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CARDIGAN I DISTRICT LETTER. COGREGATIOAL SINGING. The annual singing festival of the Congregational churches of Cardigan, Bryn, Salem, Capel Degwel, Ffvnonbedr, Tyrhos, Lleehryd and Trewyddel_ was held on Wednesday last at Capel Mair, Cardigan, the attendance at each of the three services being very large. The morning service, which was set apart for the children, was presided over by the Rev D. Jones, Hope Chapel, and the adult services were presided over in the afternoon uy the Rev J. ETans, Moylgrove, and in the evening by the Rev H. H. Williams, Llechryd. The day's proceedings were under the superintendence of the pastor, the Rev D. G. Morris. Mr D. W. Lewis, F.T.S.C., Brynaman, couducted the singing, and Miss Edith Daniel accompanied. As a listener one can only describe the effect of the singing as electrical, and after such a display of choral power one asks why it is not possible to mass such voices for competitive work. If the union of the choirs of different religious bodies is-.impossible, why not form a 200 voice choir to represent a single de- nomination ? If the question is raised, the reasons given are that competing choirs invariably, sooner or later, breed discord, demoralize the members, seriously interrupt the work, and discipline of the churches. For these reasons the formation of competitive choirs is generally discouraged by the Churches. And it may be added the choral master- pieces of the world are rarely studied and sung locally. THE QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY. The Queen's birthday was loyally honoured at Cardigan. The outward display of such loyalty took the form of continuous bell-ringing, street decoration, a cannonade, sundry street processions, and a volunteer dress parade, with a Jeu-de-joit. The war fever has aroused a wonderful interest in -volunteering, the ranks of F Company (Cardigan) 1st V.B., Welsh regiment, being almost at full strength. There were 72 on parade on Thursday under the command of Lieutenant W. E. James. Colonel W. Picton Evans. the commandant of the battalion, inspected the company, and, on address- ing them afterwards, he congratulated them upon their clean and smart appearance, and upon the self-reliance shewn by the men individually under orders. After the feu-de-joie, led by Lieut. James, cheers were given for her Majesty, and for thosa gallant fellows who so nobly fought at Mafeking. U.C.W. STUDEI,-TS' VISIT. It was expected that there would have been a good muster of the agricultural students of the University College of Wales at Cardigan on Satur- day, as it was understood to be their intention to hold a meeting in the town, and to visit Noyadd Wilym in order to inspect the shorthorn herd and the grass farm in Clay." Professor Williams and a small party of students did visit Noyadd Wilym, and were hospitably received by Mr Morgan- Richardson, but owing to a misunderstanding, several students, after travelling a long way, re- mained in town. The party were afterwards enter- tained to dinner by Mr Mcrgan-Richardson at the Angel Hotel. -Nfr --Nf organ- Richardson was an ex- hibitor on Thursday at the Shropshire and West Midland Agricultural Show, held at Shrewsbury, and was awarded first prize in the shorthorn heifer class. This animal—" Octave "-and other exhibits were absent from the herd on the occasion of the students' visit. It is easy to understand the im- mense boon such tours of inspection must be under the expert guidance of Prof. Williams. No course could be better calculated to stimulate interest and develope progressive ideas in the young agri- culturist. FIRE. An alarm of fire was raised on Saturday morning by a person running into the Ship Wine Vaults, and shouting that the Stores were on fire. The people of the establishment naturally thought it was the Bonded Stores in the rear of their premises, and the news had for the moment quite a paralysing effect. The alarm soon spread, and it was then found that dense smoke was issuing from a tempor- effect. The alarm soon spread, and it was then found that dense smoke was issuing from a tempor- ary carpenter's shop over beer warehouse, some little distance from the Bonded Stores. There were a number of willing workers soon on the spot, and the danger of a serious fire were soon averted. The actual fire was in itself insignificant, although a good deal of damage was done to a quantity of pre- pared work for use on the new buildings in Pendre. but the lesson is none the less a serious one. Had the fire actually broken out, as was thought, at the Bonded Stores, what could the townspeople have done to extinguish it ? The situation would have been one of pitiable helplessness. One hesitates to tell the truth. A fire at the Bonded Stores would have involved the the Guild Hall buildings, and probably the whole of that side of the street, and to cope against such an outbreak, there are six fire buckets, a few lenghts of hose, and a couple of ladders, with a wholly inadequate water supply for such an emergency Providence has been ex- tremely kind iwprotecting the town for many years against anything like a calamitous fire-but we must not forget that Providence safe guards those who protect themselves and some day there will be exacted, most assuredly, a terrible penalty for such long-standing neglect. The humorous side of the picture may occur to some, but really the matter is far too serious to treat with levity. AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. The annual meeting of the Cardigan Agricultural Society was held at the Angel Hotel, on Saturday last, when Col. W. Picton Evans presided over an unusually large attendance of farmers, and others interested. The accounts for the past year shovyed a balance in favour of the Society of over P-10, and there were sundry other assets on hand. The Secretary reported that in two instances the prize money won at the last show was returned, viz. the Mayor, Mr Morgan-Richardson, £6 5s Od; and Mr Morgan Jones, Penlan, P,3 15s Od. Messrs John Owen, and J. R. Adams were appointed to audit the accounts. The date of the coming show was definitely fixed for the 16th August next. Mr J. V. Colhy, of Rhosygilwen. was nominated president for the year, and the officers, Mr R. R. Storey, treasurer; and MrD. Morgan Jones, secretary, were re-appointed. GIFT BY THE MAYORESS. A good deal of interest is evinced by the public in the generous proposal of the Mayoress, Mrs Morgan-Richardson, to erect an ornamental pavilion, or shelter, on the Net pool promenade, to mark the Mayor's third year of office. The members of the Borough Council visited the Net- pool on Thursday last, and selected a site for the shelter at a spot commanding a fine view of St Dogmell's, and the river Tivy. A structure of this kind will greatly enhance the actractiveness of the promenade, and it is to be hoped that when erected it will be treated properly by the young men who frequent the walk. The manner in which the trees and ornamental shrubs,wliicli planted by 1 "tue Mayor at considerable 6Spense last year on the Netpool grounds.—have been treated, make one somewhat dubious as to the fate of the shelter, but it is well to be hopeful. The Town should be grate- ful to the Mayoress for her generosity. TELEPATH. SUCCESS.—At the annual show of the Shropshire and West Midland district held at Shrewsbury on Thursday last, Mr C. Morgan Richardson, Noyadd Wilym was awarded the first prize for the best heifer calved in 1899. A CENTENARIAN.—Mrs James, Tycanol, near Cardigan, who had a brother in the ranks under Wellington at Waterloo, has just completed her 100th birthday. She retains her mental faculties, and has much to say about the great events of the year 1815.