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---=---Aberystwyth Welsh Baptists.


=- Aberystwyth Welsh Baptists. NO. IV. BY PHILIP SIDNEY.' (Concluded from, last issue.) There was a slight increase in membership at the end of 1818, as well as at the beginning of 1819. Twenty seven were baptized, and ten restored from r One Assembly to another. At this time many from the other side of the river were baptized, and among them was a certain J young man named David Jones, who soon flourished | to Sequence (i.e. in virtue or in gifts) and began 0 Preaeh but as he was a hired servant, he was rather confined." i I DIring the year 1820, he spoke very often, and at the beginning of 1821, he went for six months to school in the town, where the church supported ~1Dl' Then he began to keep a school, and spoke lery often." b j During these years the church was very bright. and the congregation was fairly numerous. Some "ere baptized every month at this time." In the years 1820 and 1821 they began to travel the northern parts o £ Cardiganshire to preach, I and the Lord prospered the attempt." I Soon many were baptized at Swyddffynori { {Joginan, and Llanrhystyd. At Llanrhystyd the Gospel, was preached with but little succcss, but now dawn broke and many were baptyzed.' j "The most notable ministers who laboured and ove on behalf of this movement were W. Evans, | p erystwyth John Jones, Llandvssul; J. Herring, | Cardigan; and W. Kichards, Penparcau. There J "ere not many others who helped faithfully." j « Many proofs were found shewing that party Jji n§ was very strong in the country 'on account m'scolouring, and opposition which met j 111 from the Med. (Med. probably 'Methodistiaid,' Methodists), and the clergy, especially the ji,1Car °': Llanbadarn, who was also Vicar of Llan- • ^-e was a vigorous opponent, but as a pgQpj \e made himself unpopular with the t tn was carried on in a house belonging Th<» h a[ruly, living at the sign of the Red Lion.' ,nd and the wife of thafc house were j members, but the husband died." Li ^orifany years ministers used to go there at I i^eir own expense, and put up with Anna Griffiths, i of the Red Lion, Matters went on in this fashion for 15 to 20 but about the year 1818 that woman died. jAfter this the weak cause here almost entirely died, Wltil the above named years (1820—21), when this travelling round the county was begun." boY this time there was not much system in th meetings at the above little place (Llan- f J^yd), although the meeting house had been in the Bishop's Court, as a place of II TJ » yas at this time used as a barn, as wall aa ^eVar'°us other purposes. Many preachers who r e sent there broke/heir appointments." jjj'l'hey (the congregation) removed from the lT .Lion 'to ^e s*&n t^ie Lion'/ for there in that lrouse a very convenient part for Poaching, but this place had to be abandoned on ^c°Unt of the above named Vicar's threats." I Then they went to the house of7,Dafydd Jones, was also an innkeeper." This was probably e old inn known as the Star," which no longer .1° .0- 3 y L this removal, Jones gladly lent his house. L appened tfyat he was building a barn, which ou the point of being finished by the time it refiuired, as if Providence had intended it {or us." [On the Saturday morning, W. Evans, Aber- Kj^yth, went there to see how it was progressing. «ere was to be a baptism on the following day, Y, ut there was no suitable place there for holding Ol&rnunion." ju Jones said:—'Here is a good enough jj Pe^' Yes,' replied Evans, if it could be out aD(^ roo^ed time.' Oh,' said Jones, shall get that done before sunset.' When the need was made known, about twenty lut -earn.- together. The whole place was cleane 1 a ^ew hours. Three loads of thatch were w^ich were put on in sheaves over lata and thus a ready chapel was formed by pL y night, which was used the next day, with t 11 enthusiasm and thankfulness." It immediately registered so that there no fear on account of the Vicar's or of e else's wrath." School was established ^iere, which 'he hS wonderfully in two or three Sundays. »ri-«..0llse Was full and everybody was energetic iff on the work." ]Here ercls this interesting entry in the old s er. ftini r James' death, there was a break in th- ltateiry °f the Baptist Church until 1818, when, as 'Ppoin+'j t^le last article, William Evans was >f thaf an(i settled at Aberystwyth in October ^t year. t 1833 he was succeeded by Edward Williams, renaained here until 1867. The present pHI. began in 1873. Th" ril j18 ^e £ *s*;er contains many Additional items of interest, other than James'" History as printed. fce r are thc minutes °. £ a Church Meeting of ongregation or Society of Piotestants. dis- JOQ. from the Church of England to Infants, >u jjo^y called Baptists who statedly assembled ,e Lord's Day and at other tiroes for the of Divine Worship at their w ^-house in • Aberystwyth in the Dn fky Cardigan, held at the said Meeting-house, jn the 7th day of April, 1798." that day it was represented to the members lu0 11 that the Meeting-house with its appurten- i Cff nested in Cadwalader Jones, by virtue of |urrA rt&in presentment gift, grant, or demise, or granted to him by the Jurors sworn and. |Lw^annelled at a Leet Court held for the town of kZ-?^wyth< before WilUam Poole, Mayor, on 30 "Pal, 1790, feol there and then resolved that the Meeting- ihof?j' erecfced and licensed as the Law directs thn witif all convenient speed be assigned to ftio^8 Evans, Timothy Thomas, John Watkins, ^'ho Thomas, Evan Jacob, David Thomas, Ottiag Griffiths, John James, John Edwards, John •r>a»-n' William Henry, John Jenkins, and John les> trustees. of those trustees signed the minutes, viz., llin-°?las Evans, Minister; Timothy Thomas, lster at Abarduar; John Watkins, Richard Johrfrf' Evan Jacob, John James, John Edward, Davies." there is A True list of the names of the i AhT 3 that belong to the Baptist Meeting at J | erystwyth in the year 1801, March 2nd." I comes a •' Register of the persons buried in calig^°«nd of the BaPtist Chapel at Aberystwyth, uec* Bethel." The first entry is that of Jane, merch T. Evans, calig^°«nd of the BaPtist Chapel at Aberystwyth, uec* Bethel." Wiw [lrst ftn^v-v that, of Jane, merch T. Evans, 24 A the last of the 46 entries, being" on ugust. 1810, when Mrs Thomas was buried." On 14 Feb., 1810, we have an interesting record, —" Two brothers, Wm Ingram and Evan Ingram no members, was buried, they drowned both on the Bar of Aberystwyth by a wilful attempt to go over the Bar, in a open Boat, and there being great Ground Sea on Sunday, the 11th inst. A sermon was preached the day they were intered by S. Breeze from Psalm 40. 4. Three was drowned and two escapecl. A list is also preserved of sums collected by Saml. Breeze, one of our ministers." On 18 April, 1800, he returned home from Salop with £ 21 16s 6d, and had" pd. him his expenses £ 3 7s 6d." Bro Breeze set off toward London the 25 of April, 1800, and returned home the 28 of June with the sum of Z106 19s 6d. lie collected in.Birmingham by coming home, the sum of £ 2 14s 6d, and at Worcester the sum of £8 16s 6d pd. him the ex- penses in travailing which amounted Z21." C, The Register itself:—" A True List of the names of the children that are Named by the Baptist ministers belonging to Aberystwith, and other, &c. begins on 12 May, 1788, and ends on 6 July, 1867. Altogether this Register is one of the most valuable in the parish of Aberystwyth, and should be carefully preserved amongst the archives of the congregation. It has given me real pleasure to thus allude to its most interesting features, I shall always be glad to have my attention drawn to any similar records. t