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ABERYSTWYTH. YSTWYTH Lopcr; OF (OOD TEMPLARS.—The usual weekly meeting was held at the Progress Hall, Mill-street, last Friday evening. The follow- ing members took part:—Miss Nesta Hughes, Miss Maggie Evans, Miss Mary Evans. Miss L. M. Jones, ajid Miss Pierce, and Air. David Davies. Four new members were enrolled. ARCHITECTURE.—The first chapel built under the auspices of the Baptist Forward Movement was formally opened at Corris last week. The plans were drawn by Mr. J. Lewis Evans, and the style and neat appearance of the new edifice has given entire satisfaction. MR. TOM KILYINOTON has secured an appoint- ment under the Manchester and Milford Company to take charge of their Goods Department in the town. The company, in conjunction with the Great Western, have recently inaugurated an ex- -ceptionallv quick service for conveying goods to and from all parts of England, vans running through daily to such important centres as Bristol, Birmingham, London, and Manchester. TRIP TO NEWCASTLE-EMLY. The Welsh Baptist and Independent Sunday Schools will make their annual outing to Newcastle-Emlyn on Wednesday, the 14th June, and not to Builth as announced in other papers. They will be joined by the Sunday Schools at Gozen, Moriah, and Gors. Excursionists who have visited- Newcastle- Emlyn, and the neighbouring picturesque hamlet of Cenarth, speak highly of the delightful scenery in that district, and pronounce it to be the most -charming within easy distance of Aberystwyth. COUNTY SCHOOL,—Miss Edith M. Spencer, B.A. (Lond.) has accepted a temporary appointment as ..assistant teacher at this school. Miss Spencer received her education at Wimbledom High School, one of the schools belonging to the Girls' Public Day School Company. From school she passed the London Matriculation examination. She also obtained the Higher Certificates of the Oxford and Cambridge Board. Miss Spencer entered Aber- ystwyth College in 1894, and was here till 1896. During that time she passed London University Intermediate and Final Arts' Examination. From January, 1897, till last Easter she held the post of first assistant mistress in the Girls' County School, Brecon. Miss Spencer began work at our local school last week. THE RECREATION GROUND.—The adjourned meeting of the delegates from the cricket, football, and cycling clubs of the town was held on Wednes- -day in last week at the Lion Hotel, Mr. T. H. Edwards occutmnsr the chair. It was announced that each of the three clubs had consented to subscribe Z5 towards the fund for preliminary expenses. After discussion it was agreed that Mr. Swindley, an expert on recreation grounds, should "be engaged to visit the flats and prepare plans, also to report to the committee. The delegates decided to ask Mr. Rees Jones, the borough surveyor, to visit the flats with Mr. Swindley, and that Messrs. T. H. Edwards, J. C. Rea, and Gaer Jones represent the respective clubs. STAR-BOWKETT SOCIETY.—The eighth annual meeting of the Aberystwyth branch of this Society was held at their Offices, in Queen's-square, on Saturday night, under the chairmanship of Mr. D. C. Roberts (mayor). The report of the Board of Directors, which was submitted and approved of, showed that the money received from subscriptions alone amounted to P,357 5s. 6d., averaging over £7 per week, whilst those from repayment of advances reached P-204, making a total of iE591 8s. 7d. In the profit and loss account there was a balance in hand of £41 6s., which was considersd very satisfactory. Three appropriations of £ 200 each have been made during the year. The sum of 12,900 has thus been advanced to the members free of interest since the formation of the Society in 1891, which is ample jproof that the concern is in a flourishing condition and doing well, Messrs. D. C. Roberts and C. M. Williams were re-elected directors for the ensuing two years, together with Messrs. W. H. Palmer and Geo. Wilkinson. The auditors elected were Messrs. T. D. Jenkins and D. C. Evans, Union-street. An appropriation meeting was subsequently held, when Messrs. John Lloyd and W. H. Morgan were appointed scrutineers. The ballot resulted in favour of Mr. John Davies, Penparke, who became entitled to an advance of £200, free of interest, to be repaid at the rate of 8 per cent. during the next 12! years. The auditors drew special attention to the systematic and accurate manner in which the accounts were kept, and that they had inspected the securities at the bank. ABERYSTWYTH HABITATION OF THE PRIMROSE LEAGUE.—The members of the above held a suc- cessful and well attended soiree in the Old Assembly Rooms on Thursday. Mr. J. C. Harford, of Falcondale, presided, and, in the course of his address, referred to the work being done by the Government. Lord Salisbury had carried out in a wonderful manner the motto of Lord Beaconsfield, Peace with honour." His first achievement was the case of Venezuela when this country nearly came to war with America over a trifling matter. That was averted by Lord Salisbury's tact in getting the Americans to agree to arbitration. The next thing was his great achievement in Egypt. War was averted and the French were confined to a certain region which had never belonged to England, and which his country lost nothing by handing over, whilst not an atom of Egyptian territory was lost (hear, hear). Another matter was that of the Niger convention which was also satisfactorily settled by Lord Salisbury. Another agreement brought about was the fresh agreement with Russia. England did not want to interfere with the progress of Russia in Manchuria so long tis she did not prevent us taking our trade into that country; but on the other hand England did not want her to interfere with our interests in the Yangtse-Kiang valley. Whilst Lord Salisbury had accomplished this without perpetually badgering Russia, England had agreed not to go north of the great wall of China. But England did not want to go so far north so that nothing was los, and they hoped that Russia would not want to intrude south. This convention would allow England to open up that fertile district. Mr. H. J. Pettefer, of Birmingham, also addressed the meeting. Dur- ing the evening a very excellent programme of songs, &c., arranged by Mr. Long and Miss Wellings was rendered. Miss Wellings undertook e duties of accompanist. The programme in- cluded the following :—Song, When twilight comes," Miss Payne song, Hybrias, the Cretan," Mr. Ollett, U.C.W.; comic song, The beautiful sea," Mr. B. Scholes, U.C.W. (encored); song, "She wandered down the mountain side," Miss Payne (encored) reading, Mr. Daniel; song, Love lies bleeding," Mr. W. M. James; sextett, Mr, Nightin- gale and party; song, Thy sentinel am I," Mr. Ollett; comic song, We all live along with father," Mr. J. E. Hughes. The singing of God save the Queen" and the passing of the usual votes of thanks concluded a very pleasant evening, PROPOSED WELSH EXHIBITION AT ABERYS- TWYTH.—A meeting of a joint committee repre. sentative of the Town Council and the College Authorities was held on Tuesday, to consider the matter of the Welsh Industries Exhibition to be held in Aberystwyth in the autumn. Those present were the Mayor (Councillor D. C. Roberts), Coun- cillors E. P. Wynne, and C. W. Williams; Mrs. Jessie Williams, Professor Ainsworth Davies, Mr. J. D. Perrott, Mr. T. Mortimer Greer, Mr. H. C. Fryer, Mr. Edward Powell (Nanteos), with Mr. A. J. Hughes (town clerk). The Mayor, having been voted to the chair, explained the reason of the meeting, and the Town Clerk read a letter from Mrs. Gwynne-Hughes, of Tregib, Llandilo, con- taining intormation as to the exhibition held at Carmarthen last year. Mrs. Hughes wrote that the exhibition proved a real benefit for the weavers and other workers, who had found increased orders for their work as a result. Mrs. Harford of Falcondale, also wrote suggesting that a town committee should be appointed to settle all details. It was agreed, on the proposition of Mr. Hi C. Fryer, that the present joint committee be appointed as the town committee, with power to add to their number. It was seconded by Coun- cillor E. P. Wynne. The Mayor was appointed chairman of the committee. Mr. Edward Powell and Mrs. Powell (Nanteos), Mrs. Morgan, of Nantcerio, Mrs. Principal Roberts, Mr. David Owen, Mr. Colquhoun, Mr. Hoskins, Miss Roberts, Mr. T. W. Powell, and Mr. A. J. Hughes (town clerk) were added to the committee as a commencement. The question of the appointment of a secretary was discussed, but was finally deferred. FINANCE COMMITTEE.—At the ordinary meeting on Tuesday, Councillor C. M. Williams (chairman) presided, and those also present were Alderman Peter Jones, Councillors J. Jenkins (ex-mayor), R. J. Jones. I.-ilopkinF, E. P. Wrtine with the borough snrveyor, Mr. Rees Jones.—The accounts were gone through and passed.—It was reported that the fines, fees, etc., Diid into the bank on account of police proceedings during the quarter were Zg 17s. 9d; there being thus a deficiency of E15 3s. on the magistrates clerk's quarterly salary of £25- In the previous quarter only R8 odd was received. It was agreed to again subscribe Zi Is. to the Footpaths Preservation Society,—The Committee went on to deal with leases and agreements. The application of Mr. A. J. Hughes (town clerk) for an increase of salary was referred to a sub-committee consisting of Mr. C. M. Williams, Mr. Peter Jones and Mr. R. J. Jones, with the Mayor (cx-ofiicio_), to consider and report to the Finance Cornmittec, It was agreed to invite tenders for printing the Corporation work for the next year.—It was agreed to recommend the Town Council to give orders to the National Telephone Company to connect the borough accountant's orfico with the town clerk's office.—The Aberystwyth Cycling Club wrote sa vit ;g that arrangements were being made by the amalgamated clubs to prepare plans, etc., wLLh would be forwarded as soon as completed,—Tho question of the rates for the forthcoming half year was considered. The Chairman said the totnl rates for the year ending March, 1899, wexe 3s. 6k In 1897 they were 4s. 2d., and in 1896 it was 3s. 6d. The estimates of the public works (£962 lis, 5d.) and Public Lighting Committees ( £ 637 5s. 2d.), were laid before the meeting. The total receipts on the water account were P,1,418 13s. 7d.. and the estimated expenditure, £ 2,048 lis. Id. £ 700 was transferred to the general district rote. A shilling rate was recommended. On the general district rate the total receipts were £ 1.554, and the estimated expenuiture P,3,760 14s. 2d.-The Chair- man suggested that a 2s. rate would be sufficient. —Mr. Peter Jones thought that was larger than was needed, and it was finally agreed, on the proposition of Mr. R. J. Jones, that the rate be Is. 10d., which, the Chairman said was lower than they had had for many a summer, while the Is. 4d. rate last winter was lower than for twenty years.— The Committee proceeded to consider the question of Mr. Isaac Hopkins' lease, a letter from Mr. Hugh Hughes on the question having been referred to the Committee from the Town Council.—Mr. Hopkins said fee would withdraw, as he did not wish to have any part in the discussion. Did any member wish to ask him a question before he went ?—Mr. R. J. Jones asked Mr. Hopkins if he would withdrawn the claim as to the site, and after some discussion, Mr. Hopkins said he would with- draw the claim unconditionally.-The Chairman ruled that they must have a definite withdrawal in writing before they could deal with the matter, as there might otherwise be some more misunder- standing. He thought he was acting rightly in asking for that letter, having regard to the past.- Here the matter ended for the time. PROMOTION.—Mr. J. Jones, late postmaster, has been appointed to the lucrative position of head postmaster at the important and populous mining town of Barnsley in Yorkshire. Mr. Jones, who is a native of Taleisin, has been connected with the postal service since his youth. His late father was for many years sub-postmaster in that village in the old coaching days. Mr, Jones came to Aber- ystwyth seven years ago to succeed the late Mr. Humphreys, and during the four years he remained here many important improvements have been effected at the Post Office. He left here for Bangor some time ago, and after remaining there for a few weeks he was transferred to Carnarvon. Mr. Jones is staying in Aberystwyth at the present time. INTERESTING. A short time ago a corres- pondent stated in the Welsh Gazette" that he had reagons for believing that the Rev. Charles M. Sheldon, the celebrated author of In His Steps," hailed from an old Aberystwyth stock of the same name. Seeing this Mr. Hamilton Lewis, Bridge- street, who is married to a great grand-daughter of Mr. Sheldon, one of the old Town Commis- sioners of Aberystwyth, wrote to ask the author if there was any relation between the families. The following is a copy of the reply Topeka, Kansas, May 16th, 1899. Dear Brother,—Our branch of the family, so far as we have been able to trace it, goes back to Scotch-Irish ancestry in Londonderry. We do not know of any connectiion with the Sheldon's in Wales, but I suppose, of course, we must be related at some point.—Very cordially yours, CHARLES M, SHELDON." Mrs. Hamilton Lewis and Mrs. Williams, Little Dark- gate-street, who is also a grand-daughter of the late Mr. Sheldon, state that that gentleman's family came to this town from Scotland. So the two families are, no doubt, related at some point. THE EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE.—A meeting in connection with the above Society was held on Tuesday evening, May 30th, at 730, in the School- room of Shiloh Chapel. Mr. D. C. Roberts, the mayor, presided, and the Rev. H. R. T. Jackson, one of the secretaries of the Alliance, gave a very interesting address, explaining the objects and work of the Society, both in this country and on the Continent. He drew particular attention to the Week of Prayer instituted and promoted by the Alliance at the beginning of each year, and their efforts on behalf of persecuted Christians on the Continent, and in other parts of the world. The meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs. Owen, William-street, and after votes of thanks to the lecturer, proposed by the Rev. A. Burgess, and seconded by the Rev. T. Williams, B.A., and then to the Chairman, on the proposition of the Rev. T. E. Roberts, M.A., seconded by the Rev. T. Levi, the meeting was closed with prayer by the Rev. H. R. T. Jackson. The attendance was by no means what one might expect, and possibly more efforts might have been made to make the meeting and its objects better known and understood. OBITUARY.—Mr. Alfied Worthington, Crynfryn- buildings, eldest son of Mr. Worthington, artist, Penmaesglas-road, died at the Infirmary on Friday, after a protracted illness. The deceased was a daring sailor, a capital boatman, and his affability and generous disposition bad won him a host of friends along the beach. The funeral took place on Tuesday morning, and was attended by about thirty local members of the Royal Naval Reserve, to which deceased belonged. The coffin-was borne to the Cemetery by the Reserves in uniform, who headed the procession in marching order, under Mr. Lewis, H.M. Customs. Much sympathy is felt for the widow and her young children. DEATH OF AK OLD INHABITANT.—We regret to announce the death, which took place on Thurs- day morning, of Mr. Richard Jones, 10, Marine- terrace, at the age-of 73. Mr. Jones had been in indifferent health for some weeks, and death was due to failure of the heart's action. He was a son of the late Mr. Richard Jones, of Tanycastell Farm, Aberystwyth, and was a brother of the late Dr. Morris Jones and of Mr. James Jones, Tyllwyd, who with Mrs. Pugh, wife of the late Mr. Robert Pugh, draper. Great Darkgate-street, survive him. He married Miss Elizabeth Rowlands, daughter of the late Mr. Richard Rowlands, Dolguog, Machynlleth, and there were three children of the marriage, only one of whom, Mr. R. Rowland Jones, survive, Deceased followed the business of coal merchant for many years, and was the pro- prietor of the Lime Kilns at Trefechan, which have not been in use now for many years. He was the oldest and most faithful member of the Baker-street Independent Chapel, and took great interest in the affairs of the Church and of the Sunday School. His efforts were always directed in the cause of religion, and his loss will be keenly felt at the various church meetings in connection with his chapel. In politics he was a Liberal of the right sort, and he was also a strong advocate of temperance. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon, and was largely ttended. The Rev, Job Miles officiated at the house, and the Revs. T. A. Penry and Job Miles at the grave. The coffin was of polished oak, with massive brass fittings and was supplied by Mr. D. Williams, undertaker. THE annual outing of the Shop Assistants took place on Wednesday afternoon, the rendezvous being Llyfnant Valley. The weather was delight- fully fine, the sun shone brilliantly throughout the day. Quite one hundred availed themselves of the occasion. The start was made from the Marine- parade about two o'clock, the party being conveyed in brakes. The first coach was graced by the presence of Mr. Tom Griffiths, J.P. The arrange- ments were carried out by the Secretaries, Messrs. W. E. Edwards and D. C. Edwards. This year the president of the Early Closing Association is Mr. Sylvanus Edwards, and the vice-president, Mr. Griffith Ellis. WELSH MUSIC IN AUSTRALIA.-LastlEaster Mon- day a grand eisteddfod was held in Queensland, under the presidency of Sir S. W. Griffith. The chief choral prize was £50 for singing The Mariners ":from "A Psalm of life D. Jenkins, Mus. Bac.(Cantab). Three choirs came forward, and the first prize was allotted to the Ipswich Black- stone. The other Welsh items were Lie Treigla'r caveri duett by the late R. S. Hughes (a native of Aberystwyth), and the two songs," Robin Goch" (Send a thought towards me) and 0 na byddai'n haf o hyd (W. Davies). We are glad to under- stand Mr Owen Jones, Aber Cottage, Blackstone, Queensland, the treasurer, is a native of Cardigan- shire, and that several in the neighbourhood of Aberystwyth took an active part in tho formation of this eisteddfod ten or twelve year ago. Their friends will be glad to understand that their efforts have been crowned with success. PERSONAL.—The Rev. Griffith Parry, Llanbadarn, who has not enjoyed Ibis usual health for some time, is going on a two months' tour in North America. He will sail on Tuesday next. Mr. Parry crossed to America before, about thirty years ago, and remained there three years. MESSRS. Bostock and Wombwell's Menagerie will visit the town next Saturday. TENNIS. — The U.C.W. College Tennis Club suffered defeat at the hands of Cardiff College last week by 7 events to 2 and 124 games to 92. CRICKET.- Aberystwyth beat Cardiff easily in a match played away on Saturday.













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