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ABERYSTWYTH. 1 LOQUITUR GIESOX. Oh, when I think of what I are, < And what I used to was, To think I've given myself away. Without sufficient cause. Diz. BARNADC, HOMES—Ararngements have been made to make a street collection in aid of the above institution on Saturday, the 24th of June. PROPERTY.—No. 23, The Terrace, was offered for sale by Mr. R. K. Jenkins, at the Lion Hotel on Wednesday, and was withdrawn at £ 1,250. RESTAURANT.—A convenient restaurant has been recently opened at Eagle House, Great Darkgate- street. Teas and luncheons may be had on the shortest notice. THE IMPROVEMENT COMPANY.—The Aberyst- wyth Improvement Co. are about making new additions to the attractions on the Cliff Gardens. A switchback railway will be put up shortly. TABERNACLE.—Last Sunday the pulpit of this Church was occupied by the Chair Bard, the Rev. Tecwyn Parry, of Llanberis, who delivered elo- quent sermons both morning and evening. PERSONAL.—Among the many visitors in town curing the week were Principal Rowlands, of Brecon, Principal Prys, of Trevecca and Mr. D. Lleufer Thomas, secretary to the Royal Land Commission. PUBLIC LIBRARY. The number of books issued from the library for the week ending Satur- day, June 10th, amounted to 426. The new books ordered recently by the Committee are expected to arrive very shortly. EXCURSION.—Next Saturday a large excursion will arrive from Llanelly over the M. Sc M. Railway .and will bring in about six hundred persons. The trip is made unler the auspices of the Brynea Colliery Coy. SUNDAY SCHOOL TRIP. On Wednesday the members of the Welsh Baptists and Independent Sunday School journeyed by rail to Newcastle Emlyn for their annual outing. The weather was delighfully fine, and a large number took advantage of the occassion to pay a visit to the banks of the TTivy. I.O.G.T.—The usual weekly meeting was held at the Progress Hall last Friday evening. The following members took part:—Miss E. J. Warring- ton, Miss Jenkins, Miss M. Doughton, Miss Pierce, and Mr. David Davies. One new member was nrolled. THE TOWN BAND.—Now that a proper band stand is about to be erected on the Promenade, we hope the band will fee able to secure sufficient support by way of subscriptions to enable them to procure a neat uniform, so as to make the thing complete. We understand that a suggestion to this 119 effect has come from the Mayor and members of the council. PHOTOGRAPHY.—Pier-street owes not a little to the enterprise of Mr. H. H. Davies, photographer. His new premises are a credit to that ancient thoroughfare. The front elevation of the shop presents an excellent appearance both as regards wtyle, material, and colour. The studio also is replete with the best of modern appliances for photographic work of all kinds. WESLEYAN SUNDAY SCHOOLS.—The Sunday schools of the Wesleyan connexion made their annual outing on Wednesday, to Machynlleth. That town had an especial attraction for them owing to the fact that the first Welsh Assembly of the Wesleyans was held there during the week. On Wednesday afternoon, the Rev. Hugh Price Hughes, preached to a vast crowd in the open air, and most of the excursionists attended the service. FOOTBALL.—The committee of the Town Foot- ball Club decided at a meeting held on Tuesday evening, to apply for admission to the Liverpool Combination for the forthcoming season. It is to be hoped that the application will be favourably considered, as otherwise the local matches next winter will lack interest, the most important of the Welsh teams having already joined the combina- tion, and this will mean that the league games will occupy the greater part of the season. GOOD NEWS FOR ABERYSTWYTH.—It will be interesting to citizens of the town to know that the Great Western Railway Company intend to advertise Aberystwyth by running cheap trips from the great centres of population which it serves. The first will be run on June 29th from Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea. There is a feeling in the town that the excursionists coming from the South Wales district are people that by their conduct will do the town no good, but we may point out that South Wales holds other people besides colliers-men ot wealth and influence. It is likely that Aberystwyth will benefit greatly by the innovation. FINANCE COMMITTEE.—The ordinary meeting of the Finance Committee of the Aberystv yth Town Council was held on Tuesday, when there were present Messrs. C. M. Williams (chairman), Peter Jones, D. C. Roberts (mayor), R. J. Jones, and John Jenkins. Bills and accounts were examined and passed.—The Town Clerk submitted some agreements for leases, and also draft leases, which the Committee approved of.—Mr. Edward Williams, auctioneer, was appointed to let the building sites in Cae Charles on Tuesday next.—A letter was received from the M. & M. Railway Co,, applying for the lease of a building in the occupa- tion of Messrs. James & Co., adjoining the slaughter-house. The letter not having been L before the Council, and referred to the Committee, could not be dealt with.—The Chairman brought forward the question of the erection of workmen's dwellings, referred to them by the Council. It was agreed that an application be made by the Town Clerk to the Local Government &Board to hold the inquiry with a view to borrowing the sum of L3,200, already agreed upon by the Council.—The Surveyor was instructed to fence off the sites of the proposed workmen's dwellings in New-road, adjoining the Smithfield, and appoint the same to be a tipping ground, in order to raise the elevation, and by so doing reducing the cost of the erection of such house, SCHOOL BOARD.—The monthly meeting of the Aberystwyth School Board was held on Tuesday. Present—Mr. P. Jones (chairman), Airs. Griffith, Mr. W. Thomas, and Mr. T. Hall.—Business: A letter from Miss Richards, assistant at the Girls' Department, asking for an increase in her salary was ordered to be brought forward at the next meeting.—A report from the Management Com- mittee was received in connection with the filling ot a vacancy in the Infants' Department. The committee recotainended, as a temporary arrange- ments, that Mr. Saer be asked to send one of his pupil teachers in to assist with Standard 1. at the Infants School during the month of June, and Miss Nicklin to do the same for the month of Julv. —Mr. W. Thomas proposed, and Mr. T. Hall seconded, that the recommendation of the School Management Committee be confirmed by the Board.—It was decided to ask the Managers of the National School to agree to change the time during which children in town would be free to change their school, to the months of August and September, as the educational year has now changed to end in Jnlv.—The indentures of Edith V. Weller were be signed on behalf of the Board.—The "Jerk was directed to write to the secretaries of the Sunday Schools in town respect- fully, asking them to arrange to hold their annual trips during the Whit-week when the schools are closed, a' t1, arrangements seriously interfere with the attendance at school, upon which the annual grant depends.—It was decided that no school be held on Wednesday on account of a number of trips leaving town with which a large number of children would be going.—The Visiting Committee for the next month were nominated, viz., Mr. P. Jones and Mr. T. Hall.- Science and Art Committee: The Clerk reported reported that all the annual examinations in art and science were now completed by the Depart- ment. The lists of subjects in which examinations were held was read, and showed that examinations were held in seven subjects of art, and twenty-two subjects of science.—It was proposed by Mr. Griffiths, and seconded by Mr. T. Hall, that the clerk's salary for science and art work be raised to £15 per annum, as his work in connection with j this department was very considerable, and had increased of e years. PEtty -j /.nesday before Mr. Thos. trriffiths and Mr. Charles Williams, George Evans, 18, Woodland-terrace, New Tredegar, Monmouth- shire. was charged by Mr. Thomas Vaiifflwn relieving officer, with neglecting to maintain his mother, Hannah Evans, who is now chargeable to the Aberystwith Union. The case was withdrawn. -John Williams, joiner. Gogerddan Cottages, Aberystwyth, was fined Os, and costs for negfect- ing to cause his child, Mary Elizabeth, to be vac- cinated,- -A similar case against John Griffiths, porter, Portland-road, Aberystwyth, was adjourned for a month. Mr. Thomas Vaughan, relieving officer, prosecuted in both capes.—A charge against James Phillips, laborrrr, 33, Northgate-street, Aberystwyth, for neglecting to maintain his mother, now chargeable to the Aberystwyth Union, was adjourned for a fortnight. !r., Vaughan prosecuted in tbn r' .]"n. — David Evans, collier, Trehan is, uiiauurgcin, iW wandering abroad and sleeping i i a railway carriage at Aberystwyth, was fined 2s 6d including CGRt", MUSICAL SUCCESB.—'The allowing pupils of Mrs. Charles Panchen been successful in passing the Trinity Col:e:;e London Examination in pianoforte playing. Ti examiner was Dr, Walmesley Little. Junior Jivisi n Mollie Owen, Northgate-streoi.arrl Mac: s. The Laurels. Preparatory Grvi"; _'i Great Dark- gate-streef; Alloc Hughes, Liaiular; Blodwen Edwards. The Laurels; Mary E. Edwards, Union- street; Elizabeth Edwards, North Parade; M. Nesta Morgan, Marine-terrace; and Jones, J Williams-street. The last -,vere cc.!??r,nendid. A!1 entered were sivs^est'tal. EXCURSIONS.—A large excursion, conveyed in two portions, being the annual trip of the Newtown Co-operative Society, visited Aberystwyth on on Saturday. They were accompanied by the Newtown Band, which, having such a well known name, were listened to by a large number of people on the Parade. The full complement of the band was not, however, present, and the performance was rather disappointing. About a thousand people made the journey. On Monday a trip, com- prising about 500, came in from Oswestry and the district. For both days fine weather was ex- perienced, and the excursionists had a high old time. THE CHURCH SCHOOLS TRIP.—The annual trip of the Sunday Schools of the Church of England was made on Thursday to Welshpool, when about twelve hundred availed themselves of the occasion. The party was conveyed by two special trains, and everything passed off without a hitch. The excursionisis included the members of St. Michael's, St. Mary's, Trinity, and Llanbadarn Sunday Schools. An excellent spread had been prepared by Mr. Wyke, of Broad-street, at the Church House, and he was given, on the proposition of Archdeacon Protheroe, a cordial vote of thanks for the satisfactory way he had carried out that part of the day's programme. MUNICIPAL NOTES. An interested ratepayer writes:—What is the matter with the electric light on the Marine Parade opposite Terrace-road ? Of all the lamps in the town we think that is the one which should give the most and the best light. Instead it is, undoubtedly, the poorest, for it blinks and winks at most of the passers by.—The rains have washed away a portion of the footpath on the north side of the Castle. It is really dangerous, for anyone in the dark could easily trip down the gaps and fall over the Castle rocks. One man cannot be everywhere and see every little thing that is wrong and wants putting right. We must be excused—" two heads are better than one."—By-the-bye, would it not be well to have the Castle lighted in the evenings during the summer season. It would be the means of relieving the too thronged Parade of quite a number of people. POLICE INTELLIGENCE.—The following police cases have been dealt with during the week.—-John Davies, collier, Brynerthyn, Cwmtwrch, Glamorgan, was fined 2s. 6d. including costs for being drunk on licensed premises (the Plough), Aberystwyth; William Jones, Price Town, Ogmore Valley, and Benjamin Thomas, Mardy, colliers, were fined 2s. 6d. including costs each for drunken and disorderly conduct on the highway Joseph Burns, fish dealer, Leeds, was fined 5s. for being drunk on the highway, and sent to prison for seven days' hard labour in default of paying; Richard Jones, Ynystwl, was summoned for disobeying a magis- trates' order for the support of his wife, and was ordered to pay 10s. a month: Thomas White, Brynddu, Pontraeth, Anglesey, labourer, for being drunk and disorderly at Aberystwyth, was bound over to come up for judgment when called upon., THE COUNTY SCHOOL.-We desire to draw the attention of parents and teachers of elemeutary schools in this district to the advertisement in our columns with regard to the examination for entrance scholarsbips which are offered by the managers to candidates from elementary schools. The scholarships are of the value of Z5 each, and are tenable for one year, but are renewable on the recommendation of the headmaster. Candidates must not be above 14 years of age on the day of z, y the examination. Six scholarships are offered to boys and six to girls. Forms of entry, &c., may be had from Mr. John Evrrs, solicitor, clerk to the governors. The syllabus of subjects of examina- tion is in the hands of head teachers of the elementary schools. The examination is to be held at the school on Saturday, July 29th. It is im- portant to notice that the forms of entry should be returned to the clerk, duly filled up, not later than next Saturday, June 17th. Mr. R. D. Evans, a pupil of the school, son of Mr. Richard Evans, The Shop, Llanafan, has passed the examination for admission to the Civil Service. WELSH INDUSTRIES EXHIBITION.—A meeting of the local committee, formed in Aberystwyth, was held at the Corporation Offices on Friday morning, when there were present Mr. D. C. Roberts (mayor), in the chair, Councillors C. M. Williams, R. J. Jones, G. Croydon Marks, Robert Peake Messrs. A. J. Hughes (town clerk), H. C. Fryer, Edward Powell- (Nanteos), W. S. Colquhoun (the Foundry), Evan Evans, T, M. Green (registrar, U.C.W.), Mrs. Morgans (Nantceiro), Mrs. Principal Roberts, Mrs. Jessy Williams, Miss Roberts (South- terrace), and Mr. J. H. Thomas (Carmarthen), late hon. sec. to the Carmarthen Local Committee.— Mr. J. H. Thomas explained the duties of the com- mittee in connection with the work of organisa- sation, which was practically what had been done at Carmarthen. At that town the exhibition was a complete success, the local committee handing over nearly £20 to the county fund. A small executive committee of local members was ap- pointed to meet the county committee to confer as to the duties of the local committee, and also to consider the appointment of a secretary, and to submit a report to the next meeting. It was also decided that the exhibition at the College Hall be held on the 6th and 7th September next.—A vote of thanks was accorded Mr. Thomas for his kind- ness in attending. OUTING.—On Saturday the third annual outing of the Employees of the firm of Messrs Green and Colquhoun, of the Foundry, was made, the rendez- vous being the Devil's Bridge. The party was made up of about ninety, and they set out strong in the strength of June to enjoy an ideal day in the country. All were in the best of spirits, and nothing was lacking to make the trip replete with all the elements of joy and pleasure, unless it were the unavoidable absence of the members of the firm. who generously paid all the expenses of the outing. Their absence, however, had a silver lining; for Messrs Green and Colquhoun were unable to join their employees that day owing to pressure of business and, duty first and pleasure after, is a maxim that has enriched many a house and made the fortune of many a British workman. So much of a digres- sion. Now for the journey and the order of the day. Leaving town early in the morning the brakes now proceeded via the far-famed Devil's Bridge. We had lunch on the way and stayed at the Bridge for about two hours. We then pro- ceeded to Pontrhydygroes and stayed at that hamlet again for another hour; from that place we went along merrily to Hafod. We were kindly permitted to drive through the lovely grounds of thst delightful country seat, visited Eglwys Newydd and admired the master-pieces of Chantrev, and there many of our moulders, clever fellows in their way, sighed in vain for the skill of the hand that carved that exquisite piece of work. The return journey was made via Crosswood and Llan- ilar- A smoking concert was held at the Bridge. e. Messrs D. Griffiths, R. Jones, G. Renfrey, Joe Evans, W. C. Lloyd. D. Lloyd, Edw. Edwards gave songs, and Messrs John Evans, Thomas Jones, Eve Jones, and Llew Jones made speeches, which in the esti- mation of their comrades, made them admirable candidates for the local parliament.. A hearty vote of thanks to the firm was carried with acclamation.












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