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CARDIGAN DISTRICT LETTER. THE NETPOOL BEAUTIFIED. Owing to the unfavourable weatheV Mr •Morgan-Richardson suspended the work in connection with the erection of the orna- mental shelter which he has generously given the town of Cardigan for the Netpool -promenade. The work is in progress now, owever, and is sufficiently advanced for he public to see the substantial nature of the gift. The situtation chosen by the Council proves to be an ideal one for the purpose, notwithstanding the grumpy com- I ments of the local paper. But, there, comments from that particular source are generally at a terrible discount! The m +UC- I7,ene88 of the Netpool will be dut 1 f and it should be the y °f every good towns-man and-woman, « constitute themselves as a body of unclassified police," as Mark Twain says, o protect the shelter, and other public Property from mutilation and injury. The elter is anchored to a solid bed of con- <rete, and with fair treatment should stand tile storms of a generation. The Town Council have taken time by the forelock, and have sounded a note of warning before cause for complaint has arisen. The wn Clerk was instructed at the quarterly meeting of the Council on Monday to write to all the schoolmasters in the district to *Jrn their scholars'; so that the first Offender will be dealt with severely. A STORM IN A TEA CUP. This well-known phrase aptly describes the discussion which has arisen on the Cardigan County School Board of Manage- ment upon certain newspaper comments ^*nmunicated by a pupil of the school to a -Pembrokeshire journal, and which reflected to some extent upon the Managers and the School. The Managers took the matter very Seriously indeed, and the young man has received due and solemn warning not to do it again pupils of the school must not write to papers, much less discuss the conduct of the Managers. However, even School Man- agers have their limitations, like everyone VY*d it is hardly likely that the liberty ° fli su^Ject will be interrupted in this ruthless fashion. A spirit of esprit de corps ou f in future be a sufficient safeguard •ST* any comment calculated to injure the 00 • Students inspired by Juvenal and is contemporaries must give vent, and the provincial newspaper is a channel easily 611 u'f • • ^ne cann°t help feeling that the Pro ibition by the School Managers is un- worthy of their dignityl because had the comments been a bit more lightly handled, *nd if the Knights-of-the-Round-Table had been properly anointed, the feeling would have been very different. Instead of crushing the budding journalist they should encourage him. VALEDICTORY. During three years observation there has never been gathered together in the town of Cardigan so many Free Church pastors as were assembled at Hope Congregational ^uapel on Monday evening, to pay their "Valedictory tributes to the Rev D. Garro Jones, who is leaving this week for Llan- drindod Wells. They came from the North, the South, East, and West, from the coast oliad the hills to wish him" God-speed." For nearly three hours they talked on one theme, and it is believed there was sufficient elocutionary steam within the building to have kept up the pressure for a week. Out of respect for their pastor the congregation C5 would probably have remained to the end Jjyit fortunately their powers of physical urance were not put to quite so severe a test. Mr Jones has worked strenuously during his 51 years pastorate, and he can proudly claim almost universal friendship in the district. In serving the English Con- gregational Church in Cardigan he has laboured under the disadvantage of knowing that he could not possibly swell his adherents beyond a very limited number, because Welsh preaching is the more acceptable to the townspeople. Mr Jones received as Parting gifts a purse of gold from his congregation, with an illuminated address, a portmanteau from the Temperance friends at Cardigan, a silver mounted walking stick from the Temperance friends at St. Dogmell's while Mrs Jones was given by the members of Hope Church a handsome china te lervice. These marks of good-will thoroughly explain Mr Jones's position. He is about to succeed to the pulpit of the Rev Kilsby Jones, and equipped as he is with intellect, Rigour, originality, and last but not least, heart, the mantle of the great preacher will not unworthily rest upon the shoulders of the Rev D. Garro Jones. OFF TO THE WAS. -[n obedience to the orders of the War Office the three Cardigan Volunteers who. Welve months ago, volunteered for active service in South Africa, paraded, fully uipped, last Wednesday, and accompanied by the men of F. Co. 1st V.B. Welsh, and the znn of the Royal Naval Reserve, together 0 7?^h the civilian population headed by the Zr^yor and Corporation, proceeded to the j^fcilway Station, where they entrained for r&rdifF to undergo their preliminary training sailing. Their names are: Lance k?rgt. John Evans (25) of Llwynduris, Car- digan, bank clerk Pte. Jenkin Jones (26), tive of Milford, bank clerk, and Pte. W. Richards (21) of Moylgrove, Cardigan, labourer. There are three fmen at the front How, with Capt. R. W. Picton Evans, and their term of enlistment is about completed. Although the notice received was short a good deal of enthusiasm was worked up, and the itown Clerk collected a substantial amount for division between the men in kind And money; in addition there were many private gifts to each of the men. Col. W. Picton Evans, the Commandant of the 1st Welsh, made the public presentation to the men in front of the Guild Hall. If cheers and popular excitement could afford any Satisfaction to the men under the circum- stances, they had all they could desire. It is to be hoped they will return in due time safe and sound, and not find, as so many fine fellows have found, alas, an unknown grave en the trackless veldt. 11 HERE AND THERE. In connection with the Anniversary of Hope Congregational Chapel, celebrated on Wednesday last, Cardigan was favoured by a visit of the popular lecturer, the „Rev, W. Pedr Williams. Here and there was the subject of his lecture, and it is needless to Say that he made a great impression upon his large audience. Mr Augustus Brigstocke very genially presided. TELEPATH.

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