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ABERYSTWYTH. VIEW OF ABERYSTWYTH.—Through the instru- mentality of Mr Dotiniss, General Manager of the Cambrian Railways Co., a tine view of the town and bay has been included in the large and coloured pictorial poster issued by the Cheshire ^HOCKEY. — A liockey match between teams representing Aberystwyth and St David « wa» on Tuesday, and resulted in a win tor Aberystwyth by four goals to one. The match was preceded by a dance at the Lion Royal Hotel, on Monday night, and another dance was given on Tuesday AMBULANCE. — The railway rueR s ambulance class has again been formed, the meetings being held at the Railwav Station. The first demonstra- tion was given on Tuesday evening, when there was an attendance of about forty, including several police constables. Dr Bonsall i, the instructor. DRILL CLASS.-On Saturday last the above class had a judging distance practice on the Plascrug Ilats, when a fair muster was present. The first event was at known distance between 200 and 500 yards, then 4 answers at unknown distance between 100 and 500 yards. The answers were exceedingly good, the average being 673 points out of possible 8 points each man. GORSE FIRING.-On Tuesday evening last the gorse on Buarth Hill, just beyond the Vicarage, was fired and for some time presented a grand spectacle as the flames, fanned by a high win(i-, leaped up in bright tongues of fires. Fortunately for the Vicarage, the conflagration was extinguished before any damage was done to it, though for a short time it seemed to be in danger of destruction. FOOTBALL.—A match was played on the Vicar- age field on Saturday between Towyn and Aber- ystwyth, the game resulting in a win for Aber- ystwyth by three goals to nil. The Aberystwyth team was represented by the following :-Goal, T M. Evans backs, George Evans, Oswald Green; half-backs, Willie Jones. J. H. Edwards, Daniel Michael: forwards, Tommy Rees, Bevan, Teddie Evans, Evan Davies, G. Barson. SIMULTANEOUS MISSIO.-It is proposect tnac the English Free Churches in this town should tall into line with other provincial towns in the king- dom and hold Simultaneous Mission Services in the month of February. The plan was briefly expounded last Sunday evening by the Rev T. Williams, B.A., at the close of the Week of Universal Prayer, The matter is to be brought before the various congre- gations on Sunday next, and a committee repre- sentative by the churches will meet on the Monday evening following, when the arrangements will be further advanced. NEW BUILDINGS.—On all sides old structures are coming down to give place to new and more im- posing buildings The corner of North-parade and Skinner-street is now in house wreckers' hands, who are busily engaged in clearing the ground prepara- tory to the erection of the new block. In Upper Portland-street also the pickaxe is at work on a similar task. In South-road several new houses are nearly readv for occupation, and in Llanbadarn- road two semi-detached villas have raised tteir red fronts over the trees. Little by little "the old order changeth, yielding place to new." A BREAKDOWN.—The steamer Countess of Lis- burne, while on a voyage from Bristol to Aberyst- wyth last week, with a general cargo, broke down. The seat of the trouble was the piston and piston rod, both of which were damaged. On Wednesday last, the steamer was towed into Milford Haven lor repairs and her arrival at Aberystwyth was delayed. for a week. In order to prevent an interruption in the traffic, the Company chartered the s.s. Telephone, which loaded at Liverpool on Saturday last, and arrived at Aberystwyth on Sunday after- noon with a large cargo. She discharged on Mon- day, and sailed again on Tuesday for the Mersey. The Countess of Lisburne will, it is expected, re- sume her ordinary sailings on Friday next, when she will load at Liverpool. PRINCIPAL ROBERTS.—The task of bringing to a focus, a it were, the various thoughts on the week of Universal Prayer was alloted to this gentleman, who on Sunday night last, in the English Baptist church, brought the series of meetings to a close with an address to Young men and women. I rcni the words, The Living God," he placed before his J large audience, in language dignified, in thought reverent, and in idea apposite, some of the leading features which must be in thejforefront of the action of those young to-day, on whose shoulders must fall the greater part of the brunt of the work in this century. Quoting from Agnosticism and Materialism," that book by Professor Ward of Cam- bridge, which has deservedly received much and serious attention from learned and thoughtful readers, he found much to encourage all to face bravely and firmly the problems and calls which on all sides cry out for solution. The meeting, which was held at the close of the ordinary evening service, was conducted by the Rev T. Williams, B.A., pastor. PETTY SESSIONS.-At a special Petty Sessions held on Monday before Mr D. C. Roberts at the Police Station, Thomas Sinnett, Frongog, Llan- badarnfawr, labourer, was charged with having been drunk on the highway at Llanbadarn on the 12th inst. P.C. Thomas Davies said he found defendant helplessly drunk near Midway, and locked him up.—A fine of 2s. 6d was imposed. Thomas Henry Williams. Pengarreg, Llanilar, labourer, was brought up in custody charged by Margaret Evans, farm servant, of the same address, with using threatening language toward her on the 13th inst. Prosecutrix said prisoner curse and swore at her, and threatened to screw her head off. -Corrobo-ative evidence was given by her employer, David Williams.—Accused said he completely lost. his temper, and was sorry for the words he had uttered. He promised to be of good behaviour in the future.- Prisoner was bound over in the sum of £5 to keep the peace for six months. SHIPPING.—On Saturday last, Messrs William Gray and Company, Limited, launched from their yard at West Hartlepool a large steel screw steamer to carry 6,500 tons, to be named the Etonian, to the order of Messrs J. Mathias and Sons, of Aberystwyth and Cardiff. The Etonian" will take the highest class at Lloyd's. Her chief dimensions are:—Length over all, 352 feet; beam, 49 feet 6 inches depth moulded, 28 feet 3 incnes, with long bridge, poop, and topgallant forecastle. The saloon staterooms, captain's and officers' rooms, etc., will be fitted up in the poop. The engineers' accommodation will be in houses on the bridge deck, and the crew's berths in the forecastle. The hull is built with deep frames, cellular double bottom, aft peak ballast tank, six steam winches, steam str-ering gear amidships, band screw gear aft, patent devil steam windlass, two patent donkey boilers, shifting boards throughout, stockless anchors, telescopic masts with fore and aft rig, and all other requirements for a first-class modern cargo steamer. Triple expansion engines to work at a pressure of 160 pounds are being supplied by the builders. This latest addition brings Messrs Mathias and Sons' fleet up to seven, with a dead- weight carrying capacity of 32,400 tons. DEATH OF MR JOSHUA REES.—After a pro- tracted illness borne with quiet fortitude, the death took place on Wednesday morning, at 8, Trinitv-place, of Mr JoshffS, Rees, auditor of the M. & M. Company. Deceased was the eldest son of Mr and Mrs George Rees, Glandulas, Lampeter, and was born at Llanybyther, January 18th, 1863, being therefore 38 years of age at the time of his death. He entered" the railway service at a very early age, and had filled various offices, to the duties of which he devoted the whole of his life and energy. He took deep interest in railway work generally, and had, from time to time, attended several important conferences at the Railway Clearing House. While enjoying the implicit trust of his superiors, he was at the same time very popu- lar with all the men on the line, and, when he was married ten years ago to Mary, the youngest daughter of the late Rev Robert Roberts, Llan- geitho, he was made the recipient of a handsome present as a token of esteem. He was a faithful member of the Welsh Independent Chapel, Baker Street, where he held the office of a deacon. He was also a faithful member of the Rechabite Tent, and a warm supporter of temperance. His death is deeply mourned by a widow and three young children, parents, and four brothers and three sisters. TREAT AT THE WORKHOUSE.—On Wednesday afternoon in last week a treat was given to the inmates of the Workhouse by Miss Taylor, Llan- badarn-road. The tables were arranged and the inmates waited upon by the officials of the House, under the direction of Mrs Jones. After doing justice to the meat tea, the room was cleared for the entertainment. The chair was occupied by Mr J. Barclay Jenkins, and the following programme was gone through :-Speech by the Chairman; song, Mr John Morgan; song, Miss Eunice Lewis; recitation, Miss Maggie Lewis; comic pictures through the magic lantern, manipulated by Mr D. J. Lewis; song, Mr Lewis Thomas; duett, Misses Davies, Queen-street; song, Mr John Morgan; recitation, Mr John James, Penparcau; trio, Misses Davies and Mr Moses Watkins, Penparcau violin duett, Messrs Jones (junr.), Workhouse, and Elias Thomas (one of the inmates) recitation, Mr John James (encored); selections on the gramaphone, Mr John Jenkins, Princess-street; series of pictures illustrating the land of Canaan, through the lan- tern, explained by Mr T. C. Jenkins, Eagle House, who' was also the caterer and had arranged the programme. Mr Jones (master) proposed a very hearty vote of thanks to Miss Taylor for her great kindness in giving the inmates the treat, and al- though they had had many treats, this, it appeared to him, was the best they ever had. One of the inmates seconded, and the motion was received with very hearty cheers and thanks. Mr John Morgan sang I'm off to Patagonia in the morning," and led the Welsh National Anthem. Before leaving, Miss Louie Taylor gave something to each of the inmates on behalf of Miss Taylor. On leaving, the visitors were offered tea by Mr and Mrs Jone: j PREACHING SERVICES. In connection with special evangelical services arranged by the W es- lev^r- denomination, sermons are being delivered evei 7 ev>-ni'ng this week at St. Paul's Church, Great Davkgaie-street, by the Rev Madoc Roberts. PETTY SESSIONS. The weekly sessions were held on Wednesday, January 16, before Alderman C. M. Williams (ex- Mayor), chairman, Messrs George Davies, R. J. z, Jones, Thomas Griffiths, aud Isaac Hopkins. MAINTENANCE. William Williams, labourer, Cader View, Bar- mouth, was charged by Thomas Vaughan, relieving officer, with neglecting to maintain his mother, Hannah Williams, who became chargeable to the Aberystwyth Union on January 4th, 1900. An order of 2s 6d was made.—Evan Davies, labourer, Poplar-row, was also charged w:th neglecting to maintain his father, John Davies, who also became chargeable to the Aberystwyth Union on January 4. Defendant, who said he only received nine pence a day with food and lodging, said he would do his best. An order for 2s per week was made. WILFUL DAMAGE. Five lads named Austin Lloyd, South-road; Rees Morris, Queen-streeti John Daniel, Trefechan R. Jones, Trefechan; and John Beynon, Spring Gardens, were charged with having wilfully dam- aged a street lamp on December 26. Sergeant Phillips said that on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 29, he saw the defendant Austin Lloyd, and told him that he (witness) had been informed that he and others had broken a street lamp near the Trefechan railway bridge, on the previous Wednesday. Lloyd in reply said he and the other defendants were on the road at Trefechan. They all threw stones at the lamp except Beynon. The stone thrown by Rees Morris broke the lamp. The same afternoon he saw the defendant Rees Morris. He said that he could not say who broke the lamp, as three stones were thrown at the same time. He threw one. He (witness) also saw R. Jones throw a stone but it was not his stone that broke the lamp. They both said that four of the five defendants threw stones. He saw John Daniel and John Beyuon. j They both denied throwing stones, but admitted bein0- on the scene. All the defendants said they were aiming for the lower part of the post, except Beynon, who said he did not throw any stones.— The first four defendants were fined 2s 6d each, Beynon being discharged. I » I

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