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We understand the infinite a hundred times better by the heart than by the intelligence. B. TISSEUR. Happy are physicians Their successes shine in the sunlight and the earth covers their failures. MONTAIGNE. r- Everything may be demonstrated by reasoning, except the things which we feel are veritable. MAURICE BARRES. # The most disastrous times have produced the greatest minds. The purest metal comes of the most ardent furnace,1 the most brilliant lightning comes of the darkest cloud. CHATEAUBRIAND. The grace of culture is, in its way, a fine thing, but the best that art can do—the polish of a gentleman is hardly equal to the best that nature can do in her higher moods. MARY NOAILLES MURFEE. With every exertion, the best of men can do but a moderate amount of good; but it seems in the power of the most -contemptible individual to do incalculable mischief. WASHINGTON IRVING. To give alms is nothing unless you give thought also; and that therefore it is written, not blessed is he that feedeth the poor," but, blessed is he that -considereth the poor and you know that a little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money. RUSKIN.

Happiness. ---

Abiding Satisfactions.

'The End of Great Soldiers.



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The Ministry of Nature.

Room at the Top.

Neglected Good. '

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