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Ah b t< 1 STWYTli. Aberystwyth Infirmary. ANNUAL MEETING OF SUBSCRIBERS. The annual of the subscribers to the A bery ii-.lirumry and Cardiganshire General Hospital i':aö hcl.¡ on Saturday morning last at the Town Hall, Abervstwyth. The president, Mr. J. G. W. Bonsall occupied the chair, and there were aLo present tue. lonowmg :—Alderman C. M. Williams (Mayor), ilajor Bonsall, Peithyll; Mr. H. C. Fryer and Mrs. Fryer, Revs. T. A. Penry, T. Levi. G. Piiiiy (Lli.u^ E. Roberts, M.A., T. Mor- timer Green. Job Miles, T: J. Morgan, and L. Thomas (Llanbadarn), Drs. Morgan, A. Thomas, and Bassett Jones: Councillors D. C. Roberts, J. P. Their as. and R. Do'-ighton; Mrs. Griffiths. Water- loo Miss Carpenter. Mrs. Penry, Mrs. Lewis Griffiths, Mrs. Boycott, Mrs. Morgan Lewis, Mrs. James, North parade; Messrs R. Morgan, J.P., J. D. Perrott, J.P., Edward Evans, J.P., B. Ellis Mor- gan, J.P., l'homas Owen, Rowland Morgan. Henry Bonsall, Wrn. Thomas. John Griffiths, W. R. Jones, T. W. Powell. Isaac Griffiths, Abraham Joel, Evan Evan: T. H. Roberts. J. Lloyd Lewis (N. P. Bank), T. E. Owen. James Rees, Edward Owen, Robert Ellis Jenkins (Eagle House), H. P. Edwards, J. Mathias. Ivor Lloyd (Frondeg), Tonf Parry. Evans (chemist), Daniel Thomas, Daniel Humphreys, J. Gibson, David Thomas (North street), W. James Bennet, Mallory, David Lloyd (Portland street). J. Richards (Market street), J. Davies (Queen's-terr.), R. Ellis (chemist), Edward Benbow, &c. AX AUAL REPORT. The annual report and statement of accounts, which had been printed, was submitted to the meeti.ig. It snowed that the number of patients treated for the year ended December 31st last was as follows :—In-patients number admitted with recommendation tickets, 149; number admitted as accidents, &c., 34: remaining from previous year, 10; total, 193. Discharged:—Cured, 108; relieved, 51; incurable or unrelieved, 13; died, 7; remain- ing under treatment December 31st, 1899, 14; total, 193. (-)ut-patients:-Admitted with recom- mendation tickets, 1441; admitted as accidents, &c., 174; remaining from previous year, 57; total, 1672. Total number of In-patients, 193; total number of Out-patients, 1672; grand total, 1865. The balance "heet showed an income during the year of L764 15s 9d, and an expenditure of £ 710 15s ICd. There was, however, a balance of L112 J? 1,' owing to the treasurer on December 31st, 1898, which increased the debit account to L823 7s lid, thus leaving a balance due to the treasurer at the end of 1899 of £ 58 12s.2d. Since that date. aud up to the 22nd January last, P.55 Ss 4d had been received as subscriptions, leaving the Infirmary in the very satisfactory position of only a debt of £3 2s. lOd. The principal receipt- for the year were as follows :— Annual subscriptions, L135 15s.; paying patients, £43 19s.; collections at churches, P-59 18s. 6d.; Downie's Bequest, Z498 4s.; late Mr. Thomas H. Jones. Terminus Hotel, £18. The chief items on the -i,le were as follows :—Household expenses, £ 302 19s. 7d.; dispensary, Z151 19s. 7d.; salaries and wages, IZ175 7s. 2d.; miscellaneous, £ 75 17s. 6d. The number admitted to the In- firmary during the year from the borough of Aber- ystwyth, including Penparke, Rhydyfelin, and Llangawsai wa? 110 in-patients and 1.206 out- patients. The number admitted from country districts was >33 in-patients and 466 out-patients, making totals of 193 and 1,672 respectively. The total number of days in-patients were in the institution was 4,279, being an increase of 836 days over the number in 1898. The average stay of each patient was 25'8 days; the average daily number of in-patients was 14; and the average weekly cost of diet per head was 6s. 6'9d. The following- is a summary of payments made by the trustees of Downie's Bequest in aid of the Infirmary: --Salary of house surgeon and secretary, £ 200; salary of dispenser, £ 23; salary of clerk of trustees, P-25; rates, &c., £ 13 7s. 8d.; and con- tributions to the Management Committee. The President, commenting upon the report and balance sheet, advised the subscribers to take it home and study it, and it would show what a blessing the Infirmary was to the poor of the town and district, and in what a prosperous state it was. Referring to the balance sheet, Mr. Bonsall said the receipts were the largest on record. The year 1885 was the next to it. That was the year the new Infirmary was built, and an appeal was made to the whole county for support, and the support they then received was very good. But it was not quite up to the contributions and receipts of 1899. Their expenditure was larger than it used to be, but of course they expected that, in consequence of the large increase in the number of patients. In 1899 the total number of indoor patients meant 836 more days than the days of the previous year, and consequently expenses were greater. faking an average of tho diet per head for last year they found it slightly less than that of the previous year, thanks to the matron. The salaries and wages last year were more, and he would tell them why. They had been obliged, in consequence of the increase of patients to engage an extra permanent nurse, which involved them in the necessity of buying a new suite of bedroom and a few repairs, etc. The only other thing he had to remark upon as u the expense, was the mortuary, which he believed had incurred some expense. If they considered these matters, and considered that the n" eipts were higher than ever, and that the patients were also larger than ever, he believed they would say that the Infirmary was in a prosperous financial state (applause). He thought he ought to mention that credit was due to their excellent horse surgeon, for he could say that after an experience of over half-a-century, he had never seen so able a man as Dr. Morgan (applause). Councillor R. Doughton moved the adoption of the report. Mr Edward Evans seconded, and this was carried unanimously. APPOINTMENT OF PRESIDENT. Mr H. C. Fryer said he thought they had no need to look far to find a suitable person to fill the post of president. He proposed that Mr Bonsall be re-elected, and esprc^ed the hope that it would not be only for the ensuing year, but for several more years. He had rendered valuable service to the Infirmary for a great number of years, and it was of great importance to have a person of Mr Bonsail's experience and judgment, to preside over their meetings, both at the Infirmary and at this annual meeting. He was sure they would pass a unanimous "ote that day on this point at all events. The Rev. T. Levi seconded the proposition. There w?? no further nomination, and Mr Bonsall's name was put to the meeting, and declared unanimously earrieJ. The Chairman, in acknowledging his re-appoint- ment. said he was deeply obliged to the subscribers for the compliment they had paid him, and also to Mr Fryer for the nattering speech he had made in his favour. Considering the infirmities of age— and he was in his 83rd year-he really expected noti- to 4uiL (laughter). But they were so in- dulgent to him. and he was very much obliged to them (applause). COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT. The Chairman explained that the Committee of Man:,g -Bent c Mod of 14 members, seven elected by the trustees of Downie's bequest, and seven bv this meeting. Dr. Morgan read the names of the retiring mem- bers of the committee, and also their attendances at th. 12 held during the year, which were :is follows:—Mr J. E. W. Bonsall 11, Rev. T. A. Penry 11, Mr Wm. Thomas 11, Mrs Jesse Williams 10, Alderman C. M Williams 10, Mr Colby 8, Mr Perrott 8, and Rev. T. E. Roberts 7. These members also attended several House Com- mittee meetings. All the members of the old committee were nominated for re-appointment, together with Mr John Mathias, Mrs James, Mr Lewis (Bank), Mr Evan Evans, and Mr Abraham Joel On a ballot being taken, it was found all the retiring members received the highest number of vote-, so rii.,f the constitution of the committee remains unchanged. APPOINTMENT OF AUDITOR. Mr J. R. Fees, the Bank, was unanimously re- elected auditor for the ensuing year. APPOINTMENT OF KOUSE SURGEON. For this imp. office there were three candi- dates, the; names and qualifications being as follows;—Mr. D. J. Hughes, M.B., C.M. (Edin.), of Ton, Pentre; testimonials presented from Sir Grainger Stuart, professor of medicine, and Pro- fessor Simpson, of Edinburgh University, and others. Mr. Alfred Hugh James, M.B., C.M. (Edin.), of Aben'>vyth; testimonials presented from Sir Henry Littlejohns, professor in public health at Edinburgh University; Dr. Gibson, physio.«ii u II -y^1. Tarirmary, Edinburgh, and tl;1 VV. O-v..n Williams, L.R.C.S. and P., D Igeiley Lestknonials presented from j Proffer John Chiene, professor of surgery at Edici' Dr. Richards, Dolgelley, and others. The t" red was £ 150 a year, and all resul 'iV. while the surgeon has also to ii ic." of secretary of the In- firma. A r'>- %.•» irlidates was taken hy ballot, and afterwards the scrutineers announced that M •• A. H. Janifts. who is a son of Councillor Evan ,T¡1rll", secured the largest number of votes. The Mayor (Alderm in C 'I. Williams) then for- mally f.ropos Jr.:nes be appointed house surgeon for the Infirmary in accordance with the rules. Mr. H. C. in seconding, said after the con- spicuous success that attended the appointment of a native oi Aberystwyth when the last appointment was made, he thought it was a wise step on the part of the subscribers to give their votes unani- mously, or nearly unanimously, for another native t at the town, a.e tiau known so.ue »>I .X.J.WJV. family for over 30 years, ami he knew tint r> oreat many of them had shown conspicuous :bHrv in sur$.evy and medicine (hear,.hea~). He t" ecion or the lamny would toiiovv in tne lootsreps of his ancestors, and also prove as eminent as they bad been (applause). The resolution was put to the meeting and unanimously carried. ALTERATION OF nrLES. Dr. Morgan (house surgeon) submitted the alterations to existing rules as recommended by t'ie Mat lagement Committee. Amongst the alterations were that persons subscribing five guineas and upwards shall be vice presidents for one year, and those subscribing R25 and upwards vice-presidents for life; that the dispenser be' appointed by the Management Committee that in the case of church collections, the tickets hold good for twelve months from the date of the pay- ment of the money, and not from the beginning of I r_1 the year as at present; that out-patients be re- ceived every day, and that patients must attend not later than six o'clock, instead of four as for- merly that rule 30 include epilepsy as well as insanity, etc. Objection was raised to the adoption of these alterations without the subscribers being given an opportunity of carefully considering them. Eventually it was decided that the alterations be printed and circulated, and then submitted to a special meeting to be held in a fortnight for con- firmation. OUR WOUNDED SOLDIERS. The Chairman said it had been suggested to the committee that they should follow the example of other infirmaries and offer a few beds for the use of soldiers wounded in the present war. They had had the financial aspect under consideration, and they thought they might offer the War Office four £ >eds without detriment to the subscribers sending in patients with tickets. Mr Gibson proposed that the beds be let as sug- gested, and speaking for himself, he would be willing to subscribe towards any additional cost entailed by this act, and he had no doubt many others would do likewise. Mr H. C. Fryer seconded, and said it would be understood that preference for the use of the beds would be given to natives of the county, and fail- ing that to outsiders. The resolution was put to the meeting and carried with unanimity. THANKS TO THE HONORARY SURGEONS. The Chairman proposed that the best thanks of the subscribers be accorded the honorary surgeons, who had spared no trouble, and given so much assistance at the Infirmary during the past year. The Rev. T. A. Penry seconded, and the resolu- tion was heartily accorded. | THE RETIRING HOUSE SURGEON. Mr H. C. Fryer proposed a vote of thanks to t'he retiring house surgeon (Dr. Morgan). They vve'-e~" all, he said, exceedingly sorry to use that word re- tiring. He did not think anyone could say too much in praise of the work Dr. Morgan had done since he had held office at the Infirmary. There had been some few years ago a strong prejudice in the minds of people against going to the Infirmary as in-patients, although he knew of instances where great benefit would have occured to patients going in. They did not like the restraint. In fact, they were afraid. Mr Morgan had done a great deal to break down that feeling, and it was on account of the implicit confidence the people had in him that it was broken down (applause). Now there were more applicants for tickets than there were tickets available (hear, hear). He thought this was due to the work done by Mr Morgan, both to the in and out-door patients. He bad discharged his duties with urbanity, courtesy and kindness, and he felt strongly the great loss they were sus- taining in losing Mr Morgan. He knew all would join with him in wishing him great success in his practice in the future (hear, hear). They were all glad that he was not leaving the town, and hoped that he would have many years to enjoy a lucrative practice among the people in whose con- fidence he now stood so high (applause). The Rev. T. Levi seconded, and said he endorsed every word spoken by Mr. Fryer. Dr. A. Thomas also supported the resolution. He had had the friendship of Dr. Morgan as a boy at school, they had been students together at college and hospital, and lie had had happy relations with him at the hospital for the past six years. He hoped that this friendship and association would continue by having him as one of the honorary surgeons on the staff (hear, hear). The vote was unanimously carried, and Dr. Morgan, in reply, said he was very much obliged to them for their kindness. He also wished specially to thank the committee, Mr. Bonsall, Dr. Thomas, and all the other medical gentlemen for the ready assistlice they had always given him (hear, hear). THANKS TO THE CHAIRMAN. The Mayor proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Bonsall for his conduct in the chair, and remarked that it was the wish of all that he would occupy the position for many a year to come. Mr. Robert Ellis seconded, the resolution being carried with unanimity. The meeting then terminated.


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