of the article, but asked half a guinea for each paper it was inserted in.—It was understood that the offer was declined with thanks. With refer- ence to the granting of donkey drivers, licences Mr. C. M. Williams said tbiugs did not go smoothly last year. There was considerable friction between them, as he saw himself. Alderman Palmer thought they should make a charge for donkeys.— Mr. Witliams: The Corporation would make a con- siderable sum if we made a charge for all the donkeys in the town (laughter).—Inspector Morgan in answer to a question said things went on a fairly evenly manner last year* there was a squall now and then among the women;—Alderman Palmer said that was because they .all stood together. Why should they not stand in different places.—It was agreed that the Inspector should endeavour to carry this suggestion oat.—Mr. R. J. Jones: It won't be a very pleasanttask,-Inspector Morgan: I shall do my best.; I ..shall manage them, I am sure.-The donkey women were called in. One wanted permission to have six on the beach, and two others five each.It,was agreed that they be allowed five each.—One of the women said they would try to work pleasantly together; but women, as. the Council knew, must be allowed a little of their own way in talking and chatting (laughter). The application of Inspector Morgan for uniform coat and trousers, in addition to a cap, was con- sidered, and it was agreed to recommend to the Oouncil that a suit and .a cap should be purchased, the price to be R2 17s. 6d., this being the lowest tender. One of the tenders which had been sent in was addressed" dear,gentlemen.The question of the proposed band stand was then discussed. Mr. Jack Edwards had left a small sketch which he suggested would be suitable. The committee dis- cussed details, and Mr. C. M. Williams proposed that the committee recommend the Council to in- .struct the surveyor to get a stand made, the cost not to exceed £ 50.—Mr. R. J. Jones seconded.— This however was modified, the surveyor being instructed to draw out .a,plan and get information from manufacturers of band stands, and submit to the next Council. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE. Alderman Peter-Jones (chairman) presided at a meeting of the Public Works Committee of the Aberystwyth Town Council on Monday, those also present being Alderman T. Doughton, Councillors D,:C. Roberts, (mayor), J. Jenkins (ex-mayor), E. H. James, R. Peake, J.iHopkins and R. Doughton, -with the Borough Surveyor, Mr. Rees Jones. One of the bills, which caused some little amusement was 2s. for sweeping the Town Hall chimney. Archdeacon Protiiero wrote saying that a vestry meeting had assented .to the proposed straighten- ing of the line of road leading to St. Michael's Place, but asking for a plan, which could be sent to the Chancellor of the Diocese.—It was agreed that the Borough Surveyor should prepare and send the plan.—Plans and details of same were dis- oussed.—The estimate for the forthcoming half- j jear was put in, and amounted to £ 962 lis 0d, about the same as the corresponding six months last year. The estimate.was passed. PUBLIC LIGHTS COMMITTEE. A meeting of the Public Lights Committee was held at the CorporationvOfiices ,on Monday, when Councillor Peake presided, and there were also; present Alderman Peter-Janes, and Councillors D. O. -Roberts, John Jenkins, aad I. Hopkins, with the borough surveyor, Mr. tRees ,Jones.-The cost of lighting for the quarter .was £ 67 lis. 10d., against £ 72 .14s. 8d. during the previous quarter.—A quotation was read for traneparcncies of the names of streets to place on -the street .lamps, the cost! being Is. 9d. per dozen. On the proposition of Mr. D, C. Roberts, it wa43 jag-reedr- to purchase a number of these labels.—A letter was read from Laurel Place saying that a lamp had been placed -there, and asking that the Council should provide it with gas. It was agreed to accede to the re- .<juest.—The estimate far theienstung hfelf-year was examiaed. and passed. HARBOUR COMMITTEE. .At the meeting of the Haxbowr, Committee on -Monday,, Councillor Robert Doughton presided, those also present being Alderman T. Doughton .and Peter Jones, and ConneaHlors 3D. C. Roberts (Mayor), J. Jenkins (Deputy Mayor), E. S. James, K..Peake, I. Hopkins, with Captain .Thomas, ViarWinr waster, and Mr. iiees Jo&ss, borough .surveyor. The harbour master repeated that a vessel came into the harbour on Friday with « -carero of explosives and did not report, this to him. He did the same eighteen moaaths ago, when be -was at Aberystwyth before. He (the harbour :master) thoueU there was great danger in this being allowed, as explosives needed very careful "handling, and he was unable to give attention to -this.if notice, w ere not given him. The boatmen •who landed the cargo should have given him notice rtoo, but. they also neglected.—Mr. Hopkins Where •was tbeslnspecta? ?—The Harbour .MasterThat's -nothing' to do with me; someone went and fetched gliw--Mr. T. Are they supposed to give you notice before they can land.—The Harbour .Master produced a copy of the bye-laws from which appeared that the master of any boat, or ship must inform tie harbour master without delay as to the nature and quantity of the opiosives^on board his ship or boat,.and that such ship or boat shoini not top in the harbour longgr than .was reasonably necessary..Also that such, ship or iboat. should proceed to such berth as ti.e.b-t.-bour master directed, and should:not move t,henoetill the cargo was discharged. Mr. T. Doughton said he tljciight they ought to be very careful. It a and convenience to the shipowners tha,; they were allowed to discharge in the bay without going into the harbour. They preferred being ovftside.and paying haflheur dues,. etc., to saye delsy. 'He took it, however, that while j in the btw they,v:er. asmch under the control of -the haxbtmr master asihhev were in the harbour. -Capt. ':Il'r.t.omas said they did not pay any rtojinage dues if they discharge in the bay—-Mr. 'T. Doughton-said they ought £ o be compelled do pay; harbour dues, ever" if th<jy( did not make any use; of the It was for their own convenience: -that they unloaded in the t^y.—Mr. Peter Jones; suggested that the l^own Clerk should be asked to look the ma&ter up.aed. repott to the Council. Jt. was rather am important quettioi i, and it might .be at the tOWll was dosing a source of revenue."— 3lr. J. HopkisMJ asked if the Coun cil did not think it was very dangerous to load ?■ ca rgo of explosives in boats.—Capit Thomas said one of the boats with explosives is sank on the bar all navigation would be sapped, for if a vessel came into contact with it a&grwards .she would inevi-t- ably be blown up.-Itu-as agreej that the Town I 4CIerk should be asked look the matter up; .à1so I that he should write to the shipowners and ask then? to give notice wixeri.any ca^go of explosives | wes shipped for Aberyslspyth.—-It was' agreed to purchase a lamp for the stone peer, '300 candle j power, at a cost of £ 8 A deputation fromtihej hobblers" of the harbo.ur waited on the Coia-. mittee and complained fch&fc some <« £ their legiti-' mate earnings had not ibeen given the an.—The; Harbour Master said he wa^dd look'isto th 3 matter,. and if he bad made a mistake wouldmctif) T it.-It was agreed that the Chairn-tan of the Committee should accompany the Harbour Masteran his search for knowledge.



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