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Gardening in July.


Gardening in July. THE FRUIT GARDEN. Gather fruits of all sorts as they ripen. Continue to prune and train wall and espalier trees, and to destroy insects. Propagate different kinds of store fruit-trees, by budding on other trees or on pre- pared stocks. THE KITCHEN GARDEN. Prepare such pieces of ground as are vacant, in order to receive such seeds and plants as are proper to supply the table with necessary productions in autumn and winter; many crops will now require inserting, both by sowing and planting, some for temporary succession, and others more extensive for longer continuance, in full crop, for the above- mentioned seasons. Sow the seeds of culinary vegetables for succession. Sow successional crops of lettuce and small salads. Take up shallots, Gather and dry medicinal and pot herbs and pro- pagate these by slips and cuttings. Watering will be generally required if the weather is hot and (try. Clear the ground now from the stalks and leaves of all such plants as have done bearing. In particular, clear away the stalks and leaves of the early crop of cauliflowers, and let the ground be made perfectly clear from all manner of rubbish and weeds. Likewise pull up the stalks and haulm of such beans and peas as have done bearing, and all such other plants as are past service, clearing away also all decayed leaves of cabbage, arti- y 1!1 chokes, and such like rubbish litter, which both appear disagreeable, and afford harbour to noxious vermin; and let all large weeds be at the same time cleared off the ground: the ground will then appear neat, and also be ready to dig, in order to oe sown or planted with autumn or winter crops. THE FLOWER GARDEN. Transplant the seedling auriculas which were sown last year, and also the seedling polyanthus. Transplant the perennial and biennial seedlings which were not done last month, to remain till October. Propagate herbaceous and other plants that have gone out of flower, by means of slips and cuttings. Make cuttings of verbenas and other greenhouse or window plants; those that were made early in spring may now be planted in the beds to supply the place of the bulbs and other plants that have quite done flowering. The minor convolvulus comes now into bloom and remains in bloom in ordinary seasons till September. All the varieties of the minor convolvulus should be largely cultivated. In large masses, or the various colours in contrast, they look exceedingly fine. The plants should stand eight or ten inches apart. Petunias flower die first year from seed and if sown out of doors in April will bloom freely from the end of the month till November. The hydrangea hortensis, or the changeable hydrangea, is now in bloom, and remains in bloom till October. Continue to lay carnations to propagate them and also double Sweet-\v iliiams. This may be performed any time in thi" month but the sooner it is done the better. Examine the layers from time to time. and see they keep securely in their places; where any have started, let them be pegged down again in their propor position. Let them. in dry weather, be often watered, but with moderation. If this month prove Lot and dry, place your potted carnations in a sheltered situation, and keep them just moist. Stake up and tie dahlias and strong herbaceous plants. Cut down the stalks of such herbaceous plants as have dene flowering, so that they may send !■}) tresh shoots and produce a second set of flowc-,r,. Take up all bulbs as fast a-- their leaves decay. and put them in a proper place to dry. The tubers of the ranunculus should be taken up as soon as the leaves begin to turn brown, which will generahy be in July. Cut away dead roses, &c., as soon as they fade. Nothing more completely destroys the beauty of a flower-garden than having a number of dead dowers mingled with the newly expanded one. Bud roses; though if the weather be moist any time will do from June till September. The main point is to have the weather sufficiently moist and warm to stimulate the dormant action of the bud. Watering should at this time be duly practised in dry weather, for all such plants as have been lately planted out, till they have taken root; likewise lor seed-beds lately sown. Keep the borders clean. Alow the lawn and grass walks. Plant autumnal bulbs.

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