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BALA. BOARD OF GUARDIANS—SATURDAY. Present: Mr. Evan Jones (chairman), Mi"" Parry (vice), Mrs. Price, Mrs. Morris, Messrs Daniel Roberts, Robert Jones, Wm. Richards, Robert Hughes. J. J. Edwards, L. J. Davies, E. M. Roberts, J. LI. Jones, R. Davies, and E. M. Roberto, Roberts, J. Ll. Jones, R. Davies, and E. M. Roberto, with J. R. Jones (clerk), and T. R.Dakin (assistant clerk). STATISTICS. The balance in the Treasurer's hands was reported to be Z148 15s Od., and in the Relieving Officer's hands P,10 14s lid. During the last three weeks £46 6s Od had been administered in the relief of 136 out door paupers as against Z55 0, 6d to 165 last year. The Treasurer had during that time received £73 from Llandderfel Parish, and i22 18s 6d from Dolgelley Union. THE HOUSE. The Master reported that there were 19 inmates in the Workhouse last week, this being a decrease of five on the corresdonding week last year, one case of admission and three of discharge were reported, one including the lad Thomas J. Evans, removed to Tyddynucha. The Master's application for the two clays leave of absence was granted. Messrs J. Ll. Jones and R. Davies reported that they had Visited the House that day and found everything clean and in order. There were no complaints. A letter was read from the Local Government Board rescinding the order made some time ago, for a loan of E400 towards the erection of vagrant wards, as the Guardians had found themselves able to discharge the expense out of current revenue. A letter was read from St Saviours Union enclosing copy of a resolution passed at a conference of delegates from the various Poor Law Boards of the metropolis, with regard to the advisability of providing separate and special accommodation in suitable districts for selected tuberculosis cases Mr. R. Thomas observed that a good deal of atten- tion was paid to this subject at present, and he proposed that the consideration thereof be deferred until more information is secured. The Guardians passed a resolution to that effect. A circular letter was read from the Local Government Board calling attention to an amend- ment of the law effected by the Army (Annual) Act 1899. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL The ordinary meeting was held on Saturday last when they were present Mr. R. W. Roberts (chair- man), Mr. J. W. Roberts (vice-chairman), Messrs D. Jones (Birmingham House), D. W. Jones. H. Evans, H. LI. Davies. D. Jones (joiner), R. LI. Jones, M.J. Jones, W. T. Jones, T. R. Dakin (deputy clerk). FINANCE. The report of the Finance Committee showed a balance at the beginning of the month of £ 229 4s SrI. Deducting from this the cheques .passed for payment that evening viz. R145 9s Id, reduced the balance to £85 18s 4d. KAILW AY FACILITIES. A letter was read from the Great Western Railway Company stating that they much regretted that time would not permit the 9.30 a.m. passenger train ex-Paddington stopping at Bala junction. At the same time it was fpointed out that the 9.50 a.m. train from Paddington gave a good service all through the year. The "Conncil discussed the matter, contending that the non-stoppage of the train referred to pre- cluded visitors from dropping here. This meant a considerable loss to the town, and it was resolved that the Chairman and Mr. R. LI. Jones, with the Clerk, communicate again with the Company. WATERING CART. NO DISCOUNT FOR PROMPT CASH. A letter was read from Messrs. Glover and Co., IVarwick, stating in reply to the Council's applica- tion that they could not allow any discount in their account as their quotation was quite nett." PLANS. The plans of the new Girls' School was again under consideration. The Council approved of the plans, with the exception that they should again consider what should be done with regard to the overflow from the cesspool to the public sewer. RELAYING OF WATER PIPES. The Finance Committee having considered as much of this matter as pertained to their province, and the report of the Surveyor with the estimated expense, recommended that if the Council decided upon doing the work en bloc" that a rate be levied to meet the expense. They also threw out the suggestion that a part only of the work should be done this year so as to avoid levying a rate or contracting a loan. Resolved upon the motion of Mr. D. Jones (Bir- mingham House), seconded by Mr. H. Evans, that a part of the work be done as soon as possible, the part to be done to be determined by the Water Committee and the Surveyor. Mr. H. Evans proposed, and Mr. D. Jones (Joiner), seconded, that the work be carried out by the Sur- veyor. Mr. H. LI. Jones proposed an amendment and Mr. D. Jones (B. House) seconded, that tenders be invited for doing the work under the directions of the Committee. A long discussion then followed, in the course of which some of the members appeared to think it an insult to the Sur- veyor to invite tenders. Others strongly re- pudiated the idea, asserting that in cherishing notions of this kind they were lowering the dignity of the Council. Mr. W. T. Jones said the matter had been before the Water Committee several times. They felt that the Surveyor had enough work cut out for him already, and that he could not do the work without engaging a larger number of men. When the motion and amendment were at last put to the meeting it was found that four voted for the amendment and four for the original motion. The Chairman's casting vote decided in favour of the amendment. Mr. H. Evans argued that there was only one motion before the meeting, and that the original motion of his was irregular owing to the fact that its seconder was absent when the division took place. The Chairman, however, ruled the proceedings in order. FIRE BRIGADE AND LIFE-SAVING CORPS. The Committee appointed to consider the organ- isation of a fire brigade and life-saving corps submitted the following recommendations :(I) That the Council organise a volunteer life-saving corps and tire brigade in Bala. (2) That a class be organised to be under the discipline of Dr. Williams. (3) That the Council advertise for volunteers, the names to be sent to the Clerk. (4) That an application be made to the County Council for leave to store the appliances at the Town Hall. It was resolved upon the motion of Mr. J. W. Roberts, seconded by Mr. M. J. Jones, that the report be adopted. It was decided also upon the motion of Mr. R. Ll. Jones, seconded by Mr. M. J. Jones, that the Committee carry out the recommendations. LIBRARY COMMITTEE. The report of the Committee was to the effect that two tenders had been received for the supply of books: one from Messrrs. Davies & Evans, Bala, at 2d in the £ discount off published prices, those books marked 'nett' by the publishers, and the other tender was from Mr. Llewelyn Edwards, Bala, whose terms was 2d in the £ discount on all books. The Committee had accepted the latter's terms. The Committee further decided that an application be made to the annual subscribers to renew their aunbscriptions. The other resolutions of the Committee were: (3) To apply to R. J. Ll. Price, Esq., Rhiwlas, to ask him to furnish the Library with a copy of the book recently published by him. (4) That four additional shelves be procured for the Library. It was resolved that the report of the committee be adopted. Mr W. T. Jones objected to asking any person to present them with a book. He did not like the idea. APPLICATION FOR HOLIDAYS. An application was made by Edward Morris and John Jones, two of the Council's employees, for the usual holidays. The Council granted 3 days holidays. Subsequently the Surveyor applied for leave of absence. A week's leave was granted. ADJOURNMENT, It was resolved at its rising to adjourn this meeting to Friday evening next to consider a notice of motion by Mr. W. T. Jones, "that the resolution passed in favour of getting an additional number of gaslights in different parts of the town be rescinded, and that the Council reconsider the matter of lighting those parts, and every other part of the town, more effectively and cheaply." .Other business will also be transacted.






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