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AN ABERYSTWYTH LICENSING QUESTION. TO-DAY another application will be made to the Justices in session at Llanbadarn Fawr to grant a licence for the sale of intoxicating drinks-on Constitution Hill. At the last meeting,of the Aberystwyth Town Council a resolution was. passed praying the magis- trates not to grant the licence, as the Council firmly believed that the granting ;of a licence for the-sale of intoxicating liquors on Con- stitution Hill would be injurious to the best interests of the town of Aberystwyth. This is the. third application, and we believe we are right in saying that it has created quite as much interest, and has been quite as carefully considered by the ratepayers at large as the two previous applications and we may add that all the arguments against granting,the licence on the previous occasions are still valid, and even weightier. We are convinced that the question of granting a licence for Constitution Hill is of vital import*, to the town-socially and muni- cipally and that its refusal wSll not in 'any way militate against the success of the Cliff Gardens and the best interests of the Com- pany. With regard to the statement that intoxicants will only be sold during three months of the year, and thal people would only be supplied once with drink, we should like to point out that nobody ever thought it would pay the Company so keep the Con- stitution Hill Gardens opm in the winter, and that, as far as tbi-- goes, the general- question remains in exactly the same position if\ on the previous occasions when the ilicence was refused. Bor is this all. \¥è believe that the Bend-bare fully aware of the general satisfaction which their previous decisions gave to a, iar wider circle than their own jurisdiction. We believe i.ÎL will be readily acknowledged that no ne is better qualified to, give an opinion on this subject as affecting the town than AJderman PETER JONES, an ] we cannot do better than quote his sumnjary of reasons against the granting of a licence. Speaking at the Council, Mr. JONES said that the majority and minority reports of the Licensing Com- mission were agreed as to the inadvisability- of granting sew licences in any instance. It was well yot to overlook the unanirxisus recommendation of a Commission that repre- sented every section of the community. He did not think it unreasonable that the Councils should express an opinion on the subject. He took exception on a previous occasion to an expression of opinion on the judgment given by the Magistrates at Llan- badarn, but that was a very different thing ta approaching them with an expression of opinion before they had exercised that judgment. This was a question that no doubt very seriously affected Aberystwyth, prejudicially or beneficially, and lie thought it was only fair and reasonable that the representative body of the town should ex- press an opinion on it. With the knowledge that he possessed of the Magistrates of Llan- badarn, he felt. sure they would pay con- siderable deference to an expression of opinion from such a representative body. The reasons against granting the licence were the same now as in 1897, and they had an additional reason in the recommendation of the Licensing Commission." This year, again, in addition to the Town Council, the College authorities and almost all the Churches in the town have passed resolu- tions praying the magistrates not to grant the licence, and we can only hope that their prayer will not be in vain,