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THE RECENT BURIAL SCANDAL AT NEWCASTLE EMLYN. SIR,-Togetber with the great majority of your readers I have been eagerly scanning your columns of the past fortnight in a vain attempt to find an official refutation of the recent burial fiasco at Newcastle Emlyn. Several letters have appeared in support of ''Plebian's" denouncement of the guardians, in reply to which the only argument (sic) brought forward has been the fallacious argumentum ad hominevi. Why did he not attend the funeral ? "—an argument which as "Plebian" explicitly showed is entirely beside the question. In your last week's issue there is an account of the fortnightly meeting of the Newcastle Emlyn Board of Guardians held on April 4th. No member is reported to have made the slightest mention of the fact that an aged pauper was recently conveyed to her last resting-place in a donkey-cart. Moreover not the slightest reference is made to the incrimin- ating letter of Plebian's which appeared on the 28th uit. Judging from the report, we are. forced inevitably to the conclusion that the guardians are guilty either of crass ignorance or of crass shame- lessness. For if one of the guardians present at the meeting had uttered some penitent remarks disagreeable and embarassing to his fellow-guard- ians, the official recorder and censor would not, forsooth, have vetoed the printing of the same.' Yet it is highly incredible that the active and intelligent guardians should neither have heard of the carting away of the remains nor have read the accusation levelled at them by a correspondent in the local paper. What inference, then, are we to draw from this blank silence but that they hope to soothe the public breast by treating the matter with a callous contempt and by assuming a cold, official, pseudo-dignity ? Without dwelling on the legal aspect of the question it will be evident to the most casual observer that the Guardians have shown by their inaction a spirit entirely foreign to the best traditions of the Welsh character—a character in which sympathy and tenderness play so prominent a part. It is now too late to rectify the blunder committed at the particular funeral which was brought before the public notice by Plebian," but it is not too late for the Guardians to take measures in order to prevent the recurrence of a similar mishap in the future. They have the pcwer in their hands and they ought to use it. The balance in the treasurer's hand increases from fortnightly meeting to fortnightly meeting. On the 4th inst., it stood at Z1904 2s 4d ( Vide report in the Welsh Gazette, April 18th). And yet the powers that be have been parsimonious enough to employ a donkey cart in performing the last rites over the mortal remains of one who had been entrusted to them as a sacred care by the over- confident public. In conclusion, if the Guardians will not offer an explanation of their conduct in this matter, but will seek to consign to the limbo of things forgotten Plebian's protest, then it will be the duty of the ratepayers of Newcastle Emlyn to bear the negligence in mind at the next election, and it may be confidently asserted that they will not be found wanting. Yours, &c., M.