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Business Notices. NEW MARKET HALL, ^JTARKET STREET, A BERYSTWYTH. FURNISHED with STALLS for Butter, Cheese and JD Egg Merchants, Corn Merchants, Green Grocers, Crockery Dealers, Flannel Merchants, Vendors of Toys, &c. FIRST-CLASS CONCERT & BALL ROOM With Seating Accommodation for 700 Persons. Stage fitted with Beautiful Sceneries suit- able for Dramatic Entertainments. Every Convenience for School Treats and Private Parties. Catering undertaken for Excursionists, &c. D. M. HAMER, PltOrKIKTOK. EAGLE RESTAURANT, <20 GREAT DARKGATE STREET. NEWLY OPENED. SITUATION CENTRAL. HOT DIKNEHS AT O'CLOCK EVERY MONDAY. REASONABLE CHARGES. EVERY CONVENIENCE Commodious Rooms, Suitable for Clubs, Committees, &e. NOTICE. JOHN ROBERTS, TOBACCONIST, 2;19 T ERRACE ItoAD, ABERYSTWYTH Begs to inform the Public that he has opened a BRANCH SHOP at the CORNER or BATH STREET, AXD TERRACE ROAD, AS A TOBACCONIST AND HAIR-CUTTING AND SHAVING SALOON. One Price for all-IIair-Ctitting, 4d; Shaving, 2d. AGENT FOR GRKAT WESTERN RAILWAY Co. LTD. ANTI-DYSPEPSIA MIXTURE, the great remedy for all forms of INDIGESTION, Pains in the Head, Giddiness, Dizziness of the Eyes, Loss of Appetite, Wind in the Stomach, Oppressiveness after Food, Shortness of Breath, Costiveness, Restless Sleep, Depression of Spirits, &c. Sold in Bottles, 2s. each. Prepared only by the Proprietor- T. JONES, A.P.S., CHEMIST AND DENTIST, POST OFFICE, TItEgARON A BARGAIN.—'99 Lady's Standard Rudge Whitworth, to clear for S9. MARY DAVIES & SON, ABERAYRON. A BARGAIN.—'99 Lady's Standard Hum- ber, to clear, X- 9. MARY DAVIES & SON, ABERAYRON, A BARGAIN.—Several good second-hands to clear. MARY DAVIES & SON, ABERAYRON. A BARGAIN.-To clear, 2 Wood Horse Rakes for £4 5s. each. A BARGAIN.—To clear, 1 Blackstone's Horse Rake, S6 10s. MARY DAVIES & SON, ABERAYRON. A BARGAIN.—To clear, 4 Mowing Knife j Grinders, 20s. each. MARY DAVIES & SON, ABERAYRON. DAVID MICHAEL MASON, STANLEY ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, Begs to inform the Public that he has commenced Business at the above address. JOBBING WOnK DONE AT MODERATE CHARGES Business Notices. WARD & Co., ABERYSTWYTH BAZAAR, 8, Great Darkgate Street, ABERYSTWYTH SPECIALITIES A LARGE RANGE OF REAL STONES AND PEBBLE GOODS (New Stock). We have the LARGEST VARIETY of MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, AND STEAM TOYS IN WALES. Colour Boxes and Drawing Materials. IF YOU WANT A REALLY GOOD TEA ASK YOUR GROCER FOR ALADDIN'S MAGIC TEA, THE BEST IN THE MARKET! IT possesses a rich, luscious flavour, and is un- equalled for its strength and purity. Once used always used. IMPORTED DIRECT FROM THE GARDENS, AND TO BE OBTAINED WHOLESALE ONLY FROM WILLIAM WILLIAMS & QOMPANY, Õ, BUTTOX STREET, LIVERPOOL. MORGAN & CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE AND SPIRIT J^JERCHAIVTS, PIER STREET & LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, A BERYSTWYTH. BOTTLERS OF THE CITY BREWERY CO.'S LICH- ALES, BASS & CO.'S PALE ALE, GUINNESS & CO.'S EXTRA STOUT, PILSEXER AND LAGER BEER, CIDER, &c. SPECIALITY— SCOTCH WHISKY. (ESTABLISHED 1810. I COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHING. EOR THE BEST VALUE IN FURNITURE CALL AT EDWARD ELLIS'S FURNISHING WAREHOUSE, 28, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. A 1JCTIONEER, ALUER, HOUSE AND ESTATE A GEyr. R. DOUGHTON, JRONMONGER, £ JHINA JQEALER AND CYCLE AGENT, (OPPOSITE THE TOWN CLOCK). CYCLES FOR SALE AND HIRE. USE THE CRYSTAL PERISCOPIC SPECTACLES TO BE HAD AT ABOVE ADDRESS. JOHN JONES, JJUILDING JY^ATERIAL MERCHANT, MONUMENTAL YARD, rpREGARON, SOUTH ~^T^TALES. MONUMENTS AND TOMBSTONES OF ALL SIZES IN STOCK. Bentisii j. J!J \t, L j. ESTABLISHED 40 LA us. MESSRS MURPHY & ROWLEY, SURGEON DENTISTS, Honorary Dentists to the Abery- :> Infirmary and Cardiganshire Geneii: T; ,-jural. ADDRESS— 54, r|^ERKA( .1{OA: > -KRYSTWYTH "VI K- ROWLEY begs to annou.h 'at he is now able to undertake Gold ami other Fillings Crowns, Bridge-work and all th. ia improvements in Modern Dentistry. Artificial Teeth in the latest lu;,j'' American Styles. TEETH EXTRACTED PAIXLEb..LV UNDER GAS. Mr R visits Machynlleth, Towyn. A uerayron Tre- garon and Lampeter. Patients can be attended to aay day at ystwyth. All at the most Moderate s. j urges. Full particulars on applii-i ion. Business Net ices. THE ABERYSTWYTH < N AMELLEI ^LATF.WORKS, "D OPEWALK, i; STWYTH. MANUFACTURERS OF XAMELLED SLATE CHIMNEY PIECES. Slabs of every description always in stoefcj Prices and estimates on application. FOR GOOD AND RELIABLE BOOTS AND SHiOES OF THE BEST 0CALITY GO TO EDWIN PETERS, 51, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, 51, (Three doors above Town Clock,) ABERYSTWYTH. Gentlemen's and Ladies' Boots and Shoes of every description. Repairs on shortest notice BILJJPOSTING IN ABERYSTWYTH. "Trying to do business without advertising is like winking in the dark. You may know what you arc doing, but nobody else ds. SEND YOUR POSTERS TO THE ABERYSTWYTH AND DISTRICT BILLPOSTING CO., Proprietors of the largest and Hoardings IS Aberystwyth and District. Send for list of Stations. Billposting done on most reasonable terms. Advertisers invited to inspect the Hoardings of this Company. Satisfaction guaranteed. Address all communications and parcels to— HERR PAREEZER, BILLPOSTING Co., PARKEZER HALL, QUEEN'S SQUAHE, ABERYSTWYTH. THE iUelsb Gazette Circulates largely through- out the Counties of CARDIGAN, MERIONETH AND MONTGOMERY. — i Good, CDcap, AND Quick printing EXECUTED AT THE = "Gazette" Printeries, :ot. PRICES ON APPLICATION. Posters. :SJ Handbills. Memorial C 'I •rat Orders by Post recei •v 5 prompt and careful attention.

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