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16 erthygl ar y dudalen hon


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Family Notices



FUNERAL OF MRS. PETER JONES. Last Friday afternoon the remains of Mrs. Peter Jones, whose death was recorded in our last issue, were buried at the Aberystwyth Cemetery amid evezy manifestation of sorrow and regret. The funeral was a very large and representative one. and along the route to the cemetery blinds were drawn, and business premises closed as a mark of respect;to the memory of the deceased lady. For the afternoon, work was suspended at Green's Foundry to enable the employees to attend the funeral, while the Intermediate and Board Schools were also closed. Amongst those present at the funeral were the following:—Revs. J. A. Morris, D.D.,T.E. Williams B.A.. T. Levi, Job Miles, T. A. Penry, D. R. Williams, David Morgan, William Jones. T. J. Morgan, William Morgan. Prebendary Williams, Penllyn Jones, M.A., Evans, Salem Penrhynccch; the Mayor, (Alderman C. M. Williams); D.C.Roberts, ex-mayor; Town Clerk (A. J. Hughes), Borough Surveyor (Rees Jones), Alderman T. Doughton, Councillors R. Peake, R. Duughton. E. H. James, R. J. Jones, Isaac Hopkins. J. Jenkins, J. P. Thomas. H. C. Fryer, clerk of the peace, D. Howells, J P., D. Thomas, J.P. Caeffvnon John Lewis, J.P., Dr bnape, U.U. NN' lJ. Samuel, M.A., Thomas Owen, Drs. Morgan and Basset Jones and Dr. Jenkyn Lewis, Llanon; Wm. Thomas, T. B. Hall, D. J. Saer, Capt. Thomas, J. Mathias, T. J. Samuel, T. Hopkins, T. Ivilvington, J. A. Jones, J. R. Giiiiiths, D. Morgan, Tom Ellis, X. g. Pickerstaff, George Rees, E. Howe Robert Ellis, G. F. Roberts, Hugh Hughes, jeweller; R. K. Humphreys, Rutins Williams, D. Thomas, Xorthgate House T. W. Powcll. David Lloyd, J; A. Thomas, J. L. Pickard, John Evans, W. T, Williams, Rev. J. F. Lloyd, T. E. Morgan, H.. Meredith, Griffith Ellis, Daniel Thomas, Randolph. Fear, J. Watkins, Rowland Morgan, D. Phillips, R. J. Roberts. R. Felix, W. Jones (Workhouse). R. Roberts, Borth Supt. Phillips and Sergt. Phillips, Capt. D. Lloyd, Capt James, Capt. Jones, Vaynor- street; D. A. Lloyd. D. Lloyd, W. Richards, Market- street; T. H. Edwards, Isaac Griffiths, D. F. Ellis, R. Weller, Ebenezer Morgan, David Jones, Chalybeate-street; J. Humphrey Edwards, A. Lloyd Williams, James Rees, M. M.; A. W. Vigars, John Richards, Tynponfarch; Edward Jones, Elgar; J. Richards, Ilhiwlas; B. Jones, Pendre; Mrs. C M. Williams, Miss Ia- ia Jones, Mrs. Griffith, Waterloo; Mrs. Dr. Morgan, Miss Kate Lloyd, Miss Jenkins, Library; M>s. J. \ier Evans. The Revs. Dr Morris and T. Williams, B.A., officiated. A large number of beautiful wreaths had been received, sent by the following:— Sir James and Lady Szlumper and family, Mr and Mrs Robert Ellis, Mis and Miss Williams (Xewport), j|Miss Rees (Xorth-parade), Mrs Saer, Rev Mrs and Miss Williams, Alderman W H. Palmer, Mr Askew, Miss Vigars, Alderman and Mrs C. M. Williams, Mr T B Hall and Miss Hall (Terrace-road), Mrs Riddell, Mr T Ellis and Miss Ellis, Mr H L Evans, Misses Edwards (Laurels), employees Briton Slate Works, Mr. T L Evans and the Misses Evans, Mr and Mrs James Jones, Mr and Mrs Howell Evans, Mr Murel, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Penry, Miss Brown, Mrs Roberts, Mr and Mrs R Peake, Mr and Mrs Randolph Fear, MrTKilvington, Dr and Mrs M. J. Morgan, Miss Emile Evans, Misses Jones (42, and 44, Marine-terrace), Mrs Brown, and Mrs Roderick. The bereaved family have also received letters of sympathy from, amongst others, the following:—Mr Vaughan Davies, M.P., Sir: James Szlumper, Alderman D. Roberts, Mr H. C. Fryer, Principal Roberts, Mr Mortimer Green, Mr Morris Davies, Mr Cooke, Mr Morgan Evans (Oakford), Mr J. M. Howell (Aber- ayron), Mr L. J, Roberts (Rhyl). Mrs Griffith Jones (Hampstead), Mrs T. E. Ellis, Mrs R. J. Davies, Rev J. Lloyd, Llanilar Mr Wm. Davies, Battersea; Mr Wm. Scott, Cardiff; and Mr R. E. James, Cardiff.





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