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ABERYSTWYTH. GOLFING.—In view of the interest now being taken at, Aberystwyth in the Royal and Ancient Game of Gowif,' the subject is dealt with this week by Philip Sidney in his usual column. SALE.—The Western Vaults, offered for sale on Wednesday afternoon by Mr J. E. James, were with- drawn at £ 1,4-00. WELL DONE 'The recent self-denial week of the local branch of our Salvation Army friends has this year produced no less than £50 a sum which re- dounds to the credit and sincerity of all concerned in raising it. KECH ABIT ISM.-—At the Rechabite District Council held at Aberystwyth, we find that Mr J. Barclay Jenkins was appointed to represent this District at the Biennial Conference of the Order at Penzance in August, also to fill the office of District Secretary in succession to Mr Thomas Owens. KNOCK OFF THE CORNER.—No time has been lost since permission was granted in removing the ugly bit of wall which blocked the pavement by the Tabernacle in Mill street. Now that the obstruct- ion has been swept :away by the courtesy of its officials, it is recognised how great is the improve- ment both to the Tabernacle itself and to the general public. u .LL L:.L.' ,C "OLD ABERYSTWYTH. —Itns is me uue kJt lecture to be delivered this (Thursday) evening in -the Old Assembly Rooms by the author of The History of Aberystwyth," who has kindly acceded to the request of the committee of the Golf Club to thus help the members in the fund now being raised to improve the links and the green. The hair will be taken at 8 p in. by Mr J. D. Perrott. J.P., one of the vice-presidents. OUR LADY'S MILL.—A sketch of this interesting spot as it appeared about the year 1310 at the end of Trefechan bridge has been carefully drawn from information supplied by a few authorities, and from various sketches, and is given in Part IV. of Aberystwytb," just published. The text deals with the conclusion of St Michael's Church Holy Trinity, St Mary's, the Society of Friends, and the first portion of the story of the Welsh Baptists. CONFIRMATION.—On Tuesday last the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, Dr Owen, administered the rite of Confirmation at St Michael's Church. His Lordship was attended by the Rev J. Harvard Protheroe, M.A. (Archdeacon of Cardigan), the Rev Prebendary David Williams, M.A., and other ministers, who presented candidates to the number of 70, viz., St Michael's, 45; Holy Trinity. 10; Llanvchaiarn, 8; Llangorwen, 5; Elerch, 1; and Capel Bangor, 1. The service was conducted in the usual dignified and reverent manner which marks this solemn rite in this parish. ROYAL ALFRED.—A meeting of the local com- mittee of this Society will be held in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall on Thursday (to-day) at 3 o'clock, when tbe Mayor will preside. In Wales alone the amount of relief received by Aged Merchant Seamen approximates L10,000, and there has been a very inadequate return by the Princi- pality. With tbe view to organizing a local com- mittee and supporting the general appeal about to be issued by Mr Vaughan Davies, M.P., Mr Wyn- ford Phillips, M.P., and the Mayors of Aberystwyth, Cardigan, and other places on the Coast, it has been arranged to hold this meeting. The local Hon bees are Mr A. J. Hughes, Town Clerk, and Capt D. James, and the Hon Agent to the Central Board is Mr Lewis Matthias. HOCKEY.—On Saturday last the return match was played between the County School Hockey Olub and the College second eleven. The ground and weather left little to be desired, and an enjoy- able game resulted in a victory for the School by three goals to one. The College right wing com- menced with a vigorous attack and within three minuies from the start the School players were sur- prised to find that the ball bad passed between their posts. This put them on their mettle, and for the rest of the first half they kept up a fairly con- tinual attack which resulted in two goals and com- pelled the College backs frequently to save into' touch. If the School outside forwards had made the most of the opportunities thus given and bad sent the ball hard in front of goal, the score would probably have been heavier, but they generally con- tented themselves with trundling the ball to the five yards line where it was often taken up by their opponents who were much smarter at their work. After half time the College team made great efforts to retrieve the game and some good work was done, especially by the right wing. The School backs however, played very steadily, breaking up tl;e attack again and again, and only once did the "College seem likely to equalise. The School for- wards now made; several fine runs down the field after two of which the ball was shot between the posts, but the goal was disallowed as the bit was made outside tbe striking area. For the College J. Gwyther, J. Clark and J. Britton did excellent work, while (he School owed the victory largely to the steady defence of L. Morgan and L. Morris, and to the pace and combination of K. Griffiths, N. Morgan and M. Pierce. Teams. College. Goal, J. Watson backs, G. March, J. Britton half-backs, W. Blagg, £ Lee, J. Gwyther forwards, G. Angus, G.'Jolm" F. Colbourne, E. Hannah, J. Clark. School.-Guitl, M. Garland; backs, L. Morris and W. Owen naif-backs, M. Jones, L. Morgan, E. Brotherton forwards, N. Morgan, J. Jones, K. Griffiths, R Thomas, M. Pierce. ABERYSTWYTH CYCLING CLUB.—The annual meeting of the Aberystwyth Cycling Club was held at the New Market Hall on Thursday evening to appoint fle-V committee etc., when there were pre- sent Messrs D C. Edwards, chairman, T. H. Edwards, W. L. Knight, D. M. Hamer, J. Griffiths, R. G Bennett, E. Edwards, Alban Lewis, Hugh jHumphre/s, T. Ptiiilips, J. Bevan, R. D. Evans, R. McKay, H Saycell. F. Hollier, and J. E. Evans, ho, "eo Mr J T. Davies was appointed president for tiie The following were appointed vice-pi-k D. C. Roberts, J P.. R. Peake J. M->rva!! >.V H Kullier, Chief Constable Howell Evan. '•■V u K-.ngtit, T. E. Salmon, Major Taunton, P. ij I'. Wvnne (Mayor), R, J. Jones, J.P., T. J W idinghain. J.P., D. M. Davies, Dr A. Thon a- i H Edwards, and A. J. Hughes. The officii {■' ■ i■ i 1 -d .ire captain, Mr G. Bickerstaff vice-i i-i!r L. Knight; general committee, Mest-i i c; S i.vanls, R. D. Evans, R. G. Pierce, W. E C -J. C Ilea, Alban Lewis. J. Powell, ID. E. iwa J. Griffiths, D. M. Hamer, T. Phillips, Hogh Hut?\pure i and H. Saycull lion treasurer, Mr J. Pun ofi; bugler-. Messrs Bevan and McKay delegates N C, U., Me-srs D. C. Fdwards, and J. E. Evan- t,. e;, Mr J E. Evans. The balance shee; 5 U- si>wed a balance in hand from 1899 't 15- 61. the receipts from the sports amoi "lO Os 11d; while the expenses reach f'¿ is 5.1 The balance in hand at end of "v.-A.; £33 2s 61. A sub-committee consi,t (,r lie Captain, vice Captain, Messtr. J. (3 J. Bevan, and D. C. Edwards, to draw tfixtures for the following season. It was IV proposition of Mr J. Griffiths seconded by Nlr Bennett that the cliief r-anof the seas, ■>day should be to Pontrhydy- groe, :!rough Devils' Bridge. A vote of -than ii passed to the Chairman and the" ■ —Meeting terminated. IN WAn LETTER. — Archdeacon Proti'.ci"" ie:ei\ed an interesting letter from bis Mr David Thomas Protheroe, who volui the Imperial Yeomanry, and has been r Yie'huen since Feb 20. 1900. The lette e s at Klerksdorp on Feb 20th, and (\(' ii_acement by a column of Lord Metl »« wp'. 800 strong, against De Villier's, with 2, 000 rffii' an. I l'our guns, strongly entrenched, best The Boers allowed us to getup within 700 > and then put a mwlerate hre r, i i lery were not able to locate the t 1.11' ii re, so that we were ordered on further u .wards t he Itopjes to draw the fire. This we d;d \> vi rV results. The enemy could not 1. u-a good dose all round. This rev;" splendidly. We retired as best vt:f. jnivi some mealies, but not before we had vt-ral idilt-d,and one man—myself— won; » V.\ v«re still advancing slowly towards the Vi hen t he heavy fire opened on us I was i. i; a v. ;ue horse on the road hence I was a vel-, -ooif tnarx. The first bullet aimed at rue bit ;n second bit my stirrups, and the thir- >r. ■ he middle finger of ray left hand —an •»*.).iosi.o bullet—shattering the knuckle. I got Te asv.iv. however, and alive to fight another dav r that followed was the best that we Itav, time. The Boers were 2,000 stro").. L> two gwns and two Maxims, and we wer(. four guns They had a very stro vn-nohed position, and stuck to it for six 1. Tn- scene I shall never forget. Our gUn-' snrapnel into their earthworks, our j^en the trenches with fixed bayonets, and •- DO lI-poms" kping up an incessant, tire for. Some of our killed and dead Boers wero .iiTi I onlv seven yards apart. We lost eigl -• u kiiiid and 37 wounded. The enemy lost over uundr.-d killed. Tile doctor has great hopes of iiio- my wounded finger, but, it %vill be ,.tiff and ",ked for life. The fire was very li,),, and I was •xtveineiy fortunate in getting off so lightly." In c1 -ing his letter Mr Protheroe adds-" It now aprc^ig trom questioning a prisoner that'V had old De Viltiers to hold Methuen where he was for rhree days, as Delarey was coming up and hope to capture the garrison at Klerksdorp on his way and then smash up Methuen at Haartebeest- fontein. This appears to be true, as Delarey is now at Haa.rebeestfon'pin with 2.000 men and six guns. Add to this D'Villiers 2.000 men and his two >un» and two Maxims, and the Boers would have been 4000 men, with eight guns in an ertrenohed j.osition, against Methuen with 800 men and six gtins in the open. It world have been a vel' tight (,orne:. Klerksdorp would have gone for •ic-rTainty. Mf-thnf-n would in all probability have h t-1 to retire to Lidltenburg and Vryburg, ;in ,)c, Ids JI\I2:e convoy, NVe bq(i I .,Oi,y impressive funeral yesterday—-eighteen men in one gr,-t N- The Doer losses since we left Taungs are normous^i ,RtCUf,TURAL Siiow.-At a meeting of; the A cotumittee of tiie proposed A,ric-Itui-al 1 on Monday afternoon at the Old .lack Lion iioi-i collectors weie appointed to solicit subscriptions in the various districts. I FLOW EH SHOW.—This annual event, nnrlcr the ausoieces of the North Cardiganshire Society, will this year change its ground, which ii has been decided to hold in August on the flat cricket and j football field in Llanbadarn-road, instead of in the Elysian Grove as formerly. j ANALYSIS OF VOTING—The following is an an- J alysis of the voting in the Guardians' election on Saturday last :-X 0.4 Ward-Radical vote ( Jaine-* and Morris), 86 Conservative vote (Jones). 47 Jones and James, 32; Jones and Morris, 63 Jones and Meechan, 28; plumpers—Morris 18. Meecban 11, James 2. No 3 Ward—Radical vote (Owen and Penry), 105; Conservative vote (Salmon). 113: Penry and Salmon 74; Owen and Salmon, 29 plumpers—Penry 20, Owen 11. LECTTJUE.—A ecture on the Jews from the Chris- ian standpoint, illustrated by a large number of tartistic vi iws, designs, and cinematograph, was de- livered at the Old Assembly Rooms 011 Monday eyrn- ino- by Mr Samuel Wilkinson, of the Central Hall, London. The lecture was interesting, and the pic- tures excellent. The Rev Thomas Levi presided. OFF TO TIn-: WAR.—On Sunday evening last a large crowd gave a hearty send off to three volunteers at the Railway Station who are proceeding to South Africa for active service. The men were Private Johnnie Rowlands, son of Mr William Rowlands, butcher, and Private Arthur Dowden, Llanbadarn, who have enlisted in the Imperial Yeomanry. The other was Mr Edward Wynne, son of the Mayor (Mr E. P. Wynne), who will serve with the medical corps as medicine compounder. PAXTON SOCIETY.—Potatoes and cabbages prin- cipally, and vegetables in general, foimed the sub- ject of an excellent paper last Friday evening at the usual meeting of the Paxton Society. It was brought forward by Mr W. Taylor, gardener to Mi J. C.^Harford, of Falcondale, who gave liberally of his successful experiences in potatoe growing. without farmyard manure, and by the aid of chemical preparations. The absence of any dis- ease in his crops, extending over eleven years, and the causes of its prevention gave rise to an ani- mated and profitable discussion. The chair was occupied by Mr W. H. Colby, and the lecturer was heartily thanked for his paper and his visit. At the next gathering the father of local gardeners, Mr Veary, of Gogerddan (gardener to Sir Pryse Pryse, Bart.), will opportunely discourse on Spring Gardening." TEMPERANCE.—The Ystwyth Lodge of the In- dependent Order of Good Templars held their weekly meeting at the Progress Hall, MiJI-street, on Friday evening last when a number of candidates for membership were accepted. The chair was occupied by Mr Thomas Vaughan. The follow- ing programme was gone through :—Song, Miss Owen; recitation Mr D. M. Jones; chorus, The Choir recitation, Mr D. Davies; pianoforte duett. Misses Jones and Doughton. Short addresses were delivered by Messrs T. Vaughan, D. M. Jones, D. Evans, and D. Thomas. Letters were read from Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman, M.P., and Mr Vaughan Davies, M.P., acknowledging the receipt of the resolution passed at a previous meeting in favour of the Bill prohibiting the sale of intoxicating liquors to children, and promising their hearty support to s-e-'jure the passing of the measure into law. It was also announced, amid cheers, that the Bill had passed its second reading with a majority of over 300. PETTY SESSIONS.—The weekly Petty Sessions were held at the Town Hall on Wednesday before Mr E. P. Wynne, (Mayor), and Mr Thomas Griffiths. -James Jones, Bridge-end, Aberystwyth, mariner, was summoned by Mr David Lloyd, school attend- ance officer, for neglecting to cause his child, Lizzie Jane, to attend school regularly. The Attendance Officer stated the child had been absent thirty-four times out of 136 —An order to attend was made.— James Jones, mariner, Rheidol-place, was also summoned for'the same offence in respect of his son Alfred.—An order to attend was made.—The Aberystwyth Improvement Company, Hotel Cam- bria, were summoned by Richard Felix, rate collector, for refusing to pay £34 10s 8d, general district rate, and £40 10s 6d water-rate. The Collector stated that he had made several un- successful applications for the rates.—An order for payment was made.—Richard Felix, rate collector, Aberystwyth, was summoned by Rees Jones, borough surveyor, for allowing the chimney of his dwelling-house to be on fire.-Fined Is 6d. ORGAN RECITAL.—The last of Mr Leah's organ recitals for the season was given at the Portland- street Congregational Church on Tuesday evening, having been postponed from March 12th on account of an accident Mr Leah met with whilst out for a spin on his bicycle. Our energetic organist had on this occasion secured the services of Mr Amos Jones (basso), who has recently made his home amongst us, and Mr Thomas Shaw, violin soloist, of Liverpool and Manchester. In former years, Mr Shaw was often engaged for the annual College concerts, and, needless to say, was a great favourite with our musical public, for reasons which the audience at Tuesday's recital will very well under- stand. The programme was as follows:—Organ, Topfer's Sonata in D Minor; bass solo, recit and aria, -1 Behold the King" and "Jerusalem," com- posed by Henry Parker; Organ, (a) "Benediction Nuptiale E d'Every," (b)" Allegro l'omposo" (Dr Vincent) violin solo, the Andante and Finale from Dr Beriot's ninth Concerto, and for an encore Madrigal" by Simonetti; organ, a descriptive piece, Pastorale (Lafebure-Wely), introducing a storm, songbirds, &c.; aria, Why do the nations" from Handel's Messiah" (encore) Thou'rt passing hence" (Sullivan) organ, Suppe's overture Dichter aud Bauer"; "violin, "Andante Religtoso" Thome (encored); Organ solo, Andante and Allegro" (F. E, Bache). The careful and precise playing of a well selected programme of organ music was greatly marred by the unavoidable pauses for the manipulation of stops, necessitated by the lack of composition pedals. This organ is fairly suitable to accompany congregational sing- ing, but it is not good enough for solo work; and in carrying through these edifying recitals Mr Leah is greatly handicapped for want of a better instru- ment. Mr Amos Jones was in good form, and the items rendered by him showed to advantage the extensive range at his command. Of Mr Shaw's exquisite playing, it is needless to say more than that it was a charming treat, too rarely enjoyed at Aberystwyth. The audience was not quite as large as on some previous occasions, probably on account of the inclement weather. It is to be regretted that the support given to this enterprise hardly justifies the promoter in undertaking them on his own responsibility in future. FRONGOCH LEAD MINES. The outlook at the Frongoch Lead Mines is not a pleasing one. Differences have existed between the Welsh miners and the Italian miners ever since the latter arrived. The management have now posted notices in the mines signifying their intention of terminating all contracts. Should this result in the stoppage of work, the loss to the district will be o-reat, as there are about 300 men employed there. ABERYSTWYTH AND ABERDOVEY STEAM PACKET CO., LIMITED. The annual meeting of the shareholders of the company was held on Wednesday, March 20th. at the offices of the company. Mr John Wat kins, J.P. managing director of the company, was voted to the chair.. In moving the adoption of the report and accounts, the Chairman said he was sorry that the profits from the working of their steamer I- The Countess of Lisburne' had not been so large in 1900 as in the few previous years. This was due to quite exceptional causes. They had spent iZl26 more for coal than they had in 1899. and the items under general repairs were exceedingly heavy, being E168 in 1900, against C26 in 1899. The vessel was placed in dry dock, and was sup- plied with several hundred bolts and rivets, and this in a great: measure accounted for this heavy outlay. It was their duty to their customers, and also to Captain Jenkins and his crew, to see that the vessel was in first class order, and no expense was spared to make her so. If the shatehoiders present, would add the extra cost for coal in 1900, over 1899, to the extra cost of repairs they would add the extra cost of repairs they would find that these sums amounted to £271. or equal to a divid- end of just eight per cent upon the capital of the Company. Tnis, if added to the seven .r cent paid in dividends for 1900, would make fifteen per cent., which was about the amount paid for the last few years. They had also spent zE42 on a new anchor nnd chain, also new blades for the propellor, which, with luck, would not again occur four some time. The steamer continued to load very well, and the outlook for the present. year was hopeful. He was sorry that goods had not been delivered as punctually as they wished, but the vessel had been very much delayed by bad weather for the last few months. The price of coal at Bristol bad been reduced three shillings per ton from the highest price charged, but he was sorry to say, although the Secretary had written several times to the merchant who supplif 4 the coal at Liverpool, they bad liitherio failed to get a pennv reduction per ton in the price. He con- gratulated the shareholders upon havirg settled the claim of Z500 for towage made by a. firm at Alilfor(i Haven, when their steamer, the Countess of Lisburne," broke her piston rod a short time ago, for £ 150. The greater portion of this would be paid bv the underwriters of vessel and cargo. The amount falling on this Company would be about £ 40 or so. The repairs to piston and other repairs to winch which were then necessary came to P-46. so this accident would cost the Company about £ 86. This, of course, would appear in the balance sheet for the psesent year's working. He just men- tioned this matter for the information of the share- holders. If the directors thought, it neessary, they could fall back upun their reserve fund to ray thi. amount. That fund was now P,213, and was put asi le to be ready in ease of accid.ts. It could aguin be added to when times were mere pros- iin(I The retiring .i wa. L. the auditor. Tin; RECHABITES, ANNUAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. The thirteenth annual district council was held at the Eagle Restaurant, Great Darkgate-street, last Wednesday week. All the Tents forming the District were with one exception, rtiere were present, iiro. the Rev T. J. Morgan, D.C.R., Garn Miilgwyn" presiding; D. T. Morgan D.D.H., ,'St Davids" Llanidloes: H. Davies, D. Lente, "Seren Dyii." Aberangell; D. Hamer. D. Guardian," Hafriw," Newtown; Rev J. N. Elias, D.S. Juvenile Ten', "St David*s" in addition to the following repres- iiiai i ves, R Williams, St David's T, Pryce and W. (for/Ion, 'Ilafren'; E. D. Rees, St Stephens Richard Jones, Alltycrib David Davies, St Peter.; Daniel Thomas, R. G. Bennett, T. C, Jenkins, "Ystwyth.' In the unavoidable ab- sence of Brother Thomas Owens, District Secretary, Brother J. Barclay Jenkins was appointed secre- tary pro. tem.and at the outset asked the Council to approve of his iiii, I Brl" Baniel Thomas' action ir adjourning the District Council owing to the Dis- trict Secretary's illness, which was done, and the Council thanked t for the services they bad rendered. The District Accounts of Adult and Juve ile Tents were read, and showed that the funds are progressin-r very favourably. L'be Funeral Fund is now over P,670 and are invested on Free- hold property, bearing 4 per cent interest. The Juvenile Funeral rand also show an increase and has no record of a single death in its rank since the district was formed, and is now over E133 to the good. The adult had to record three claims on its funds, Bro John Lewis Jones, I Ystwyth; Bro. D.M. Jenkins. 'Ystwyth'; and one from Allty- crib' Tent. The report was adopted and was ordered to be printed and distributed to all the Tents, and great was the satisfaction expressed at the healthy state of the funds both in the Funeral and Management. The election of the representa- tive to the Biennial Conference at Penzance re- sulted in the choice of Bro J. Barclay Jenkins, I Ystwytb,' the vote being unanimous. A dis- cussion on extension work in the District in which Bros Elias, E. D. Rees and Daniel Thomas took part, and it was resolved that the travelling ex- penses of the District Superintendent should be paid in order to work the Juvenile Department, which has now gone backward in numbers. The Council was unanimous in putting forth an extra effort to increase the number of Juvenile members. The following were elected officers for the ensuing year I",D,C.R., Rev. T. J. Morgan; D. C. R., D. T. Morgan D.D. R., Harry Davies; D. Lente, T. C. Jenkins; D. Guardian, R. Jones; District Treasurer, Mr John Evans, solicitor. Bro. T. Owens wrote stating his inability to take up the District Secretaryship should it be offered him owing to the state of his health, at the same time thanking the Council for the confidence reposed in him for so many years and wishing every success to the Order in future. Bro. Daniel Thomas pro- posed a very sincere vote of sympathy with Bro. Owens in his illness; also to put on record their deep debt of gratitude to Bro. Owens for his un- flinching efforts on behalf of temperance generally, and his work in connection with Kechabites in par- ticular. Since the Ystwyth Tent opened, and the Mid Wales came into existence, Bro. Owens has worked indefatigably on its behalf, and his efforts have been crowned with continued success. Strong hopes were also expressed that Bro. Owens may long be spared to work with us in the cause he has so much at heart. For the post of District Sec- retary Bro. J. Barclay Jenkins was proposed, no one else being proposed. The vote was unanimous, and the Council was closed.

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