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LAMPETER. SUCCESS.—Mr. E, B. Alban. 11, Station-terrace. Lampeter, has been successful in passing the entrance examination to the National Provincial Bank held last week at London. Mr. Alban has been appointed to a clerkship at Stoke on Trent. THE COLLEGE SCHOOL.- Last May examinations in connection with South Kensington were held at this school in various subjects. The results were as follows :—Mathematics—First Stage, First Class —E. Rees, Cellan Bridge; W. E. Lloyd, Llanarfh- nev. Second Class—D. P. James, Pencarreg Walter D. Davies. Green Park, Mydroylin. Second Stage. Second Class—A Harold Lloyd. Lampeter: W. Austin Davies, Lampeter. Third Stage, Second Class—J. T. Davies, Bailyeoch, Pencarreg- Theor- etical Mechanics (Solids.) Elementary Stage First Class—W.Austin Davies, A. Harold Lloyd. Second Class—T. J. Rees, Llansamlet. Advanced Staue, Second ClasSu-J, T. Davies, Bailyeoch. Theor- etical Inorgz nic Chemistry, Elementary Stage, First Class-To J. Rees. Llansamlet W. Austin j Davies, Lampeter; David Davies Bailycoch; A. Jj E————wmmm—— ———,— inn—B Harold Lloyd, Lampetcr; Miss Jessie M. Evans. Lampeter; W. E. Lloyd, Llanarthney. Second Class—F. G. Jones, Usk. Their results speaks well for the work done in the school in science and mathematics. During the current midsummer vacation important alterations will be carried on in the Science Lecture Room, and by the com- mencement of the Michaelmas Term that room will have been converted at a cost of about £ 100 into a first rate laboratory, so that next year it will, no doubt, be our privilege to report even better results than those given above. CYCLING CLUB OUTING.—On the 2nd. inst. some thirty odd members of the club started from Harford Square at 2 30 p.m. for Iiighmead. The lady members of the club were conspicious by their absence, there being only two ladies present. It was a pity that more cyclists did not avail them- selves of the opportunity of inspecting some of the finest grounds in the county. The route was the Carmarthen-road. The only incident that occurred during the run was a puncture in M. J. Lloyd Thomas's machine, but the officers of the club soon remedied that, and all arrived safe at Highmead shortly before 4 p.m. Soda, and milk was pro- vided to all on their arrival, and they were told that they could roam about the grounds as much as they pleased. The flower gardens were first in- spected, and a delightful place it was. Then the maze garden was gone through. The party then repaired to the front of the house to play some of the games which the good host and hostess had provided. Butcher Bach took the palm in Knock Sally Down," but he was beaten by "the heavy one" in throwing the discs into the dog's mouth. Just then the jovial butler—Mr. Oakley announced tea ready. So the party in conjunction with parties from I-Janybyther and Llanwenog again repaired to the flower garden to partake of the good things provided. Each of the three parties had a table of their own. After all had done full justice to the tea, out-door games were played under the captain- ship of Mr. D. F. Lloyd. When all were tired they went to the Organ Hall to hear a splendid render- ing of the cantata Jesus of -Nizai-(,Tli by Llany- byther and Llanwenog Choir. The host, Colonel Davies Evans played the organ accompaniment. When all was over Mr. D. J. Bowen the captain of ihe Cycling Club thanked the kind host and hostess for the splendid way in which they were entertained. The Colonel responded, and he said Jhat he had hoped to see more cyclists present, but under the circumstances there could not very well be. The party returned to Lampeter about 9 o'clock all vowing that they never enjoyed a better afternoon's outing. FIll E.-On Friday night about 11 o'clock a fire. which might have caused' great damage, was put out by the prompt work of two men. At the time mentioned Mr. William Davies, saddler, and Mr. Tom Evans, butcher, both of College-street, per- ceiving a great light in the upstairs window of Mr. Walter Jones's house, No. 5, College-street, rushed upstairs where they found the window sash and blinds on fire, which they instantly put out. The room was full of smoke, and in a bed fast asleep were two children. The sudden discovery of the fire, no doubt, was the saving of what might be a great conflagration. TOWN COUNCIL.—A meeting of the Council was held on Wednesday, the 2nd inst., the Mayor (Alderman D. Tivy Jones) presiding.— The In- pector was instructed to place disinfectants in the sewer openings, as the stench from some of them was very ofreiisive.-The Town Clerk produced the plan which he had received that day from the Council's engineer of the land whereon the springs are situated.—In reply to Alderman John Jones the Town Clerk said the plan would be attached to the engrossment of the deed, and sent to the vendors' solicitors forthwith.—A letter was read from Mr. Griffith Griffiths, of Dolaugwyrddon. intimating that be had written to the Local Government Board imploring the Board not fo sanction the borrowing of any money for the purpose of carrying out a scheme until it is made clear that the borough will benefit by what is proposed to be done. The letter was fallowed to remain on the table.—Councillor Evan Davies' motion that a path from the Baptist Chapel to the Teify Bridge be constructed was referred to the Streets Committee to be carried otit.-Cotneillor Evan Davies' motion for the removal of the urinal in accordance with previous resolutions was carried nem con., and the Surveyor was directed to see that thejwork was carried out forthwith.— When the tradesmen's bills were considered and cheques being :Signed, the bill of Mr. Benjamin Jenkins, saddler, for brooms, &c., came under notice, when Alderman John Jones remarked that there seemed to be a great number of brooms used, and wanted to know what became of the old ones. —The Surveyor replied that the brooms were neeessary, and if they liked he would produce the old stumps at the next meeting. -Alderman Jones said that was not necessary.- The other motion of Councillor Evan Davies that the claim of the borough against, the County Council for pavements be enforced, was adjourned for a fuller attendance of members.



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