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ABERYSTWYTH REMOVAL.-P.C. John Jenkins (23), who has been stationed in this town for nearly nine months, bas been removed to New Quay. PHOTOGRAPHY.—A variety of views of the pro- cessions on Saturday celebrating the relief of Mafeking are on view at the American Studio in Pier-street. j A TREAT TO SHOP ASSISTANTS.—Mr Gilbert Rogers and his troopers are holding their second entertain- ment at the Pavilion to-night. The programme is an attractive one and it is expected there will be a large attendance. ABERYSTWYTH MARKETS were held on Mondays as far back as 1555. Evidence of this fact will be found in an old document we repriut this week in our records of Cardiganshire. This is one of the earliest documents in existence relating to the county. t'> ARTIFICAL TEETH.—As will be seen by an advertisement in another, Mr James Rees, 4, Trinity-place, wishes to acquaint his numerous patrons that he has removed to more convenient premises at 30. Railway-terrace. GOOD TEMPLARS' PIC,, ic.-Tlie annual picnic of the members of the local Lodge of Good Templars was held on Wednesday afternoon, when a visit -was paid to Llanilar, the party being conveyed in brakes via Crosswood. Tea was provided at the former place, and an enjoyable afternoon was spent. INVALIDED HOME.—Private "Lul" Berry, son of Sergeant Berry, who has been serving with the South Wales Borderers in:South Africa, has been in- valided home, suffering from pneumonia in the left side. He arrived at Aberystwyth on Saturday night last, and will probably remain for about a month. SUDDEN DEATH.—John Jones, Penllwyn, working at Mr. John Jenkins' quarry, Queen's-road, died sudden- ly on Wednesday afternoon. He left the quarry, and not returning for an nnusual length of time, his fellow-workmen proceeded to look for him. After a search he was found lying dead on the bank at the top of the quarry. Death is attributed to heart disease. Deceased was 58 years of age. THE PAXTO.V SOCIETY.—At the meeting on Wednesday evening, a very instructive and com- prehensive paper on Cottage Gardening was read by Mr Hughes, Brynamlwg, who was highly complimented and cordially thanked for his valu- able and lucid contribution to the cognition of the Society. A paper on "Bee keeping "will be read by Mr Williams, of the Queen's Hotel Gardens, at the next meeting. FOOTBALL.—In consequence of their not playing a return match at Towyn last season, the Town Football Club have been lined £ 5. The action of the Welsh Association has given rise to much unsatis- factory comment, as the Town Club had expressed their readiness to play, and had even offered a date, but no reply was received from the Secretary at Towyn. It was also understood that the Football Club at Towyn was defunct at that time of the season. CASTLE GROUNDS.—Whilst the flower beds on the Castle Grounds are being replenished with the usual supply of budding plants, it would be well if the authorities would give their attention to the plot of land at the entrance from Great Darkgate- street. This plot has hitherto been left untouched, and as it is the receptacle for all kinds of rubbish it is a positive eyesore. The place is well adapted for a border, which could be made one of the most beautiful in the Castle Grounds. OUTING.—On Wednesday afternoon the members of the Portland-street Congregational Hand of Hope had their annual outing, being conveyed in brakes to Penrhyncoch. The members look forward with eagerness to this event, and being favoured with fine weather the outing this year proved a complete success, the children, and the adults who accompanied them, enjoying themselves thoroughly. This Band of Hope, which is under the superintendence of Mr. David Thomas, Nortligate House, is one of the best organised and most nourishing in the town, and its membership is considerable. GOOD T^MPLAKISM.—Public temperance meetings under the auspices of the High Temple of Wales of the I.O.G.T. and the Temparance Union of North Cardiganshire will be held at Aberystwyth on Wed- nesday next. Amongst the principal speakers will be Mr Joseph Malins, high chief templar of Wales Rev J. Pyper, of Ireland; Rev H. Barrow Williams, Llandudno Rev Rees Evans, Llanwrtvd Rev Morris Morgan, and the Rev H. J. Williams, The proceed- ings will include a large demonstration. MINISTERIAL.—At a largely attended meeting of the members of the English Presbyterian Chapel held last week, it was unanimously decided to invite the Rev A. Wynne Thomas, of New College. Edinburgh, to the pastorate of the Church. Mr Thomas who is a young man with a very promising career is an eminent scholar and thinker and a ■popular preachcr. He comes from a stock of famous Welsh Divines, being a son of the Rev. popular preacher. He comes from a stock of famous Welsh Divines, being a son of the Rev. Josiah Thomas, of Liverpool, and a nephew of Drs. Owen and John Thomas of the same place. ACCIDENT.—A man named John Lewis, living at Trefechan, met with a severe accident by falling over the quay wall at the Harbour at a late hour on Saturday night last. The accidant happened on the Penyranchor side, and the man was picked up by Evan Edwards, Rheidol-terrace, and John Williams, Rheidol-place, who secured a boat and rowed across the river from the South-terrace side. Lewis had sustained a number of scalp wounds, Tvhichbled freely he also received injury to one of his legs. He was afterwards conveyed on an im- provised stretcher to the Infirmary, were he was attended by Dr James, the house-surgeon. MARRIACE. On Wednesday morning the marriage was solemnized at the English Presby- terian Chapel, Bath-street, of Mr. F. W. Chandler, of Sheffield, and Miss Annie Ellis, Little Darkgate- street. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Lewis Ellis, uncle of the bride. The happy couple left by the 8.25 a.m. train for Matlock, where the honeymoon will be spent. The bride was the recipient of numerous presents amongst which was a beautiful timepiece and bronze ornaments, a gift presented by members of the English Presbyterian Sunday School where she had been for several years a faithful member and teacher. PETTY SESSIONS.—The weekly sessions were held at the Town Hall, on Wednesday, the presid- ing magistrates being the Mayor (Alderman C. M. Williams), Messrs T. Griffiths, E. P. Wynne, R J. Jones, and I. Hopkins.—Peter Kelly, Trefechan, painter, was charged with travelling on the Man- chester and Milford railway from Tregaron to Aberystwyth. without having previously paid his fare on the 14th inst.—A fine of 20s and costs was imposed.—For riding on a cart drawn by two horses without reins to guide the leading horse, John Owen, Chalybeate-court, was fined 2s 6d and costs.—David Williams, and John Lewis, St John's Buildings, were both bound over in the sum of Z2 to come up for judgment when called upon on the charge of being drunk and disorderly on Satur- day night last.—D. E. Lloyd, 369. Stradford-road, Spark Hall, Birmingham, was charged with neg- lecting to maintain his mother, now chargeable to to the common fund of the Abervstwytn Union. The magistrates made an order for the payment of 3s per week and costs.—John Phillips, Nortbgate-street. was fined Is; J. E. James, North- parade, 2s 6d; and William Jenkins, 5, Grays Inn- road, Is, each for allowing the chimneys of their houses to be on tire.—A temporary transfer of the licence uf [Île Hotel Cambria and Pier Pavilion was j granted from Miss Hindle to Mr Edens BADEN-POWELL RELIEF Fu.Ni.).-Councillor R. J. Jones, who takes a keen interest in this fund is anxious that all promised accounts should be speedily paid to him or at any of the banks. He has already secured a substantial sum, and is in hopes of increasing it to the amount of £50 before sending it away. Subscriptions have already been received from the following :-Alderman C. M. Williams (mayor), Messrs D. C. Roberts. Edward Evans, Rufus Williams, R. J. Jones, Dr T. D. Harries, Messrs H E. Bonsai 1, E. P. Wynne, F. R. Roberts, Hugh Hughes, D. M, Davies, J. Morgan, J. R. Rees. D. Roberts and Sons, Ltd., and J. Mathias and Sons, £ 1 Is each; Messrs T. Doughton T. Kilvington. L. Bcarne, R. E. Morgan, T. W. Powell, R. K. Jenkins. J. W. Jones, J. C. Rea, R. Peake, R. Doughton, P. Lobb, D. Ll. Lewis (National Provincial Bank), and J. E. Jones (auctioneer), 10s 6d each Messrs J. P. Thomas. H. H. Bonsall, R. Morgan, H. Woodall, Mrs Arthur Hughes. Dr Gilbertson, Messrs Gilbert Rogers, T. Griffiths. T. Mortimer Green. Chief Constable Howell Evans, R. C. Wilson, A. J. Hughes, and J. D. Perrott. 10s each; Messrs Rees Jones, Isaac Hopkins, J. T. Hill (Devil's Bridge), T. Hopkins, D. Samuel, D. Morgan. Amos Jones, Rev J. M. Lewis, Jones Parry, H. W. Owen, T. Morris, Owen (builder), and Taylor, 5s each; Bristol," Messrs John Lewis, W. R. Hall, R. Richards, Dr Morgan, Williams (L. & P. Bank), Pryse (Crystal Palace), Ji Richards, W. Hughes Jones, J. H. Edwards, and J. Vaughan Edwards, 2s 6d each.

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