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THE LATE MR. JOHN BONSALL. Ix the death of Mr. JORX BOXSALL, of Fron- fraith, Cardiganshire has lost its oldest and ablest magistrate. He was made a justice of the peace for the county in the year 1856, and he possessed a rare combination of qualities which eminently fitted him to dis- charge the duties of his office in a manner which seldom failed to win confidence and command esteem. These qualities were, his legal training and his knowledge of the language of the people and the customs of the country and these iqualities, tempered with a sympathetic nature, made Mr. JOHN BONSALL an invaluable acquisition to any bench of Magistrates, and enabled the Llanbadarn Bench to claim a higher rank than any other in the county. No other Bench in Cardiganshire had such a high repute for the soundness of its decisions as that of Llanbadarn fawr, over which Mr. BONSALL presided for so many years. Nor is this all, Mr. BONSALL'S personality, close attention to business, and his length of days gave the Bench which he adorned, that continuity of policy which gave its decisions such a sterling value in the estimation of the public. Mr. BOXSALL'S name and memory, however, will not be more closely linked to any institution than to the Aber- ystwyth Infirmary with which he had been actively and honourably associated for over half a century, and was its President since the death of Colonel PRYSE. We have on other occasions dwelt more at length than space will now permit on the active interest lie took in the good work of this institution but we cannot conclude without relating in brief a pathetic incident which well illustrates the genuineness of his life-long devotion to whatever good work he took in hand, and steadily pursued in the even tenor of his way. A meeting of the Infirmary Com- mittee was held on the day of Mr. BONSALL'S death, and it is said that the last instructions he gave to his coachman on the previous evening was to have the trap ready, early on the morrow, to take him to the Infirmary meeting, over which he was to preside-but on that morrow the faithful President was removed from his work to his reward.



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