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ABERYSTWYTH. ( CYCLING CLUB.—The cycling club went out for their first run on Wednesday afternoon. The de- stination was Goginan and about eighteen members turned up. ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCK.—On Sun- day morning last, the tirst use was made in Divine Service of 'The Congregational Church Hymnal," the new hymn-book adopted by this church. Its Compiler is Dr. Barrett, and the collection is about as Catholic and representative as can be desired. In addition to hvmns by all the chief singers of the Christi an Church, the book contains several metri- cal litanies, the Psal nits pointed fur chanting, hymns suitable for children's services, and anthems. Under the guidiance and instruction of the organist, Mr. Leah, A.R.C.O., the choir has mat- erially improved, and due attention is now paid to the various lights and shades so necessary in the due performance of the service of the sanctuary. By the fore.-ight of the deacons is a liberal supply of hymn books for the use of visitors. Copies of the Hymnal may be obtained at various prices from Mr. Robert Ellis, Great Darkgate Street. SOIREE.—A most successful soiree was held at the Welsh Baptist Chapel on Thursday evening last. In the absence of Mr J. L. Evans (who kindly sent a donation of Zl Is), the Rev. J. A. Morris occupied the chair. The tables were pre- sided over by Mrs Williams, Miss A. Thomas, Miss Isaac, Mrs Rowlands, Miss M. J. Jones, Miss Edwards, Miss Richards, Mrs H. Davies, Mrs Oliver. Miss Lewis and Miss Pollie Morgan, Bank Cottage. The following was the programme: Pianoforte duet, Miss Phillips and Howell: solo, Miss E. D. Ellis; solo, MrJ. Williams; duet, Misses Davies (encored); mandoiine selections, Miss Smith (encored) solo. Miss Warrington (encored); recitation, Mr Jack Roberts pianoforte solo. Mr D. J. De Lloyd; solo, Miss P. Morgan; Japanese gong, Mr J. A. Morris (encored): solo, Miss Davies; recitation, Mr T. Jarman solo, Miss Thorpe. The accompamest was Miss Polite Morgan, ine usual -vote of thanks brought a pleasant evening to a close. BENEFIT CONCERT.—On Friday evening last a concert, was given at the Tabernacle Schoolroom, for the benefit of Mrs. Mary Edwards, South-road. The Mayor (Alderman C. M. Williams) was to have presided, but owing to unavoidable circumstances was unable to be present. He. however, sent a donation towards the object in view. as also did Mr. Vaughan Davies, The concert was largely attended, and the chair was occupied by the Rev. T. Levi, pastor. The following was the programme gone through;—Pianoforte duett, Misses 'James and Levi; song, Holy Man of sorrows," Miss Lizzie Williams song, Admiral Tom," Miss Warrington; recitation, The Revenge," Mr. Ll. Williams, U.C,W.; Mandoline solo (encore(l), Miss Smith; song, Alone on the raft," Miss Lizzie Morgan Jones song, 0 Llefa.ra," :Ir. D. Jenkins, Mus. Bac.; duett. "Solfa duett," (encored), Miss L. M. Jones and Mr. Haydn Jones; gramophone solo; song, Myfyrdod yn unig," Miss Warrington; song, 0 adfyd i wynfyd (encored), Mr. Jack Edwards; mandoline solo, Miss Smith; recitation, Mr. A. J. Jones, U.C.W.; song, Y bachgen ffarweliodd a'i walad," Mr. Haydn Jones. The accompanists were Misses Maggie James, Kate Levi, and Una Morgan. SIOIREE.-The North Cardigan Temperance Union which is responsible for the successful annual pro- cession of Temperance Associations in this town, held a soiree in aid of its funds on Thursday even- ing last in the Corn Market Hall. The chair was occupied by Mrs Principal Roberts, whose efforts on behalf of total abstinence are both known and appreciated. The following programme was rendered :—Pianoforte solo, Mr D. J. de Lloyd, U.C.W. song, Mr Jack Edwards quartette", The Toy Quartette" The Misses Williams, Thomas, Thompson, and Morgan song, Lovely Spring," Miss Mollie Owen part song, Goginan Gwalia," Mr Benjamin and party; dialogue. Their little drops," the Misses M & E Thomas, U. N. Morgan song, Mrs L. Williams; fan drill. Miss Thomas and party pianoforte solo, Miss Minette, London song Tit for Tat," Miss L. M. Jones recitation, Mr A. J. Jones, U.C.W., duet, Y ddau Wladgarwr," Messrs D. Davies and R. Edwards, U.C.W., part song, Jerusalem" Mr Benjamin and party song, Mr D. Jenkins, Mus. Bac.; finale, God Save the Queen." During the intervals the refreshment tables, which were plentifully stocked with season- able dainties, were well patronised by the large company present on the occasion. Amongst the prominent supporters in evidence we noticed Messrs T. Owen, and Daniel Thomas, the following ladies amongst other members of the executive of the B.W.T.A. being responsible for the refreshments —Mrs Williams, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Daniel Thomas, and the Misses Edwards, Hughes, James, L. Jones, E. Powell, Doughton and Hum- phreys. OBDIXATION* OF THE REV. J. T. MILES. B.A.— One of the most impressive services ever held in con- nection with the Congregational Church in Mid- Cheshire took place at Northwich last week. when en Tuesday night, the Rev. J. T. Miles was ordained as pastor of the Northwich church. The new pastor is the son of the Rev. Job Miles, of Aberyst- wyth, and is 29 years of age. He was educated at Ardwyn school and the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, and at Wadham and Mansfield Colleges, Oxford. The ordination service was pre- sided over by the Rev. Dr. Mackennal, while the Rev. Dr. A. M. Fairbairn, principal of Mansfield College; the Rev. T. A. Penry, of Aberystwyth; and the Rev. T. W. Pinn, of Stockport, took part in the service. There was a large congregation. In the course of his statement of Congregational principle the Rev. Dr. Mackennal said it might seem that Congregationalism was democracy ap- plied to church life. In reality, however, the case was quite the reverse. Democracy was Congrega- tionalism applied to political life, and, as a matter of fact, a dream of one great social communityjwith equal privileges to all the members and with the common responsibility resting upon every member to contribute his part to the common well-being, never entered the mind of man until it was a mani- fested reality in the church as founded by the Apostle-i, tinder the instructions and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Congregationalism had not learned its lessons of freedom and self-reliance and of brotherhood and democracy, but democracy had learned these lessons from Congregationalism.-—Mr. Algernon Fletcher, as senior deacon of the church, read a statement showing the unanimity with whick the Northwich church had extended their invitation to the Rev. J. T. Miles to become their minister. Sketching the history of Northwich church, Mr. Fletcher said during the past fifty years they had only had three ministers, and it was forty years since an ordination was held in connection with the church. The Rev. J. T. Miles, the new pastor. detailed the reasons which had led to his embracing the ministry, and made reference to the old Welsh preachers and of the colleges of Aberystwyth and Mansfield. The Rev. T. A. Penry, of Aberystwith, delivered the ordination prayer, after which the .Rev. Dr, Fairbairn gave the charge to the minister, church, and congregation. He alluded to thedeath of Dr. T. C. Edwards, and said his voice lived in the voice with which Mr. Miles bad spoken that night. I GTMANFA CERDDOROL.—The annual cymanfa of the North Cardiganshire Methodist Musical Union was held on Wednesday in last week at Shiloh Chapel, Aberystwyth. The sacred edifice was crowded at both the afternoon and evening meetings, and the singing of the large united choir was of a high order. Mr D. Jenkins, Mus. Bac. (Cantab), was the conductor, and the success of the festival must in a large measure be attributed to his services, which, together with his extensive ex- perience and undoubted ability, the committee are fortunate in being able to command :—The tunes 4 rendered by the choir were the following" Adgyfod- iad," Addfwynder," Bryncynlais," Brynteg," Censorinus"' Gwahoddiad," Hzinlan," "Osna- burg, Regent Square," St. Gertrude," Saxony," St. Catherine," Triumphant," "Wilton Square," Maidstone," etc. The march" Gogùniant Gwalia was also sung, together with the anthem, Coron Cyfiawnder." Mr. Evan Evans, solicitor, presided at the afternoon meeting, at which an address was delivered by Mr. J. T. Rees, Mus. Bac., Pengarn. Mr. Rees also distributed the books and certificates to the successful candidates in the examinations recently held in connection with the Union as follows:—Junior Certificate-Shiloh. Elizabeth A. Owens, Alfred William Morgan, Thomas Owen, Joseph Owen, Annie Jones, Ada Annie Jones, John Morris Jones, and David Humphrey Edwards; Tabernacle—Maggie Edwards, Willie Stanley Jones J. Herbert Howard, and Mary Elizabeth Jones. Elementary Class-Shiloh, Emily Jane Jones, Edith Owens, Bertie Jones. and Phyllis Thomas Tabernacle Olwen Humphrey Evans, Ethel Rowlands, Lizzie Ann Rowlands, Maggie Rowlands, John Hughes James, John Humphrey Edwards, and David Morris Edwards. Inter- mediate—Shiloh: Edward David Evans. Taber- nacle: Annie Pierce, Lizzie Watkins, Eunice Lewis, -and Mary Elizabeth Edwards. Second grade staff notation- Shiloh: Nancy Humphreys, Catherine Mabel Edwards. Elizabeth Ann Roberts, Minnie Thomas, Annie Catherine Price, and Una Morgan. Saron, Llanbadarn—Laura Williams. Tabernacle— Elizabeth Edwards. The candidates to secure the highest ranks in the respective divisions were the following :—Intermediate—Edward David Evans (Shiloh), and Annie Pierce (Tabernacl); second grade staff notation-Elizabeth Edwards (Taber- nacl), and each of these was presented with a suit- able book. In the competition for the best tune on ii)mn .349, the prize was divided between Messrs. i rOm Benjamin and William Jones, both of Aber- ( (tvytbl Mr. D. Jenkins being the adjudicator. ( Ie evening meeting meeting was presided over hy ?ev. D. R. Williams, and addresses were de- i nH at intervals by the Rev. T. Levi and rr. í id amuel, M.A., headmaster of the County c *ol. A word of praise is due to Mr. W. R. Jones, r fearkgate-street, who carried out, the secre.- r ^Vilifies iu hi. successful manner. j I SALVATION ARMY. The week of Self Denial in connection with the Salvation Army was brought to a close on March 29th the amount raised being '7 Z43 Os 7(1. The officer in charge of the corps, Captain Simkin writes to thank ilie. friends, who have supported the Army. THE LATE PRINCIPAL EDWARDS.—On Sunday evening Professor Ellis Edwards, M.A., of Bala, preached an eloquent sermon at Salem chapel in memory of the late Principal Edwards. Appro- priate hymns were sunEC and the Dead March in Saul was played during the service by Mrs. T. J. Samuel. The sermon was in Welsh, and an epitome will be found in another part of the paper. PROPERTY SALE.—Mr J. E. James, auctioneer, con- ducted a sale of valuable leasehold property in rort- laitd-street, Penglaise-terrace, and Trevor-road, at the Lion Royal Hotel on Wednesday. All the lots were withdrawn with the exception of 5, Trevor-road which was sold to Mr J. Owen, Stanley-terrace, at the sum of £480. Mr Joseph Davies, Town Hall, was the solicitor for the vendors in the case of the pro- perty in Penglaise-terrace. PRESENTATION.—On Sunday afternoon the mem- bers of the Sunday school class conducted at Shiloh by Mr Rowland Morgan made a presentation of a handsome Bible and Tune luok to Mr Evan Lloyd Jones, nephew of Mr Richard Jones, 5, William- street, on his leaving the country for Connisville, Pennsylvania. The presentation was made by Mr Morgan, who spoke highly of his pupil, making special reference to his exemplary conduct and regularity in attending the services. PETTY SE'Sl ONs. -fie fore Messrs. E. P. Wynne and John Lewis at the Town Hall on Wednesday, John Edwards, 32, Portland-street, was fined ls. 6d. for allowing the chimney of his house to be on Are on the 29th March. P.C. Williams proved the case.—The Bench granted a temporary transfer of the license of the New Inn from Charles Parry to George H. Delahay, Llanbadarn, and of the Boer's Head from the late Captain Evans to his son, William Lloyd Evans. COLLEGE VACATION.—The Easter vacation of the College commenced on Tuesday, and will continue until Tuesday, April 17th. A final entertainment was given at the College on Tuesday evening under the auspices of the Literary and Debating Society. A high-class programme had been arranged, and was sustained by such talented artistes as Mr. Fred Griffiths (flautist), and Miss Llewela Davies (pianist) t Mr. Jack Edwards, Great Darkgate-street, also I rendered a number of solos in fine style, and Miss a Jano Davies gave an interesting recitation. I SALEM CHAPEL.—On Sunday afternoon week last, Superintendent Phillips and Mr. John Thomas, Gosen, held a visitation of the Sunday School, at this chapel. The Super was in very fine form, < and bad some very splendid passages of arms with some of the teachers and others in his catechising of the Sunday School. He sustained the "holi'y pwnc throughout with great vigourand alertness. An excellent three-quarters-of-an-hour of very spirited discussion was carried on, with which the Super" was much pleased. A collection has been made at Salem for the Indian FamineJ fund, in response to the appeal made to the local churches by the Mayor. POLICE NEWS.—Elizabeth Boswell, alias Emma Jones etc., a travelling hawker, was brought up at the Police Station on Monday to answer a charge of stealing money at the Pier Hotel on the previ- ous Saturday the property of Mr Lawrence and also for being drunk. It seems that on the day refered to prisoner called at the Pier Hotel and after being served deliberately took a coin from the hands of a young girl employed on the premises and refused to return it. When arrested, prisoner who was in Yaynor-street was so much under the influence of drink that she had to be conveyed to the lock-up in a hand cart. She was sentenced to one month's imprisonment for pilferage and bound over on the other charge. PARISH MEETING.—The annual Parish Meeting for the parish of Vaenor Lower was held on Friday evening last at the Union Workhouse, when there were present Messrs. John Owen, H. Sheraton, David Lloyd, D. Chas. Owen, Wm. Jones, and David Lloyd was voted to the chair. Mr. D. Charles Owen was appointed chairman for the ensuing year, and Messrs. J. Owen and H. Sheraton were re-appointed overseers.—Mr. D. Lloyd: How much money did we spend last year?—The Clerk Not a penny (laughter).—Mr. Lloyd It's a shame we don't do anything.—The Clerk: Very likely after the census is taken next year there will be a Parish Council in this parish instead of a Parish Meeting. RADICAL CLUB.—The winter session of the Literary and Debating Society in connection with the Radical Club was brought to a close on Friday last, when the evening was spent in electing officers for the coming year. The meeting was presided over by Mr T. J. Samuel, solicitor, and the follow- ing is the result of the election :—President, Mr D. C. Roberts; Hon. Presidents. Messrs M. L. Vaughan Davies, M.P., Aldermen Peter Jones and W. H. Palmer; vice-presidents, Messrs T. B. Hall, T. J. Samuel, Griffith Ellis, P. B Loveday treas- urer, Mr T. W. Powell; executive committee, Messrs J. P. Thomas, J. Barson, A. Lloyd Williams, J. A. Phillips, W. Lewis; auditor, Mr H. Hughes librarian, Mr T. Stephens; hon. sees., Messrs. T. J Mason, A. 0. Francis, James Rees. The past session has been one of the most successful and progressive in the history of the Club, and the Radicals have the proud honour yf having the oldest and leading debating society in the town. ORGAN RECITAL.—The sixth and last of the series was given on Monday evening in the English Congregational Church by Mr J. E. Leah, A.R.C.O. (organist and choirmaster), assisted by the follow- ing double quartette. Soprani, Misses Dickenson and Hughes, contralti. Miss Warrington and Mrs Leah. Tenori, Messrs Edwards and Hughes, bassi, Messrs Hughesiand Evans. The organ pieces were as follows, Prayer and Cradle Song," Guilmant; Andantino." Lemare Allegretto Grazioso," Holloway, Trot de Cavalerie" Rubenstein (by de- sire) and Dichter und Bauer" Suppe (encored). The vocal items were Crossing the Bar," a very pretty setting of Tennyson's words composed by Mr Leah and sung in memory of the late Principal Edwards, also the Singers" by Gaul, and The Twilight Shades are falling," Bendall. The recital have all been well attended, and it is to be hoped they will be re-continued next winter. Mr Leah's programmes are always well chosen, and contain the best works of the great masters, and we feel sure that in his endeavours to cultivate a taste for the best in musical art, his labours ,will not prove in vain. TEMPERANCE MEETING.—On Sunday night last under the auspices of the British Women's Tem- perance Association, a public Temperance meeting was held at Tabernacle Chapel. There was a good attendance, including several of the ministers of the town. Mrs. Principal Roberts occupied the chair, and explained that the meeting had been called to commemorate the memory of Miss Francis Willard. Similar meetings she said had been held all over the country, with the hope and object that hearing of her life a desire might be stirred up to follow her example. Mrs. Roberts spoke of the duty of the Church to take up a spirit of antagonism to the traffic, and said she was sure that Christ condemned this national sin as much as he condemned the sin of the Scribes and Pharisees in his own davs. Mrs. Griffiths, Waterloo Hotel, then read an instructive paper on the life and work of Miss Frances Willard, the trreat teniDerance reformer and nhibnthrnni"t L' .['a.a.V"t" Prof. Ellis Edwards, Bala, followed with a character- istic speech. He said he was one of those who believed that alcohol ought not to be allowed. There were plenty of authorities to prove that it was unnecessary as a medicine. Some people said they took it as medicine, but although the pre- scription was given ten years ago it was still in force. It was not necessary for people in health, and not necessary to make people strong. It was not necessary to give heat to the body, for when men were in a fever alcohol was given not to in- crease but, to reduce temperature. Mrs. Levi also read a paper explaining the work and objects of the Worlds Women's Christian Union, toward which she made an earnest appeal for the monetary assis- tance of all well-wishers.—A collection having been taken Jtoward this deserving movement; the meeting terminated with the singing of a hymn and prayer. COB SHow.-The annual Show of the North Cardiganshire Cob Society was held on Monday at the Smithfield, Aberystwyth, when there was a fairly good attendance. Two prizes were offered, viz., £30 for the best cob and £5 for the best cart horse. In the former class the following were the entries:—' Chocolate Bracey,' owned by Mr Isaac Davies, Stud Farm, Lucton, Hereford; 'Lord Ventry,' ditto Uncle John,' Mr Thomas James, Sychnant, Pembrokeshire 4 Woodcock,' Mr John Jones, Rhiwlug, Llandyssul; 'Frank,' Mr David Davies. Dolgors, Devil's Bridge Cardigan Sailor,' Mr O. Humphrey, Cwmcoed, Blaenpennal; Car- adog Flyer,' Richard Morgan, Llangeitho. The first prize was awarded to Chocolate Bracey,' a dark chestnut and a good mover, especially in front. Woodcock,' the winner of the prize three years ago, was highly commended. This animal showed much improvement, but did not move as well behind as the first. Lord Ventry was dis- qualified, not being up to the regulation height. In the cart horse class the entries were as follows: Shire Dick,' owned by Mr Evan Jones, Moelivor Brigadier YI.' Mr E. Griffith, Towyn; 'Farmer's Friend,'ditto; Beacon,' ditto; I Sir Dane,' Mr J. M. Williams, Brynbwl; Western Lockington,' Mr Morgan Morgan, Machynlleth; 'Blagdon the Brave," Mr Jones, Llwvnddeniol. The first prize in this class was awarded to Mr Griffiths' 'Beacofi,' a new horse just bought by him at Wrexham. Mr Williams' Sir Dane' was highly commended, this being a very compact animal and moves well, but rather on the small side. The general impression of the show was that as far as hackneys was con- cerned it was the best ever held at Aberystwyth. The cart horses also were a good class, and were ibove the standard of previous years. Mr Furber, if Wellington, Salop, was the judge in the cob lass, and Mr Aloffa-, t, Falcondale, in the cart horse dass. The secretarial duties were performed with ] nuch success by Mr Rufus Williams, of the Lion < -lotel. } < LADY WHITE AT ABERYSTWYTH. Lady White arrived at Aberystwyth last Thursdav evening, and the first appearance of the wife of the gallant hero of Ladysmith was the signal for an ovation from the large crowd which had assembled to witness the arrival of the distinguished visitor. To prevent a crush, the platform was barri- caded and a number of constables were posted to guard the way between the station entrance and the Lovesgrove carriage. Lady White, accompanied by Lady Evans drove off to Lovesgrove among a scene of the greatest enthusiasm, enlivened by the popular strains of Rule Brittannia from many a hundred voices. Curious and anxious crowds who had heard of Ladv White's pending visit closely watched the trains at the various stations along the line. Disappointment, on previous visits to the stations had made many sceptics, especially at Machynlleth. At that station there was nevertheless a large crowd on Thursday anxious to have a passing glimpse of Lady White. Twice the crowd cheered opposite the wrong carriage, and threw the lady passengers into confusion. Then—y drydedd waith yw'r goel— when they found the right carriage, and were assured that Lady White was in the train, they fully made up for their previous mistakes by the lustiness of their cheering. At Ynyslas,Mr Jones, Tymawr, the tall hardy typical Cardi he is, having heard that Lady White was in the train, gave her a sincere Welsh welcome, and expressed a hope that her gallant husband would also soon come to Wales, hale and hearty, and that both would benefit by the visit. Borth, with its innumerable youngsters fairly eclipsed all other choruses—its volume and intensity was simply deafening. It is uncertain whether General White will also make a stay in this district, but we are given to understand that it is not unlikely he will make a short visit to his friends at Lovesgrove prior to hi departure for Gibraltar. s







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