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SOUTH CARDIGANSHIRE Monthly Meeting at Penuwch. Penuwch is a comparative term Anglicised, it means higher peak." Starting from Llangeitho, to the North, a traveller's general strength, and especially his chest, undergo a severe test, thanks to the hill he has to ascend. The road resembles a stair, for, from Llangeitho to Pen Cilcert, it is a series of connected steps. A part of the road rises almost perpendicularly, then comes a small dis- tance of flat ground; this repeated gives one un- consciously the idea of a stair. About Pen Cilcert the pilgrims of old, returning homewards from Llangeitho, were wont to halt. Here prayers were offered and praises sung to Him who had revealed Himself unto them that day in the Communion Service. Perhaps, too, the hill had so fatigued them that the well about that spot invited a stop- page. But working against gravity was not yet over, ere they ascended a peak higher even than that of Cilcert. Hence the name Penuwch-a peak higher than Pen Cilcert. The present in- habitants cannot, with much propriety, boast of their ancestors, for they were merely a class of shepherds or herdsmen, attracted thither from other neighbourhoods by the Commins where their flocks might graze free of all charges. Gradually, the new comer would build a hut—a hafod un nos "-and enclose a piece of land, which he, if not interfered with, would eventually claim as his own property. This accounts for the large number of landowners in the neighbourhood at the present day. The ancestors of the present generation were not a whit better off in moral ideals and spiritual enlightenment than they were in worldly possessions, although in close proximity to Llangeitho. It is recorded that even Daniel Rowlands' powerful ministry failed to reform them. The shepherds on a Sunday were accustomed to congregate with packs of cards, quantities of beer, and, in its season, an inviting football. The first part of the day's proceedings was devoted to play then there followed the usual quenching of thirst by means of strong drink. The day, however, ter- minated invariably in a good number of cruel fights." In 1808. some few friends from Llan- geitho established a Sunday School in the house of one Nathaniel Hugh. A few years' labour of love among the shepherds proved successful, so that necessity arose for a schoolroom, which was built at a place called Pentre Du. In 1839 a -chapel was constructed, its dimensions being- nine feet by five, although a recognized church was not constituted until the year 1844. In 1867 the building went through a course of renovation and extension, and at a later period .again, the edifice became too small. At present the chapel with its schoolroom, graveyard, &c., all freehold-is a credit to the neighbourhood, and, although the present generation cannot boast in high blood, or educated progenitors, the ancestors- were they allowed to return to their old abodes, would feel proud of their descendents. It was thither a large number of Methodist ministers and deacons journeyed on the 14th inst., to hold what is generally known as Monthly Meeting. The secretary Rev (D. A. Jones) read the minutes of the last meeting, which were duly confirmed. Messrs. Peter Williams, Tregaron, and David Morgan, Pont saeson, were appointed to audit the books of the local church, who, later on, presented their report, testifying that all the accounts were kept accurately and in good order, although the average contributions of members towards the ministry were far from being satisfactory. The Tregaron District Meeting reported that a number of persons had been appointed trustees on the property of the Connexion at Gogoian. The report was accepted and the Monthly Meeting added the names of the Revs. Morgan Evans, Howell Lloyd, D. A. Jones, John Owen, Rhys Morgan and David Jones on the condition that the Schoolroom be insured without delay. The Lampeter District Meeting on behalf of the Church at Bwlchyllan, asked permission to lease the schoolroom to the Nantcwnlle School Board for 99 years, which was granted, the Rev. John Owen and D. A. Jones to sign the deed on behalf of the Monthly Meeting. The Rev. John Evans reported that the friends at Hermon were about to establish a Connexional Temperance Society provided they were supplied with books. Mr. W. Thomas, New Quay, replied that he would furnish them with the necessary documents. This gentleman has liberally supplied every church in South Cardiganshire with the same. Mr. W. Thomas informed the meeting that Mr. W. Evans, B.A., who was recently been ap- pointed Head Master of the New Quay Grammar School, who also is a recognised preacher in the Connexion, was prepared to accept pulpit engage- ments on Sundays. Letters were read (1) from Mr. Elias Jones, resigning his post of treasurer to Drysorfa Sirol. His resignation was accepted with deep regret. (2) from AL fr. David Davies, Llandy- feiliog, acknowledging with gratitude the vote of sympathy passed with him and Mrs. Davies in their illness in the last meeting. (3) From the Rev. Evan Evans, Pennant, who had just been de- livered from the very jaws of death. (4) From Mr, D. W. Evans, Solicitor, Cardiff. acknowledging the resolution passed re Cardiff Eisteddfod and strong drinks. (5) From the Rev. O. Hughes, Amlwch, and others, who appealed for subscriptions towards the erection of a statue of John Elias in Anglesea. (6) From the book agent (Rev. D. O'Brien Owen), who stated that the Monthly Meeting might appoint a county agent, provided it became responsible for all debts that might be possibly incurred. The New Quay District Meeting had given a notice of motion, that henceforth the local church where a Quarterly Association be held, should have no claim on the surplus money in the fund."—The Secretary said that the motion coincided with the existing rule. Whereupon it was resolved to remind the churches of the rule.-The Tregaron District Meeting proposed (1) That annual visita- tions be made to the churches. (2) That a young preacher be appointed to open the discussion in the society. The-latter was carried nem. con., but an amendment to (1), viz., "that visitations be made every two years," was carried.—The Revs. John Evans. D. A. Jones, E. Jones (Llanon), J. Jenkins, E. Morris, and J. Thickens were asked to prepare a list of subjects for next year's visit. The last named gentleman to be convener.—References were made to the late Mr. John Davies, Bethania; Mrs. Simon Davies, Twrgwyn; Mr. Griffiths, Cil- gerran; and Mr. John Griffiths, Goppa. The Secretary was instructed to send a letter of condolence to their respective families.—The following persons were appointed to represent the Monthly Meeting on the Trevecca College Com- mitteee, the Revs. John Evans. Joseph Jenkins, E. Morris, and Mr. James James, J.P.—It was resolved that a message be sent to the August Association, That the Trevecca College Committee be con- stituted of representatives only." The Rev. J. Thickens and Mr. John Rowlands, Llangeithio, to take charge of the resolution.—Messrs. W. Thomas, New Quay, and Mr. James James, J.P., reported that their efforts to wipe off the debt on the Drysorfa Sirol were, so far, successful. Having complained of the lukewarmness of some deacons, the two gentlemen urged the meeting to liberality and appeal for a sum of £ 1,000.—The Rev. John Efftljn Jones, on behalf of Penuwch Church, appealed to the meeting to accept P,10 in lieu of the old standing debt of Llg 10s.—This was agreed to, on the condition that their dues to the Monthly Meeting be paid annually without fail from hence. —Mr. John Rowlands, Llangeitho, read the report of the Sunday School Committee (which appeared in the Welsh Gazette.")—This was accepted.—The Rev. D. A. Jones read the proposals of the Trevecca Education Committee, and a prolonged discussion ensued. The above Committee suggested among other things that an Educational Board be constituted for bouth Wales, to consist of twelve memoers, three of whom would retire annually, but would be -eligible for reappointment, and the Professors at Trevecca College to be "ex-officio" members in addition. An amendment was carried to the following efrect: That the Educational Board should consist of twentyfour members, appointed by the Monthly Meetings,—three to represent each Monthly Meetings of 5,000 communicants and above; two to represent each Monthly Meeting under 5,000; and that the Principal and Vice Principal should be ex-officio in addition. The Committee proposed the following resolution:— "Every candidate submitted by his Monthly Meeting for ordination shall (besides conforming with the regulation already in force) have received a certificate from the Educational Board stating that he has gone through a proper course of education in accordance with regulations. This was rejected by a large majority. All the other proposals were agreed to. The Rev. H. Lloyd read the report of the Drysorfa Sirol Committee, recom- mending that the Rev. W. Lewis, Neuadd, should take charge of Cross Inn Church. That Peniel should receive Z5, Hermon, £ 10, Tanybryn P,10 towards the ministry. That the Rev. E. Morris and Mr. W. Thomas be appointed to visit the weak churches. The report was accepted. The next Monthly Meeting will be held at Llechryd, July 26 and 27. Mr. Thomas Grey Davies, Aberlleurig, was appointed to open the discussion on Zechariah iv. 6. Preaching services were held on Wednesday evening, and Thursday, in which the Revs. John Cynddylan Jones, D.D., Joseph Jenkins. John Thickens, and Evan Morris took part.






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