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BALA. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—SATURDAY LAST. "Present • Mr. Evan Jones (chairman), Miss Parry ^ice-chair), Mrs. Price Mrs Parry Messrs. R. Thomas Robert Jones, R. Hughes, J. J. Edwards William Ricliards, Daniel Roberts, John Roberts, J R. Jones (clerk), T. R. Dakin (assistant clerk). STATISTICS. The Balance in the Treasurer's hands was re- ported to be £ 713 12s. 5s., and that in the Relieving Officer's hands £ 9 16s. 3d. During the past fort- night £ 30 I1-5- 6d. had been expended in the relief of 139 out-door paupers, as against Z36 5s. 3d. to 164 last year. Cheques were signed amounting to .C271 7s. 9d., this sum including Z231 168. 9d., tlic iirst instalment of County Rate. The Clerk re- ported that since the last meeting the accounts had been audited, and everything had been found in order. VACCINATION. The Vaccination Officer's return for May was as follows--Number of cases in birth lists received during the month, 13; number of Certificates of Vaccination received 14; certificates postponed on account af ill-health; 1; number of entries in lists sent to Public Vaccinator, 7. TRAINING OF WORKHOUSE NURSES. A letter was read from the Mansfield Union en- closing copies of resolutions passed bv them, approving of the policy of training their ownL Pro- bationary Nurses, and arranging with the Medical Officer to (rive lectures and demonstrations, and holding examinations for Probationary Nurses, thereby enabling them to qualify tor certificates of proficiency, It was resolved that the letter be laid on the table. THE HOUSE. The master reported that there were 25 inmates in the Workhouse last week as compared with 26 for the corresponding week last year. During the fortnight 40 vagrants bad been relieved—an excess of 14 on the number last year.—The Master further called attention to the dampness of some of the walls of the house, in wet weather, also to the state of several chimney stacks and door steps.—It was argued that under the present thermal condition of weather it would be useless to try to cement the ■walls and that this class of work should be done at the proper season. The several matters were delegated to the consideration of the Building Committee.—Messrs L. J. Davies and J. LI Jones reported that they bad visited the House and found -everything very satisfactory reflecting great credit UDOn the Master and Matron. .1.- RELIEF CASES. Among the cases discussed was one in which a -widow had been warned that relief would not be continued if the children, who were able to go to service, still depended upon her. The widow now appeared with a son of about 15 years of age, who had. she stated, left his situation on Friday last. Questioned as to the cause of leaving, the lad said he had been chastised. Asked why, he replied, far nothing." The Guardians were not inclined to believe the story. In reply to an enquiry as to the previous situation, the lad said he had been there a week, whereas one of the guardians well acquainted with the case, assured them that he had only been there a day.-The Chairman administered him a severe censure for telling the guardians so bare-faced a lie, and they had no doubt that the other story was a pure fabrication. It was resolved that he should remain in the workhouse until the next meeting at any Tate, and the mother was cautioned not to receive him home. A daughter of hers, aged 17. who had also left service, positively refused to appear before the guardians, and it was resolved that the matter be further considered at the next meeting. PENLLYN RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting was held on Saturday last there when there were present, lklr. L. J. Davies (chairman), Mr. R. Thomas (vice-chairman) Mrs. Price, Messrs. Wm, Richards, Robert Jones, J- LI. Jones, John Roberts, Robert Hughes, J. J. Edwards. E. M. Roberts, Evan pones, J. R. Jones (Clerk), T. R. Dakin (Assistant Clerk). FINANCE. The balance in the Treasurer's hand was reported lo be L187 9s 3d. The Clerk reported that since the last meeting, Wm. Griffiths, Esq., the District Auditor, had audited the accounts, and found all correct. The auditor had mentioned that the sur- veyo should enter iuto the bond, and it was resolved that a bond for -9100 be given. BALA AND FESTINIOG RAILWAY-DIVERTED ROADS With reference to the letter received from the G.W.R. Co. in this matter in which it was stated that the repair of certain diverted portions of roads would henceforth devolve upon the Council. The Clerk expressed the opinion that if these were sub- tititutecl roads., the Council was liable to maintain them. TYNTBUYN AND TIDDTKYKONBN ROAD. The letter from the Llanuwchlyn Parish Council anent this road was adjourned for further con- sideration. THE EMPLOYEES AND THEIR WAGES. In pursuance of notice, the chairman proposed that the workmen's wages be paid fortnightly. In support of this Mr. Davies said it was the custom on large estates, and with people employing a large number of men to pay their workmen fortnightly. He thought this would be better for the men them- selves. It might be contended that if required the men could have a sub." This arrangement, however, made some men appear poorer than others. Mr. Davies then mentioned a case, where by receiv- ing money at long intervals the recipients got into debt, but after a new arrangement of fortnightly payment had been resolved to they were again able to keep above board. Mr. R. Hughes made similar remarks and added that for four times in each year the months consisted of five weeks. This was assuredly a great hardship to the men. It was resolved upon the motion of Mr. L. J. Davies, seconded by Mr. R. Hughes. that the men's wages be paid fortnightiy. and that the surveyor make the necessary arrangements for that purpose. TYDU TO TALYBGNT ROAD. A letter was read from the Llanvcil Parish Council enclosing Memorial received from certain ratepayers, calling attention to the desirability of repairing this road. Mr. E. M. Roberts said the application was a reasonable one. The road re- PI 10 ferred to was an old highway, a previous applica- tion had he said been made to a similar effect, but it was not entertained by the Council. It was resolved upon the motion of Mr. Evan Jones, seconded bv Mr. J. Ll. Jones. That the chairman and Mr. Robert Jones, inspect the road and report thereon. LLANDDERFEL WATER SUPPLY AGAIN UPON THE TAPIS. A letter was read from the Llandderfel Parish Council, stating that they had transferred the matter altogether to the District Council. Mr. William Richards thought the procuring of a water supply devolved on the District Council, if it was really required. They ought to ascertain what the landowners were prepared to do, and the way they could be released from the responsibility was by proving that they had a proper supply. He had -seen one owner, and had been assured by him that there was no scarcity of water. Proper measures had not been taken to preserve one well which would have supplied the houses at Pensingrug with "water. Mr. Richards reiterated that the Council should ascertain what the owners were disposed to do. The Chairman remarked that at the last meet- ing this Council asked the Parish Council to do this. Mr. Evan Jones observed that they must get proof that the present supply was faulty in quality and quantity. In reply to a question, Mr. Richards was informed that if a land owner were to derive a proper supply for his houses by means of a pump, he would not be bound to contribute towards the cost of procurieg a general water supply.—Mr. Evan Jones enquired whether there was any truth in the statement made to him that the tenants would not conseet to pay a rate.—Mr. R. Thomas replied he did not know.—The Clerk: The first; step to be taken i to obtain a report from the surveyor as to the Louses in need of a supply.-Mr. Richards proposed a resolution to that effeèt.-Mr Evan Jor-es: We have had a report several times: that water is watlted. --M rs. Price: Is it not necessary that we rfiould have a proper report. One man says one thing, and another says another thing.—Mr. Evan Jones: We should have an exhaustive report.—The Chairman thought they .should get a report from the Medical Officer of Health on the quality of the water.—Mr. Evan Jones observed that if 'the Council had a report stating wheuo every bouae derived its present supply, it would greatly help them.—Mr. R. Thomas questioned what the surveyor could report more than the COTDrnitt-ee tiid seen themselves. There was no supply there beyond a public pump. —Mr. Evan J&nes: We want to know several things. We watt to know whether we could have another pump there.—Mr. Thomas: That was shown as well.—Mr. Evan Jones: Very vague.— Mr. Thomas Oh, no.—Mr. Evan Jones I brought on the matter of ,-a, pump, but the idea was pooh- poohed in the heat for getting a supply from Maesyclavad.—Mr. R. Thomas: KG. we were quite Mz- prepared to Esten to anything.—Mr. Evan Jones contende.i. it was not so.-Alr. J. VI. Jones: I beg to second the ;iiotioli,The Chairman remarked that the Couucil had to consider the ,question de novo." 7'" fy had asked the Parish Council to elicit the information as to what the lwi(-Iowners were prepared to do, and the only reply t/iey had received was to throw the whole matter en the District Council.—The resolution, proposed and seconded, asking the Surveyor to visit the place, and, a report of the houses in need of a supply, was subsequently passed. CEFN WATER SUPPLY. Mr. Evan Jones enquired what progress had been made in this matter, and was informed by the Sur- veyor and Mr. Robert Jones that the work would be completed shortly. The difficulty experienced was to get men to do the work. APPLICATIONS. A letter was read from Rev. Bevan Jones, Llan- gower, asking permission to cut open the road near his house for the laying of a water-pipe.—It was resolved that the application be granted, subject to the road being properly made up on completion.- Mr. Evan Jones applied for leave on behalf of a company, to lay a. tramway across the road at Arenig, for the transport of stones from a quarry there. After some discussion it was resolved, upon the motion of Mr. R. Thomas, that the consider- ation of the matter be deferred, and that the application be made formally by the company themselves. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor reported that the following roads had been repaired: Coedybedo, Tynewydd, Llan- dderfel, Penantlliw, Cefnllwynbugail, Pentre,Celyn and Cingefail. In company with Messrs. W. Rich- ards and Robt. Davies he had inspected Pandy, Llwynislyn bridge. The handrails, &c., had become very dilapidated so that it would mean consider- able expense to properly repair it, and the com- mittee decided rather than decide anything definite with regard to it, as they had been authorized to do, to submit a report to the Council. Mr. Wm. Richards confirmed the report, and sug- gested as Mr. Price had on several occasions generously assisted in giving wood towards repair- ing conveniences of this kind, that an application be made to him through Mr. Watkins for such assistance in this case. It was resolved that an application be made to Mr. Price to that effect, The Surveyor further reported that Simon Edwards, Penrhos had been engaged in the room of Hugh Davies who had left their service. SANITATION, The Medical Officer of Health and Inspector of Nuisances submitted the welcome intelligence that scarlet fever was fast disappearing from the district.

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