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Bo rQ of Guardians.


Bo rQ of Guardians. The fortnightly meeting of the Aberystwyth Board of Guardians was held on Monday morning at the Union Workhouse, Mr W. A. Miller pre- siding. There were also present Messrs Hugh Hughes. G. Fossett Roberts, B. Ellis Morgan, Rev T. A. Penry. and Edwin Morris, Aberystwyth Rev John Davies and Ed. Jones, Cenlanymaesmawr; John Morgan, Cwmrheidol; Wm. Morris, Cyfoethy- brenin David Edwards, Llanilar; Evan Lewis, Llan Haminiog; John Jones, Llan Mefenydd and Wm. Hughes. Vaenor Upper; with Hugh Hughes (clerk), and J. C. Davies (deputy clerk). OUT RELIEF. I The amount of out-relief administered during the past fortnight was as follows :—Per Mr J. J. Hughes, £ 38 19s to 146 paupers; per Mr Thos. Vaughar., £ 45 9s 4d to 158 paupers; and per Mr J. Morgan. £48 18s to 141 paupers. HOUSE COMMITTEES REPORT. The report of the House Committee was pre- sented by the Rev T. A. Penry. The Committee bad re-elected Mr Penry as chairman for the ensuing year. It was also reported that Capt. Daniel Evans had discharged himself that morning from the House, and had since asked the relieving officer for a ticket of re-admission that evening. It was stated that this person entirely ignored every regulation of the House, and broke loose whenever he liked, and afterwards sought re- admission, The Clerk was asked his opinion as to the best method of dealing with the man, and he replied that they could not refuse the man admission into the House if he was destitute. After some discussion, the Clerk said he would make enquiries and ascertain what action could be taken to prevent the man going in and out of the House at his own pleasure. At a later stage of the meeting the Clerk said in his opinion the only way to deal with the man was to place him on an able-bodied diet for a fortnight, and should he attempt to leave the House again, that the Master should compel him to take his box with him. BOARDING OUT COMMITTEE. A communication was read from Mrs Colby, secretary of the Boarding Out Committee, sub- mitting reports regarding the welfare of the different children boarded out, and toward whose maintenance the Board contributed. In each case it was t! •iMren were kept clean, well- fed. and attended school regularly. The Chairman remarked that the reports were very satisfactory. In reply to the Rev. T. A. Penry, the Clerk said the agreements rega-ding these children had not yet been signed, but they would be •shortly. z, DISTRICT NURSE ASSOCIATION. Regarding the representation of the Guardians on the District Nurse Association, to which a con- tribution is annually given, Miss G. Purton, secre- tary, wrote stating that no representative could be appointed except at the annual meeting of the Association. If the matter was brought forward at the next annual meeting she felt sure the request z!1 would be granted. RESOLUTIONS. A letter was read from Mr Vaughan Davies, M.P., stating it would give him great pleasure to support the resolution passed by the Board in refer- ence to the maintenance of widows and orphans of soldiers who died or were killed while on active service being made a charge on the National Ex- chequer. The second resolution with regard to the relations of Boards of Guardians and the Local Government Board lie did not quite understand, and would be pleased to know upon what lines they required reform. Rev. T. A. Penry: We did not pass that resolu- tion. Notice was given, but it was withdrawn. The Clerk: I will correct that then. CLERGYMAN AND HIS MOTHER'S SUPPORT. A lengthy communication was read from the clergyman whose mother had applied to the Guardi- ans for relief. The Clerk's letter, he said, was the first direct intimation he had received from any source of such an application by his mother. He was much grieved that she had made the applica- tion, as he and his two brothers had supported her for three years. He had mad? an arrangement with his brothers, whereby he undertook to pay the rent of the house in which his mother lived, while the others undertook the responsibility of her maintenance. It was incorrect to state that his salary was Z160 a year, it being, he was sorry to say, only £94 per annum. The members felt that the explanation was a very satisfactory ;;ne, zr,(i were convinced that the son had done ail that could be expected of him towards the support of his mother. CORRESPONDENCE. The Clerk read a letter from the Association of Poor Law Unions upon the question of the exten- sion of the period for repayment of loans from 30 years to 80 or 100 years. o With regard to the Dew valuation of the property of the two railway companies within the Board's jurisdiction, the Clerk said he had received a communication from the valuers (Messrs. Michael Faraday aud Rodgers), who said they bad been in communication with the railway companies, and their representative would pay a visit to Aber- ystwyth this week. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported that the inmates at the House the first week of the past fortnight numbered 43. and a similar number the second week, as com- pared with 50 the corresponding periods of last year. Twenty vs~nts were relieved the first week as against 15 in the corresponding period of last year, and 10 during the second week as against 25. A STRANGE CASE. Mr John Morgan reported a strange case from his neighbourhood. He said there z! was an old woman there who was starving herself to death, and had had no fire in the house for several days. She had money in her possession, but had placed it under the bed, and would allow no one to touch it. He (Mr Morgan) bad ordered one cwt. of coal for the ho:i-e. and had also bought some bread and butter for the woman. In the course of discussion, it was stated the woman had a son and daughter, and it was eventually decided to communicate with these, informing them of the facts of the case.

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