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,---Cardigan County Council.…


Cardigan County Council. ANNUAL STATUTORY MEETING. NEW MEMBERS RUN AMUCK. The first meeting of the fifth County Council for Cardiganshire was held on Thursday, March 14th, at the Town Hall. Lampeter, when there were present: Aldermen Peter Jones and C. M. Williams, Aberystwyth; Rev J. Williams, Cardigan; Rev I. ilaaon Jones, Ysbytty; J. M. Howell, Aberayron Walter T. Davies, Felinfaeh; and Evan Richards, Penuwch; Councillors Evan Evans, Felinfaeh T. Thomas, Llandysiliogogo: Rev W. Griffiths, Maen- gvoes; William Rees, Llanfair; R. J. Jones, Aber- ystwvth; D. Morgan James, Llar.rhystyil: Evan Morgan, Llansantffraed; D. W. Williams, Talie»in; Clhomas Evans, Llangranog; Robert Ellis, Aber- yscwytfi; Edward Lvans, Strata Florida; John Hugh Edwards, Trufeirig, A'-wrystwytb; O. Ueyi.on ^Evans, Cardigan (Xnrth); Rev R. Gwmryn J ones, Devil's Bridge; Thomas Watkins, Cardigan; E. H. James, Aberystwyth; David Jones, Penthvyn; Henry li-jnsall, Street; D. S. Jones, L'angoedmore: D&niel Jenkins, Nantewnllc. D. C Roberts, Aber- j'st'.vyth; Rev T. i'cnriai.c Phillips, Liandyssnl; James Stephens, Cardigan; Edward Jon 6s, Tal-v- bont; William Davies, Llanwnen; Jilmes .iones, Lianwenog; David Lloyd, Aberbank; Evan J. Davies, NttW Quay; David Morgan, Llanfihangel; Thomas Morgan, Ysbytty* T. Jenkins. Act on: D. Evans, I.landyssul (ortb.); M'-rgar. Evans. Llan- artJl; Thomas Morris, Troedyraur; David Davies, ,X35|riddewi-br:ft; T. Davies, Llangeitlm; D. Jenkins, lrod; Beojai-iin Jones, Llanih r; D. J. Williams, Tregaron: J. If. James, Goghuoi; jenkyn Lewis, Cilceuin; William Evans. Cwn.rheidol; J. C. Har- ford, Lampeter; ai\d E. Lima Jones, Aberayron with H. C. Fryer (c l rk), J. D. I'errott (treasurer). Roderick Lloyd and David Davies (surveyors). PR i; MM IN ARIES. In the absence of the retiring cbairmam (Mr Vaughan Davies, M.P.) Mr J. C. Harford was, on the proposition of Alderman Peter Jones, seconded by Dr Lloyd, elected chairmam jyro tern. All the members then signed the declaration of acceptance of office for the ensuing three years. EIiJXJJfjoN OF CHAIRMAN". The Chairman said the first business was the election of chairman for the ensuing year. „ The Rev John Williams proposed the election of Howell, Pantgwyn, stating he had taken *rgat interest in the work of .the Council, and^believed he would fill the chair to tjje satisfaction of ewery member. Mr D. William* (Tre'rdistel) i.jiufcave pleasure in proposing AMrysfwyth, shall be chairmsijffor the>cnsaA^y^^Rofehter). Mr Daniel Evans, Uarici^&stil, se*i^ed .the nomination of Colonel Howell.'Wut Jis further remarks were inaudible, owing a perfect Babel of voices amongst the otherof the Council. Mrlbans then appealed to tb«^hairman for order, stating that he ^ould .c^t kf#r his own voice. '»* Mr William Reps: t beg to seco&d$Ir Williams (loud laughter). What you'.laughing for ? Mr Williams has been proposed (more laughter). Mr D. C. Roberts asked the mOver not to press his name as he had no intentior of accepting the office. Mr William Rees: I beg to second Mr Williams proposal. That is right now (Wd laughter). What are you laughing at ? All b —y fools (sensation). Mr David Williams (turning to the reporters) Don't put that down, please. Mr D, C. Roberts again appealed to the proposer of his name to withdraw hi; proposition. Mr David Williams I shall certainly not with- draw.. Mr D. C. Roberts I, cfuid/not accept the office. I trust you will give a unanimous vote to Colonel Howell. (Hear, hear.) Mr v-id William (to the Chairman): You must sir. ? arts ^-iterated that he did not wish A/Ct }-' put th, Jr D. C. Rob 1, Mr Roberts must ask the -its name put forw othennse he was bound to The Chairmar T> i_ proposer to withdraw Mr Roberts would not put the amendment. name should be A. Mr Daniel Evans sa, act, he did not see If "meal to the com- PUt UP" ">■ £ -t- -4. T -11 The Cbairmvjf' ? o 0 w'dl. mori sense oi n't MrD.Wilk/' r V« exceed- ilr W. KevJ' t stand, because y m have been -mgfy ?Aberystwyth- agatiQ8t the holding v„t b« termed ^Wd come there °f W^t acWirman- » • .9p all appoint ac«* dealinf to have tl,e meeting,' vas jnaniteoucf £ accepted. In the nee of Colonel Howell, Mr Harford was ash continue in the chair for the remainder of the meet ng. ELECTION OF ALDERMEN. The next business was the election of aldermen. Mr W Reej: Beg pardon, Mr Chairman, I have a word to say on that. Toe speaker then said he would rather address the meeting in his mother tongue. Proceeding, in the vernacular, be said the County Council had been in existence about twelve years, and in the election of aldermen he did not think they had done justice during that time. He had been told to come there to represent his hamlet, and these aldermen had shown great idleness in refusing to stand an election. (Laughter.) They should now be turned Aside like old horses. He had promised to bring in new Bill—a Reform Bill. (Laughter.) They wanted new men, and what was the use of going to the old men- the oH aristocrats, the old pensioners, the "hereditary." He now jJroplsed that they have a test, and that the old aldermen be thrown over the bridge into ths river. (Laughter and cries of "Order.") He had nothing to say against the eight old aldermen, but they had shown idleness, and he hoped they would do justice with the county and have new blood. The previous speaker cvn.i;iued to address the meeting in a sing-song tone and, as he proceeded, the uancilagainrose in an uproar. Mr D.Williams atlst ot on his feet and attempted to address the Cha.. presumably by way of protest The' (Jlerk: Order, order. Let's have a bit of decncy. < r The Chairman suggested that in the election of atldermen they should adopt the same course as on previous occasions, and have ballot papers distributed. Mr R. J. Jones wished to know whether all the members were eligible for election, and whether they would stand. The Chairman replied that Mr Jones could vote for anv member he liked. Mr D. Williams: Mr Chairman, if you will listen to me. I should likewise add my protest against re-electing the eight old aldermen. (Cries of <( Order, order.") The Chairman: You can vote for whom you like. You have the paper. Alderman Peter Jones pointed out that the method of electing alderm.en was defined by the Act, and, therefore, Mr Y> brains was .-out tIIf order. • Mr D Williams: I respectfully submit yeN are BOt a dictator to the Chairman. Alderman Peter Jones I am not dictating the Obairroan. The election of aldermen was then proceeded with and the voting resulted as followsj—Me^rs O. M, Williams, 40; T. H. R. Hughes, 38; D.J. Williams, 38; Colonel Howell, 3i Dr Llopd, 36, Rev Wi'liam Griffit hs, 36; James James, Ffynon- howell, 35 J. T. Mor;an, 31; Major Pryse Lewes, A Mr Edward Evans, 3; Mr D. I organ James, 2, amd Messrs Jenkin Lewis, David Williams, Lima Jones R J.Jones, Rev R Gwmryn Jones, David Davies, a.Ki Thomas Davies.^ one each. The first eight were declared elected. THK EX-CH AIRMAN. The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to the late Chan-man for his services during^ the past iear. Considering the great amount ot work he Ed had to do outside the county M^ aughan Davies hn-t been a izoodchairman—almost too good Phiirm-'i—for at th.-ir previous meeting the busi- wa» nniied i,. eb«! tall » H« f.H ™re tfeev won id all join in with mm 1:1 giving a hearty TOte of thanks to the retiring chairman. Mr Thomas Evans having seconded, tne proposi- tion was agreed to unauuuousiy. STAKDIMCi JOINT COMMITTEE. Lasv v.nrs members of the Standing Joint Com- mittee w- re re-elected, with tne exception of Mr lS s Jo-es who, on the proposition oi Mr Lima b, fnc lkv. W. Gritot, was sab- stituted by Dr Jenkin f ewi«. .vn PtUPOSKS COMMITTEE, J-JWA.NCF AN O OUO.A.U r% i -,irv)-cd ihnt the meeting to TS. <T rSStag 'I- they had StliV m several ''Sf- I. Davies wcon'tal, w«l !l'e win « i without a disseniie! The littee was t h ;a app '■• a J »Tnion—-Mx'-sr« Morgau ji,vai s, Walter T. Aber.' A»**rv«t w*. h Union— »avi ./• Ll^A v;lii;liUS k/j. jV es. Robert Jame-•; n r Kobertj Cardigan Mlis. -v.. ••• V -;V,s watkins; Union ^beytion c. Harford, Lamp f mon Newcastle V Eva'" T. Pennant Phillips Tregaron Union—Daniel Jenkins, Thos. Davies and David Davies. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEES. The following were appointed on the executive committee for the Northern Division :—Aldermen Peter Jones and C. M. Williams, Councillors H. r> J. Bon-ail, David Davies. Vaughan Davies, R..7. Jones. 'J. H. Edwards, Hobert Ellis. Edward Evans. E. H. James, Thos. Morgan, D. €. Roberts, and the Rev. Gwmryn Jone*. and the Rev. Gwmryn Jone*. The executive committee for-the Southern Division was reappointed en blor. TECHMCA!, INSTKIVTIO.V COMMITTEE. Various alterations were,prc)[i.).,e<1 in the com- position ef this committee. Mr Lima Jones in proposing electi«>11 of Sir J. fLJg-h Edwards, Sal they should fol;w the same course this year a< in previous years, arfd that those who did not attend regularly sh >uld je si rack off the com- mittee. He bad o.eii treated thai way himself, and he proposed that 31 r Edward's name be substituted for that of the Rev 1. Pennant Phillips. I Dr. Jenkyn Lewis seconded. Å Alderman C. 31. Williams explained that representation on the committee was fairly divided amongst all the Unions, and if the Rev. T." Pennant Phillips was struck off the committee, another from his Union should be appointed in his stead. After further discission, the following committee was proposed :—Messrs. C. M. Williams, 31 organ Evans, Thomas Evans, Tl^mas. Davies. Henry Bonsall. Robert Ellis, 0. Bevnon Evans. J. C. Har- ford, E. H. 'James, Daniel Jenkins, Thomas Wat* kins, Evan Evans, William Davies. D. M. James, D. C. Roberts, and J. Hi'gh Edwards. 3Ir D. Williams asked how many of these repres- ented the Northern Division. The Chairman I don't know what you mean. It is not represented by one man, except in Parliament (laughter). 3Ir D. Williams Of course, you can svmpatliise with me there, because ou tried and failed^ twice. I respectfully submit as a member of this Council you gave no answer to my question. You gave me a flippant answer and I replied. The Clerk What is the question ? Mr D. V illiams: I asked who represents the Northern Division on this committee; and I think I am entitled to an answer. Dr J. Lewis proceeded to state that the committee for all practical purposes was a dead letter, and he considered there should be a better system of representation of the different unions. •Mr D. illiams (interposing) I have been sent by two parishes • < The Chairman I must ask^you to Sjt down; you cannot speak more than once'on any subject- Mr D. illiams; I hope you will apply that rule to the man on your left (Aid. C. 31. Williams). /ylderman C. 31. Williams (amid -interruption from Mr. D. Williams), proceeded to state that a rule had been laid down in regard to the Technical Instruction Committee to secure proper repres- entation for each district. If they deviated from that there would be dissat isfaction. Mr D. Williams: I don't see why I Should come here to be kept silent. The Chairman (sternly): "Will keep silent, sir. You are making a mockery of the i-whole thing (applause). « e V: 0 e Mr Williams then desisted from making further,, interruptions, and Alderman C. M. Wih'iams prc~ posed that 31r Thomas Evans he placea on the committee instead of the Rev. T. Pennant Phillips." Dr Jenkyn Lewis: Has Mr C. M. Williams received official notification of his as alderman 1 The Clerk: Yes, and signed his declaration of acceptance (laughter). J Alderman Peter Jones proposed that Messrs. D. C. Roberts, J. H. Edwards, Thomas Morrisfand Edward Evans be added to the committee, and this having been seconded, was carried. OTHER COMMITTEES. The CountyAssessmentCommittee was reint- ed with the following alterations:—Dr Lioyd instead of Mr Evan Davies, Mr Edward Evans instead of Mr J. H. Davies, and Mr Thomas Wat- kins instead of Mr Joshua Hughes. Referring to the Standing Committee for Allotments and Small Holdings, the Chairman said he belieued it had not met for five years (laughter and cries of "shame.") Mr DavidMorgan was elected to the committee in place of Mr. William Evans, and Messrs Thomas Evans and Jaijpeg Stephens in place of Messrs Joshua Hughes, and Morgan Richardson. On the Weights and Measures Committee, Mr R. J. Jones was appointed instead of Mr Robert Doughton; Mr Williams instead of Mr John Jones, and Mr 37 R. James instead of Mr Jo^ph Parry. A Central Committee was appointed to deal with contagious diseases of animals in the whole county, M occasion arise. aimittee of visitors of the Joint Counties asylum was unanimously re-appointed. laB Evans proposed the elect' D Public Health C IT 1' 1. ,rgau to Jp- greed to iSiis, Mr Lima Jones, DfLewis and ^liioya were re-appointed. ™ Dr Lewis proposed that Aid C. M. Williams and Mr D C. Roberts be added to the committee. The committee had. he said, been somewhat inactive since its appointment, and if they added Mr C. M. Williams, he would act as a stimulant (laughter). These additions were accepted, together with those of^Messrs D. Morgan James, T. Jenkins, T. Davies, and E. J. Davies. Mr Henry Bonsall and Mr J. Hugh Edwards were appointed to represent Cardiganshire upon the Lancashire and Western Sea 1 isheries Joint Committee. CORRESPONDENCE. The Clerk said he had received a letter from Mr Vaughan Davies conveying his best thanks to the Council tor their courtesy towards him during his year of office in the chair. And also informing the Council that the resolution passed at the previous meeting of condolence with the King and Royal Family, and congratulation on his accession to the Throne, had been placed in the hands of the Home Secretary. The Clerk said he had written to the Carmarthen County Council asking what steps were being taken in the proposal to appoint a joint medical onicerioi the counties of Carmarthen, Pembroke and Cardi- gan which proposal this Council had entertained favourably, he had now received a reply from the Carmarthen Council stating that as Pembroke did not see its way clear to join, that the matter was now left in abeyance. The Clerk reported he bad received a letter from the Penbryn Parish Council, stating they had made a mistake in holding their Parish Council election on Saturday, March 2nd, instead of Monday, March 4th. The Clerk said it transpired that Saturday, March 2nd, was the correct date (laughter). Mr Daniel Jenkins asked whether the Councils elected on March 4th were invalid. The Clerk replied that mistakes were made almost everv time, and be did not anticipate any difficulty on thisoccasion. No nomination bad been received for the Parish Council for the Lampeter Rural District, and it would be necessary to name a fresh date for the Parish Council to meet, He expected that during the ensuing fortnight there would be applications from a great number of Parish Councils as to failure in some respect or other to carry out the provisions of the Act and he wished to know whether the Council would dele- gate the power of rectifying those mistakes to a committee or leave it to the next meeting in MOn the proposition of Mr Daniel Jenkins, seconded by Mr Beynon Evans, it was decided to delegate the power to a committee, that committee to consist of the members who reside within the town of Aberystwyth. THE COUNCIL MEETINGS. The next matter on the agenda was to consider whether it is advisable to alter the StandingfOrders fixing the dates of the Council meetings as the obligation to hold a meeting on or about the 16th of March for the election of chairman, aldermen, &c* 'is now removed by the County Council- (Elections) Amendment Act, 1900. except in those years in which an election of county councillors takes place. The Clerk pointed out that all the business of a statutory meeting cou.d, according to the new arrangement, be transacted at an ordinary quarterly meeting. Alderman Peter Jones proposed, and Mr R _J. Jones seconded, that the matter be referred to the Finance Committee, and this was agreed to. ADJOURNED. The report of the committee upon the protection of wild birds, the application of the AbfCivron Rural District Council to convert the road fiom Pennwch to Aberarth intoa main road and the reso- lution from the County Councils of Shropshire and Worcetersbiredcaling with sheep scab regulations, were deferred, on the motion of Alderman Peter lone- until the next meeting, in oider that the new members might have the opportunity of perusing them. W VI ES THE KOYAE STANDARD. Dr Jenkyn Lewis proposed the following resolu- ion That, a loyal appeal be addressed to the Kino-, praving that the Arms of Wales be quartered n he R.yal Standard, and that means be taken fo Uanise a simultaneous appeal from all the County Councils of Wales." The mover, speaking w, « he resolution, apologised for introducing such a Muestion, which might be considered outside the routine duties of a County Council. He considered 'i v Cardiganshire, from its geographical position >, d from r-s peculiar relations to the two great -ions' (,?«the Welsh people, might initiate this Mvi >n il movement with a fairer hope of bringing about harmonious and conciliatory co-operation anv other comity in the whole of the Princi- t > have fl-e Dragon of V, ales emblazoned on the Royal Standard-the loftiest and imghtest j i banner that lapped the breezes of the world—would carry the name of Wales to nations that, perchance, had never yet heard the word, and confer a sort of charter of rank,on its sons. The present moment was peculiarly opportune to revive the agitation on behalf of this ranch longed for reform. After a long and glorious the late Queen had been gathered to her fathers. Whilst she lived- awl espec- ially during her latter days, Welshmen,ays'sen- sitive and appreciative of 01, a—ci.»i<.ns. scarcely had the heart to ask her to i »i; baflwr !h«; had waved so many years ovci ii head. Peiiu! now, a new reign, ar new century, and., uiany thought, a new era, having dawned, Welshmen could no longer refrain from i,r.- ng for the delayed recognitions of the one The »^:ieakor v. .1- L. .proceeded toisiow that he thought the Kiw^.would favourably entertain the proposal, and said it seemed as if he harllung been giving them hints to make the appeal.. From the minute the Dragon of Wales was emblazoned on the King's l>anner,\V.l. s and Welshmen took a new and loftier status--ike land became a country, the na'h n. During his speech, in support of ih° resolution, Dr Lewis received frequent interruptions from a section of the meeting, and. ev?ri! nally, turning- tn Mr William Rees, lie said. "Look here, sir, I can be a gentleman, and what yoa are^a blackguard, too." Mr Wm Rees: Oh, I will go out if you like. Mr J. Hugh Edwards seconded the resolution, which, on being put to the meeting, was carried unaftimo asly. The following committee was: hen appointed to carry the resolution into eiteet :—Messrs C. M. Williaais, Dr Lewis, D. C. Roberts, J. Hugh Eiiwards, and Morgan James. I This was all the business, and the Council rose.