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>JOTICE.—This column is devoted to better thoughts for quiet moments. Can the wiles of Art, the grasp of Power, Saatch the rich relics of a well-spent hour ? Tht--e, when the trembling spirit wings her flight, Pour round her path a stream of living light. ROGERS. Our country cannot well subsist without liberty, nor liberty without virtue. ROUSSBAU. » He who, being master of the fittest moment to I crush his enemy, magnanimously neglect it, is born to be a conqueror. LAVATHR. There are two kind of things which we ought not to fret about; what we can help and what we ,cannot help. WHATELY. The formation of his character is not, as it ought to be, the chief concern with every man. Many wish merely to find a sort of recipe for comfort, directions for acquiring riches, or whatever good they aim at. GOETHE. The worst effect of sin is within, and is not manifest in poverty, and pain, and bodily deface- ment, but in the discrowned faculties, the unworthy love, the low ideal, the brutalised and enslaved spirit. F. H. CHAPIN. if The great high-road of human welfare lies along the old highway of steadfast well-doing and they -who are the most persistent, and work in the truest spirit, will invariably be the most successful; success treads on the heels of every right effort. SMILBS. Many have left the search with sighs Who sought for hearts and found but eyes. The bright stars are not the best To follow in the way to rest. W. S. LANDOR.

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