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FOOTBALL. I |ABERYSTWYTH v. KNIGHTON. SEMI-FINAL OF THE SOTTH WALES CUP On Saturday last Abery^'v.-ytj; ^.iirneyed to Uuillh t. L~— with Kr.i<r''tori in ho semi-final round for the South Wales Cup. Aoer- ystwyth have entered on two or three previous ccasions for this competition, and have generadj won a place in the semi-final. On "i-- one ocea- sion, however, upon which they worJcea into the final they "scratched" the match, the long distance which had to be travelled to meet ♦TJopposing team. The team last Saturday was I. Pnrr*' V v-nJill. filM-l Whelan not being eligible to play. G-een also was an absentee, he having missed the train connection an absentee, he having missed the train connection from South Wales. Luckily, the thWl had some good substitutes to fall hack upon la tins match, Is in that at Rhayader for the fourth round or the Welsh Cut) the ground was thickly covered with enow and verv hard, and this j;.n "I a serious hindrance to a good exhibition o> g.irtie. The teams lined upas follows: Aberystwyth: Goal, Roose; backs, George F>:r, ami Joel Rowlands half-backs. D. M. I Defies, and W. Jones; forwards, 0. James Hanson, J. ri. Edwards (capt.), Hughes and Sparrow. Kmghton: Goal, Coleman: backs, H. Edwanl-and G Turner; half-backs, A. Davies, E. and Eeanmont; forwards. A. Owen, J. Evans..1. c., r. xurner, and Overton. Referee. rr. T. O i*ri:-o. Bauth: linesmen, Messrs A. R. Evans and Geo. Lewis, Builth. j. Abervstwyth won the toss, an-^; •>< i to defend the town end goal. From the ff. Kiuahtun pressed and came near scoring ti "Ih G. Evans missing his kick when close to y -a:, and Roose nad to concede a corner to save. T!< • -ner was well placed, but Michael Evans cleared finely. Barson receiving the ball up the field, _pa^> l well on to Oswaldf who tricked the opposing 'ab. He then tackled the Knighton back, W.vas forced to concede a corner, which proved «THH ss. Sparrow was next prominent, but when in a na-e position he handled the ball, giving Knight, n a free kick. Again the seasiders came on. and were having much the best of matters. John H. nry pounced on the ball and passed well on (I Oswald, who quicklv returned. The capt? ia then smartly evaded several opponents, and a ram passed to Oswald. The latter being in a position put in a splendid shot, which secure. h- first goal for the seasiders. the Knighton custodian having no earthlv chance to prevent it. On the restart, Knighton caused Roose to handle, but their play was not dangerous. Operations ensued at midfield. where a foul was given against a Knighton player for handling. W.Jones placed the call wet 4n goal, and Turner, the Knighton baek, missing his kick, John Henry shot the ball into the net, thus securing No. 2 for Aberystwyth. Knighton in no wav disheartened, continued to play for all they were worth, but Rowlands and Roo.-e were nou to be beaten, and no further scoring was done during the initial half. HALF-TIME SCORE Aberystwyth Knighton On the re-start, both Sides put pterin Ol I ial)". and determination into their play. Oswald and Barson were conspicuous for some fine displays of combination, and the former sent in a shot which just grazed the cross bar. Had it been a shade lower, it would have meant another goal for Aber- ystwyth. as it would have been a matter of im- possibility for the custodian to have stopped it. Knighton then brightened up. and realising their eloomv position, redoubled their efforts, and frequent shots weie sent in to Roose, which he cleared calmly and effectually each time. receiving the well-merited applause of the spectators. Oswald and Barson again came into prominence, and the former was tripped within the 12 yards line. Strong appeals were made for a penalty kick. out the referee onlv allowed a foul. which was c leared. The ball was then sent up the fie'd, and several of the Knighton players having footed it, it was eventually passed to Overton, who scored a very doubtful goal, the seasiders contending that the player was off-side After this success, Knigh- ton asserted themselves in no mistaken way, in fact there was only one team in it, and that was not Aberystwyth. The stupendous efforts of Roose, however, kept the goal intact, and as he cleared shot after shot with unerring judgment, he drew forth the unstinted applause of the spectators. The game then ended in a narrow victory for Aoer- ystwvth. FINAL SCORE: G. Aberystwyth Knighton •*■ REMARKS.' Had Aberystwyth been able to turn out their full team, there would have been a (liffcrent tale to tell. Taking all things into consideration, however, the eleven which did duty last Saturday are to be con- gratulated upon their success. Sparrow bad the misfortune to smash his glasses when heading the ball 15 minutes from the start, and he was under a great disadvantage during the remainder of the game. John Henry, Barson, and Oswald were the pick of the forwards, and it was a treat to watch the combination of the two latter. They led Edwards, the Knighton back, a rare dance. Hughes, who was called in at the last moment to substitute Green, played as well as might be ex- pected. Unfortunately, Aberystwyth were not well served in their full back division, and as far as one of the players was concerned he might as well have been left at home for what good he was. Roose plaved a grand game, also Joel Edwards, while the three half backs were in splendid form, and more than held their own. ABERYSTWYTH COUNTY SCHOOL v. YSTRAD-MEURIG GRAMMAR SCHOOL. The above teams met on the ground of the for- mer to play the return match. Aberystwyth won the toss, and elected to play with the wind at their backs. Mr Fuller had charge of the whistle. Ystrad-Meurig kicked off, and at once brought the ball down to Aberystwyth goal, and pressed for a short time, but could not score on account of the County School's brilliant defence. G. Owen relieved with a huge kick, and passed to D. Jenkins, who in turn gave it to S. 0. Owen, then followed a bout of passing as a result of which S. O. Owen scored. From the centre kick-off Ytrad came towards the Aberystwyth goal, but were robbed, and G. D. Ellis passed to D. J. Jones, who sent across to E. W. Davies. and he. after a good run centred in, and D. J. Jones scored goal num- ber two. Soon afterwards Ystrad came down to Abervstwyth goal, but G. D. Ellis relieved, and sent to A. -Iforris, who gave to D. J. Jones, and from a pass from him S. 0. Owen scored again. Give and take play followed, and Aberystwyth forwards made strenuous efforts to score, but could not. Just before half-time Aberystwyth captain, shooting from the centre of the field, scored with a magnificent long shot. Half-time score, Aberyst- wyth—4, Ystrad—0. During the second half play I was rather more even, both goals being attached in turn. At last S. 0. Owen got the ball, and after a good dribble scored. Final score, Aberystwyth, five; Ystrad, nil.


Eglwysfach, Glandovey.