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ABERYSTWYTH. Board of Guardians. The fortnightly meeting 'of the Aberystwyth Board of Guardians was held on Monday morning at the Board Room, Union Workhouse, Mr W. A. Miller, Issayndre (chairman), presiding. There were also present. Mr William Morris, Cyfoethy- brenin (vice-chairman), Rev. T. A. Penry, Messrs G. Fossett Roberts, B. E. Morgan, T, E. Salmon, and Edwin Morris, Aberystwyth Edward Jones, Ceulanymaesmawr; Thomas Jenkins, Cyfoethy- brenin; J. B. Morgan, Cynullraawr; James Jones, Llanbadarn Lower; David Morgan and Thomas Powell, Llanfihangel Upper; Evan Richards, Llan- fihangel Lower E. J. Evans, Llangwyryfon D. Morris and David Edwards, Llanilar; John Jones, Llanmefenydd; Charles Davies, Llanychaiarn; Thomas James, Trefeirig; Richard Thomas, Tirymynach; and David Lloyd. Vaenor Lower; with Hugh Hughes (clerk), E. Llewelyn (assistant clerk), and William Jones (master). BOARDING OUT COMMITTEE. Mrs Colby, secretary of the Boarding Out Com- mittee, presented her quarterly report upon the condition of the children boarded out. She also stated that Mrs Richard James, Broncastell. had resigned her position on the committee, and she asked the Board to approve of the appointment of the following new members: —Mrs Morgans, the Poplars, Penllwyn Mrs Dr Hughes, Llanilar; and Mrs Roderick, Llancvnfelin Vicarage, Taliesin. The Board unanimously adopted the names mentioned. MEDICAL OFFICER'S RESIGNATION. The Clerk read a letter from Dr John E. Hughef stating that with great regret and after due con- sideration, he enclosed notice of resignation, sever- ing his connection with the Board as district medical officer and public vaccinator, which con- nection had lasted ifor 25 years. He was reluct- antly led to do this by the state of his health, which rendered him incapable of paying sufficient attention to the duties of the office, and he desired to thank them most heartily for the kindness and support he invariably received at their hands during this long period of service. He desired to conclude his services on the 26th inst. The Chairman said he was very sorry to hear of the resignation of Dr Hughes, who bad been a most efficient officer of the Board for the last 25 years. He proposed that the thanks of the Board be conveyed to him for his faithful services, and also the sympathy of the Board with him in his indisposition. The proposition was seconded simultaneously by Mr Charles Davies and Mr Daniel Morris. The latter stated it was with regret that they received the resignation, especially as it was on account of ill health. Dr Hughes had been one of the most faithful officials of the Board, and he was not going -to dwell upon his good qualities, as they were well known inside and outside the Board, and especially amongst the poor. Dr Hughes, on his retirement would be entitled to a pension, and be would sug- gest that they petition the Local Government Board to add to the number of years of his service, not for the small extra sum which would thus be secured, but as an expression of their good feeling, for the good work be had done during his connection with the Board. The Clerk said Dr Hftghes would be entitled to anperannuation, and there would be no need to apply to the Local Government Board for permission to pay it. With regard to Mr Morris' suggestion, that they should apply to have the number of years service increased, he was afraid the Local Govern- ment Board would not accede to that. i The resolution accepting the resignation was then agreed to. Mr B. E. Morgan proposed that they advertise for a successor at once. The Chairman remarked that Dr Hughes' assist- ant was practising at Llanilar, and the question was whether it would be wise to advertise, and whether the salary they would offer would induce a man to go to that neighbourhood. Mr Morris said he understood that Dr Rees had taken over Dr Hughes' practice. He gave notice that at the next meeting he would propose the appointment of Dr Rees without advertising, he being a fully qualified practitioner. Rev T. A. Penry thought if they did not advertise it might give rise to unpleasantness. Mr James Jones also pointed out that when the district was divided between Dr Hughes and Dr Morgan, the latter did not get what he ought to for the district he was working. He believed they ought to rectify that. now. and arrange a better division of the salaries. He was in favour of advertising the appointment. TheChairman considered that a committeeshould be appointed to defien the districts and salaries. During further discussion, it was stated that Dr Hughes' salary was £45 per annum, and Dr Morgan's £20. Mr Salmon said the Board had asked Dr Hughes to remit Z5 to go towards Dr Morgan's salary, but that had not been carried out. A suggestion was made that the salaries should be equally division. Mr Salmon replied that that would not be fair, as Dr Hughes' district was much larger than Dr Morgan's. He suggested an increase of £5 to Dr Morgan's salary. The Clerk said there was a great difference in the population of the two districts, Dr Hughes being paid k44 as public vaccinator, and Dr Morgan £26.. Mr J. B. Morgan said the discussion was entirely out of order, as no notice had been given that this question of salaries would be brought up that day, "The Clerk suggested that Dr Hughes be asked to continue in office until the appointment of a suc- cessor. Mr Salmon proposed that Dr Hughes be asked to remain in office for a further two months. This was seconded, and carried, and the Guard- ians of the two parishes concerned were appointed a committee to deal with the revision of salaries. STATISTICS. The amount of out-relief administered during the past fortnight was as follows:—Per Mr J. J. Hughes, P,42 10s 61 to 155 paupers: per Mr T. Vaughan, e50 13s to 168 paupers and per Mr J. Morgan, £50 14s to 150 paupers. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported that the number of inmates in the House the first week of the past fortnight was 50, as compared with 46 the corresponding period of last year, and the second week 53. as com- pared with 46 last year. The number of vagrants relieved the first week was 11, as compared with 11 last year, and the second week 9, as compared with 8. The master also reported that on New Year's Day his Worship the Mayor of Aberystwyth and I friends visited the house, and gave the inmates a tea party in the afternoon. Also on'he 9th inst Miss Taylor, Panteg, Llanbadarn-road. gave the inmates a knife and fork tea in the afternoon, and an entertainment in the evening. On the proposition of the Rev T. A. Penry the Clerk was directed to convey the thanks of the Board to those persons who had entertained the inmates of the House. A TRIP TO LONDON. A letter was read from the St.Pancras Union, London, asking the Board to accept the removal of a woman who had became an inmate of their Work- house, and who was chargeable to the Aberystwyth Union. The Relieving Officer stated the woman had applied for relief at Aberystwyth, but the Guardians would not give her any money and offered her the House. She then went off to London. The Board, having no option, decided to accept chargeability of the woman and to secure her removal to Aberystwyth. PLAIN SPEAKING. During the consideration cf applications for relief, the case of an old woman, who lived by her- self, and who was in receipt of 3s 6d a week, came up for discussion. Mr James Jones considered that as the old woman lived by herself she should be offered the House. Mr Salmon indignantly opposed such a course. Aged persons, he said, when brought to the House, and when having to adopt a new system of living, did not live long. Perhaps some of the members themselves would be brought into the House when' they were 80 years of age, and he could assure them that they would go out in six months in a wooden coffin. The applicant in this case bad been paying rates within the past five years, and he con- sidered it was too hard to say that if the woman did not come into the House her relief would be stopped. Mr James Jones replied that he had never said a word about stopping the relief. He did not know where Mr Salmon had got bis text from. Mr Salmon I say you offered the House to her. My text is equally as good as yours any day and I am well able to lecture on my text (laughter). Mr James Jones This old woman is living in a house by herself, and I think the best place for her would be in the Workhouse. We ought to keep our rules. The Chairman It has been proposed that the relief should be continued. Mr James Jones: But what about our rules, which say we shall not give out-relief to old people who live by themselves. The Chairman But that is a dead letter, and it is very often broken. Mr James Jones But they should be brought into operation again. Mr Salmon The rules are rotten, and want revising. -———————. The proposition to continue the relief was then carried. INFIRMARY MEETING. Mr G. F. Robert!! gave notice that at the next meeting be would move that representatives be appointed to represent the Board at the annual meeting of subscribers to the Aberystwyth Infirm- ary to be held on Feu. 2nd.

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