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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

10 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



DOLGELLEY. VAGHANCY.—On Tuesday, at the Police Station, before J. Meyrick Jones, J.P., Thomas Wilson was charged by Sergeant Breeze with begging at 11 r!1 Ganllwyd, and was sentenced to fourteen days imprisonment with hard labour. SUCCESS.—Mr. Lewis Jones, of the Board School and Brynteg, Dolgelley, succeeded in carrying off the 1st prize for the essay at the Corris Chair Eisteddfod. Much is expected in future from Mr. Jones both as litterateur aud teacher. EDUCATIONAL. — Mr. Young, of the County Studio, lately visited the County School to take a number of photographs of the school buildings, both from within and without. These are now on exhibition at the Studio, together with samples of drawing, clay modelling, and joinery executed by pupils of the school, under the able tuition of Mr. T. L. Humberstone, A.R.C.S. It is intended to forward these exhibits to the National Eisteddfod, to be held at Cardiff, and from thence they may possibly go to the International Exhibition at Paris. The present head-master of the County School is Mr. Clendon, M.A. (Lond. and Camb.), brilliant both as a scholar and teacher. SCHOLASTIC.—Mr. W. C. Wordsworth has secured his degree at the Welsh University with marked distinction, gaining First Class Honours both in Greek and Latin. CRICKET.—The Dolgelly C.C. on Wednesday zll y played the Portmadoc C.C. at Portmadoc, and won by 54 runs, Portmadoc scoring 56 and Dolgelley 110. Mr. Furlong played a praiseworthy innings of 48. A match was played on Saturday between the County School and the Grammar School, in which the Grammar School proved victorious. PRISONER ESCAPED.—Great excitement prevailed in the neighbourhood of the Police Station on Wednesday, owing to the news spreading that a prisoner had escaped from the Police Station. The prisonerjturned out to be a pet canary, which after being chased for about an hour by an excited crowd was caught in Plasgwyn grounds. DR. WILLIAMS' SCHOOL.—The arrangements for the celebration of the 21st anniversary of Dr. Williams' School have just been announced. On the 25th, a public meeting will be held at the Public Rooms, and the following will address the meeting :-Henry Hobhouse, Esq., M.P., Lady 1 Verney, Miss Armstrong, Capt. Griffith-Boscawen, Rev. Cecil Grant, The Hon. George T. Kenyon, Principal Reichel, and R. D. Roberts, Esfi., D.Sc. A re-union meeting of the old girls will also be held. A correspondent in the "North Wales Times" asks whether the Welsh girls who have passed through the Dolgelley School ever consent to be ranked as 'old?' It is to be hoped that the meetings will be very successful. A LUCKY ESCAPE.—About 8 o'clock on Thursday morning, the inhabitants of the streets of the town were thrown into a state of excitement when they saw Dr. John Jones, Cae'rffynon's horse and trap cantering through the town with no one in charge. The Dr. and Evans, his manservant, had left the town early in the morning to pay a visit to a patient in the neighbourhood of Rhydymain, and it was feared that they had met with an accident. However, soon after the arrival of the horse both Dr. and Evans made their appearance, and it transpired that the horse tripped in coming down a steep hill, the Dr. being thrown right out of the trap, and he being in possession of the reins, Evans jumped down and endeavoured to sieze the reins, but failed, and the horse proceeded on its way home. The Dr. and Evan" ]"nl.:1-- only Sllglll., injuries. FIRE BRIGADE.—At the Select Committee of the House of Lords on Fire Brigades, it was stated that Merionethshire had six urban district councils, four rural district ocuncils, and thirty-one parish councils, but it performed only two fire brigades, with one manual engine and no escape to protect the whole of the county. Four urban district couucils, including Barmouth, had no brigade at all. At Dolgelly more hydrants were requtred and a steamer, as it was impossible to get the brigade to work tho manuals in the country districts. As regarded the out-districts the return said tkat although the district was far from being protected against fire no other district in the county had fmvt.hiner like the provision that Dolgelley had. [he town of Festiniog sent no return. ACCIDENT TO THE MAIL CAR.—On Monday evening, a serious and what might have been a 'atal accident happened to the mail car journeying between Barmouth and Dolgelley. Whilst return- ing to the town a little before six, containing three lady passengers, and one or two children, it came up rather suddenly with a drove of sheep, with the result that the car by some unaccountable means was turned upside down on the top of the driver and passengers. Luckily the passengers escaped without any injury, only sustaining a severe shock. The driver was not so fortunate, but it is expected that his injuries are but slight. The car was greatly damaged, both shafts being broken. A SNAKE ESCAPED.—On Saturday a valuable snake escaped from the joint Wild Beast and Cinematograph Show on the Marian, and was found dead in the river Wnion. The price of the snake is estimated at fourteen guineas. ARBITRATION.—On Tuesday, Mr. Pollock, Official Referee sat at the County Hall, Dolgelley, to decide the case of Findlay v. Green, in which Mrs. Findlay, Abergwynant, sued Major Ureen, late tenant of Abergwynant, for alleged damages to the property. Mr. C. E. Fore, of Kings and Croydon, with Mr. Jacobs, appeared for Mrs. Findlay, and Mr. Ralf Bankes appeared for Major Green. Major Green had paid the sum of £49 15s. Od. into court. A large number of witnesses were called on eaeh side. On Wednesday, Mr. Pollock visited Aber- gwynant to view the property before giving his decision. At noon on Wednesday, Mr. Pollock gave his decision at the County Hall, which was for the defendant. He considered the amount paid into court sufficient and also allowed Major Green's counter claim of L18 12s, Od. THE SCHOOL BOARD. The ordinary meeting of the School Board was held on Thursday, when there were present: Messrs W. Hughes (chairman), Richard Williams, John Lloyd, and E. W. Evans (members), Mr. David Williams (assistant clerk), and Mr. Ellis Williams (attendance officer). MISCELLANEOUS. The Attendance Officer's report was read and considered.—The Visiting Committee of the town schools reported that the attendance at those afVinnls was on the decrease.—Bills were examined, and cheques signed.—The Visiting Committee was re-appointed.-Tlie question of drainage of Boys and Girls School was deferred to a committee of the whole Board.—Miss Maggie Williams' resigna- tion as pupil teacher at the Infants School was accepted. THE VACANT SEAT. It was decided to adjourn the question of the vacant seat caused by the non-attendance of the Rev. W. Llewelyn Williams, Brithdir. SCHOLARSHIPS. The Chairman agreed to defer his motion as to the scholarships at Dr. Williams' Endowed High School, pending the appointment of new repre- sentative governors. BRITHDIR SCHOOL. The two monitors engaged at the Brithdir School were appointed pupil teachers on the result of the recent examiiiation.-It was decided to pay three- fourths of the grant earned by the evening school at Brithdir to Mr. W. Pryce Williams. GOVERNORS. It was unanimously decided to vote only for the candidate nominated by the Board—the Rev. John Williams B.A., in the election of four governors to represent the School Board on the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. H.M. I-PECTOR'S REPORT. The reports of Brithdir and Islaw'rdref Schools, and were read by the Clerk, which were as follows: —Brithdir This is a well conducted school, and its condition as regards order, attendance, and efficiency reflects credit on the master's care and diligence. The reading and mental arithmetic of some of the lower classes do not quite reach the verv satisfactory level of the remainder of the work. The highest principal grant was earned in all subjects.—Islaw'rdref: This little school is diligently and, in most respects, very successfully conducted. Considering the master's very delicate health, the long distances which tlie children have to walk, and the brosen nature of the country, the condition of the school is very creditable to him and his assistant. The highest principal grant was earned in all subjects. THE BOYS' SCHOOL. The Clerk reported that no application for the assistant-membershia at the Boys' School had been received.—The matter was adjourned. INCREA.SE OF SALARY. It was decided to make an increase of P,5 in the salary of Miss M. J. Jones, the assistant at Is- la w'rdref School. SAVING BANK. The Clerk was requested to write to the head teachers for a report of sums received at the various schools. THE HOLIDAYS. It was decided that the summer holidays should commence on the 15th for five weeks. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The ordinary meeting of the Urban District Council was held on Tuesday, July 11th, when there were y present:—Mr. J.Meyrick Jones, J. P. (chairman), Dr. John Willams, John Jones, Richard Richards, Ellis Williams, John Edwards, Edward Williams, and Thomas Parry (members), Mr. Richard Parry (assistant clerk), Mr. W illiam Jones, (surveyor), and Mr. E. R. Jones (rate collector). SKINNKliS ABMS. Th Surveyor reported that Mr. Goff, the architect, who was preparing the plans of alterations at Skinners Arms had promised to prepare all estimate of what it would cost to the Council to widen 4 feet and 2¡\- ft. 2 in that street, but lie hidn't since received any com- munication from him He (the surveyor) inspected the drain in Smithlield-street and its depth. Mr. R. Richards questioned whether they could drain to Ffos y Felm. It was decided to suggest that they should drain either to Mill-street or ;'lasyndre-street. FLUSHING TA-NK-JUE CAUSE OF A BREEZE. The Surveyor reported that no tender had been received for the supplying of a flushing tank in Mount Pleasant Road. lie nad received Miss Rees's permission to place tht tank at the back of her house. Mr. John Williams questioned whether it was necessary to put it at the back of the house at all. The Surveyor said they were putting the tank where it was likely to d) the best work. Mr. John Williams inquired whether the Surveyor had seen anything out 0: order in the drain. The Inspector said that he had inspected it, and that it was almost full. Mr. J. Williams said that if a certain persons drains should be in that state, -,Iley. should not be allowed to remain so long. Mr. Thomas Parry said it was a shame they were ,,a allowed to remain in sLch a state. They should be compelled to clear it. Mr. J. Edwards said ttore was a misapprehension. This was a public sew.'r, and he would be glad to know when the person named had been asked to clear a public sewer. Mr. Thomas Parry said lie though that Mr. Edwards believed that all the sewer was in his own head. He had a similar drain at Fion, and lie flushed it himself, and all houses should be treated alike. The Chairman said tie discussion was altogether out of order. Mr. J. Edwards said that the drain at Mount Pleasant road might be Uright, but the sewer is not, and that is what they hal to deal with. Mr. Richard Richards spoke against the placing of the tank on private property if it was to cost more. Mr. J. Edwards pointed the unreasonableness of talking of placing the taak just on the middle of the sewer. He did not, personally, care where it was placed, but lie wanted it to be where it would flush best. As to the flushing of the private drains, lie had not heard any complailt, and as far as lie could understand the nuisance was caused by the sewer not being flushed. Mr. John Williams saic lie had made enquiries, and is far as lie could make out there was no cause of complaint with this sewer for a long distance up to Mrs. Chidlaw Roberts' stables. That being so he ould not see why need uiey put the tank in private property. Mr. Edward Williams, although lie admitted that the discussion was out of order, said that it was a question of where the talk would do the best work. If on private property, aid if they could get leave to put it on private property, they ought to accept it. Mr. John Williams hooed they would act quite as liberal towards everybody else. Mr. Edward Williams said it was not a question of liberality. It was the cmvenience of the Council. The Surveyor explained that the old Board had gone into the expense of making a sewer for the use I of the six houses in Moult Pleasant, and now it was simply the question of where they could place the tank to flush the sewer )est, and lie believed it was at the back of the house, Mr. Thomas Parry saic they had better put it at the top of the house. He bdieved it was the duty of the proprietors to flush the d-ains. He hoped everybody should have the same favour. e troùbleto flush the d £ ^.tbflc with the Council's sever. He believed that they should treat the case on its own merits, and not to hint to other things. The Chairman then Again called the Council to order, and the business was proceeded with. RUINOUS HUILDINGS. The Clerk reported :hat lie had written to the proprietors of the ruinous buildings and lie had since seen Mr. Richard Edvards who informed him that the work would be dont immediately. cliUWII STREET. Mr. Edward William: had given a notice of motion that the Council should immediately erect the parapet at Church-strtet, but at the request of the Surveyor, he agreed to ldjourn it. At the suggestion cf Mr. Ellis Williams, it was asreed to have the landlord's consent to the payment of half the cost in Mr. C. S. Denniss, manager of the Cambrian Railway, wrote referrng to the interview he had with the Council at Do^elley, that he was in com- munication with the urreat Western with regard to the cheap ticket, and hoped to be in a position to write further shortly. With regard to the proposal for a train from Barriouth, he was pleased to say that the Company had arranged for a late train to leave Barmouth during the summer months at 8-30 p.m. and lie trusted tint would meet with the require- ments. With regards '/) the question of train service in the morning to local stations on the coast between Machynlleth and Welshpool, that the company had endeavoured to meet tie convenience of the passen- gers travelling a long distance and those desiring to travel only to the intermediate stations. Mr. John Edwards proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Dennis, which was seconded by Mr. Thomas Parry, and agreed to. TELEPHONE. A letter was read from Mr. H. Parry Jones, elec- trical engineer, asking permission to pass a telephone wire over the slaughter house. The wire was to be carried from the Brewery to Brynarlais. Mr. Edward Williams proposed that permission be granted. Mr. John Edwards proposed that permission be given on the understanding that the permit would expire on three months' notice. Mr. E. Wynne Williams seconded, and Mr. Edward Williams withdrew in its favour. Mr. Ellis Williams proposed that they should con- sider when they receiced an application from Mr. Carpenter. Mr. R. Richards proposed that the subject be ad- journed. On its being put to vote, Mr. Edwards' motion was carried. OBSTACLES. Mr.'Dunham, Golden Lion Royal Hotel, wrote calling attention to the articles placed on the pave- ments in Lion-street, and asking that some remedy should be adopted, as it was dangerous to vehicular traffic to and from the Golden Lion yard. Mr.T. Parry said that Mr. Dunham drew his atten- tion to the cause of complaint, and evidently that it was a great nuisance. It was agreed to write to the tenants in Lion- street calling attention to the nuisance. THE LOAN QUESTION As Mr. E. W. Evans was absent it was agreed to adjourn this motion that no permanent improvents be carried out, and paid for out of the current rate. WIDENING OF SMITHFIELD STREET. ) A communication from Mr. E. W. Evans was read with regard to the purchase of property for widening Smithfield-street, and after a short discussion it was agreed to ask Mr. Evans to treat with the purchase of t the property. THE READING ROOM. Mr. Thomas Parry complained that certain papers were not delivered at the Reading Room. The matter was referred to the Reading Room Com- mittee. PATH BY DR. WILLIAMS' SCHOOL. Messrs R. Richards T. Parry, Edward Williams, and the Surveyor were appointed to consult as to repairing of the path by Dr. Williams School. THE CHARITIES. Mr. Thomas Parry reported that the committee ap- pointed to confer as to the Charities had met, and were in correspondence with the Charity Commis- sioners.