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ABERYSTWYTII. County Court. Thursday before His Honour Judge William Evans. A BORTH CASE. Jenkin Jones, Tyrol House. Borth, plasterer,sued Thomas Tibbott and Kate, his wife, of Borth, for £6 damages caused by the pulling down of scaffolding and damage to cement.—Mr A. J. Hughes appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr William Davies for the defendants.—Addressing the Judge Mr Davies said that be had written to Mr Hughes stating that Mrs Tiobott would not be able to attend and asking that under the circumstances the case should be adjourned. In reply Mr Hughes said he was surprised to have such an application in face of the fact that Tibbot had consented to judgment.—Mr A. J. Hughes thought his Honour ought to have the whole facts before him, ariolthen he would see that he was perfectly jusUtfied in bringing his witnesses there that day. His clerk went to Borth, and there in the presence of four witnesses the defendant Tibbott begged with tears that no further expense might be incurred as he would consent to judgment. His Honour: Is Tibbott here to-day?—Mr Hughes: No, sir, he dare not come Ifor be would have to admit. By the action of the defendants the plaintiff has been unable to complete a contract which was urgent.—His Honour What is the dispute is there a question of title involved ? -Mr Hughes said that the land had been opened from time immemorial, and all be wanted was that the plaintiff should be allowed to finish the con- tract without prejudice. They made the direct allegation that Tibbott had consented to judgment. —His Honour As he is only one of the defendants his consent would not settle the case I think the matter should better come before me again. In the meantime I think that the plaintiff ought to be allowed without prejudice to finish the contract.— Mr Davies I will obey your Honour's wishes.-His Honour There mast be an undertaking, otherwise I must go into it.—Mr Hughes: We must have an undertaking, otherwise I will ask for judgment.- Mr Davies I will see that it is done. ALLEGED SHEEP TRESPASS. John Jones, Gilfaches, Lledrod. sued John George, Bryngarn, Lledrod. for £14 18s 6d damages done by the trespass of sheep and cattle.-His Honour was informed that this had been referred to the arbitration of Messrs D. Williams and J. Parry. AN ASSIGNEE'S CLAIM. Margaret Edwards, wife of Richard Edwards, butcher, assignee of the debts of the last named, sued Evan Morris, farmer, for the sum of Pl 7s 9d, due for meat supplied.—Mr Davies appeared for plaintiff, and said that the defendant counter- claimed to the extent of Pl 7s 4d for cheese supplied, but he submitted that the defendant should take his payment with the other creditors.— Defendant, in reply to the Judge, said that he was supplying things to Mr Edwards in exchange for meat.—The Judge said that the case would be met by giving both judgment. CLAIM BY A BLACKSMITH. David Jones, 24, Mill-street, sued Morgan Morris, Piercefield, Penparke, for the sum of £ 14s for work done,—Mr T. J Samuel appeared for the defendant. -Plaintiff stated that the money was due for repairs to implements and shoein--Mr Samuel said that they had paid it into Court.—After hear- ing the evidence of the defendant and another witness his Honour gave judgment for 5s, making 12s in all. ALLEGED ASSAULT.—Annie James, servant girl, of Cwmcrognant, claimed £5 from John Evans and R. Jones, Waenbant. and David Morgan, Bryn- arth, for damages for assault said to have been committed on November 24.—Mr Stanley Griffith Jones appeared for the plaintiff and Mr A. J. Hughes for the defendants.—In his opening state- ment Mr Jones said the plaintiff was engaged as a servant on the farm by John Lewis, and on Novem- ber 24th certain sheep were impounded. The girl was instructed not to hand over the sheep, and as the defendants came ani began to let the sheep ont of the barn she went up to them and placed herself in the doorway, when one took hold of her by t ie hair and another struck her.—Mr Hughes Which one? One is a blind man.—Mr Jones: D. Morgan took hold of her hair, R. Jones had hold of her dress, and John Evans, supposed to be a blind man, beat her with a stick on the arm and side. She sent for her master and the defendants then ran away. She was seen by a doctor who charged her ten shillings, and a servant had to be employed to take her place for a month. There was a counter claim, but there was no details given.—The plaintiff was called and bore out the statement of her advocate. -John Lewis, master of the :plaintiff, entertained the Court before taking the oath by repeating two verses of a hymn in which the penalty of not speaking the truth in this world was set out. Having concluded his self-imposed task he took the oath and proceeded with his evidence which supported his servant's story.—John Evans, the blind man, came forward and stated that he was sent down to fetch the sheep in the barn, and although they waited a long time they could get no satisfactiory reply. One of the young men went to flook at the sheep and then the girl came up and struck Evans on the forehead. She.repeated the blow on two occasions smashing his spectacles and he then defended himself with his stick. This was all revenge because he had given evidence against John Lewis on the previous occasion.—The next witness was David Richards, a young lad about seventeen who said that he could not speak English.—His Honour: Come my boy unless you do you will never be able to compete with the people on the other side of the Severn.— Witness said he could not.—Mr Hughes They are taught in the country to speak Welsh only.—His Honour: It is a great pity it would be better for them to speak both.—Evidence was given by Evan Lloyd, David Morgan, and Richard Jones.-)Ir Hughes replied for the defendants and His Honour gave judgement on the claim and counter claim without costs. CLAIM FOIi LAXD. Wm. Thomas and Mary Thouia-, Llwyniorwerth, Llanbadarn Fawr, claimed from David Jones., Capel Dewi, shopkeeper, possession of a piece of land estimated at six square yards and situate on the northern side of a garden belonging to the defend- ant at Capel Dewi and valued at 10s. Mr A. J. Hughes appeared for the plaintiff and Mr Stanley G. Jones for the defendant}.—His Honour, before adjourning for lunch, suggested that the parties should endeavour to settle the matter.—Upon the reassembling of the Court Mr Joaes said that they coald not agree.—His Honour Very well, we will soon come to terms. I will see you if you like.- Upon returning his Honour said he was glad to say that terms had been ^agreed upon satisfactorily to both parties. DISPUTE ABOUT A HORSE. John Jones, PeithvJl, sued E. Davies Jones, Ex- change. Capel Bangor, for the sum of k22 10s Od due to a breach of warranty of the soundness of a certain mare. There was a counter claim for ZS 15s 01 for the keep of a horse and mare. Mr Hugh Hughes, who appeared for the plaintiff, applied to His Honour for an adjournment of the case owing to the absence of a witness. This was agreed to. CLAIM FOR GOODS SOLD. Thomas D. Owen. shopkeeper, Tre'rddol, sued Jane Jones, widow, Post-office, Taliesin, for the sum of £12 13" Od value of goods sold and delivered. Mr Vaughan Edwards appeared for the plaintiff, and upon his suggestion His Honour referred the case to the Registrar.




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