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Welsh Industries EXHIBITION,…


At the Welsh Industries Exhibition.



FOOTBALL. NOTES BY EDGE-HILL. At the outset my congratulations to John Henry on his welcome return, and now, my near friend, let us hear no more of retirement until the year 1910. If the players consider my criticisms too severe I trust they will take it in the spirit in which it is meant, i.e., to spur them on to do a great deal better next time. I am not the one to go into ecstasy over a victory, and I do not go into lamentations over a defeat. neither will I go so far as to say that we were smashed, pulverized, and mystified, but this much I will say that we were beaten handsomely and by a far better team on the day's play. They were a well balanced team all round. Not a weak spot in the whole lot, and moreover, in splendid con- dition which is more than can be said of the home team for they were palpably blowing long before the match was over. Now the question comes in what was the cause of this severe defeat Want of condition and combination. Our men were painfully slow compared with the other side, who were as agile as cats and always on the ball, and always made straight for goal as quickly as possible. Their half backs kept their line intact, and fed their forwards beautifully, and they took every advantage which was in striking- con- trast to our own men, who at times, were jumbled up together like a bundle of sticks, and it was a puzzle to tell which was which and who was who. True they fought as hard as Trojans, but what's the use of hard fiehtinir if there is no method. And now let us analyse the play in the various departments of the game, taking Goal first. On the one side a Goal-keeper who kept to his post and attempted no risks, did not jumble with the ball, and cleared splendidly. A couplet of doggerel will suffice for the other. He that fights and runs from his goal Deserves to be put in a deep black hole." But surely this is not Evans's true form. I, for ore will not believe it. and fully expect him to I play a far better game against the Druids next Saturday. Arthur Green was painfully slow and I for once in a way met his match in the opposing half who stuck to him like a leech. There was not an ounce of powder behind the second penalty shot, which the goalkeeper simply cansrht in his hands and threw away. As I have said previously, the half backs played hard but with no method, they did not feed their forwards judiciously, and did not back up sufdcie/sly. There were times when a matter of nearly" 9 yards separated the forwards from the halves, This is not as it should be. Suppose a regimewit of soldiers went into action with a broken line, what would be the consequence ? Why, demoralization would quickly set in, and so it is with football which is a parallel to a regiment. There is some excuse for Edwards, this being his first appearance on the field this season. The right wing played very well for the first 15 minutes, but after that combination went to the winds. Perhaps it was a mistake to put Jenkins inside. He is on account combination went to the winds. Perhaps it was a mistake to put Jenkins inside. He is on account of his speed essentially an outside man. I not j blame Morgan so mucij for he played a hard un- blame Morgan so much for he played a hard un- tiring game, I bl?."hie Jenkins for wanting to do nearly all the work of the outside man, although he had hard lines in not scoring when the shot hit the post. There was the same lack of combina- tion noticeable on the left, although they did some smart things at times. At one time Evans could I be seen 15 yards behind Barson, at another lying yards offside with Barson in the centre of the field, I Barson should remember that he was playing inside left, and not centre half or centre forward, for he played to those men much more than he did to his partner. Our two full backs played very well I considering the pressure they had to bear. There is no need for the team to weep, & put on sackcloth ynd ashes, for very often good is the outcome of defeat. I am in hopes of their rendering a better account of themselves against their formidable rivals next Saturday. Nay, I will go further and say, 1 feel sure they will. One question I should like to ask is this, what has be- come of Bennett, I am not in his confidence, neither am I a member of the inner circle of the club, therefore I cannot speak as to the cause of his absence. If there is a cause, I trust it will speedily be removed. I saw Bennett play several fine games the first half of last season, but somehow or other he did not seem to do himself full justice during the latter part. I am under the impression that he was somewhat neglected, for I saw him on several occasions standing a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes without the ball being passed to him and this mark you, when the wind was not a factor to feed the right. I have an impression that the sooner he is reinstated into his old position the better it will be for the Club. I had fully intended to have referred to other Welsh games and the English league teams, but I have already overrun my space.