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Aberystwyth Town Council I


Aberystwyth Town Council A meeting of the Aberystwyth Town Council was held on Tuesday morning at the Council Chamber, Town Hall, when there were present Mr E. P. Wynne (Mayor), in the chair Alderman C. M. Williams (ex-Mayor), Alderman Peter Jones, Al- derman W. H. Palmer, Alderman T. Doughton, Councillors J. P. Thomas, I. Hopkins, Evan Hugh James, R. J. Jones, T. E. Salmon, J. T. Davies, G. Fossett Roberts, and R. Doughton, with Messrs. A. J. Hughes (town clerk), C. Massey (assistant clerk), H. L. Evans (borough accountant), and Rees Jones (borough surveyor). CORRESPONDENCE. A letter was read from Mrs Dean Phillips, president of the local branch of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, calling the Council's attention to the claims of this Society, and appealing for a subscription,—The application was referred to the Finance Committee. Mr John Cowley wrote asking the Council to reconsider the terms granted for the renewal of the lease of his house in Cambrian-street,, stating he did not think it was reasonable that he should pay I frontage for the rear of premises in More-lane, which would not be of any use to him. Aid C. M. Williams said the terms granted had been referred back once already and considered, and the committ^ cduld not see its way clear to make any alteratron. Mr T. E. Salmon said he thought there was a little hardship in this case, and proposed that the matter be again referred to the Finance Committee. Mr 11. J. Jones seconded, and the resolution was unanimously agreed to. A letter was read from Mr Sparrow, secretary of the Golf Club, thanking the Council for the hand- some manner in which they had met their appeal for a subscription. A letter from the Lord Mayor of London asking the co-operation of the Mayor and Corporation of Aberystwyth in the movement to establish a per- manent memorial to the late Queen Victoria was referred to the Finance Committee. A letter was read from the First Commissioner of Works agreeing to continue the tenancy of a portion of the Town Hall building for County Court purposes at the same rent as heretofore, viz., £ 25. The Clerk reported he had now received the fiat of the Attorney General to take proceedings with reference to the alleged obstruction in the road leading from Plascrug to Llanbadarn by James Richard James. On the motion of Aid Peter Jones, seconded by Mr J. P. Thomas, it was agreed that the seal of the Council be affixed to the same. GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE, This committee reported that a meeting had been arranged with Mr Reynolds for next Thursday to decide upon views to be placed in the souvenir in lieu of those eliminated. The committee also reported that the application of Mr Gilbert Rogers for permission to give an entertainment on the Castle grounds for one-and-a-half hours in the afternoon during the coming season was considered, but they did not deem it advisable to grant the application. Mr Salmon proposed that this recommendation be deferred for two months. He did not think it was the proper time to reject an application of this kind. He thought in two or three months time the Council would see its way clear to grant the application. Mr R. J. Jones seconded the amendment, stating there were many things to be considered in the near future with regard to the entertainments of the town in face of what the Pier Co. and Mr Richardes were going to do. It was hardly fair that Mr Rogers should have to pay £ 75 for the permit, and then have other people coming there who received all the advantages. Mr R. Doughton supported the amendment, stating he expected it to have taken another form, as he was quite prepared to grant the appplication. He was strongly of opinion that Mr Rogers should Dot be refused the use of the Castle grounds, as it was the most central and most convenient spot in the whole town, Mr Hopkins having also supportedjthe amendment it was put to the meeting and carried without a dissentient.. The committee also reported that Mr Rogers applied for permission to place a platform and tent on the beach in front of the Marine-terrace, and it Was recommended that this application be granted subject to the right of the Corporation in the matter, and that a plan of the proposed platform and tent be submitted and approved of by the Council. Mr Rogers' application for a lease for three years of the grant could not be entertained. This recommendation was unanimously accepted, Aid Peter Jones pointing out in regard to the latter part, that the Council could only grant a lease for one year. -—»-KEW RLILDl^OB. On the recommendation of the Public Works Committee plans in respect of the following were :adopted:-Two houses in Cambrian-street, for Mr .J. D. Jones house in North-parade, Miss Jenkins addition to house in South Marine-terrace, Mr F. 14. Roberts; addition to Nortbgate House, Mr D. "ThorLias. WEIRING THE RHEIDOL. The Public Works Committee reported that Dr Harries had met them and presented a plan of the proposed weir across the river Rheidol near his lake. The committee now recommended that the application be granted during the summer months .-only, the surveyor to be supplied with a sectional plan showing the height of the proposed structure. Alderman Peter Jones addfd that Dr Harries had stated that the weir would not exceed 2 ft 6 inches and would be so constructed that it could be partly removed during the summer months, By this ar- rangement they hoped to avoid all damage. The recommendation was unanimously ac- cepted. THE CASTLE ENTRANCES. The Public Works Committee recommended that the proposed entrance to the Castle Grounds from Sea. View-place be made as soon as possible. Alderman Jones said the Clerk had looked into the matter, and was satisfied that they could pro- ceed without in any way affecting the lessees rights and without affecting the adjoining property. The Mayor said he anticipated that the faculty for the other paits of the work near St. Michaels Church would be in hand by that day fortnight (hear, hear). Mr R. J. Jones said he would like to see the other wall coming down as well, so as to proceed with the work simultaneously. The recommendation of the committee was agreed to. STORAGE ACCOMMODATION AT ROFAWR. The Public Works Committee reported tllat. the Surveyor was instructed to negotiate with the Steam Packet Company for the use of one of their stores at Rofawr for storing: cement, and if not successful to erect a temporary shed. The Sur- veyor now reported be had endeavoured to secure the use of one of the stores but had failed. The Company said they were required so much for their own goods, that they could not spare one. He was now proceeding with the erection of a temporary shed. Mr J. T. Davies Did the Steam Packet Company actually refuse one of those sheds ? The Surveyor Yes. Mr Davies said be bad seen one or two me mbers of the Company, and they said they were willing to lTrnt, the use of the stores on conditions. The Surveyor They said they could grant, part of one, but there were difficulties in the way there again, and I could not accept it. Alderman Doughton asked whether the Harbour Master bad not been instructed to bring in a list of the warehouses the Steam Packet Company had actually engaged from the Corporation. Aid Peter Jones said it would have been a great convenience if they could have bad the use of one of the stores, as 'they could then unload direct from the steamer, and the cement would be in a better condition to be removed gradually as it was required. It would be well to consider their position in future with regard to these stores, so as to know which were held by the Company, as be thought it was important that the Council should retain one for its own use. Mr Hopkins said Mr Watkins, the managing director of the Company, bad told him that he agreed with the surveyor to give two parts or three parts of one of the stores. The Surveyor replied that Mr Watkins tried to .-arrange to let the Council have the use of one of the stores, of which the Company were sub-tenants. Mr Watkins said he could have the use of three- fourths of" that provided be boarded up a portion of it for their use. There was another enclosure inside and as he could not remove that, the store wna nf no use for the purpose required. Alderman Williams said it was to be hoped the H.,b. would accept Alderman Jones' sucrgrestion to consider the position of the Corpora- tion in regard to thC5" warehouses. He was sure -the majority of the Corporation were under the impression that Ihey had two of these stores avail- able for their own use whenever required. The •Corporation not having had any use for them up to now had not objected to their being used by the Steam Packet Company. I-. only showed bow careful they should be in these matters. A wooden structure would not be as suitable to keep cement ras one of the stores would be. Alderman Palmer said he had always .bought that two of the stores were in the of the Corporation. He recollected Mr Henry -mes applying for tlK- use of one of them, and the bur- veyor then said tlv'y were nnt all occupier, by the Company, but cue was hired from another person. Alderman Doughton said he might inform Alder- man Palmer that he was tenant of the Corporation of one of the stores, and he sub-let it to the Steam Packet Company. He did not object to the Sur- veyor having the whole of that, but was opposed to him having part of it. xl Mr Salmon was of opinion that they s consider the Steam Packet Company and not 1 ask them to give up a. shed when it was I impossible to do so, especially as they ene the harbour so much. Alderman Doughton said the Harbour Committee had gone into the question as far as they tou c. Mr R. J. Jones said he failed to comprehend what Alderman Doughton meant when he said he wis opposed to part of the store being given to the Corporation. It seemed to him if they had a par- i f..f tion* they would be quite ready to maitc V • The question was mooted at the meeting o Public Works Committee, when it was discoverea that a certain arrangement had been made with the Steam Packet Company that all these stores were practically under their supervision except one. It seemed invidious on the part of Alderman Doughton to say that he was prepared to grant the use of the whole of one of the stores, but, not a part of it. As long as the Corporation was pre- pared to accept a part of the store, he did not see why Alderman Dougbton should have any objection to that. Alderman Doughton said Mr Jones was labouring 1_L. I under a. misunderstanding as to tne ousil In his warehouse there was an office and other conveniences which used to be made use of by the Harbour Master years ago, and it would be a pity to pull those down for the sake of this cargo of cement alone. The Steam Packet Company had enough warehouse accommodation to provide for a steamer of 5,000 tons capacity. The warehouses at Rofawr were merely accommodation for the trades- men of the town, and be was doubtful whether the Company paid rent for all of them. If the Steam Packet Company would be willing to allow the Surveyor to have; the whole of the warehouse he had not the slightest objection, but for the Sur- veyor to go to the expense of boarding up half of it merely for the sake of the Company, he thought was too much. He did not see why the Company was in need of it at all, as they had more accom- modation than they ought to have. It was out- rageous, in his opinion, to give them all that ware- house for a bit of a steamer of 100 tons. Mr Evan Hugh James said the Steamship Co. paid for every warehouse they used, and he thought it was only fair that that should be made clear. Aid. Doughton I don't dispute that but I am doubtful about it. Mr R. J. Jones, replying to Aid. Doughton, said he considered it would have been infinitely cheaper to have boarded up a portion of one of the stores than to spend £50 or £60 in erecting a shed. The Mayor interposed at this point, and prevented further discussion, the matter being then referred to the Harbour Committee. IMPROVEMENTS. On the recommendation of the Public Works Committee it was decided that a new urinal be erected near Shiloh Chapel at a cost not exceeding Z20 The quotation ot Messrs Baker and Co., at Z20. for tidal valves was accepted. The Surveyor was instructed to pave the footway in Smithfield- road as soon as possible. The Council confirmed the decision of the committee in refusing to allow the removal of a tree in front of the St. George's Hotel. Dr Mostyn having disapproved of the sug- gested widening of Queen's-road near the Catholic Church and made a counter proposal, the com- mittee instructed the Town Clerk to write to Dr. Mostyn's solicitors to inform them that the latter was impracticable owing to buildings being upon part of the land which Dr. Mostyn suggested should be added to Queen's-road and to suggest that Dr. Mostyn should meet the committee on the spot when it was thought he would be satisfied of the advantage of adopting the original proposal of the Council. HORSE DEALING. The Surveyor having reported to the Public Works Committee that he had purchased a horse for £ 28,. the committee recommended, and it was now adopted, that in the event of his buying two more the Borough Accountant be instructed to draw a cheque for the cost of the same. The Surveyor stated he had bought two horses at Tregaron Fair on Saturday, paying £ 37 for each. Horses were very dear at the present time. Mr R. Doughton: Did you have a certificate that they were sound in wind and limb ? (Laughter). That would be very essential if you wanted to sell them again. Ald. Peter Jones Very essential for the members of the Council, too ( Renewed laughter). Mr R. J. Jones They are far from being sound this morning. MARKETS COMMITTEE. This committee recommended the granting of the application of the Cob Society for the use of the Smithfield on the occasion of the annual show, and the recommendation was confirmed. Mr Salmon remarked that the Markets Com- mittee met but seldom, and he wished to draw the attention of the members to the dilapidated condition of the slaughterhouse keeper's house. Really, it would want' some props before long to keep it from falling down. The Mayor stated that the house bad been inspected, and the question of repairing it was under consideration. Aid. C. M. Williams said he believed the sur- veyor had been asked to present a report as to what he deemed advisable to put the house in a good condition cf repair. Mr Hopkins said he would like to know whether .he house was safe for human beings to live in. It might be a case of somebody being killed, and that would cost the Corporation a great deal more than making a new house. Mr R. J. Jones remarked that that would come on in Mr Rees Jones' report FINANCE COMMITTEE. The report of this committee was submitted by Alderman C. M. Williams, and recommended pay- ment of bills and wages amounting to £ 22110s 3d, and these were appro-ved of. RENEWAL OF LEASE. The Finance Committee recommended that the terms and conditions given on the 10th April, 1900, to Mr J. D. Jones and Mrs Davies for the renewal of the leases of Nos 55, 57 and 59 Cambrian-street, for the building of three houses be rescinded, as the Committee found it was intended to renew Nos 57 and 59 only, and recommend the grant. ing of the same on the following conditions :—The whole of the existing buildings demolished and two new dwelling houses of equal frontage erected on the site, plan to be approved of by the Council. The property at the back to be re-arranged. Work to be completed by 12th November, 1901, lease to commence 12th November, 1899. The land under the two cottages in Moor-lane at the rear to be included in the lease and be subjeet to and con- current with the grant of 1808 at an annual ground rent of 12s for each bouse and payable from the expiration or sooner determination of the grant of 1808. The total ground rent after this date will be P-2 per annum per house. This recommendation was adopted. EXTENSION OF TIME. s. The application of Mrs Ann Richards for an ex- tension of time for carrying out the conditions at. t tached to the renewal of the lease of No 60, Cam. brian-street, in February, 1898, had been con- sidered by the Finance Committee. Inasmuch as an extension was granted in December, 1899, they could not recommend an extension at the ground rent of ZI 2s, but recommended that an extension be granted to May, 190/4, at an annual ground rent of PZ 6s 8d, and that in the event of Mrs Richards failing to comply with the conditions by May, 1901, the ground rent be increased :to £ 2 6s 8d. The application of Messrs R. Jones and Sons for an extension of time for carrying out the conditions attached to the renewal of the kease of their property in Cambrian-street was considered. The committee, having regard to the carrying out of the conditions for their property in North-parade, recommended that an extension be granted to 12th May. 1901, and in the event of non-compliance that the terms already given be cancelled. The application of Mrs Griffiths, for an extension of time for the carrying out of the con- ditions attached to the renewal of the lease of No. 3, Railway-terrace, was considered, and the committee recommended that the time be extended to May, 1902. These recommendations were confirmed nern can, IMPORTANT PROPOSALS. The Public Works Committee reported that the Surveyor having presented his report and valuation of property in Poplar-row and Thespian-street, having an unexpired term of about sixty years (amounting to iE599 10s), recommended that the sum of £ 600 be oifered to Mr Richards for his Luvooi therein. and that the Corporation grant to JlCL"V in a new lease for seventy-five years on the por- ion of land not required by the Corporation for he widening of the road at Poplar-row at an .nnual rent of P,4 4s. e The Surveyor reported that the trustees of the [abernacle Chapel bad consented to the removal back )f the wall in front of the chapel in Mill-street, the work to be carried out by and at the expense of the Council. The Committee recommended that the Borrwgh Surveyor be instructed to carry out the workvforthwith. Th special committee appointed to meet Mr R. C. Richardes reported that Mr Richardes would shortly furnish the Council with his price for the sale of Penglaise Lower Lodge to the Corporation for the purpose of effecting this improvement. These recommendations were also accepted witb- out a dissentient. LAND IN RHEIDOL TERRACE. The application of Mr John Owen for a lease of a piece of land in Rheidol-terrace had been con- sidered by the Public Works Committee, and having regard to the intention of the Council in granting these sites at such a low rental, that no one person should be granted more than one site could not recommend the granting of the applica- tion, and recommended that the Surveyor be in- structed to invite tenders for the four remaining sites in this Terrace. Applications to be sent to the Borough Accountant not later than 4th April. TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION. The application of the School Board for a grant of L130 under the Technical Instruction Act to meet the expenses of the Science and Art Classes was considered. The Committee found that the Corporation bad already paid P,100 of this years expenses recommended that a precept be directed to the Overseers for the sum of £35, which, added to the iClOO already paid, was equivalent to a rate of Id in the pound, which sum cannot be exceeded by the Act. The Committee found that no pay- ment was made to the School Board for technical instruction in the year 1900, they not being able to levy a rate retrospectively, and it having been reported that this Department was considerably in arrear, and as no rate could be levied, the Com- mittee recommended that a sum of £100 be voted from the Borough Fund. The recommendation was accepted. BRITISH CHAUTAUQUANS. The Public Works Committee recommended that a mayoral reception be given the members of the British Chautauqua on the occasion of their visit to Aberystwyth on August 1st. Mr Salmon: What sort of a reception ? A military i-eception ? Mr R J. Jones A tea and cake reception (laughter). Mr Hopkins: Nothing stronger than claret, I hope. Mr Fossett Roberts Take them down to the aqua terra (laughter). MISCELLANEOUS. The application of Miss A. Evans for the renewal of the leases of Nos. 17, 19, 30, and 32, Prospect- street, and No. 23, South-road, was referred to the Finance Committee, as also was the application of Mr John Evans for a lease of a piece of land on the south side of his property situate in South-road. It was decided that a precept be directed to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Aberystwyth to'pay out of the Poor Rate made and collected the sum of P,35 for the purposes of the Technical Instruction Act, and that the Mayor be authorised to affix to Corporate Seal thereto. The Mayor was authorised to affix the Corporate seal to a lease tolMrH. L. Evans, of the Reservoir House, and premises, for a term of 60 years from the 29th September, 1901, at an annual rent of £ 13. NEW BYE-LAWS. Aid C. M. Williams asked whether any steps would now be taken with the view of getting their bye-laws put into proper form so that they could come into operation for th summer. Some months -go the matter was dicusscd by the Council and the old bye-laws were ordered to be placed at the Corporation Offices with the view of being inspected by the members. He took it now that the members had done so, and he thought it would be well if the Mayor called a meeting of the whole Council to consider them. t The Clerk said the draft bye-laws were now in order to be sent to the Local Government Board. He referred to the sanitary bye-laws under the Public Health Act, but the proposed new bye-laws under the municipal C)rporation Acts were a very important matter, and he must ask for a little further time in regard to them. There were no very great changes in the sanitary bye-laws, the principal changes being in regard to new and old buildings. Mr Hopkins said he understood that every member was to get a copy of the bye-laws before they were sent to the Local Government Board. He did not feel be could honestly vote for them without seeing them. The Clerk: You are very safe, sir, because they are based on the model bye-laws of the Local Government Board. It was then decided that the Clerk secure tenders for printing the bye-laws, so that each member could have a copy, before they were sent up for confirmation. VALE OF RHEIDOL RAILWAY. The Clerk announced that the Vale of Rheidol Light Railway Company bad complied with the terms of the Corporation and paid the deposit of fifty per cent on the purchase-money, entitling them to take possession of the land, which he believed had been done this week. The contractor had now started on the work, and some of the materials bad arrived. He thought he might reasonably say that the railway would be com- pleted by the 25th March, 1902. (Hear, hear.) Sixtecn-twentleii rj the land had been acquired, and not only acquired, but paid for. (Hear, hear.) LIGHTING OF THE TOWN. Mr Salmon drew attention to the bad lighting of the town during the winter. The back streets were disgraceful in the matter of lighting, and the lamps put him in mind of farthing candles burning. He considered the Lighting Committee should meet oftener than it did. Alderman Doughton: The front streets and the Terrace are not much better. Mr R. J. Jones: It is the scarcity of the lamps you complain of ? Mr Salmon: Yes. Mr R. J. Jones: The gas company has nothing to do with that, and if the burners are too small, it is the Council's fault. Mr J. P. Thomas said he corroborated what Mr Salmon had said, but believed the committee had not been convened lately, owing to the ill-health of the chairman. Alderman Doughton said he was glad to hear Mr Jones' explanation in regard to the gas company. But what about the electric lighting of the town ? There was seldom a night on the Terrace, but that they would see one or two of the lamps completely out: and not only there, but in other parts of the town. The matter was referred to the committee. ALTERATIONS TO THE TOWN HALL. In reply to Mr R. J. Jones, Alderman C. M. Williams said the Council was now only waiting the Local Government Board inquiry before pro- ceeding with the alterations to the Town Hall. Plans and particulars were sent months ago, and the Clerk had written several times, but it was impossible to get the Board to arrange an inquiry.