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LLANDYSSUL. ANNUAL RACES. The sixth annual trotting matches, flat and hurdle races, and steeplechases were held on Thursday last. The weather was all that could be desired for such an event, which, undoubtedly, proved a grand success, In the morning the races were held on the Abercerdin Meadow. The follow- ing is a list of the events and the winners :— Trotting match for horses not exceeding 3 years old, and for ponies not exceeding 13 hands, 1 J. H Jones, Penddarog, Llanddarog; 2 J. Davies, Pen- lannoeth, Llanarth; 3 D. P. Davies, M.R.C.V.S., Lampeter. Trotting match open to all comers, 1 E. Lodwick, Ammanford; 2 Dr Morris, Nantgaredig; 3 M. Rowlands, Cross Inn, Llanon. Open trotting match for horses not exceeding four years old, 1 T. Davies, Penlannoeth, Llanarth; 2 David Evans Perthyreglwys 3 J. Davies, Castellhywel. Jump- ing prize, for the best jumper, 1 J. A. Evans, M.R.C.V.S., Llandyssul; 2 J. Jones, Alltgoch, Lampeter. Open flat race for horses that have never won a prize at any meeting before. 1 P. Lewis, Meidrym; 2 D. Williams, Rhydfach; 3 Thos. Harp, Carmarthen. In the afternoon the races were held on the Wilkes Head Meadow, and proved to be very exciting. There was a very large concourse of people present, which showed a great increase from the previous year. Open hurdle race, distance about two miles; seven started, but on the first mile three left off, and Prince AI" took the lead; now and then it was passed by Giraffe," and the race was very exciting, 1 A. B. Jones, Emlyn Arms, Newcastle Emlyn, Prince Al 2 J. A. Evans, Llandyssul, "Giraffe"; 3 P. Lewis, Meidrym, Meidrym." Steeplechase open to farmers and tradesmen residing within a. radius of 20 miles, distance 2 miles over banks. This race proved to be the most uninteresting during the day. Only three competed, and each one seemed to take time, 1 and 2 J. Jenkins, Blaenplwyt, Talsarn, Nance o'r Glyn," and" Whip o Will 3 Thomas Jones, Lleinau, Bangor. Llandyssul. Open flat race for ponies not exceeding 13 2 hands, and horses not exceeding 3 years old. Five competed, being one and a half mile, Pride of the sea," a young spirited pony took the lead throughout, 1 John Epworth, Pendine, "Pride of the sea"; 2 D. Hughes, Highmead Arms, Llanybyther; 3 Thomas Griffiths, Royal George, Lampeter. Open flat race, distance about two and a half miles. Five com- peted, and during the first mile there was a close contest, Pride of the sea" again obtained the lead, and came in an easy first, being nearly a hundred yards in front of the second. There was a close contest between Giraffe and Prince Al," and during the last lap the best bit of race was seen throughout the whole event: 1 J. Epworth, Pendine, Pride of the Sea"; 2 J. A. Evans, Llandyssil, Giraffe 3 A. B. Jones, New- castle-Emlyn, "Prince Al.Open steeplechase, over the bailkitigvotitse, distance about two and a half miles. Five started, but after, the first round only four competed. "Nance o'r Glyn took the lead, but Meidrym in the second round leaded. "Meidrym" seemed to take to the hedges in a better style than any of the others, During the last round the rider of Mr David Williams's, Rhyd- fach, was thrown off, whilst jumping a hedge, and had not this occurred it would undoubtedly gain a prize. Meidrym," however, came in first, being about five yards in front, of Nance o'r Glyn." 1 P. Lewis, Meidrym, Meidrym"; 2 and 3 J. Jenkins, Blaenplwyf, Nance o'l' Glyn and Whip o Will."—Consolation race, for horses that have not won a first nor second prize at that meeting 1 Dr Morris, Nantgaredig; 2 Thomas, Harp, Carmar- then; 3 Thomas, Berthlwyd, Llandyssul. The officials were:—Judges: Col Howell, Pantgwyn; Col Lewes, Llysnewydd; Major Pryse, M.F.H., Neuadd Trefawr; and Mr D. J. Lloyd, Gilfachwen. Starters Col Newland, Dolhaidd; Messrs T. H. R. Hughes, M.FH., Neuaddfawr; A. H. Jones, Penrallt; E. Jones, Tyssul Castle. Field stewards Messrs VV. Jones, Pengraigwen; J. Williams, Rhydfach; T. Jones, Troedrhiwrewch; D. L. Jones, Cilgwyn Hotel; J. Evans, Half Moon Hotel; E. Evans, coal merchant; T. Davies, Cwm- cathan and J. James, Pistyll. Treasurer: Mr J. R. Harries, Metropolitan Bank, Llandyssul. Hon. Sec.: Mr J. A. Evans, Llandyssul. Vietoline is strongly recommended -is an effective remedy for toothache, neuralgia, and headache i