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LAMPETER. T'ETTY SESSIONS-FRIDAY 15TH. Before Prof. Hugh Walker, mayor (in the chair), and T. H. R. Hughes, Esq. Col. Davies Evans did not sit on the hedge pruning case. NON-MAINTENANCE. J j 1 >r Davies, Common, Lampeter. was charged by David Parry, relieving officer. with neglecting to I maintain his wife and children. This case which has 1 J\l'n adjourned on several occasions by the consent of the Guardians in order to enable him to pay- Josua Griffiths, milkman, Maesyfelin, Sketty, inear Snsea, was also charged by David Parry with neglecting to pay Pl 12s 6d towards the maintenance of his father as per justices order. A distress warrant was issued. HEDGE PRUNING. John Jones, Maesyfelin, Talsarn, surveyor under the Lampeter Rural District Council, charged Col. H. Davies Evans, Highmead, Llanybyther, with meglecting to trim hedges and cut trees on his property according to the regulations of the Council on the road leading from Rhuddlan to Llanybyther. John Jones, the surveyor, said he visited the road on Monday last and found that some of the branches bad been cut, but some were so low that they could be reached by the hand. Cross-examined prosecutor said he visited the road on Monday last and action bad been taken. He measured the trees in some places on the hill by Rhuddlan and they were 12 feet. He could not specify the spots. He had served no notice upon the occupiers.—Col Davies Evans said he admited that there were some branches, and also some of the trees were ornamental. He bad a notice from the surveyor and he acted upon ifc. It was the duty of the surveyor to point out to him, or his agent, when trees and branches had not been cut enough to comply with the notice. They bad cut lately ten large trees.—The surveyor further said the trees were not all ornamental. When people were riding or driving they complained of branches along the roadside. There was a sign of cutting here and there, but they must be cut 15 feet as stated in the notice.—The chairman in in giving the verdict said that they had fully considered the case, and they thought that the Surveyor ought to have pointed out what was needful to he done, and they would dismiss it.—Mrs M. Griffiths, Gelly, Talsarn, was also charged with a similar offence. and the Surveyor stated they had desided to withdraw the case on consideration that the work was to be done the previous day. Mr J. P. V. Pryse. Bwlchbychan was charged by the same complainant with not complying with the notice to cut and prune hedges on various roads. A letter was read from Mr Pryse disputing the matter as to some of the roads, and the case was adjourned —David Davies, Crugywheel John Jjvans, Rhydddu William Jenkins, Glynmeherin and John Jenkins, Blaenwaenuchaf, all farmers, were also charged with a like offence. The cases were dismissed, each defendant to pay costs. The Chairman advised them to keep their hedges in good order. ON LICENSED PREMISES. Evan Thomas Price, coal merchant, Tivy View, Llanwenog, and Evan Davie". Graig. Rhydrllan, Llatiwenog were hy T).C C. Williams with being on licensed premises, the Llanvaughan Arms during prohibited hours on the 19th January. PC. Edwards stated that he saw the two defend- ants about 9-50 p.m. en the lgt tiof January, corniii- fm the direction of Llanybyther. He saw them coming out of the Hisrhmead Arms at 10 p.m., and both went in the direction of Llanvaughan Arms. He saw defendants coming out at 10-35 p.m., being then 10-45 according to the landlord's clock which was ten minutes fast. He entered the house, and found two blue measures on a small table near the fire, and both measures bore traces of beer as if it had just been drunk out of them. Witness had a conversation with the defendants about the blues," and before leaving both admitted having asked for them. Howells, the landlord admitted that the two defendants had each asked for two bines" but it was refused. Both defend- ants asked him nof to report them. The defendant Evan Davies, banderl a receipt to the magistrates which he said he had received for payment of lime from Price that night at the Inn. E. T. Price, the other defendant said he was coming home from Llanybyther at a'noi't 9-50 p.m. He passed the Highmead ArID-, and Davies the other defendant saioHt was too full to transact any business there. At 'about 10 o'clock Davies asked him to come in to the Llanvauehan Arms to receipt a bill, which he owed for lime. They both came out at 10-5 p.m. and it was raining; so. heavily they Mked Howells to remain th^re til! the shower was over and he consented; hilt "1.iti he was afraid that the police would call. Evan Davies asked for drink but Howell refused, and on coming out they met the police who asked them what were they doing in there at that time of tfye night." They went away and the constable went in to Howell. The con- stable agam overtook tbtm at 10-30 after they had passed the Ffinant. Arnns. Cross-examined defendant &aid they were not clearing the house at Highmead Arms at the tin e th.-v passed. They called at the Llanvaughan Arms In order to receipt a bill which Davies owed him. He met Davies on the road after leaving his office. Both defendants were fined 2s 6d each and costs. A PUBLICAN FINED. Simon Howells, Llanvaughan Arms, Llanwenog, was charged by DC C. Williams with keeping open his house during close time for the sale of intoxicating liquors, at 10-35 p.m., on the 19th January last.- P.C Edwards stated that after hesaw the two last defendants in the passage of the Llanvaughan Arms. he went into the kitchen and found on the table near the fire two "blues," He asked Howells who had been drinking out of them, and Howells replied that David Jones, Llwynreos, and his wife. He afterwards made enquiries, and could not find any person of that address. On the 25th he called at Howells' and asked him why he should say such an untruth. He said he remembered Well he had said so but he could not recollect who had been using them He knew that David Jones had called that day, but his daughter told him Afterwards that Evan Price and Mr Davies, Temper- ance House, Llanybyther, had been there. He (witness) asked him why he should supply drink that time of the night, and he replied that he could not very well refuse it to neighbours. Howells asked him not to report the matter, and promised that he would he stricter from that time out.—A fine of El and costs was imposed, and the court rose at 4-30, having sat from 11 a.m. without adjourning, COUNTY COURT-WmDwISDAY 14th. Before His Honour Judge Bishop ASSAULT. Daniel Williams, a servant at Llanfair bridge shop. sued Evan Morgan, Nantymedd, for assault. Mr Daniel Watkins appeared for the complainant. and Mr A. J, Hughes for the defendant,-Daniel Williams the complainant stated that on Oct. llth last, the eve of the Parliamentary election, he was coming from Llanfair with the defendant Evan Morgan. On the road the defendant struck him three times, till a tooth came out.—Cross-examined by Mr Hughes complainant stated that he did nothing to the defendant. It was at 9 30 on the following evening that he was struck. He did not accuse one Benjamin Davies for taking a bottle of milk from his pocket as he did not lose one. He did not meation to anyone about losing a tooth that night. It was after going home that be saw it wanted.—His Honour: He watched his teeth at might perhaps (laughter).—John Isaac Jones, a collier of Abercynon, said that on the 11th October last he was walking home with Daniel Williams from the Llanfair Inn. and on the road they were over taken by Evan Morgan and John Jones. Evan Morgan asked Williams why he did not strike Benjamin Davies and he replied that he did not think it right to knock a man who was deformed. Morgan took hold of Williams and struck him.- John Jones, Llanfair, said he was coming home with the complainant and defendant on the 11th October last. Morgan asked Williams why be told Ben Davies that he had taken the bottle, and said that he was sorry that he did not strike him. Daniel Williams said that he was not in the babbit of hitinsr people without a cause. Morgan then pushed Williams to a hedge and rubbed him against it.—Evan Morgan the defendant said they all came out of the Inn and had a short conver- sation outside. He asked Williams why did he say that he bad the bottle. Williams then jumped fit him, and could not say much as he was drnnk. Williams told him to pay people, and he told him to pay what he owed him. The other two wit- nesses and himself went up a road and on returning a few minutes later found complainant sleeping by the roadside.—His Honour stated that probably the defendant who was much stronger had struck. complainant. He would give a verdict for plaintiff for £ 1 and ccsts. There was no question of title, but be declined to certify for costs under scale B. TRESPASS, The case of Evan Williams, Troedrhiwgar. C-lycwm, Llandovery, against Thomas Jones, Troedrhiwcymmer. Doithie Pysgottwr, Llanddewi- brefi, claiming damages for trespass by the defendant and his men on plaintiff's land by cutting and sawing timber, to the value of R,5, was next heard.—Mr Williams, barrister-at-law (instructed by Mr Nicholas. Llandilo), appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr A. -T. Hughes for the dependant. The case was adjourned from the last court, and His Honour in giving judgment held that the plaintiff had not proved occupation of the land sufficient to sustain his action of trespass and awarded for the trees. J-AMAGBJ, Thomas Lloyd, Penbrynrhug, sued the Manchester and Milford Railway Co. for £ 5 damage? for t < detention of pixs from Pont Llanio to Birmingham. Mr Stanley G. Jones (instructed by Messrs Smith Davies and Co.) appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr A. J. Hughes for the Company. This was an adjourned case in which a jury was enpanelled to try it, but owing to a witness from Birmingham not being able to attend Mr Jones asked that the case be adjourned to the next court. His Honour said it was a great inconvenience to the jury, especially after having been called on a previous occasion. The request was granted. COUNTERCLAIM. David Morgan, Moelvnfach, sued E. C. Thomas' Cledlyn Mills, New Conrt, for work done. There being a counterclaim the case was ajourned. AX UNDERTAKING. Rees Price, Pembroke, sued S. Bnghes, Tregaron. £ 2 for an undertaking. Wm. Davies appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr D. F. Lloyd for the defendant. Judgement was given for defendant without costs. ADMINISTRATION ORDER. Mr D. F. Lloyd, Lampeter, applied for an administration order against the estate of Evan Jones, Nantllwyd, Llanfihangel-rhos-y-corn. Mr Lloyd stated that his failure was due to Jones' illness. He earned R,2 a month as a labourer and carrier. His Honour made an order for Zl a month.