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ABERYSi Vv i i ii. PRINTING of every kind quickly and neatly done at the -Welsh Gazette" Printcric.. rjidge-street and Gray's Inn Road. PLBLIC LIBRARY.—The number of hooks taken out fill- the week trirliuk J uly lovh --Va.-> 4C0. PICNIC.—On Wednesday aftern-• M-v. Maries Thomas's School made their annual ouung and picnic, and went by train to Llanrhystyd Road. SHORTHAND.—The owing "t Mr. Ravenh-ill have been successful in ootaming certificates for proficiency—Messrs. Isaac R. Owen, Jame: Davies, David Thomas, David W. Jones, Ernest Wilkinson. MINISTERIAL.—The Rev. J. Hugh Edwards, of I (t' Teriaee Road, occupie-i ti>» pulpit -.<• rpa<iding- fcon Congregational C:-i,i-i, Lo,. • •> • .1 Sunday, iast, in place of the pastor, the Rev. Ossian Davies.; THE MINSTRELS.—0:I Monday EVENING a grand; ■concert will be given at the Roval Pier Pavilion, by Mr. Harry Collins' 1-:1 '10. ~F- ;-rtieulai- see advertisement. HORTICULTURE.—Mr. J. L. Picard. will shortly deliver a series of loct < on fnllt at the College. Further particulars may be iound in .our advertising columns. Mathias :1rl Sons. Ship Owners, have removal tlwir 1rnm Bridge Street to more convenient & COMMODIOUS premises in Terrace Road, in order to meet the requirements of the extension of their business. THE MORE THE MFPRIETJ. -TH" London and Northwestern Co. have opened all Enquiry office at Messrs. Wlieatley, in Terrace road. and one of the Company's agents will be stationed in the town during the summer It n.imourcd that the Great Western Co. contemplate going- a few steps further. I.O.G.T.-Tiie usual meeting held at the Progress Hall, Mill-street, last iuiday even.:ib. xhe follow- ing members took part Miss Lizzie Jones, Bridge- street Miss Lizzie Jones, Penglais-road; Miss Emily Jones, Miss Eva" Messrs D. Moses Davies and Ebenezer Thomas. Two new members were enrolled. THE WELSH-PARIS EXHIBITION.—In another part of the paper we print an iii- account of the Aberystwyth .1. Welsh-Paris Exhibition, held this week at Cardiff. It is grat- ifying to learn that ilie Aberysi wyth Section holds a high position, and the Exhibits reflect great credit upon the School and College authorities. B.C.C.C.—The gentlemen belonging to the British College Christian Union, particulars of which was given in our previous issue, will camp in a field behind Norton Terrace. Llanbadarn Road, during their visit to Aberystwyth in August. The lady members will be accommodated at the College Hall of Residence. ACCIDENT.—On Monday night a young man named Grimshaw, a ludive Manchester, met with a serious accident while cycling from Devil's Bridge to Aberystwyth. Shortly after leaving the Bridge he lost control of his machine, and was thrown off. He sustained severe injuries to his head and shoulder-blade. He was taken to the Infirmary shortly after midnight, where he was y I attended to by Dr. Morgan, the house surgeon. CHURCH AND CHAI»EL—Last Sunday the pulpit of the Independent Chapel was occupied by Pro- fessor Anwyl, and < naeie by the Rev John Roberts, of Con-is. At the Roman Catholic Church the services were conducted by Bishop Mostyn. At St Michael's Church the pulpit was occupied by the Rev Charles Phillins, curate of Chirk, and son to the inls Itcv Ciiaiieeiior Phillips. THE WEATHEi,The weather during the current week has been delightfully fine. The intense heat that prevailed at the beginning of the week was tempered by genial breezes from the sea. Slight showers of rain fell at intervals, but thev did not in the least mar the pleasures of the visitors. On Sunday evening there was a beautiful sunset. A golden path stretched across the sea from the beach to the ii^iant horizon; and as the sun set across the waters the hills of Carnarvon- shire were lit up with a panoramic effect, DEATH OF A LIVERPOOL BOOKSELLER.—Mr. Thomas Lloyd, E.ertcn-rcad, for- merly of Tithebarn-street, Liverpool, died on Satur- day, after a short illness. T.o to Liverpool from Aberystwyth over 50 years ago, and was deacon at Rose-place and Fitzclarence-street Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapeis for 42 years. The funeral took place on Wednesday at 2.15 at Anfield Cemetery, a service being held at one o'clock at Fitzclarence-street Chapel. The Rev. John Hughes, M.A., and other ministers were present. A VISITOR'S 2;¡s Dn./rn. Frederick Herbert Bird, of BAii,Ingham, a visitor, died suddenly at Cliff View, Victoria-terrace, about 7 o'clock on Monday morning heat complica- tions. Dr. Harriot was caiicri in. but nothing could be done. Mr. John Evans (coroner) was notified of the death. but as a letter bad been received from Dr. H. Wood of Birmingham, under whose care he had been, aninquirywas not deemed necessary. The deceased srentleman. who was accompanied by his v. iio, V.a", about Z0 years of age. APPOINTMENT.— Mr. Joseph Davies, solicitor, and registrar, of Aberystwyth County Court has been appointed and admitted a notary public to practice at Aberystwyth and within thirty miles thereof. This is, it is believed, the first time a provincial notary public has been appointed to practice over so large a district, a: 1 i-he reason for it is that there was previously notary in the whole of Mid-Wales. Mr. Josél." Davies's appoint- ment will therefore be a great public convenience. UNIVERSITY.—Mr. D. E. Rowlands, scholar of Jesus College, Oxford, has graduated B.A. with honours in Natural Science. Mr. Rowlands is the son of Mr. Rowlands, of Brennan, and was for some time at Llandovery College before matriculating at Jesus College. Previous to that he was at the Old Bank School ••i- M.A., now headmaster of the County School. Mr. Rowlands' earlier in his University career, had passed modera- tions in Mathematics. Another old pupil of Mr. Samuel—Mr. W. H. Davies, of LIP-(Irod-lately graduated B.A. with honours in Classics at St. David's College, Lampeter. ToivN GARDENING.— The flower bed en the Castle grounds near the approach from Great Darkgate street is wearing its best garb just now and is drawing considerable attention from passers- by. Flowers always seem to flourish well on this spot, but this season art and nature seem to have combined together to ensure a pleasant effect. There is almost every variety ot colour: and the wealth of colour is well arranged. The fragrance of the flowers also is exceedingly delightful. We promise our readers who visit the place a treat, and ,t would be a step in the right direction if a few more similar KROEI:; adotucii IHE Castle grounds. PHARMACY.—Mr. Samuel Doughton. the youngest son of Councillor Robert Doughton, has been suc- cessful in passing an examination recently held in London, qualifying him to act as a Chemist. Mr. Doughton intends continuing his 'studies in order to obtain his major certificate. He served his apprenticeship with Mr. Robert Ellis, Terrace Road. A BIG FISH.—Mr. Wilb';iw) Shoemaker, Queen Street, landed a conger coi on tiie rocks below the Pier on Monday night, weighing fifteen pounds. The fish was of huge dimensions, and Evans had considerable difficulty in landing it. Tm: WEEK'S EXCURSIONS.—The staff at the station have been busy with the numerous excur- sions which arrived from various parts during the week. On Thursday a crowded train from Shifnal, two from Welshpool n, another from the M. and M. Lino. The workmen of the Rugby Portland Cement Company visited the town on Saturday, and two trips came in the same day from Small Heath containing altogether no less than about 2,500 persons. About 500 excursionists visited the town from Leamington on Monday, another trip came in from Malvern on Tuesday, and to day (Thursday) a large excursion is expected from Shrewsbury. The trains were despatched from the stetion to time. HORTICULTURAL Suow.-A committee in con- nection with the forthcoming horticultural show was announced to take place on Friday when Messrs James Purton, Weller, C. Palmer, D. Colville and H. G. At-wrod (secretary) attended. No business was transacted for want of a quorum the absenting members probably being busy at Lome making active preparations for the show by trimming and training their exhibits which are already looking well. It was announced by the Secretary that Mr. Harry Collins would provide a minstrel troupe for the show and that Mr. T. E, Salmon would arrange the provision of refresh- ments. The Secretary was- asked to coramunicate with the local railways for the purpose of inducing them to run special trains in connection with the event as in former 'nr- A PLUCKY IúL. -¡; 0*1 lJI., WA-Y homo on Thursday evening, a pony attached to a cart in charge of a lad named WiHin of Gorsfach. took fright in Bridge Street at a pool of water which was being tossed about bv <!»«• wind. Tlw animal immediately boiled away at great speed, and several attempts to stop it provod unsuccess-, fnl. The lad who was i reside the eakt struggled pluckily to arrest the reins but to no purpose. When half way down the street the hanic.v. v.•»< reins became entangled and the broke which caused much apprehension as to the Jad's safety. Continuing at the same speed the rjinawav at last came in contact with to*- "OHvomoio Mr. Mcllquham's premises, and this ocxi-edd'ho cart to overturn with the pony under it. The lad was thrown overboard, and in spite of his injuries he soon got up and n.-si-t.-d the pony which was partly stunned to get on to its feet. The cart was almost smashed, and the prny received .-iicrht in juries. L J THE TOWN COUNCIL.—A full and interesting t report of the proceedings at the last meeting of the Tuwn Council will be found on another page. ACCIDENT.—Whilst a youmg lad named, Evan Davies, was passing through Terrace-road this afternooa he got in the way of one of the Corpora- tion workmen who lifting his shovel into the cart accidentally struck the youth in the face. One of the lad'slips was cut severely, and lie was immedi- ately taken to Mr. D. Morgan, chemist, to have his injuries attended to. A WELSHMAN IN INDIA.—Mr. D.Edward Evans, formerly of this town, has been promoted to the offiee of Superintendent and Consulting Engineer for Messrs. Ralli Bros., Cawnpore, Calcutta, in whose emplovment he has served for the last nine years. Mr. Evans served his apprenticeship at the Rheidol Foundry, under Messrs. Williams and Metcalfe, and he is expected to return to Aberyst- wvth next year for a few months holiday. Mr. Evans still takes a keen interest in all matters pertaining to his native country, and is often to be found in the company of friends from this part, a large number of whom reside in India. MARRIAGE.—On Tuesday, at Pembroke Terrace C. M. Church, Cardiff, the marriage was solemnized by the Rev. J. Morgan Jones, between Mr. Richard Mathias, younger son of Mr. John Matliias, of Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth, and Miss Annie Hughes, younger daugher of Mr. Evan Hughes, of 6, St. Andrew's Crescent, Cardiff. Mr. L. J. Alathias acted as best man, and the bridesmaid was Miss Mvfanwy Evans, Laura Place. The bride and bridegroom being held in high esteem at Cardiff and Aberystwyth respectively, the wedding presents were very numerous and costly. PETTY SESSIONS.—At the Police Court this morning, before Messrs. Peter Jones, C. M. Wil- liems, W. H. Palmer, R. J. Jones, and Edward Evans.—Thomas Evans, Lletty Pennod, Penuwch, charged by Superintendent Phillips with being drunk whilst in charge of a horse and trap at Aberystwyth, was fined 10s. and costs.—Evan Davies, Cambrian Terrace, was fined 5s. and costs for drunkenness.—John Jenkins. Little Darkgate Street, butcher, summoned for obstructing the highway by allowing a basket and hamper to remain thereon, was tined 2s. 6d. and costs.—Mary Taylor, of Stone, Staffs, summoned by Inspector Davies, of the R.S.P.C.A., for cruelly illtreating a donkey by working it whilst in an unfit state at Trefechan, was fined 5s. and costs.—The summons against Albert Dawson, Trefechan, for neglecting Z, I to send his child to school regularly, was dismissed. RHEIDOL JUVENILE CHOIR,—On Tuesday even- ing a concert was held at the Royal Pier Pavilion, in aid of the Rheidol Juvenile Choir, who are going to Cardiff to-day (Thursday), to compete at the Eisteddfod. There was a crowded house, the audience numbering over a thousand, and the receipts reached the handsome sum of £40. The choir maintained its envious reputation in the rendering of each item, the singing being of a high standard. In response to a hearty encore the choir went through the test pieces twice, and on each occasion the performance fully justified the enterprise in joining the competition at the National. The chairman of the concert was Councillor C. M. Williams, J.P., and the following is a copy of the programme :Chorus, Shine that Jewel Brow for Aye," Choir; duet, Hard Times Come no More," Misses Pickering and Davies song, Bay of Biscay," Mr. G. Haydn Jones part song, Six Friends song, I- Gwlad y Delyn," Mrs. J. H. Edwards dwarf song, Tar-i-e-ar-re-tim-tuiii," Mr. Gilbert Rogers; song, 41 Y Fam a'i Baban," Miss M. Richards; test pieces at Car(liff Eisteddfod, I- Awn yn Mlaen and Sweet and Low," Choir song, O, Holy Man of Sorrow," Miss Edwards (Treorky); male party, Comrades in Arms," Aberystwyth Party; penillion singing, Mr. J. Meurig Edwards; chorus, Rejoice and Merry Be," Choir song, Dewch Adref," Miss M. M. Davies; duet, Ora Pro Nobis," Misses G. and R. Jones song, Mrs. Edwards; duet, Band of Hope," Mr. and Miss Rowlands song, Lead, Kindly Light," Mr. J. E. Harries; song. "My Old Dutch," Mr. Gilbert Rogers (by special desire) song, 0, Rest in the Lord," Miss Edwards (Treorky); duet, Hywel a Blodwen," Mr. Jenkins and Miss Jones; penillion singing, Mr. J. Meurig Edwards.







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