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ABERYSTWYTH. LIBRARY.—The number of books taken out for the week enuing* July 3th WHO 474. JuAW.—Zvlr. Stanley Jones, son of Grinivh Jones, Esq.. Barrister, has decided to follow the North Wales circuit as CHURCH NKW,l.A,t Sunday the pulpit of Shiloh C.1. Chapel wus occupied by the chaired bard ■' Dyiecl," and the pulpit of Tabernacle by the Rev. W. Jenkins St. David's. PERSONAL.—Wales is well represented in Scan- dinavia tnese days—Principal Roberts, Mr. David Jenkins, Mus. Bac., and Professor Powell, of Cardiff, are in Norway, spending a well-earned holiday. MUSICAL.—A. the Royal Academy of Music Examination f.'f a Hosa prize, iuss Lilian Morgan, of the Larches, who was honoured as one of the selected candidates, was highly compli- mented by the examiners. LATE REV. D W. JKN~KTXS.—The frmernl of the Rev. D. Jenkins, -si.A., vicar of St. Mary and St. Michael's, Pembroke, took place at St. David's Church.yard on Saturday, and was very largely aitLiidc^ uC llev. IVebenuary \Y illiams, assisted by the Rev. W. Mathews, of Warren, officiated at the grave. CATHOLIC CHURCH.—1I he twenty-fifth anniver- -sarv of tne iuunuai-ion of this church ialls on Sunday next, and his Lordship the Bishop of Menevia will attend the celebration of the Silver Jubilee." The preacher at the ten o'clock mass will be the IM-.V..b C. Tiredin. Bishop Mostyn will preach aL the six p.m. service, and give Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. APPOINTMENT.—7-Ir. J. E. Leah, Organist at Richmond Road Congregational Church, Bourne- mouth. at which the Kev. Ossian Davies was formerly pastor, has accepted the pust of Organist at the "English Congregational Church, Portland Street. Mr. Leah is an associate of the Royal College of Organists. The salary is £ 50. DEATH OF A VISITOR.—Mr. Stephan Edwin Harding, of Liverpool, who was on a visit to this town in connection with the St. Stephen's Church Festival, died at the Belle Vue Hotel on Thursday morning. His corpse was taken to Liverpool on Saturday for interment. Deceased had been an officer in the Army, and took part in the battle of Telelkebir. He was attended to by Dr. Bassett Jones, who from the first saw there was no hopes of recovery. GORSEDDIC.— An examination for Gorseddic degrees in connection with the National Eisteddfod was held at different centres in the Principality on Saturday afternoon last. The local centre was at the Cou y School, with Mr. David Samuel. M.A.. as superintendent. One candidate only presented himself. He hailed from Salem Coed Griffyth. and entered the examination for the degree of bard. The subjects of the examination were :— "Yr Ysgol Farddol" (Dafydd Morganwg) awdl, "YFrenhines Victoria" (Berw); and pryddest, Tu hwnt i'r Lien (Ben Davies). EDUCATIONAL.—Mr. J. Stephens Roose, Jesus College. Oxford, was one of the successful candidates for the B.A. degree in Honours at Oxford this week. Mr. Roose obtained good honours in theology. He is the son of the Rev. Richmond Leigh Roose, Presbyterian mini.-ter. Holt. Wrexham. and has had a very successful career at Oxford, passing all his examinations •.•/• Jiout a failure. Mr. Koose has not neglected the athletic side of Oxford life. for he had a seat in the Jesus College eight, and was previous to this captain of the boats at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, where also he obtained the silver medal in the mile swimming contest.* Mr. Roose has also passed the Synodical examination for ordination, and is to be ordained to the full work of the ministry in August next at Pembroke Association, having accepted the call to St. David's Presbyterian Church, Pontypridd. DEATH OF CAPTAIN HUGHES —We regret to announce the death of Captain David Hughes, Northgate-street, which took place on Friday, at the age of 57. Deceased had been in rather indifferent health for some time past, but was able to follow his occupation until about six weeks ago. when he was taken seriously ill on board the South Cambria," bound from Cardiff to New York. On arriving at New York he was conveyed to a hospital, and had so far recovered as to be able to return to Bristol, where be arrived on Thursday night, accompanied by his wife. Being anxious to return home, he started on the remainder of his journey on Friday morning, but on the way to the station he was suddenly taken worse, and was conveyed to the Bristol hospital, where he died in about four hours after gaining admission. The body was brought to Aberystwyth for interment, and the funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon, the Revs. Job Miles and Dr. Gwynne Jones officiating. Captain Hughes was formerly in command of the vessel Mary Ann and "Ivanhoe." He also launched the "Caroline Spooner," the largest vessel built in this port. He was subsequently Captain of the County of ou Kinross," Madrid," and lastly of the South Cambria." Much sympathy is felt for the widow and diuighrer in rheir bereavement. _S.ALEM WI* con nection with the instituting of the Rev. D. R. Williams, as pastor of the church. The church was formed a little over six years ago. and last Thursday's meeting took place on the anniversary of the establishing of the church. The chapel was opened in April, 1895, and up to the present time there has been no pastor connected with it. -Mr. D. Samuel, M.A., of the County School, who took the chair at the induction meeting gave a detailed account of the movement and correspondence which had finally -seciire(i the services of the Rev. D. R. Williams. The Rev. W. Jones, Aberystwyth, referred to the unanimous call which the members had given to their pastor. The Rev. D. R. Williams, addressing the meeting, said he looked forward to obtaining the help and sympathy of all concerned in furthering the cause of Christ in the town. He came to work to a town which offered many ad- vantages and great opportunities for doing service to religion and morality. The Rev. Mr. Williams, Treforris, representing the West Glamorganshire Monthly Meeting, referred to the loss sustained by them in the departuie of Mr. Williams to his new sphere of work, and gave to the young church to which the pastor had come some excellent counsel. The Rev. Thomas Leir, representing the North Cardiganshire Monthly Meeting, welcomed the new pastor to their midst. Addresses were delivered by the Rev. Dr. J. A. Morris (Baptist), the Rev. Job "Miles (Congregationalist), the Rev. T. E. Roberts, Shiloh, all of whom cordially greeted Mr. Willia ms on his entrance upon his new sphere of activity. Professor E. Edwards, a member of the Salem chapel, also spoke in kindly and touching terms. The new pastor is a native of Aberayron, and was for very many years pastor at Lampeter. From, there he was called to Cruglas, Swansea, where he ministered with much success, as pastor for ten years. We sincerely wish him similar and even greater success in his new church. FOOTBALL CLUB ANNUAL MEETING. — The annual meeting of the Football Club was held at the Town HanLon Friday night. A:, the weather was beautifully fine and several counter attractions prevailed none save the staunchest supporters of the game could be expected to attend; and of these about forty bad assembled. Councillor R. J. Jones, J.P., presided, and was supported by Mr. T. H. Edwards (hon. sec.), whom Dr. Harries recently described as the best sportsman in town. The first business was to receive the statement of accounts, which showed an adverse balance of £ 58 14s. 6d. It was explained that on last season's working there was a gain of P,16 19s. Id., but this was mainly due to the aid of the concert in January, and the benefits given by Messrs. Studt .and Gottheircer which swelled the coffers of the club to the extent of £ 30 3s. The profits would undoubtedly have been considerably augmented but for the unlucky draws for the cup matches at the opening of the season, which necessitated the team travelling from home frequently and to the unavoidable absence at those matches of the best players. This is said to have affected the receipts to the extent of £ 100. The Earl of Lisburne and Mr. George Davies, J.P., who are enthusiastic and ardent supporters of the club -were unanimously re-elected president and trea- surer respectively, whilst Mr. T. H. Edwards was re-appointed to the post of hon. sec. and Mr W. Jones as sec. A match committee was composed of Messrs T. H. Edwards, A. J. Hughes, J. C. Rea, E. J. Davies and Jack Thomas with the President and Vice-President, as ex-officio members. The general committee, formerly made up of fifteen members, was reduced to nine, the following elected:— Sergeant Barrow, R.A., Messrs. William Price. Jack Barson, Charles Palmer, Edward Edwards, James Barson, W. Heritage, J. D. Spencer, and John Henry Edwards. For the Emergency Committee Messrs. T. H. Edwards. J. C. Rea, and W. It Jones were selected. Air. John Henry Edwards was re- appointed Captain of the team for the ensuing year, and Mr. Arthur Green Vice-Captain in place of his brother who has left the town. Mr. T. H. Edwards proposed, and the Chairman seconded, "that a hearty vote of thanks be tendered to the Captain, Vice-Captain and the other members of last year's team for their services," and the resolu- tion was carried amid loud applause. A similar vote was accorded to the officers for the able way in which thpy bad discharged their duties. In replying to a vote of thanks, Mr. R. J. Jones said he was always glad to render any assistance he could towards the furtherance of athletics in the town. and hoped that before long the scheme for providing a roci cation ground would have been accomplished and steps taken to set it in working order. He also expressed the hope that the result of the forthcoming football season would eclipse all others, as he thought it would do, and that the members of the team would rally round the captain and give him similar support to that they had id ready accor-'ed him. DAY TRJRS. —In addition to the usual day trips from stations on the local lines, which came in during the week, a large excursion arrived on Saturday from the Walsall and Wolverhampton districts. A large number of the trippers made a stay until Tuesday. PAXTON SOCIETY.—A meeting of the committee of the above society was held at the College on Tuesday evening. It was decided to apply to the Registrar of the College for a course of ten lectures on fruit culture to be held at the College weekly during the summer months, to commence on Friday. July 29th. The lectures to be free to all the inhabitants of the district and visitors. Mr. Miller, ^Llanbadarn, was co-opted as a member of the Committee. SCHOOL BOARD.—A meeting of the above board was held on Tuesday evening, present Mr. Peter Jones, chairman. Rev Prebendary Williams, Yen. Archdeacon Protheioe. Mr. T. Hall, Mr. William Thomas, and Mrs. Griffith, together with the Clerk, Mr. R. J. Roberts, Mr. Saer, headmaster and Mr. D. A. Lloyd, attendance officer. The ordinary bills were ordered to be paid. Requisition lists from the Headmaster, Miss Samuel, Infant's De- partment, and the Clerk were passed. A letter was received from Miss Samuel. Infant's Depart- ment, applying for an increase of salary. It was decided that the question of salaries of teachers be put on the agenda for the September meeting. Votes were recorded on behalf of the Board for the following to serve on the Court of Governors of the University College of Wales. Rev. T. Levi, Mr P. Jones, Mr. T. Darlington, H.M,I., and Mr. D. C. Roberts. The attendance report for June showed Board School: Boys', 82-4 per cent; Girls', 83: Infants. 84. National School: Bovs,'81'7percent: Girls'. 78 Infants, 78.4. Penparke School, 78. The headmaster was asked to prepare a comparison of the attendance at the Board School for the last 8 months with that for the average for Wales and for England, and to present it at the next meeting. Messrs P. Jones ond T. Hall were appointed visiting committee for the present month. PRESENTATION TO MR. T. KILVINGTON.—An interesting ceremony took place at the station on Wednesday evening, when the employees of the Cambrian and Manchester and Milford Companies. gathered together for the purpose of presenting Mr. T. Kelvington, the late station master, with a handsome gold watch, a silver cigar case, and a meershaum pipe, all of which bore the recipient's initials neatly engraved, the watch bearing the further inscription:—" Presented to Mr. T. Kil- vinaton bv the Cambrian and M. and M. Railway employees, Aberystwyth Station. June, 1899." Mr. David James, the oldest railwayman in the district. in a well chosen speech said the real value of the presents did not consist in their intrinsic worth but in the expression of good feeling which they were intended to convey, and after relating some interesting incidents he formally handed over the gifts to Air. Kilvington. Several others spoke of the kindness and popularity of the late station master, and one and all regretted that his con- nection with the Cambrian Company, which had extended for about a quarter of a century, had been brought to a termination, and wished him un- precedented success in his new sphere. Mr. Kil- vington feelinglyT responded and said he was exceedingly sorry his happy and close connection with his old friends and fellow workers should be severed. Nevertheless, he still hoped to be able to enjoy their company as it was not his intention to leave Aberystwyth. He had made a great many friends whilst at Aberystwyth, and lie did not purpose leaving the town if he could possibly help it (applause). INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL.—A meeting of Mana- gers was held on Friday evening at the Town Hall. Present: Mr. George Davis, Chairman, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. James, Miss Jones, Rev. T. Levi, Prof. Genese, Messrs. R. J. Jones, and Richard Richards, Mr. Samuel. :H.M., Miss Ewart, Sen. Mis., and Mr. J. Evans, Clerk. The minutes of the meetings of June 2nd, 15th and 50th were read and confirmed. The appplication of Sergeant Long. Drill Master, for an increase of salary was referred to the Finance Committee with power to act. The application of the British College Christian Union for permistion to connect a water pipe with the supply pipes in the school yard and take such water pipes over the hedge to the football field for the purpose of supplying their camp with water from July 29th to August 7th next was granted, provided the Aberystwyth Corporation raised no difficulty and on condition of their paying any excess in the water rate over 30s. for the current quarter, and making good any damage caused. Payments to the amount of Z40 3s. lOd. were ordered to be made. It was resolved that the two screens and four new models mentioned in Mr. Appleton's requisition be purchased, and that an ordnance survey map (1 inch to the mile) of the school district on cloth rollers, to be hung in the school, be purchased. The clerk was instructed to write to Mr. J. H. Howell, one of the applicants for the post of science teacher, for a certificate as to his health by Dr. Walters, and if such certificate should in the opinion of the chairman and clerk be satisfactory that Mr. Howell be asked to attend the next meeting. If no satisfactory certificate be received from Mr. Howell that Mr. H. B. Milne and Mr. B. Jordan cftTefffttrie next meeting. It was resolved that Miss Katherine M. Green, Miss Edith M. Theobold, Miss S. M. Morgan, and Miss S. E. Thomas, candidates for the post of Assistant Mistress be asked to attend the next meeting, and that all candidates from a distance who attend shall be paid their third class railway fare, and the sum of 10s. Mrs. Williams and Mr. Richards were appointed Superintendents for the Scholarship Examination. Mrs. James, Dolybont, called the attention of the Governors to the proposal of Mrs. Humphreys-Owen that the 1T ontgomeryshire scheme should be so amended as to allow local governors to charge pupils from outside the school district the full cost of their education. If this were carried out it would greatly effect Aberystwyth School, and the Governors ought to be prepared to take full advantage of it.—Professor Genese thought the matter was so important '.t fiat they ought to defer it and have a full dress debate on it.—Mrs. James said that if Montgomeryshire charged more, parents will be apt to send their children to Aberystwyth school instead of to Machynlleth.—Mr. Samuel, headmaster, said that the Montgomeryshire scheme would simply mean the ruin of Machynlleth school, as there were 37 pupils out of the 57 from outside districts. He did not think the scheme would be passed.—Mrs. James pointed out that Borth sent ten pupils to Machyn- lleth, whereas they ought to come to Aberystwyth. —It was agreed to discuss the matter fully at the next meeting. HARBOUR COMMITTEE.—Monday evening. Pre- sent Councillor R. Doughton (chairman), Alder- man T. Doughton, Councillors E. L. James, J. P. Thomas, Isaac Hopkins, D. C. Roberts, with Mr. A. J. Hughes (town clerk), Mr. H. N. Evans (borough accountant), and Mr. Rees Jones (surveyor).—A letter was read from the Nobel Explosives Com- pany, stating, in reference to the complaint made as to landing of explosives at the harbour on June 26th, the master of the steamer Marmion had been censured, and it was pointed out to him that his orders required from him the most implicit compliance in the rules of the bye-laws of every port which he might visit. The company assured the council that such breach of the regulations would not be committed in future.—The explana- was considered satisfactory.—The Surveyor was instructed to offer Messrs. Green, the Foundry, 9,25 for trucks used for the tipping of debris to back up the sea wall at the harbour. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE.—Monday evening. Present: Alderman Peter Jones (in the chair), Alderman T. Doughton. Councillors Peake, Hopkins, J. P. Thomas, D. C. Roberts (mayor), and James.— The accounts for the past fortnight were as follows:—Town department, £77 18s. 4d.; water- works, £3 4s. 6d; Harbour Act, £ 23 5s. lid.; burial board, PZ 12s; total, E107 Os. 9d.—The Mayor asked what had been done about the widening of Plascrug-road. The summer was nearly gone.—The Surveyor said that he supposed they would now wait until the crops were off.- The Chairman pointed out that there was a larger question of a recreation ground to be considered. —The Mayor thought that the widening of the road should be done without interfering with that. —The Surveyor said that the footpath required to be made up, and they might do both things at the same time.—Alderman Jones called attention to the several roads in the Western part of the town: High-street, Prospect-street, St. Michael's place, and Vulcan-street, and a suggestion was made that the lower part of St. Michael's place should be widened, the Chairman mentioning that there was an unconseerated portion of the church- yard which they might be able to secure.—The Medical Officer (Dr. A. Thomas), presented his quarterly report, which showed that the town was quite free from scarlet fever. The sta'.e of the lodging houses and slaughter houses was satifac- tory. The number of births during the quarter was 46 (23 males and 23 females), giving a birth rate of 23*1; the deaths numbered 29. Four deaths occurred amongst stranger., so that the number of deaths amongst residential inhabitants^as 25 the death rate was 12-5 per thousand, which he considered a favourable one. The Chairman considered the report a very favourable one. and the death rate very low.- AI(leritian Doughton How is the mortality, among the Infants?—Dr. Thomas: I believe it is higher this quarter. There are seven under one- year.—The Mayor said that he was pleased to see that the same number of males and females had been born (laughter) because there was a complaint in that county that there was a far greater number of women than men. They were doing their best at Aberystwyth to remedy that (laughter).—Alderma n Doughton: The Mayor is quite interested.—The Chairman: A blessing on his efforts (laughter).— The Inspector of Nuisances presented his report. and the Town Clerk was instructed to take Aberystwyth to remedy that (laughter).—Alderma n Doughton: The Mayor is quite interested.—The Chairman: A blessing on bis efforts (laughter).— The Inspector of Nuisances presented his report, and the Town Clerk was instructed to take proceedings against tho*e who had not complied with notices. SESSIONS.—At the Petty Sessions yesterday morning, Wm. Sims, hawker, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Penglas road. He was sentenced to 14 days hard labour, and his license was ordered to be cancelled. A MYSTERY.—The inhabitants of certain parts of the town, especially Railway-terrace, are pal- pably reminded on certain days of the week of the story in the Gospel of the Pool of Bethsaida and its troubled waters. On these certain days some evil genius seems to enter the water, and agitating it without improving its qualities as did the good angel at Bethsaida. THE COLLEGE.—A very welcome improvement is being made in the surroundings of the College by the erection of a handsome ornamental iron railing instead of the wooden hoardings which have sheared the premises for a considerable time. Perhaps the College authorities will follow the example of the Corporation and adorn the place by a few good bushes of green shrubs. FIRE BRIGADE.—The Chief Constable is a good citizen as well as a good officer, and the town can congratulate itself upon securing the services of so active and capable a gentleman as Mr. Howell Evans to control its fire brigade. A wag, who had probably been preparing for matric some time or other said that Mr. Evans had one fine head before, but now he would have two, Kor both chief and captain mean a head. THE INFIRMARY.—The monthly meeting of the Board of Management was held on Thursday evening, at the Infirmary. There were present: J. G. W. Bonsall, Esq., in the chair, Capt. Cosens, Rev. T. A. Penry, Dr. A. Thomas, Messrs. Jessie Williams, Alderman C. M. Williams, Wm. Thomas, J. D. Perrott, W. H. Colby. During the past month there were 19 admitted as in-patients, 22 discharged, and 253 out-patients were treated. It was decided to advertize for a new Dispenser. SCHOLASTIC.—Miss Daisy James, daughter of Captain James, of Rose Villa, Llanbadarn Road, has been successful in passing the Intermediate examination of the Welsh University. Miss James succeeded in satisfying her examiner in more subjects than were required to pass the interme- diate stage. She passed in three subjects last year, and this year again she worked at four subjects, and was successful in all four. Miss M. E. Phillips, Pier Street, also passed at the same examination in ordinary English and Mathematics and Intermediate Latin. MARRIAGE.—On Tuesday, at the Parish Church of Llanbadarn Fawr, Dr. Ethe, professor of Oriental languages at the University College of Wales, was married to Miss Dora Phillips, second daughter of Mr. W. Abraham Phillips, Lvncrott, St. David's Road. Aberystwyth, and formerly residing at Lichfield. The bride, who was attired in a dress of ivory satin lace, was given away by her father, and Mr. R. B. Wilson was best man. The bridesmaids were Miss Margaret Phillips and Miss Alice Lawrence, sister and cousin of the bride. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. X. Thomas, assisted by the Rev. Prebendary Williams, Aberystwyth. The wedding breakfast was held at the bride's home, and the happy couple went away by an afternoon train for their hochzeitreise in Germany. FINE FEATHERS.—On Wednesday evening the Town Band marched through the main streets, clad for the first time in their new garments, which are guaranteed to attract attention. A group of our lead- ing tradesmen stood near the Town Clock eagerly expecting the approach of the band to discover its identity, One said it was a military band, another that it came from Corris, but the difficulty was soon solved when a local musician, of no mean repute, stepped forward and volunteered the ex- planation that it was no other than the famous Newtown Band, which was making its last parade through the town prior to its return home by the evening excursion. Looking wistfully at the proud approaching lines of green and white, and listening attentively to the martial strains "of the band, he exclaimed confidently, Don't they play a treat, and isn't it a pity we have no band like this to play on the Terrace." The speaker's features changed considerably when he recognized the conductor, and his feelings may be better imagined than described. POLICE CASK.—J:y Gth, before J. Lewis and Edward Evans. E.sqrs. Daniel Evans. A\ orkhouse, Aberystwyth, was charged by Mr. William Jones, Workhouse master, for absconding from the Union whilst there detained as indoor pauper. Discharged. July 7th. before J. G. H. F. Bonsall, D. Thomas, and D. Howell, Esqrs. Elizabeth Boswell, Llan- dilo, was charged with stealing 13 pence, the property of Mary Ann Jones, Llanbadarn; and Matilda Price was charged with stealing 10 £ d., the property of Mary Ann Hughes, Llanbadarn. Both prisoners were sentenced to 7 days imprisonment, July 8tb, before Messrs. Thomas Griffith and D. J Howell, William Lloyd, Peacock Place, Shrews- bury, was charged by P.C. Powell for being drunk whilst in charge of a horse and a spring cart on the highway. The defendant was bound over in R1 to come up for judgment if called upon.—On 9th July, before Messrs. John Morgan and John Lewis, James Hill, Galway, Ireland, was charged by Mr. William Jones, workhouse master, for re- f usin<rowiiYteeri days' hard labour. 10th July before :C. P. Wynne and R. Morgan Esqs. John Leyson, Caerphilly, was charged by P.C. Charman for acting as pedlar without a license at Aberystwyth.—The defendant was bound over in Zl to come up for judgement if called upon. GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE.—A meeting of the General Purposes Committee was held on Tuesday evening. Present:—Councillor Wynne (chairman), Alderman Peter Jones, Councillors C. M. Williams, D. C. Roberts (mayor), T. E. Salmon, with the Town Clerk (Mr. A. J. Hughes), and the Borough Accountant (Mr. Evans).—The Town Clerk reported that the man who had applied for permission to sell oysters on the Promenade, and had been refused by the Council, was disre- garding the Council's decision, and the Town Clerk was directed to take proceedings against him, and to report on the practice generally.—Attention was drawn to the touting" carried on by hackney carriage proprietors in Terrace-road. Alderman Peter Jones pointed out that the Council had pre- vented boatmen and donkey proprietors from touting," but these men were now doing it. He thought the Chief Constable might instruct his men to render assistance to the inspector in this matter, and the Town Clerk, on getting sufficient evidence, should take proceedings. "Touting" in the Terrace-road was now worse than it ever was- one could not go by without half a dozen people throwing cards into his hands. He read a case recently in which a man who was fined was at the same' time deprived of his license.—The Town Clerk suggested that he should write warning the offenders, and the suggestion was agreed to.—The Chairman intimated that he had made inquiries with regard to the complaint made by Mr. Coun- cillor Thomas as to the overcrowding of pleasure boats, and had failed to discover any offenders.— The Mayor The Inspector is giving the matter careful attention.—Mr. Wynne: There was one complaint investigated, but we found that the boat, which was licensed to carry 53 people, only carried 35. FINANCE COMMITTEE.—A meeting of the Fin- ance Committee was beldthe same evening. Pre- sent Councillor C. M. Williams (chairman), Alder- man Peter Jones, Councillors R. J. Jones, T. E. Salmon, D. C. Roberts (Mayor), J. Jenkins, and E. P. Wynne.-—The application of the Manager of the M. & M. Railway Company for a lease of the premises adjoining the slaughter-house was considered. On the proposition of Coun- cillor R. J. Jones, it was decided to grant the lease for 21 years, with the option of terminating it at the end of 14 years.—A letter was read from the Secretary to the Gas Company asking for a re- newal of the lease of the Gas Works as a building site. They were anxious to remove their works at once, and trusted the Couucil would decide in favour of the renewal of the lease, as they intended putting up offices and show-rooms on the frontage for which they had a lease of 51 years to run. The Chairman said that when the application first came before the Committee, the company did not specify what they intended doing with the land, but now they said it was for a building site.—Alderman Jones: It is a large piece; do they intend the offices to cover that area ?—Councillor Jones said the Directors were prepard to build houses there if the lease was granted, and were anxious to pro- ceed as soon as possible.-Alderman Jones said that in the case of a 75 years' lease there must be a building put up that was of proportionate value to the land. It was high time that they should consider the question of securing a site for the purpose of a market, and the suitability of this site would strike all of them, and he would suggest the scheduling of the front for that purpose.—The Chairman: I think the whole Committee con- sidered the site very favourably for a market.-Atr. Salmon: But is there any prospect of having a mar- ket within the next 14 years? It's no usescbeduling it out if you don't intend erecting a market at once. —The Chairman We should secure a site so that we might be able to do anything when we like.- Councillor Jones said that the Company did not wish to do anything before the Corporation had made up thir minds what they intended doing. The lease had 52 years to run. The Gas Company must have a town office and a show room. They did not wish to do anything in opposition to the wishes of the Corporation.—Councillor Salmon We should meet the Gas Company in every possible way. They have always complied with our re- quirements,. It seems to me there's a certain amount of prejudice as regards the rights of the Directors.—The Chairman There's no prejudice of any kind.—The Mayor said that as this was a good site for the market they had better retain it rather than let it slip from their hands. It was not necessary that they should say they were going to build a market immediately.—Alderman Jones said the town was so compactly built that it would be difficult to get another site. He proposed that 4 they schedule the whole of the premises—Coun- cillor Salmon seconded.—Carried.—The letter re- ceived from Mr. Hugh Hughes with regard to Mr" Hopkins s lease was considered.—The Cairman said the first question was whether they were prepared to consider the matter at all. if so they would have to visit the premises. The thing had been hanging on from time to time, because they had not received a definite answer the last answer was not at all satisfactory.—The Mayor thought they had no right to reopen the question, since they had given their word that thev would grant the lease.—The Chair- man pointed out that the terms were given under a misapprehension. They believed Mr. Hopkins was owner of the fpremises, whereas he was not.- Councillor Salmon proposed that the lease be granted on the same terms as given preyiously.- The Chairman Before you do that the committee must visit the premises.—Councillor Salman I don't think The Chairman: You must accept my ruling.—Councillor Salmon: The committee visited the premises at the time the conditions were given. Why don't you treat this application in the same way that you treat others ?—The Chair- man: I am treating it exactly as I have treated other cases.—The Mayor (to the Chairman): As everyone of the committee 'is agreed don't you think we should grant it without visiting the premises ?-The Chairman: It is my duty to do what we have done hitherto. I am quite willing to retire as Chairman if yon agree.—Councillor Sal- mon said he would propose that the lease be granted from 1894.-TheChairman: That's an extraordinary proposal. We had a special resolution that all premises are to be visited, and I have to see that that is carried out.—The Mayor: Put the motion to the mecting.-The Chairman (emphatically) Xo, no, I can't. We must not treat people differently. —The Mayor But you are not responsible if we do treat them differently. The committee is respon- sible.—The Chairman: If I don't think it is in order it is a matter for me. It is perfectly open for you to appoint another chairman.—Councillor Salmon Surely you are not going to be so obstinate as all that.—Tiie Chairman It is not obstinacy at all.—Alderman Jones: It is not a question of ruling. If the committee wish to do it we can.—The Chair- man I shall not put it you can put it.—The Mayor I think it is your duty to put it from the chair whether you agree with it or not.—The Chairman re-iterated his intention not to put the motion, after several appeals from the members, and then said As far as I am concerned the meeting is at an end. —Councillor Salmon thereupon proposed that Alderman Jones take the chair.—Councillor Wil- liams No one can take the chair, the meeting is at end. Alderman Jones: We haven't sung the doxologv (laughter).—Councillor Salmon: It is ridiculous that one member of the Corporation should control everything and ignore everything done here -CouncillorIVilliailis (who had put his hat on. but still remained in his seat): It is nothing of the sort. The meeting is at an end.—Councillor Salmon: It is out of order altogether, you are most unreasonable.— Councillor Williams (to the re- porters) The meeting is at an end.—Councillor Salmon (warmly) I say it is not. We have not decided this question. It is most unreasonable for a man of your experience.—Councillor Williams; We are not discussing the question now, we're not in committee at all.—Councillor Salmon It's strange that one man should have the monopoly of saving what we arc to do. and what we're not to do. -Alderman Jones remarked that Mr. Hopkins had waived all claims wainst the Corporation, and had sent a formal lettr- as required, and yet Mr. Wil- liams was not satis'led.—At this stage one member after another got im and the meeting ended.











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